History of Washington County, Ohio: With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches. [Cleveland] : H.Z. Williams, 1881. Chapter XXXI. p. 417- 423

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Chapter 31
Marietta – Societies


  • American Union Lodge No. 1
  • The oldest institution in the State, pre-dating the American Government
  • Organization of the lodge in Massachusetts in 1776
  • With the Revolutionary Army through the war
  • Washington a visitor
  • Seal of the Lodge
  • Rufus Putnam a member
  • Reorganization of American Union Lodge in Campus Martius at Marietta, June 28, 1790 by Jonathan Heart of Fort Harmar
  • Recognized by Grand Lodges of Massachusetts and Pennsylvania
  • Blennerhasset a member
  • Lewis Cass
  • Re-chartered by the Grand Lodge of Ohio in 1816
  • List of Masters
  • Centennial celebration
  • American Union Chapter RAM No. 1 Organized in 1792
  • Succession of High Priests
  • Harmar Lodge No. 390

Odd Fellowship
  • Marietta Lodge No.76 - Instituted by John Brough in 1846
  • Guttenburg Lodge (German) - Chartered in 1857
  • Harmar Lodge No. 115

Miscellaneous Societies:

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  • Knights of Pythias
  • Independent Order of Red Men
  • Der Marietta Turn-Verin (German)
  • St. Joseph’s Catholic Benevolent Society
  • Ohio Valley Council No. 543 Royal Arcanum

    Royal Arcanum, Marietta
    Charter Members
    11 Dec 1893

    A. D. Alderman
    R. M. Beagle
    C. J. Best
    F. G. Best
    F. B. Biszantz
    W. D. Boyd
    J.C. Brenan
    S. A. Coffman
    Wm. Curry
    R. W. Curtis
    E. R. Dale
    C. S. Dana
    R. C. Dawes
    L. S. Dunbar
    W. S. Dye
    C. R. Elston
    A. D. Follett
    J. F. Foreman
    O. J. Fuller
    J. W. Gerken
    J. C. Goldsmith
    J. H. Grafton
    F. S. Hagan
    J. R. Hall
    Pascal Hoff
    W. H. H. Jett
    E. W. Jones, Jr.
    J. W. McCloy
    J. H. McConnell
    A. D. McCoy
    W. P. McMillin
    Willis Morris
    E. B. Morrison
    C. H. Newton
    M. F. Noll
    A. J. Richards
    Will Schlaubach
    F. G. Seyler
    W. A. Sniffen
    J.  F. Wehrs, Jr.
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