Spellings of names are copied as printed in the newspaper. I have noticed many misspellings of names, probably due to the fact that the newspaper printed the name as it sounded.(ult. means of the previous month) (inst. means in the current month)


January 6, 1881The wife of C. E. AMES, of Rockland, recently died of consumption. Her funeral was conducted by Rev. M. V. B. Evans, of Athens.

Mrs. Anna E. SIMMONS, wife of B. M. SIMMONS, and daughter of N. H. SHAW, Esq., of Marietta, died last week of consumption, aged 32 years.

January 13, 1881
Mrs. F. BUCK, mother of Mrs. John REED and Mrs. Geo. CHENEY, of Marietta, died quite suddenly one day last week.

Miss Alma GORRELL, a bright and interesting young lady of Marietta, died at her home on Sixth street, on Sunday of last week, of consumption, in the 22nd year of her age.

January 20, 1881
J. G. GLIDDEN died in Marietta, last Thursday. His death was caused by a stroke of paralysis received a few weeks ago.

January 27, 1881
Mrs. H. LAUDER, aged 83, lately died at her home in Whipple, after a sickness of twelve years duration.

Miss Nellie, daughter of Peter YOUNG, Esq., of Marietta died, in Wheeling, on Monday of last week, with typhoid fever.

February 3, 1881
William C. GREENWOOD, a prominent citizen of Newport, died January 24th. His age was about 75 years.

The remains of Mrs. Moses RARIDEN, of Wesley, sister of the late Levi BARTLETT, were says the Marietta Register, brought here for interment, Thursday.

Mrs. Elizabeth TAYLOR, one of the pioneer mothers of this county, died at the home of her son-in-law, Ephraim RANGER, in Marietta, on Tuesday, aged 79 years.

Mr. Curtis W. BISHOP, brother of D. H. BISHOP, of Harmar, recently died in Iowa, aged about 38 years. He was born in Morgan county but raised in the vicinity of Marietta.

Patrick QUIGLY, a former resident of Marietta, lately died in the Athens Asylum. the deceased,. while a member of Buell’s battery, during the war, was, in a quarrel with another soldier, struck on the head with a piece of wood with the result of his becoming insane in which condition he remained till his recent death.

February 10, 1881
Mrs. Margaret SCHNIEDER died in Lowell, on January 23d, 1881, aged 66 years.

Harvey M. HENDERSHOT, a well known citizen of Ludlow township, this county, died recently. He was probably about seventy years old.

A daughter of Mr. Louis MILLER, of Independence township, died one day last week, from the effects of a severe cold. She was about 16 years of age.

The Marietta Register says: Mrs. STONE, wife of Rev. Dr. STONE, died at their home in Lebanon, Ohio, last Saturday. Mrs. STONE was a woman active in good work when they lived in Marietta.

Margaret Jennings PETTY, died Jan. 27, 1881, at the residence of her son, Henry Petty, in Newport township, aged 86. She has had 86 grandchildren, and 133 great- grandchildren, and 1 great-great grandchild.

A young man named Andrew CREW, aged about nineteen years, while on his way home from Pittsburg, where he had been working, stopped at a neighbor’s house in Adams township, this county, on evening last week, to remain all night. On going to his room next morning, he was found dead, having apparently not moved since retiring the night before. His death was probably the result of heart disease.

February 17, 1881
Mrs. Martha, wife of Mr. Benjamin HOBSON, of Wesley, died recently, of consumption. She was about 37 years of age.

Wm. O. STEWART, a former well known business man of Marietta, died, recently, at his late home in Muscatine, Iowa.

We have hither to omitted mention in this column of the recent death of Mr. Samuel LYTH, aged 75, an esteemed citizen of Wesley township.

Wm. POOL, an old and respected citizen living near Brownsville, in Grandview, fell dead in his barn on Tuesday, Feb. 1st, where he as engaged in measuring grass seed.

February 24, 1881
An old and respected citizen of Grandview township, Wm. POOL, in the vicinity of Brownsville, about 90 years of age, dropped dead, recently. also Mrs. McCRACKEN, of the same township, died recently, very suddenly.

Mrs. Hannah, wife of Capt. John BECKLEY, who was a native of Barlow, this county, whence she removed in 1867, died at her late residence in Sedalia, Mo., recently, after brief illness.

Alpheus BAKER, senior, died of apoplexy, Tuesday of last week, at his home on Sixth street, Marietta., His age was 84. He was, says the Marietta Register a kind old man and the embodiment of integrity.

Miss Jessie ROSS, daughter of Mr. John ROSS, died at the residence of her brother-in-law, Mr., D. P. SCOTT, on Fourth street, Marietta, on the morning of the 10th inst. She had been sick with spinal and lung disease for nearly two years, and had been confined to bed since last June. She was an estimable young lady.

March 3, 1881
The 17-month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis C. WARREN, of Elba, recently died of lung fever.

Nellie KIDD, aged 88 years, and Israel BURNS, aged 82 years, died at the Infirmary of this county recently.

Mrs. Hannah BECKLEY, aged 54, a native of Barlow, this county, where she resided till 1867, died, recently, at her late home in Sedalia, Mo.

Mr. Rufus STONE, a former well known citizen of this county, died at his home in Calliope, Sioux county, Iowa, on the 12th ult., of small-pox.

Mr. Alexander BERRY, a well known citizen of Lawrence township, died on the 16th ult, of quinsy, contracted by exposure during the recently high water.

March 10, 1881
Mrs. Priscilla COOSTER, wife of Jacob COOSTER, of Warren, died, recently, in the 69th year of her age.

Mr. James DILLEY, an old and respectable citizen of Harmar, died Sunday night of last week, aged about 70 years.

Sloan M. HENDERSHOT, son of Mr. John HENDERSHOT, of Independence township, committed suicide on the 22nd of February, by shooting himself. He had been married but two months.

In mentioning the death of Col. J. C. PAXTON, late of Marietta, the Register says: Col. PAXTON was about fifty-six years of age and had lived in this part of the State nearly all his life. In the army he was Colonel of the 2d W. V. C., composed of Ohio men and attained a marked distinction for his dash and courage, and endeared his men to him as only a gallant and war-hearted officer can do.

March 17, 1881
Mrs. Sarah DANIELS, of Harmar, died, one day last week, aged 81 years.

Mrs. Nancy HILL, an old resident and aged about 73 years, died in Marietta on Monday morning of last week.

Mrs. Ellen C. McMURRY, wife of D. J. McMURRY, died very suddenly on Friday night, says the Marietta Register, of heart disease.

Mrs. Eunice O’NEAL, who died last week, was, says the Belpre Correspondent of the Leader, one of our oldest residents, and was noted for the exemplary life she led and the many deeds of kindness she did.

March 24, 1881
Miss Maggie, daughter of Archie and Jeannette McVICAR, died near Vincent, on the 8th inst., of consumption, in the 19th year of her age.

John YOUNG, of Fearing, died, recently the deceased was a native of Scotland, but a resident of this county for over fifty years. He was 84 years old.

James FULKERSON, aged 23, a son of Isaac FULKERSON, of this city, a brakeman on the C. & M. R. R., was killed, Wednesday morning of last week, at Black Band Station near Canal Dover by falling off an engine and being run over by the cars. The April 7th newspaper says this: Sumner HASKINS, a young man of Marietta, aged 19, who took the place made vacant by the recent accidental death of Jas. FULKERSON, freight brakeman on the C. & M., at Black Band station, met with a serious if not fatal accident at
the same place, the other day. He attempted to jump from the engine to set the switch performing what is termed a running switch and was thrown or fell against the switch stand striking his head on the left temple in front. The blow mashed in the skull bone for a space of 2 by 3 inches.

John TEST died suddenly at the infirmary of this county on Sunday of last week. He has been a resident of the county for over fifty years. Was Sheriff from 1839 to 42, and of late years has filled some offices of minor importance. He was over eighty years old.

Jacob BALTZ, the old farmer found in an unconscious condition, last week, near Dr. WOODBURN’S about four miles from the city, died on Tuesday, says the Marietta Leader. His death was caused by exposure; he having lain nearly 12 hours in the mud and water before being found. He had rendered helpless by a paralytic attack.

March 31, 1881
Mrs. Catharine, widow of the late Theobald MILLER, of Marietta, recently died at hr home of hernia, aged about 50 years.

Miss Rose, daughter of Mr. Lawrence McGINNESS, of Warren township, died recently, of consumption, aged about 20 years.

Wheeler CHAPMAN, an aged resident of Fearing township, was found dead in his house last Friday morning, under mysterious circumstances. Since the above was in type we have learned the following: A boy about 12 years of age was in the habit of sleeping in the room with the old man. In the evening the old man complained of illness, but refused to have a doctor called. The tenant folks retired, leaving him sitting by the fire with the boy asleep in the room. In the night the boy awoke, being very sick with suffocation. He informed the tenants, and in coming in they found the old man lying with head and arms in the fire and burned to a crisp. The clothing was burned entirely off him. It is supposed that he had a fit, fell forward in the fire and was burned to death. He was burned beyond recognition.

April 7, 1881
Dr. ANDERSON, of Matamoras, died, recently.

Mr. Enoch PRESTON died at Vincent, recently, aged 75 years.

Col. Lewis SCHMIDT died at his home in Marietta, Tuesday morning of last week, after a sickness of but a few days.  April 14th- The late Col. Louis SCHMIDT held a life insurance for $3,000.

Mrs. Lucy BOSWORTH, of Alexandria, Missouri, and formerly of Marietta, died on the 18 ult. Mrs. BOSWORTH, was the widow of Zephaniok BOSWORTH, known to all older citizens of Marietta.

April 14, 1881
Dr. STEVENS, a practicing physician, of Harmar, died recently.

Miss M. NIXON died in Marietta, recently of consumption, aged 32 years.

Miss Christiana M. KLEIN, daughter of Mr. Jacob KLEIN, of Fearing, died, lately, aged 21 years.

Mrs. GALLIGHER, living a few miles west of Vincent, died, lately, from eating pork that was infested with trichinae.

Mr. Henry McKIBBEN, a former well know citizen of this county, died March 24th, at his home near Larned, Kansas, aged about 65 years.

Miss Jennie MARSH, an estimable young lady, who formerly resided in Harmar, died, recently in Louisville, Kentucky, in the 19th year of her age.

Mrs. L. GALE, of Newport township, dropped dead at her home last Friday evening. She was one of the oldest ladies in the county, and was universally beloved and respected.

The funeral, numerously attended, of Mrs. Maria THOMAS, of Marietta, aged 83, who died of paralysis, took place Wednesday afternoon of last week. She was the widow of the late Weston THOMAS, one of the oldest and most highly respected merchants of Marietta.

April 21, 1881
The widow of Elijah MASON, lately died near Lowell.

Isaac VANWEY, an aged citizen of Newel’s Run, died, recently.

Jacob TITTLE, aged 12, son of Mr. Geo. TITTLE, of Marietta, died, recently of typhoid fever.

The widow of the late Fr. G. W. GALE, of Newport, died on teh 6th inst., aged about 70 years.

Mr. Jesse GREENE, an old and respected citizen of Beverly, died on Monday of last week, of congestion of the lungs.

Mrs. Rhoda PARSONS, who died April 7th at her home in Vincent, was in the 84th year of her age. Over fifty years of her life had been spent on the farm where she died.

Miss Emma J., aged 18, daughter of James B. and Lorinda H. WILSON, died at the home of her parents in Marietta on Tuesday evening of last week after protracted illness..

Mr. James HARRY, of Watertown, died Sunday of last week. Mr. HARRY was afflicted with a swelling in the neck which choked him to death. He was about 60 years old.

By the accidental discharge of a pistol, which they were handling, Elmer P. McGIRR, aged 14, was instantly killed at Marietta on Wednesday evening of last week, the weapon at the time being in the hand of Willie SCHRAMNY aged 12.

A daughter of Chas. ROWLAN, of Newport, aged about 14 years, recently died, of pneumonia.

Miss M. Blanche ALLEN, daughter of John and Sarah ALLEN, died recently, at her home on Nixon Hill near Beverly, of consumption, age 25.

Mr. Wm. TUCKER, of Marietta, died, early Wednesday morning of last week. He was taken during the night with a fit and never rallied. He leaves a wife and several children.

May 5, 1881
Judge Wm. R. PUTNAM died, last Sunday, on his farm near Marietta. (18 paragraphs down) Col. Wm. R. PUTNAM is, says the Register, daily growing weaker. He remains for the most part unconscious, takes no nourishment unless involuntarily and cannot in the nature of the case last long. Since dead.

William STYER, an old German citizen of Marietta, died on Friday evening, April 29th, aged seventy-five years.

Philip Van THORNILEY, whose death occurred one day last week, was one of the oldest and wealthiest farmers in this county. (9 paragraphs down) Mr. P. Van THORNILEY, whose death occurred Tuesday evening of last week, was born on the day George Washington died. He was an old resident of this county.

Dr. Hugh TREVOR, a former well known citizen of Marietta, died, suddenly, at Quincy, Illinois, on the 21st ult., aged 76 years.

Mrs. Caroline CRAWFORD, wife of Dr. E. LINDNER, former Treasurer of this county, died April 22nd, at Clay Center, Kansas, of consumption, aged 57 years.

The wife of Mr. James P. HANEY, who resides on the West side of the Muskingum, near Devol’s Dam, died, recently,. of typhoid fever. She was in her 71st year.

Mrs. Laura M. DANA MARIS, died on the 24th ult., of typhoid fever. She was the eldest daughter of L. D. DANA, Esq., of Marietta, and was loved by a large circle of relatives and friends for her many noble qualities of mind and heart. Her funeral was attended on the 25th at Wilkesville.

Mrs. Susanna LEET, of Tunnel, fell dead from her chair, on a recent day. She was in her 82nd year. She was living with her grand-children, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. MELLOR. she was rocking the cradle, in which their infant lay asleep, and came near smothering it to death, by falling so that her body covered its face.

May 12, 1881
Miss Elizabeth J. EWART, of Marietta died of heart disease on Tuesday of last week, aged 52 years.

Miss Kate, daughter of Geo. W. RICHARDS, a former well known resident, of Marietta, recently died, at her late home in Buchanan, Mich.

Thursday, May 19, 1881
Benjamin HAMER, of Coal Run, recently died.

Mrs. Wm. SCOTT, of Harmar, aged 50, died recently, after but four hours sickness.

Capt. Owens FRANK, of Marietta, died at his residence in that city, Thursday evening last, aged 77 years.

Douglass P. LEONARD recently died, at his home near Beverly, of quick consumption in his 39th year.

Prof. A. G. BUNDY, Principal of Bartlett Academy, this county, died at 6 o’clock on the morning of the 6th inst. very suddenly of mental prostration. The Times says: As an earnest, energetic teacher, he had entered enthusiastically into the cause of building up Bartlett Academy, and no doubt overtaxed his physical and mental constitution.

May 26, 1881
Mr. John WAGNER, aged 52, of Marietta, recently died of typhoid pneumonia.

Mr. Henry DUNKER, aged 62, of Marietta, died on the 12th inst. He had been a resident of Washington county forty years and is referred to as an industrious, honest and upright man.

Henry OWEN, a young man recently from New Lisbon, Ohio, was found dead in his bed at the Marshall House, Marietta, Saturday morning. He committed suicide by poison. He left a note saying: “If found dead inform Mrs. H. OWEN, Woburn, Massachusetts, or C. S. OWEN, Chesterfield, England.” At the end was added: “This is a case of suicide.”

A cold blooded murder occurred in Harmar, Wednesday morning of last week, John HAYS shooting and instantly killing his wife Nancy. the parties were both of disreputable character, and infidelity on the part of the wife to her marriage vows and refusing to live longer with her worthless husband was what led to the tragedy. After the murder of the woman, HAYS started in search of a local saloon keeper named Jas. F. SHAW whom he also intended to shoot for estranging his wife’s affections, but not finding him the murderer made his escape and at the time of writhing this had not been arrested.

June 2, 1881
HAYES who lately brutally murdered his wife at Harmar has been indicted for murder in the second degree.

Mrs. Lena GRAFF, of Harmar, died on Saturday and was buried on Sunday of last week.

Henry MENDER, whose family reside at Matamoras, was recently drowned off the steamer Decotah.

Mrs Margaret BOHL, mother of Dr. BOHL, of Watertown, died, on Sunday of last week, at the residence of the Doctor, aged 92 years.

Mrs. Phillippena KEXEL, widow of the late Wm. KEXEL, died at her home in Marietta, on Monday afternoon of last week of consumption. She was about 51 years of age.

June 9, 1881
Mr. E. R. BROWN, an old and respected citizen of Coal Run, died at 10 o’clock, Sunday night of last week, aged 61 years.

John DIXON, son of Anthony DIXON, of Decatur, was son struck during the recent hot weather from the effects of which he died.

Judge C. B. BUELL died at his residence in Marietta, Thursday night from the directs of a paralytic stroke. He was the oldest lawyer in the county, and was a member of the committee which admitted Ex-President HAYES to the bar.

Mrs. W. G. IRVINE, the young wife of Mr. Will. IRVINE, of Decatur township, recently died, quite suddenly. In reference to which the Marietta Times says: They were married less than two years ago, were nicely started in life with pleasant surroundings, bidding fair for a long and happy life; but in a few short hours brightest hopes are blasted.

June 16, 1881
Mrs. David STAATS, died at Matamoras, on the 2nd inst., of intermittent fever, aged about 35 years.

An old gentleman named McGRUDER recently fell dead in the church at Yankeeburg, in Newport township.

Arthur SEVERANCE, aged 49, of Marietta who some weeks ago was taken to the Athens Asylum, since died in that institution.

June 23, 1881
Mr. John W. NEUBECK died in Marietta, Wednesday, morning, of last week. He was about 55 years old.

Richard R. SUTTON, aged 65, one of the most respectable citizens of Cutler, died, recently of softening of the brain. It is said of him that for the last five years he has constantly remained by the side of his paralyzed wife, rocking her in a chair during the day, and lifting and turning her at intervals in the night until his power of endurance failed.

June 23, 1881
Allen M. CREIGHBAUM, in his 55th year, died at his home in Marietta, on Tuesday evening of last week of consumption.

June 30, 1881
Mr. Richard SUTTON died, at Cutler, recently, aged about 60 years.

July 7, 1881
Peter RUDRIG, an old citizen of Marietta, died suddenly, at the beginning of last week of apoplexy.

Cleon K. UHL, aged 28, of Williamstown, fell from a Steamboat at Racer’s Landing on a recent day and was drowned.

Miss Martha A. PARK, daughter of John and Sarah PARK, of Watertown, died on the 20th of last month in her 22nd year.

Sampson COLE died near Marietta, Tuesday morning, aged nearly ninety-seven years. He was one of the early Sheriffs of this county, and for three quarters of a century he has been a prominent and influential man in that community.

July 14, 1881
Mr. J. H. HOLMES, aged 45, well known in Marietta as the blind piano tuner, died on the 4th.

Mr. George STAFFEY, near Coal Run, lately gabe birth to twins, a son and daughter, the latter died on the 4th inst.

James FOX, of Matamoras, recently walked overboard from the steamer Diurnal and was drowned. His body has been recovered and returned to friends.

July 21, 1881
Samuel MILLER died very suddenly of apoplexy at his residence a mile south of Bartlett recently.

Mrs. Cynthia B. WEST, wife of Mr. J. A. WEST, died, at her home in Little Muskingum, on the 10th inst.

Mrs. Sophronia CRAWFORD, aged 79, died at her home in Marietta, on Sunday evening, of last week, from paralysis.

Of Miss Millie I. TOWSLY, mention of whose recent death was made in the Messenger of last week, the Marietta Leader says: She was a respected for her many noble qualities, and died as she had lived, an earnest and faithful Christian.

July 28, 1881
Mr. [sic] Mary PERRY of Palmer township, whose death occurred on the 7th, was a niece of John ARMSTRONG, of Revolutionary fame, who was with GATES in the Burgoyne campaign.

By the explosion of the boilers of a portable saw mill at Watertown, on Monday of last week, the following persons lost their lives, all well known and excellent citizens: Harmaon BROCKWAY, Eugene BARCLAY, Isaac JOHNSON and Robert ALEXANDER.

August 4, 1881
Mr. Patrick FARRELL, of Warren township, died, recently, aged 74 years. He was a highly respected citizen.

Ruth, daughter of Watson and Margaret DANA, died at the home of her parents in Newport, one day last week.

Miss Kate NEEDHAM, of Marietta, died, Sunday of last week. She was one of the nomst popular young ladies in the city.

August 11, 1881
A nine year old son of James HILL, (col’d) of Watertown Township, died, recently, from drinking bed bug poison.

Mrs. Eliza, wife of Mr. Henry MYERS, of Ludlow township, recently died, aged 63 years. She had been sick from early in the spring.

August 18, 1881
Mrs. Belle CONNER, of Cow Run, lately died quite unexpectedly.

Mrs. Jas. SUTHERLAND, of Williamstown, died on the 5th inst.

A six-months old twin child of P. H. METCALF, of Williamstown, died on the 5th inst.

As the result of a family broil, last Friday at Layman, this county, John JONES was kicked in the stomach with such forceful potency that he died as a result a few hours thereafter.

August 25, 1881
In the matter of John JONES, the peaceable old man of Palmer township, who recently died as the alleged result of injuries inflicted by his wife, a warrant was last week issued for the arrest of one Jordan REED, aged 25, as an accomplice. The Register says that great excitement prevailed in Palmer, and the keenest indignation was manifest at the manner of Mr. JONSES’ [sic] death.(3 paragraphs down) Regarding the tragic death of old man JONES of this county, where mentioned, a Marietta correspondent writes that his wife has been committed to the jail of this county, and adds: She was the second wife of John JONES, and it was currently reported that the old people did not get along harmoniously, and that in one of their frays a few days ago she kicked, beat, and ill treated the old man to such an extent that he died from his injuries. A young man named Jordan REED was also mixed up in the affair, but he as left and the officers have failed to find him. Mrs. JONES was formerly a widow, whose firs husband was killed while butchering for “Jockey” WARREN in Athens County, and whose death caused a suit for damages which never panned out profitably for the old woman. JONES was formerly from Barlow, where he has a large and respectable family.

Mrs. Mary BOOTHE, wife of the Rev. BOOTH, pastor of the Marietta U. B. Church, this city, died very suddenly, recently.

Horance, a nine year old son of Gen. A. J. WARNER, of Marietta, died, quite suddenly, at nine o’clock Monday morning of last week, of diphtheria.

September 1, 1881
The wife of Mr. Joel TRUE, of Salem township, died, Sunday evening of last week, of lung disease. She was about 50 years of age.

Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Daniel THEOBALD, died, quite suddenly, recently, from apoplexy, having been sick but a few hours.

Sept. 8, 1881
Dr. Elijah COLLINS died at his residence in Decatur, Washington county, Ohio , Sept. 1st, 1881, in his eighty-eighth year. Dr. COLLINS was born in Frederick county, Virginia, but came to Ohio when quite young. He was a man of eminent abilities, and, aside from his practice as a physician, he was employed as a minister of the Liberal chrisians. His funeral was largely attended on the 3rd inst. Rev. T. F. JONES preached his funeral sermon, assisted by Rev. Mr. GIEGER. C. D.

Thursday Sept. 15, 1881
Mr. Wm. GLEN, formerly of Marietta and Beverly, died at his home near Roxbury, lately.

Julius BAER, aged 13, of Marietta, while lately visiting friends in Gallipolis, was taken with scarlet fever and died since being brought home.

Mrs. MASTERS, wife of T. A. Masters, Esq., of Grandview, died, recently, at Toledo.

Daniel MILLER, a pioneer German, was buried at Marietta, Thursday, aged 81 years.

Thursday, Sept. 22, 1881
Allen HARDY, Sr. an old citizen of Lawrence township, died of Paralysis, Sept. 7th. (15 paragraphs down) Mr. Allen HARDY, an old citizen of Lawrence township, died on the 7th inst., aged 81 years. Mr. HARDY was the father of twenty-one children, the youngest being about 9 years old.

Mrs. Emma HOSOM, of Barlow, died, recently, of consumption, aged about 25 years.

John WEST, of Beverly, lately died after protracted illness. He leaves a widow and fie small children.

Sept. 29, 1881
Dr. E. ANDREA, of Matamoras, died, Monday of last week, aged about 75 years.

Miss Edna STANLEY, an esteemed and accomplished young lady of Stanleyville, recently died.

Mr. Michael DUNGAN, aged 76, a highly respected citizen, of Warren township, died, recently.

Last Sunday the two year old son of Thomas LANE, of Lawrence, fell into an open cistern and was drowned.

October 6, 1881
John N. RARDID died, very suddenly, of apoplexy at the residence of his daugher, Mrs. J. L. O’NEAL, in Belpre, Tuesday evening of last week, and was buried the 22d at Plymouth, this county.

Miss Mary MOORE, aged nineteen years, of Linwood, Kans., died at the St. Nicholas Hotel in Marietta, on Saturday, Oct. 1st, of consumption. Her brother had accompanied her from Kansas, with a view of reaching relatives at Stanford, Monroe county, but her rapid decline prevented their reaching their intended destination. She was buried at Marietta.

October 13, 1881
Mrs. Mary COTTON STEARNS, daughter of Dr. J. D. COTTON, of Marietta, died October 7th, at her home in Rapid City, D. T., where she has resided since her marriage, January 5, 1881.

Peter RICE, aged sixty-four, an estimable citizen of Lowell, this county, fell from a hickory tree on Wednesday, October 5, and received fatal injuries. He had gone out nutting with his nephews and lost his footing while in the tree.

Anselm T. NYE, a pioneer of this county, died at his late residence, in Marietta, on Wednesday morning of last week after a brief illness, aged almost ?? (The rest of this death notice is unreadable.)

October 20, 1881
Miss Amelia SCHLICHER, daughter of Mr. Jacob SCHLICHER, of Marietta, died at her home on Third street, in that city, at ten o’clock, Thursday night of last week.

October 27, 1881
Miss Amelia SCHKICHER, aged eighteen years, died at her home on 3d street, Marietta, Tuesday evening, of convulsions.

Miss Cela KRIGBAUM, daughter of Mr. C. KRIGBAUM, died at her home in Marietta, on Sunday of last week, aged 19 years. She had been sick with lung disease for about a year.

November 3, 1881
A. W. GODDARD, of Fairfield, died, recently, after several months of declining health.

Mrs. RUSSELL, a middle age widow, an inmate of the family of Mrs. CHAMBERS, of Marietta, committed suicide, Friday, by hanging.

Mr. David McKINNEY, whose death occurred at Williamstown, Sunday of last week, was an old and well known resident of that place.

A laborer named Conrad RITCHIE was killed by a falling derrick at the stone quarry in Constitution, six miles below Marietta, one day last week.

Perse MORSE, long a well-known conductor on the Marietta and Cincinnati railroad between the former place and Parkersburg, died Friday night.

Mrs. Nancy CHAMBERS, a widow aged fifty-four, committed suicide by hanging herself with a towel at the residence of Dr. CHAMBERS, of Marietta, last Friday night. Cause, mental derangement.

November 10, 1881
Geo. BUMGARTNER, late of Harmar, was recently killed by falling from a train of cars near Evansville, Ind.

Miss Fannie BROWN, of Newell’s Run, aged 19 years, died of consumption, at the Central House, Marietta, at two o’clock Sunday morning of last week.

Mrs. EARHART, wife of Captain Nat. EARHART, a well-known steamboat, clerk, committed sucide at her late home in Harmar, Thursday night, by hanging with a towel from a towel rack. She arose from her bed some time in the night and went down stairs and committed the act. The family did not find it out for some time after death had ensued. She leaves six children. She was a refined and estimable lady but had, with her children, been basely deserted by her husband who took up with a woman of abandoned character and her mind had, in consequence, became unblanced.

Thursday, November 17, 1881
Mrs. Wm. JARVIS, of Marietta, recently died quite suddenly.

Mrs. GOODMAN, wife of Wm. GOODMAN, Jr., died recently, of consumpstion.

Mrs. J. B. DAVIS, of Tick Hill, near Belpre, died Monday evening of last week.

Mrs. Cornelia A., wife of H. M. YATES, of Lower Belpre, died, from the result of child-birth, on Monday of last week, aged 36 years.

Mrs. Chas. ROWLAND, of Newport, township, died very suddenly Monday of last week. She was around as usual all day, and after supper in the evening walked out to the barnyard, where the milking was being done, staying a few moments. On returning to the house she remarked to her daughter that her head was paining her, and was advised to lie down.--Starting to obey the advice, she staggered and the daughter caught her in her arms, and before she could lay her down she was dead.

December 1, 1881
Mrs. BENNETT, widow of Isaac BENNETT, of Decatur township, recently died quite suddenly.

Hon John T. IRVINE, former State Senator from the Washington county district, died at Harmar, last Friday, after a long and severe illness.

Mrs. Helen WELTY, daughter of Mr. Joseph STANLEY, of Stanleyville, died, recently, of typhoid fever. She had been sick for over two months.

Deliala ROCKARD, aged eight-five, one of the oldest pioneers of Washington county, and an estimable ladey, died at her late home in Marietta, last Friday.

December 8, 1881
An old man named Gotleib WITTEKIND was found dead near Marietta, Saturday. He was eighty years old.

December 15, 1881
Mrs. Rowena FORD, of Barlow, died of heart disease recently.

Mr. John H. DYE, of Moss Run, who has been a resident of Lawrence township, this county, since 1805 died at his late home there on the 3d inst.

Balius ZALER, a German sixty-two years old, having a wife and four children, hung himself in a coal shed at his home n Marietta on the 3d inst.

George BUNFIELD, of the vicinity of Matamoras, a deck hand on the steamer Bellie Prince, was run over and killed, Monday morning of last week, on the Wheeling wharf by a train on the Pittsburgh, Wheeling & Kentucky road.

The funeral of General FEARING, whose death is elsewhere mentioned in this column, took place Sunday afternoon from his father’s residence in Harmar. It was largely attended, not withstanding the inclement weather. The Putnam Light Artillery and the Veterans of the city acted as a funeral escort. (2 paragraphs down) Brigadier General, Benjamin Dana FEARING, after a lingering illness, died quite suddenly, last Friday morning, at his late home in Marietta, aged forty four years. He was prostrated by a stroke of paralysis early in the summer. General FEARING was a gallant soldier, serving thought the war. He was corporal of the Second Ohio at the Frst [First] battle of Bull Run, and was severely wounded at Chickamauga; also at Bentonville, the last battle of the war. He was secretary of the Sherman Club at Washington before the Chickago convention, and proved to be an efficient and zealous worker in his interest. That was the last active business that he did. He was a gallant soldier, an excellent business man, a good citizen, and a generous, noble-hearted man, and his death is deeply deplored by a large circle of friends. He was a direct descendant of General Israel PUTNAM.

Frank JETT, a carpenter, of Marietta, of intemperate habits, was found Wednesday of last week, about half past ten in the gutter on Front street. The drunken man was helped to the vestibule of Cadwalder’s art gallery, and was found dead next morning. Surgical examination showed that he died from congestion of the lungs and exposure.

December 22, 1881
Jonathan KER, one of the oldest citizens of Newport recently died.

Miss Fannie OGLE, of Dexter City, aged about 16, died recently of consumption.

Miss Fannie REYNOLDS, of Newport, died on Sunday morning of last week after protracted illness.

Mrs. Fred KETTE, died Tuesday evening of last week, at the home of her father, Mr. SNELL in Matamoras. She had been married about three years, and leaves besides her husband, on child to mourn her loss.

Thursday, Dec. 29, 1881
Mrs. Mary SMITH, of Matamoras, who was nearly ninety years old, recently died.

Mrs. Henry TEIS [sic], of Marietta, and her eight day old son, died, recently, at the home of her husband near the chair factory. They were both buried in one coffin.

Thursday, Dec. 29, 1881
The Marietta Register says: The wife and infant child of Henry DICE [sic] died of measles, Saturday morning, leaving five small children in a very destitute condition. The children are just recovering from measles and mumps, and are but ill, prepared to dispense with the kind ministration of a mother.

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