Clothing on the Frontier Southern Sophistication on the Early Frontier: The Inlaid Furniture of Washington County, Ohio 1788-1825, by Andrew Richmond
National Register of Historic Places, Washington County, Ohio

Ohio History Central: Frontier Women
Ohio History Journal: "Lucy Backus Woodbridge, Pioneer Mother" by Louise Rau
Ohio History Journal: "Women on the Ohio Frontier: The Marietta Area" by Mildred Covey Fry>


Bank Crisis of 1834
Civil War
Epidemics 1807, 1822,1823
Floods 1762-Present Day


Children's Home, Washington County
Funeral Homes of Washington County
Infirmary, Washington County County Home
Newspapers - and their time periods
Religion in Northwest Territory and Ohio



Locations: Settlements & Townships

Barlow, Bartlett, Vincent, & Watertown 1882
Current Washington County Townships
Donation Lands
County & Township Origins
Early Settlements and Fortifications