Spellings of names are copied as printed in the newspaper. I have noticed many misspellings of names, probably due to the fact that the newspaper printed the name as it sounded.(ult. means of the previous month) (inst. means in the current month)

January 5, 1882
Joseph McVAY, of Newport township, recently died, of typhoid fever. He was about 60 years of age. John R. HILL of the same township also died in the same day. He was upwards of 70 years old.

January 12, 1882
Mr. Harvey HOFFMAN, aged 59, of Matamoras, died of heart disease on the 2d inst.

Robt. BARNES, Jr., of Independence township, died of typhoid pneumonia, recently. He was about 26 years old.

John M. EELS, long the manager of the manufacturing department of the Marietta Chair Company, died on the morning of Jan. 4th. Mr. EELLS commenced a regular course at Oberlin College, with the purpose of entering the ministry. He was compelled to abandon his course by reason of failing health, and to seek more active employment in Marietta, where his life labor has been spent. He is universally respected and beloved. He is the third deacon of Dr. HAWK”S Congregational Church, in Marietta, called hence within a few months.

Thursday, Jan. 19, 1882
Mr. James P. HANEY died at his home on the west side of the Muskingum river, near Devol’s Dam, recently, in the 74th year of his age.

Capt. Josiah HENDERSON died at his home in Belpre, the 9th inst. Capt. HENDERSON, was one of the early settlers, being born Sept. 18, 1800.

January 26, 1882
Mr. Jacob THEIS, of Fearing, died recently, aged 73 years.

A. B. CRANE, of Williamstown, died recently at the Athens Asylum. [In Wash. Co., News section]

Mrs. Doratha SALBAUGH, formerly of Watertown township, died in Richmond, Ind., Jan. 11, in her 64th year.

Recently in Salem township, Miss Mary, daughter of Hugh and Isabelle WILSON, died aged 24 years and 27 days.

A young man by the name of Abner MEAD was recently drowned in the creek a short distance below Scott Town.

February 2, 1882
John HESS, aged about 23(28), died of consumption on the 20th ult., in Aurelius township.

Mrs. Mary, wife of Capt. J. B. DANIELS, of Harmar, died early Sunday morning of last week, after an illness of several weeks.

The wife, age 45, of Mr. Chas. KNAPP, of Marietta, died at her late home in that city on Tuesday of last week, of an ailment peculiar to females.

February 9, 1882
L. G. DUGAN, of Dunham, died Jan. 26th, of typhoid fever aged 26 years.

Mrs. Margaret NEEDHAM, wife of Mr. Stephen NEEDHAM, of Dunham township, died January 27th, aged 84 years.

Mr. John MILLER, of Watertown, recently died. The deceased was in his 89th year and had been blind about six years.

February 16, 1882
The wife of Joseph L. STEPHENS, of Marietta, recently died, quite suddenly, of neuralgias of the heart.

Mrs. Elizabeth DYE, in her 74th year, was found dead in bed at her home in Lawrence township.

February 23, 1882
Michael TORPY, father of Sheriff TORPY, of this county, died at the beginning of last week in his 81st year.

Alvin RECKARD, a well known citizen of Marietta, who was stricken with apoplexy, on Tuesday of last week, died on Thursday.

Samuel CAYWOOD, better known all over the county as “uncle Sammy” died recently at his home near Marietta, aged 82 years.

Walter BRABHAM, Esq., an old and well known member of the legal profession, at Marietta, died at his late home in that city, one day last week, after protracted illness.

Chas. MEYER, who was a patient in the Athens Asylum for the Insane, from Marietta, recently committed suicide in that institution, by hanging himself. The deed was done in his room with a small cord which he tied to the hinge of the door.

Col. David ALBAN, Prosecuting Attorney of this county, was found dead in this bed at his late home in Marietta, on Wednesday evening of last week. Feeling unwell he had retired to bed during the day and his sudden death was probably the result of heart trouble.

March 2, 1882
William COBB, who went from Coal Run to Bellaire, two years ago, was fatally injured while at work in the Heathering Coal Mine of that place recently.

Charles P LAUB, of Marietta, who has been missing, since Monday of last week, was found in the mud left by the back water on Third street, near the railroad trestle in that city. It is supposed he tried to ford the street, and the water being too deep he fell from his horse and was drowned.

March 9, 1882
Mrs. Maria E. BUCK died, Monday of last week, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. GRABE, in Harmar. She was upwards of 89 years old.

Last Monday about noon Mrs. Barbara ROEMER, aged fifty-one, a widow with one child, was found dead in her kitchen, in the rear of her bar room, on Ohio street, Marietta. The Coroner returned a verdict of death from congestion of the lungs superinduced by intemperance. She had probably been dead nearly twenty-four hours when discovered.

March 16, 1882
Valmer BROWN, of Newport township, recently died unexpectedly.

Joel HILDERBRAND, aged 80 years, died March 2d, at his home in Fearing township

Booth RUSK, a graduate of Marietta College, of the class of 1880, recently died at the home of his brother, Rev. John RUSK, in Cincinnati, of quick consumption.

Peter J. GEARHART died in Marietta, last Thursday, after a lingering illness, of consumption. March 23rd--Peter J. GERHART, aged 56, of Marietta, recently died of lung disease, after protracted sickness, at his late home in that city.

March 23, 1882
Mr. Geo. W. WELLS, aged 69, who has for many years been a resident of Marietta, died, at his home in that city of paralysis, one day last week.

Colonel John MILLS died at his home in Marietta, one day last week, aged eight-six years. He was born in that city, and his life had been identified with its development. He was, at the First National Bank, President of the Marietta Chair Company and Marietta Gas Company, and to him was due the inception of the Marietta and Cincinnati railroad.

March 30, 1882
An old and well known citizen, of Marietta, named Grayson MEDICOTT age 18(81), died quite suddenly of heart disease in that city, on Wednesday morning of last week.

Phil. KING, a young man well known in Marietta, and connected with Cadwalader’s photograph gallery, in that city, died, very suddenly of a hemorrhage, Tuesday morning of last week.

James McWILLIAMS, formerly a favorably known citizen of Matamoras, this county, died, recently, in the 91st year of his age, at Buena Vista, Allegheny county, Pa., at the residence of hi son-in-law.

April 6, 1882
The widow of Nathaniel PLACE, who was one of the first settlers of Decatur township, died recently.

Frederick BOESHAER, of Lower Salem, lately died, suddenly, on a railroad train when approaching Marietta.

A little son of Mr. and Mrs. John WEHRUM, of Warren township, died, recently aged nearly five years.

Mrs. Belinda B. REED, wife of D. M. REED, of Harmar, died, Friday evening 24th ult. She as about 50 years old.

Chas. Blake, of Lower Salem, who went to Colorado, last summer, for his health, died at Colorado Springs, on the 21st inst.

Philip E. MARSH, aged 36, of Marietta, recently died at Columbus where he had been at work in the Hocking Valley R. R. Shops.

Mrs. Eunice ANDERSON, late of Marietta, died quite suddenly. She had been a resident of that city and was quite well known of the older residents. Her age was seventy-eight years.

Alexander POSEY, of Little Muskingum, died, very suddenly, about two o’clock Tuesday morning of last week. He woke up and complained to his wife of a smothering sensation and died in a few minutes. He was 74 years old.

April 13, 1882
Mrs. Jos. WOOD, died Sunday of last week at her home near Waterford.

Mrs. Alfretta JACK, daughter of Mr. John HILL, died Tuesday morning, of last week, of consumption, at the home of her parents, on Seventh street, Marietta.

April 20, 1882
Mrs. Nathan BELL, of Newport township died, recently.

Ephriam GOULD, of Salem Township, died the 8 inst., aged 76 years.

Catharine, aged 12, daughter of Jacob and Barbara PONTIUS, of Salem Township died, recently.

Mrs. Josephine SCHMIDT died in Pittsburgh, March 25th, aged 21 years. She was the daughter of Mr. John Ritter, of Warren Township, this county.

Curtis, Mrs. Mary, mother of Hon. W. F. Curtis, died at her home in Marietta on the evening of the 5th inst., in her 90th year. She came with her parents to Marietta in 1795 and resided there until her death.

An old lady named Catharine HIGHLAND died at Marietta, Wednesday night of last week, aged over one hundred years. Mrs. HIGHLAND was a native of Ireland, but had resided in this country for the past thirty years. (also see other newspapers)

April 27, 1882
Hon John HADDOW, ex-Representative, died, suddenly, of heart disease at his home in Barlow, one day last week.

Mrs. Eliza, aged 78, widow of the late G. W. BAILEY, of Warren, died, one day last week. their deaths occurred about a week apart.

May 4, 1882
Johnson, son of ‘Squire Wm. JOHNSON, died in Warren , April 22, aged twenty-eight years.

P. J. OLNEY, an old citizen, died at his residence on the Newport pike, near Marietta, Sunday of last week of brain disease.

John TIDD, an old resident of this county, died in Macon county, Illinois, April 20, aged ninety-one years. His remains were brought to Harmar for interment.

May 11, 1882
The wife of Jas. F. PUTNAM, Esq., of Lowell, died lately, as the result of Maternity.

Mr. John SWAYNE who, recently removed with his wife and child from Wesley to Corning, died lately at that place with typhoid fever.

Mrs. Emma, wife of Mr. J. CUNNINGHAM, died of consumption, Sunday of last week, at the residence of her mother, Mrs. CARLIN, of Barlow.

Mrs. Mary SCHAFER, of Little Muskingum, died April 26th, aged about 65 years and on the same day Mrs. Hester A. TARBIN, of Beverly, died, aged 59 years.

Mrs. Mary Ann FLETCHER, of Belpre, aged 76 years, died, bery suddenly, on Friday, April 28th. Her husband, Shereblah, was a soldier in the Revolution, for which servcice the widow drew a pension.

Miss Maggie M. daughter of Mr. Thos. ROBERTSON, late Master Mechanic at the C. & M. R. R. shops, Marietta, died very suddenly, at her home on Greene street, Sunday morning, of last week, of hemorrhage of the lungs. She was about 15 years old.

June 1, 1882
Mrs Mary ATHEY died at her home in Marietta township on May 17th, in the 76th year of her age.

Miss Minnie, daughter of Frederick SPENCER aged about 17 years recently died at her late home in Elba of consumption.

Mrs. Kate DOWLE, whose husband was buried recently, died last Sunday, at her hime in Vincent. This is the fourth death in the same family within a year.

Mrs. Lavinia HOFF, a resident of Cow Run, was found dead, Tuesday afternoon of last week, near her house. She had for years been subject to fits, and they had lately increased in number and violence and her death was evidently the result of one of her usual attacks.

June 8, 1882
Mrs. Catherine TUPPER, relict of the late Cyrus MERIAM, born in Marietta in 1803, recently died, at her late home in Zanesville.

June 15, 1882
Mrs. Nancy BAKER, in her 78th year, recently died at her late home in Matamoras.

Mr. Terrence McKENNA, of Ludlow township, died Monday morning of last week. He was about 80 years old.

Mary McCAULEY, an aged lady inmate of the Washington Coutny Infirmary, recently died at that institution.

George BEARNHARDT, aged 56, a well known citizen of Marietta was found dead in his bed, last Friday morning. Heart disease.

Miss Merideth FREED, daughter of Adam FREED, of Warren, died Wednesday morning, of last week, of Typhoid fever, aged 20 years.

Mr. Paul SMITH, of Barlow, who recently died, was one of the first settlers of that township, where he passed the greater part of his life.

June 22, 1882
David BOWMAN, of Dunbar, died, of consumption, on the 8th(?), aged forty-seven years and six months.

Mrs. Jane CARPENTER, a respected resident of Harmar, was found dead in her bed, Wednesday morning of last week.

Mrs. Esther A. wife of Jacob FISKE, who removed three months since from Marietta to Missouri, recently died of cancer of the bowels.

Mrs Lizzie Wiley KELLY, aged 27, the wife of T. H. KELLEY, Esq., of Cincinnati, and daughter of Arthur WILEY of Columbus, formerly Marietta, died at her home Sunday evening of last week, and her remains were interred at Marietta on the following Wednesday. She had been married only a year and her untimely death was caused wide spread sorrow among a numerous circle of warm friends.

July 27, 1882
Mrs. J. P. COOK, a well known resident of Newport, died, recently.

Ephriam TRUE, of Lower Salem, recently died of consumption, aged about 46 years.

Alexander CASSELL, a well known and esteemed elderly citizen of Lowell, recently died.

James MERCER, of Warren, died at his home, Sunday evening of last week. He was stricken with paralysis about five months ago from which he never recovered. He was about 65 years of age.

Fortunate COOK who lived in Marietta from about 1827 until a year or so ago, died at Zanesville, recently, aged about 90 years. She was a noted fortune teller and was oftern visited for consultation by persons from a long distance who were solicitous regarding their futurity.

August 3, 1882
Calvin FINCH, an aged citizen of Scott’s Landing, died Sunday of last week.

The widow of the late James McGUIRE died at Belpre, Sunday of last week, of cancer.

John SPRINGER, who lately died at the Washington County Infirmary, claimed to be 108 years old.

James MERCER, of Warren, died recently, aged 63 year. He was stricken with paralysis several months ago.

Newell MURGRIGE [sic], formerly of Marietta, recently dropped dead in a drug store, at Gallipolis. He was about 38 years old.

Mrs. Maria, wife of Capt. Dennis O’LEARY, of Marietta, died, early Sunday morning of last week, after a protracted illness, aged 55 years.

John M. SLOCOMB, formerly of Marietta, and father of Mrs. Henry LORD, of that city, died at Kansas City, Missouri, July 23d, in the 71st year of his age.

Aug. 10, 1882
Mrs. J. W. VAN METRE, a well known resident of Belpre, died, Wednesday of last week, after brief illness, of cholera morbus.

Stephen BACON, late of Warren, where he leaves a family, was killed on a recent day by a falling derrick at Henderson, Ky.

August 17, 1882
Chas. L. MAGRUDER, formerly of Marietta, recently died n Indianapolis.

Jacob SCHNEIDER, of Bonn, Salem township, recently died of consumption. He was about 60 years old.

Mrs Franz WILKING, Jr., lately died, at Lowell, of consumption. She was about 21 years old and leaves two children.

Miss Flora HANSON late a patient in the Athens Asylum from Warner, this county, recently died in that institution.

Mrs. Maggie SINCLAIR, wife of Councilman J. B. SINCLAIR, of Marietta, was buried Sunday of last week. She died in child-birth.

The Leader says that Mrs. Nancy GAREN, who died July 18th, was a pioneer woman of this county, having been brought to this State in 1803, when but one year old.

August 31, 1882
Mrs. Nancy MARTIN, wife of Mr. Z. MARTIN, of Stanleyville, died, recently, aged 61 years.

Miss Ella, daughter of Mr. Dudley POSEY, of Fultonburg, died, Saturday afternoon, 19th inst., of consumption, aged about 24 years.

At Marietta, Thursday evening, Willie, a seven year old son of Jacob SCHULTHEISS, fell from a barge near the mill into the Muskingum, at five o’clock and was drowned.

Mrs. Sarah J. BRADDOCK, of Marietta, died, recently, aged 85 years. The deceased was one of the oldest citizens of Marietta and was born on the ocean when coming from Ireland.

Sept. 21, 1882
Samuel R. SMITH, who died in Belpre Sept. 1st, deserves mention. He was born in that place, Feb. 17, 1796, and had lived near his birthplace all his life. He had been a member of the Universalist church 25 or 30 years and was a quiet, honest, industrious citizen.

September 28, 1882
Miss Lizzie DITZEL, of Harmar, died recently, of inflammation of the bowels.

September 28, 1882
The death of John VINCENT, of Vincent Station, removes an old and valuable citizen. His wife survives him and arrangements had been made for the cemebration of their golden wedding this month.

October 12, 1882
Mrs. Elizabeth ANDREWS died in Fearing township, Sept. 29th, aged 93 years, 9 months and 20 days.

Mr. Daniel HOPP, who lived near Elba, died very Suddenly, September 30th. It was thought to be heart disease.

Wilson COOPER, a six-year man from Washington county, died in the Penitentiary, last week, of consumption. He had been insane for some time.

Eff DAVIS, son of C. C. DAVIS, died at his home on Third street in Marietta on a recent day of palpitation of the heart. He was a young man possessing many excellent qualities, and was but twenty-five years old at the time of his death.

October 19, 1882
Mrs. Mary FLANNERY died very suddenly at her residence in Warren township, recently, in the 60th year of her age.

October 12, 1882
John REMEMY, father of A. W. REMELEY, of Watertown, who retired in his usual health, on a recent night, was found in his bed on the following morning in an unconscious condition, supposed to have bee caused by a paralytic stroke. Since died.

October 26, 1882
Mrs. Charles PERRY, of Wesley Township, died, on Tuesday of last week, after an illness of several months, of consumption, aged about 30 years.

Mr. Abner WOODRUFF, an aged and wealthy citizen of Belpre, fell down stairs, on a recent night, and was injured so severely that he died the day following.

Near Marietta, last Friday, Wm. BABOLD, a teamster, was instantly killed by falling from a threshing machine and under the wheels, cause by the wagon tilting in a rut in the road. the owner of the machine, Benjamin BRAGG, was also thrown off and received a broken leg.

November 2, 1882
John BRECKENRIDGE, of Palmer, died, Sunday of last week, aged 84 years.

Mrs. Julia R. BRIGHAM an elderly and much respected lady, of Marietta, recently died.

Miss Ida PETTY, eldest daughter of Henry and Nancy PETTY, of the village of Gracey, recently died, of consumption, aged fourteen years.

Joseph FLEMING, who is remembered by many citizens of Washington county, brother of Peter FLEMING, of Ludlow township, died at his residence in Winona county, Minnesota lately.

November 9, 1882
Several members of Mrs. John SCHUFF’s family, at Marietta, having died lately of thyphoid fever, she imagined she had the same disease, and in spite of all her physicians could do, grew worse and died from fright.

November 16, 1882
William SPIES, of Lowell, died on a recent day, of consumption.

Garfield HICKMAN, a promising young man, died at Marietta, recently of typhoid fever.

A tombstone in the cemetery at Layman, this county, bears this inscription” Sacred to the memory of Wm. DUNBAR, a soldier of the Revolutionary war, who died in the 112th year of his age.” His son, aged nearly 100, died at Layman last spring.

November 23, 1882
The venerable mother of Colonel I. B. KINKEAD was buried at Marietta, on day last week. She was an old resident of the county.

Mrs. Elizabeth ENOCHS, of Belpre, an inmate of the Athens Asylum, died, in that institutions recently. Her remains were taken to Belpre for interment.

Mrs. Charles RATHBONE, of Belpre, was buried, on day last week, she having died suddenly, after a few moments sickness. A post mortem showed that apoplexy was the cause.

The remains of Miss Rose EATON, who died in Cincinnati of hast consumption, were brought to Marietta and buried from the residence of her grandmother, Mrs. Mary ATKINSON, on a recent day.

November 30, 1882
Mrs. James FLAUNDERS, of Harmar, who has been an invalid for sometime, died, suddenly, on Sunday morning , of dropsy.

A colored child named ARMSTRONG whose parents live at Devol’s Dam, while playing with fire was burned to death one day last week.

December 7, 1882
A man named Neil KOONTS, of Barlow, dropped dead on Thanksgiving day while at work near his home.

Fred. E. REARCE, Esq., aged 51, a former well known citizen of Marietta, died at Euclare, Wisconsin, recently, of pneumonia.

Grace, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. J. McKINNEY, of Marietta, died, on day last week, of something like inflammation of the bowels. She was nine years old on the 14th of May last and was a very sweet and interesting little girl.

Captain Hiram BIRCH, the oldest pilot on the Ohio River, died, at his home in Marietta, at the beginning of last week. He was pilot on the Washington when it exploded opposite Marietta in 1816, and the Harry Dean when it exploded in 1868. Since that time he has not been on the river.

December 14, 1882
Mr. John WILLIAMS, of Decatur, dropped down and died instantly in Dunham, Nov. 26th.

The recent sudden death of Cornelius COOTS, mention of which was made in our Washington county items, last week, is referred to as the fourth very sudden death that has occurred in Barlow within the past year.

December 21, 1882
Mrs. Fannie, wife of Mr. Geo. KNOX, of Harmar, died, quite suddenly, Sunday night of last week.

The funeral of W. H. DEMING took place at his late residence in Watertown, Friday morning. He shot himself with a carbine, about 7 o’clock, Tuesday morning.

Dr. J. B. SPRAGUE, a native of Washington county, where he was born in 1826, and from which he removed in 1863, recently died, his late home in Springfield, Ill., of typhoid fever.

December 28, 1882
Daniel DRAIN, one of the oldest citizens of Dunham, died, Sunday of last week. Hes age was about 75 years. (next paragraph) Daniel DRAIN, an influential citizen, of Dunham township, died on Sunday, December 17th, after a short illness.


Mrs. Catharine HIGHLAND, of Marietta, Ohio, died recently, aged 102 years. She had a brother 100 years old, and her grandfather also completed a century. Marion Daily Star (Marion, OH) July 25, 1882

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