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1895 First Methodist Episcopal Church Data: Members

Mary Allee, 226 Fifth.
John Altvater.
Jessie Anderson.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Amlin, 518 White.
Mrs, Susan K. Andrews, 500 Front.
Mrs. Bessie Acton, 305 Wooster.
Ruth II. Acton. 305 Wooster.
Muriel Acton, 305 Wooster.
J. W. L. Brown, 228 N. Fifth.
Phoebe Brown, 228 N. Fifth.
Mrs. Adeline Brown, 116 N. Second.
Ruth Brown, 112 N. Second.
Mary Brown.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Brown, 206 Wooster.
Winifred C. Brown, 206 Wooster.
Hattie M. Brown.
Mr. and Mrs. Alpheus Baker, 629 Fourth.
Mrs. W. S. Baker, 627 Fourth.
Anna \V. Baker, 185 Front.
Mrs. Nancy Baker, 234 Seventh.
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Baker, 812 Front.
Mrs. A. F. Bean, 415 Hart.
Stella Bean, 415 Hart.
Mr. and Mrs. William Bell, 603 Wooster.
Mrs. Julia Bell, 606 Hart.
Mrs. Mary Bennett, 522 Third.
Mr. and Mrs. Nahum Bergen, 727 Third.
Mary L. Bergen, 727 Third.
Fred Bergen, 727 Third.
Maggie S. Bergen, 727 Third.
Mrs. Mary Bergen, 606 Sixth.
Mrs. Kate Bergen, 714 Second.
Mrs Jane Beagle, 118 Third.
Harley H. Beagle. 118 Third.
Mr. and Mrs. George Blake, 319 Fifth.
Alice Blake, 319 Fifth.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Barthalow, 606 Third.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Buchert, West Side.
Mrs. Lizzie M. Bailey, 225 Third.
Mr. and Mrs. William Brooker, Country.
Lottie Berry, Dunbar.
Mrs. Lou Barnes, 221 Third.
Mr. and Mrs. John Clogston, 812 Front.
Myrtle Clogston, 812 Front.
Mrs Nancy J. Coen, 426 Fifth.
Mary S. Coen. 426 Fifth.
Mr and Mrs. Frank Collins, 516 Seventh.
Lucy Clark, 513 White.
Luther E. Clark, 513 White.
Mrs Kate Clark, 513 White.
Mr. and Mrs. William Caldwell, 429 Third.
Elizabeth Cherry, 220 S. Sixth.
Lucy Clogston, West Side.
Mrs. Maggie Combs, Cor. Green and Third
Lucy Combs, Cor. Green and Third.
J. L. Cohagen, College.
Alex. R. Coburn.           Page Top
Ray C. Coburu, 426 Fifth.
Minnie Crum, 330 Pike.
C. W. Clark, 161 Front,
Sarah Clark, 125 Putnam.
Mary Clark, 125 Putnam.
Ethel Chapman, 313 Montgomery.
Mrs. Dora Curry, 215 Scammel.
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Cain, 730 Third.
Rebecca Daniels, 312 Green.
Electa Daniels, 312 Green.
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Davis, Country.
Mrs. Florence M. Davis, 415 Hart.
Mrs. Elizabeth Davis, 613 Wooster.
M. Lovinia Davis, 613 Wooster.
Lesta L. Davis, 629 Fifth.
Aetna Davis, 629 Fifth.
Rev. and Mrs. P. B. Davis, 325 Fifth.
Louis Davis, 325 Fifth.
Dana Davis, 325 Fifth.
George C. Dye, 606 Montgomery.
Mattie Dye, 606 Montgomery.
Mary Dye, 606 Montgomery.
Mrs. Louisa Dyer, 415 Third.
Mrs. Lucinda Devol, 120 Muskingum.
Fannie Devol, 120 Muskingunm.
D. F. Dufer, 706 Fourth.
Nellie Drumm, 214 Scammel.
Mrs. George T. Elston, 614 Front.
Phoebe Elston, 614 Front.
Nellie Elston, 614 Front.
Mrs. Laura Elston, 109 Wooster.
C. W. Eddy, M. D.. 518 Fourth
Mrs. C. W. Eddy, 518 Fourth.
Dr. B. P. Eddy, 610 Fifth.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Eddy, 610 Fifth.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Everleigh, 804 Pike.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fenn, 726 Fourth.
Harry Fenn, 726 Fourth.
Hattie Fenn, 726 Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. Sheridan Fenn, 225 Sixth.
Mr. and Mrs. John Fogus, 734 Fourth.
Mrs. Nellie H. Fuller, 142 Front.
Mrs. Kate Faber, 132 Seventh.
Mrs. Marilla Flanders, 718 Fourth.
Glenn Flanders, 718 Fourth.
Leslie Flanders, 718 Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Gorrel, 531 Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Guyton, 342 Pike.
B. E. Guyton, 516 Front.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Grass, 514 Fourth.
Mrs. Jennie Gates, 326 Fourth.
George Gates, 326 Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gorrel, 412 Washington.
Mrs. Anna Gracy, 524 Fourth.
Mary E. Gray, 625 Sixth.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Groves, 214 Scammel.
Mrs. Amanda Gray, 206 Washington.
Hattie Gray, 206 Washington.
Guy Gray, 206 Washington.
Roscoe Gray, 206 Washington.
Hiram Hill, 137 Pike.
Mrs. L. J. Hill, Pike.
Eunice Hill, 802 Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hill, 128 N. Seventh.
Mrs. Fannie Hill, 808 Wayne.
Jane Hill, 626 Seventh.
Julia Hill.
D. P. Hill, cor. Washington and Second.
Mrs. Cassie Henthorn, 431 Third.
Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Hildreth, Country.
Zenos Hildreth, Country.
Mr. and Mrs. Amon Huff, 625 Fourth.
Dun R. Huff, 625 Fourth.
Jennie Huff, Country.
Caddie Holst, 629 Front.
Chas. F. Holst, 629 Front,
Mrs. Clara B. Heidrick, 500 Second.
Mrs. Mary M. Holmes, 200 Putnam.
Mrs. Elizabeth Hall, 626 Seventh.
Elenora Hall, 626 Seventh.
Albert Hall, 626 Seventh.
Nellie A. Hasty, 508 Front.
Mary Hulbert, 420 Second.
Mrs. Louisa Hull, 104 S. Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Hart, 519 Sixth.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Johnson, 611 Warren.
Delia Johnson, 504 Sixth.
Lucy Johnson, 504 Sixth.
Chas. E. Johnson, 504 Sixth.
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Jordan, 618 Second.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Jordan, 216 Putnam Ave.
Mrs. Bertha 0. Jett, Montgomery.
Mrs. Viola Kelly, 220 Franklin.
L. J. Klintworth, 308 Warren.
Anna E. Klintworth, 710 Fourth.
Mrs. Irene Klintworth, 308 Warren.
William Kerns, 306 Wooster.
Erne Kidwell, 335 Fourth.
Nellie L. Kidwell, 605 Fourth.
Addie Kidwell, 605 Fourth.
B. F. Kidwell, 605 Fourth
Maggie Knapp, 712 Fourth.
Mrs. Hattie Knapp, 734 Fourth.
Blanch Knapp, 723 Fourth.
Edward D. Kuntz, 636 Fifth
Maggie L. Kidd, Cambridge, Ohio.
Mary Myrtie Kirby, 334 Front.
H. Pearl Kirby, 334 Front.
Mrs. Sarah Kaneff, Marietta.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lapham, 210 Sacra Via.
Alice Lapham, 210 Sacra Via.
Maggie Lapham, 210 Sacra Via,
Etta Lapham, 210 Sacra Via
Mr. and Mrs. Zina Lapham, 612 Fifth
Mrs. Martha Lane, Putnam.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Landsittle 433 Third.
Mr, and Mrs. W. H. Leeper, 330 Second.
Minnie C. Leeper, 330 Second.
Mary Blanche Leeper, 330 Second.
Chas. F. Leeper, 330 Second.
Mrs. Ella Lyman, 723 Fourth.
W. C. McCarty, 426 Fifth.
Elizabeth A. McCarty, 426 Fifth.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. McGirr, 430 Front.
Lucy McGirr, 430 Front.
Eva McGirr, 430 Front.
Viola McGirr, 430 Front
Mrs. Phoebe Morse, 437 Second.
Carrie M. Morse, 437 Second.
Ruth Morse, 437 Second.
Mariam Morse, 437 Second.
Mrs. Lucy Morse, 312 Fifth.
Lucy May Morse, 312 Fifth.
Mat'tie Morse, 409 Hart.
Mary A. Morse, 418 Washington.
James McKenna, 518 Seventh.
Mr. and Mrs. M. McMillin, 416 Sixth.
Minnie M. McMillin, 416 Sixth.
J. S. Matson.            Page Top
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. McKinney, 406 Second.
Mr. and Mrs. P. C.Mugrage, 112 Second.
Mrs. Bessie McAllister, Warren.
Mrs. Millie McAllister, 712 Second.
Frank McAllister, 712 Second.
Mrs. Rebecca J. McNary, Woman's Home.
Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Mason, 630 Second.
Wallace Morse, Athens, Ohio.
Mrs. Lulu Meisenhelder, 104 Wooster.
Mrs. Mary McCue, 529 Seventh.
Maud McCue, 529 Seventh.
Laura McCue, 529 Seventh.
Florence A. McNeal, 331 Third.
Mrs. Rebecca McDonald.
Rev. and Mrs. M. L. Moore, 410 Fourth.
Nancy McCrary, Woman's Home.
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Mohler 231 Third.
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Merritt, 110 Sacra Via.
Amanda Miller, 207 Washington.
Mrs. W. R. Miller, 111 Wooster.
Fred. Morse, 331 Second.
Mrs. Fannie Myers, 729 Third.
Mi-, and Mrs. S. H. Neece, 516 Fourth.
Helen M. Nott, 707 Front.
Mrs. Mary Neubeck, 307 Fourth.
Sarah M. Newland, 334 Front.
Mrs. Minnie Oesterle, 706 Fourth.
Blanche L. Ogle, 381 Third.
Mrs. Fidelia Pixley. 308 Washington.
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Pixley, Country.
Mrs. Emily Parish, 107Third.
Mrs. Phoebe Preston.
Margeret Post, Woman's Home.
Mrs. Belle Padden, 314 Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. U. A. Palmer, 629 Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A, Palmer, Stanleyville.
Clara M. Penn. 233 Third.
Mrs. Alice Phillips, 315 Ohio.
Nora I. Pape, 116 Second.
Daisy M. Petrie. 708 Eighth.
Mary E. Putnam, 310 Lord.
Fannie Putnam, 517 Third.
Frank Penrose. 435 Fifth.
Nellie Purdy, 425 Third.
Lydia M. Richards, 708 Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Richards, 708 Fourth.
Samuel Reese, 335 Second.
Mary H. Richardson, 331 Front.
Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Rose, 417 Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Rownd, 403 Fourth.
Luella Rownd, 403 Fourth.
Walter Rownd, 403 Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rogers, 614 Washington.
Mrs. Eloene Ryan, 315 Montgomery.
Mrs. Cynthia Roth, Third.
Ahbie M. Robertson, 306 Montgomery
Delia Ranger. 712 Front.
Amanda Rowell. 713 Fifth.
Mrs. C. D. Roeser, 605 Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. W. Rife, 529 Sixth.
Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Stewart, 622 Second.
Cora Stewart, 622 Second.
Gertrude Stewart, 622 Second.
Mrs. E. A. Sayre. 501 1/2 Front.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. E. Sayre, 501 1/2 Front,
Mrs. Sarah F. Smith. 335 Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Sibley, 334 Fourth.
Myrtle R. Sibley, 334 Fourth.
Mrs. Phoebe W. Sibley, 334 Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sturgiss, 534 Fifth.
Geo. G. Sturgiss, 534 Fifth.
Sarah Sturgiss, 534 Fifth.
Mrs. Mary Sprague, 502 Third.
B. S. Sprague 502 Third.
Arthur C. Sprague, 502 Third.
Nellie L. Sprague, 502 Third.
George Schramm.
Anna Schramm.
Lizzie Schramm.
Mrs. Sarah Strachan, 338 Pike.
Margaret Strachan, 338 Pike.
Sadie Strachan, 338 Pike.
Geo. D. Schad, 434 Sixth.
Mrs. Nancy Stevenson, 314 Fourth.
Mrs. Elizabeth Skivington, 432 Fifth.
Halla Skivington, 432 Fifth.
Effie Skivington, 432 Fifth.
Lillie Skivington, 432 Fifth.
C. R. Stevens.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Sanford, 531 Sixth.
Mrs. Melissa Smith, 124 Greene.
Mary Smith, 124 Greene.
Eva'Shields, 306 Front,
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Smith, 510 Putnam.
Charles Sayre, 503 Front.
Mrs Jessie B. Smith. 631 Fourth.
Phoebe Starling.
Sarah A. Sniffen, Dakota.
R. H. Steele. 165 Front.
John C. Saner, 705 Third.
Elizabeth Saner, 705 Third.
Jacob Schultheiss, 627 Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Stone, 510 Cutler.
Anna Squires, 526 Sixth.
Mrs. Rose Slocumb, 529 Sixth.
Mrs. Bettie W. Talbot, 530 Front,
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Tinkham, 509 Putnam.
Ella M. Theis, 204 Scammel.
Anna E. Theis, 204 Scammel.
Julia Thurman, 514 Fifth.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Thomas, 305 Scammel
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Volkwein, 507 Third.
Mrs. Margaret Wynn, 225 Sixth.
Prentiss F. Wvrm, 225 Sixth.
John R. Wvnn, 225 Sixth.
Mrs. Mary Wendelken. 417 Third.
Charlotte Weihl, 727 Third.
Mrs. May D. Wendelken, 524 Sixth.
Mrs. Marry Warren, Reno, 0.
Mrs. Elizabeth Watson, 119 S. Fourth.
Emma K. Wendelken, 250 Front.
Edward Wendelken, 501 1-2 Front,
Addie Withrow, 401 Fourth.
]. M. Williams, 105 Front,
Mrs. Fred Weber, 404 Montgomery.
Florence Weber, 404 Montgomery.
Mabel Weber, 404 Montgomery.
Clara Weber, 404 Montgomery.
Mrs. Edith Weber, Warren.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Wilson, 711 Third.
Bertha Wilson, 711 Third.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Young, 421 Fourth.
Arthur Young, 421 Fourth.


Mrs. Anna Milbaugh, Union Depot.
Vincent Payne, 410 Front,
Corinth Kidwell, 605 Fourth.
Helum Devol, West Side.
Ida Cowell, Third.
Flora Landers, Sacra Via.
Harry Ogle, Front.
Phoebe Voorhes, Belleview.
Laura Alden, 519 Sixth.
Earnest George.
Robert Mahnken.
Miss Huff, 334 Fourth.
Joseph H. Grafton, 408 Fourth.
Wm. C. Grafton, St. Cloud Hotel
Chas. 0. Grafton, St. Cloud Hotel.
Laura Pixley. Country.
Alva C. Hasty, 508 Front.
Mary Mahnken, West Side.
Pearl Sprague, 502 Third.

1865-1915 First Presbyterian Church Data: Ministers, Elders, Trustees, the Organist/Choir Director


Rev. Henry W. Ballentine, 1865-1869
Rev. William Addy. D. D., 1869-1892
Rev. William E. Roe, D. D., 1892-1902
Rev. George E. Jackson, 1903-1907
Rev. Abbott Y. Wilcox., D. D., 1907-at least 1915

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Charles H. Newton
Clifford E. Corwin
Martin F. Noll
William H. Wagner
Frank L. Alexander
Arthur H. Strecker
Frank F. Gaitree
Lee W. MacKinnon
George Lohmire

Former Elders

Silas Slocomb, 1865-1877
Sala Bosworth, 1865-1890
Samuel Maxwell, 1866-1867
Luther Edgerton, 1866-1891
Stephen Newton, 1868-1903
H. Bartlett Shipman, 1868-1901
Cornelius P. Tinkham, 1868-1901
Asa B. Waters, 1874-1876
William P. Cutler, 1886-1889
William B. Ferguson, 1886-1893
Chas. K. Wells, 1886-1892
Chas H. Newton, 1891 to at least 1915
Elmer M. Monfort, 1891-1903
John C. Shedd, 1895-1899
William W. Boyd, 1895-1898
Philip Z. Mergler, 1898-1901
T. W. Harvey, 1898-1901
Clifford E. Corwin, 1899 to at least 1915
C. D. Webster, 1900-1903
Martin F. Noll, 1903 to at least 1915
Fred W. Solomon, 1903-1913
A. John Lockard, 1903-1912
Robert D. Crawford, 1903-1910
William B. McGill, 1903-1904
William H. Wagner, 1903 to at least 1915
Frank L. Alexander, 1906 to at least 1915
Frederick E. Perkins, 1906-1913
Arthur H. Strecker, 1906 to at least 1915
J. Arthur Birchby, 1910-1914
Frank F. Gaitree, 1912 to at least 1915
William V. Hayes, 1912 -1914
Albert R. Stephens, 1912-1914
Lee W. MacKinnon, 1914 to at least 1915
Geo. H. Lohmire, beginning to at least 1915


Charles H. Newton
Thomas M. Sheets
Frank L. Alexander
George White
Edward A. Myers
George E. Hayward
John A. Henne

Former Trustees

J. Dexter Cotton, 1865-1903
Stephen Newton, 1865-1875
Silas Slocomb, 1865-1877
Rufus R. Dawes, 1865-1899
Geo. H. Eells, 1865-18809
Wm. H. Brown, 1870-1873
Asa B. Waters, 1870-1976
H. Bartlett Shipman, 1873-1882
Chas H. Newton, 1875 to at least 1915
William P. Cutler, 1877-1889
Simon S. Porter, 1877-1883
Josiah Coulter, 1877-1901
Chas W. Hudson, 1880-1881
Chas K. Wells, 1861-1892
Wm. B. Ferguson, 1882-1893
Stephen M. Sheets, 1883-1892
Lewis J. Cutter, 1890-1912
Thomas M. Sheets, 1896
Martin F. Noll, 1897-1913
George B. Sunderland, 1899-1907
George White, 1903 to at least 1915
Frank L. Alexander, 1904 to at least 1915
John F. Millikin, 1907-1912
Wm. S. Ayers, 1911-1912
E. A. Myers, 1912 to at least 1915
G. E. Hayward, 1912 to at least 1915
John A. Henne, 1913 to at least 1915

Organist and Choir Director
Miss Flora Mason

1895 Gilman Avenue ME [Methodist Episcopal] Data: Members
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Mary Adams, Country.
Samuel Adams, 400 Lancaster.
Levi Barber, 407 Fort.
King Bauer, Wood.
Mary Bauer, Wood.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Bishop, 137 Franklin.
Mr. and. Mrs. Jacob Boyle, 310 Harmar.
Chas, Boyle, 310 Harmar.
Mrs. Jennie Boyle, Maple.
Mrs. Mattie Bell, 119 Franklin.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Bell, Country.
Mr. and Mrs. Rees Babb, 139 Franklin.
Harry Babb, 139 Franklin
Chas. Bodmar, 411 Market.
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Beagle 111 Harmar.
Otis Beagle, 111 Harmar.
Mary Beagle, 111 Harmar.
Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Brabham, 417 Fort.
Mrs. Elizabeth Boothby, New St.
Isabell Boothby, Fort.
Martha Boothby, 123 New.
Edward Bumgartner, Maple.
Mrs. Rose Breckenridge, Maple.
Mrs. Eliza Buzzard, 213 Franklin.
Mrs. Clara Burchett, Harmar.
Mrs. Alice J. Crooks, 310 Gilman Ave,
Merle R. Crooks, 310 Gilman Ave.
Floyd S. Crooks, 310 Gilman Ave.
Mary Curtis, 316 Fourth.
Lucy Curtis, 316 Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Coler, 306 Gilman Ave.
John R. Carter, Country.
Mrs. Rachel Cook, 313 Market.
Mrs. Laura Cook, 304 Market.
Mr. and Mrs. John Cook, Country.
Stella Cook, Country.
Nessie Craig, 306 Franklin.
Mr. and Mrs. William Carpenter. 129 Franklin.
Mr. and Mrs. William Clark, 120 Gilman Ave.
Robert Clark. 120 Gilman Ave.
Ivan Clark, 120 Gilman Ave.
Mr. and Mrs. Congrove. 103 Pearl.
Mrs. Florence Dye, Cor. Maple and Gilman Ave.
Mrs. Lottie Dyer, Country.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Devol, 712 Front.
Frank Devol 722 Front.
Mrs. Sarah Davis, 124 Franklin.
Mrs. Anna Dare, Country.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Dewees, 417 Franklin.
Mr. and Mrs. John 0. Day, 322 Harmar.
Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Dunbar, 206 Harmar.
Mr. and Mrs. William Evans, Fourth.
Flora Evans, Fourth.
Lettie Evans, Fourth.
Mrs. Hattie Etz, 415 Fort,
Mrs. Lucy Echelberry, 200 Gilman Ave.
Mrs. E. A. Ellenwood, Country.
Mr. and Mrs. George Early, 131 Ward.
Mrs. Alice Foster, 210 Maple.
Mrs. M. J. Griffeth, Gilman Ave.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Finch, Country.
Mr. and Mrs. Lon Finch, Cor. Maple and Franklin.
Myra Finch, 313 Gilman Ave.
Bernice Finch, Country.
Mrs. Hattie M. Finch, 213 Market.
Lida Finch 213 Market,
Hattie Finch 213 Market,
Martha Flanders, 310 Lord.
Mrs. Jane Ford, Zanesville, Ohio.
Mrs. Maggie Fowler, West Virginia.
Mary Fowler, 135 Front.
Maud Fowler, 135 Front.
Stephen Francis, near Ward St.
Prof. J. B. Fairchild, Maple.
Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Gibson, 227 Franklin.
Mr. and Mrs. John Goodman, 233 Sixth.
Addie Gossett, 305 Harmar.
Florence Grass, Maple.
William Geyer, Country.
Mr. and Mrs. John Harrington, Country.
Myra Harrington, Country.
Lizzie Harrington, Country.
Anna Harrington, Country.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Hanna, Country.
Ida Hanna, Country.
Lucy Hanna, Country.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hoff, Country.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Hutchinson, Lord.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Heckler, 417 Franklin.
Florence Hale, 601 Knox.
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Hesson, 305 Fort.
Mr. and Mrs. William Judd, 328 Franklin.
Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson, 313 Gilman Ave.
Arabella Johnson, 313 Gilman Ave.
Morris Johnson, 313 Oilman Ave.
Mr. and Mrs. George Kellner, 907 Fort.
Mrs. Florence Kellner, 120 Gilman Ave.
Mrs. Hattie Kieger. Country.
Martha Kelly, 316 Franklin.
Mrs. Annie Keeps, 133 Ohio.
Harry Keeps, 133 Ohio.
Eva Kiesner, Fort.
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Loffland, 404 Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Lashley, Stone.
Dudley Lashley, Stone.
Theodore Lashley, Stone.
Mrs. Anna Landon, Franklin.
Mr. and Mrs. William Long, 305 Fort.
Sarah Morse, Gilman Ave.
Marie Milam, 216 Harmar.
Mr. and Mrs. John Morgan, Country.
Mrs. Irene McCoy, City.
Mr. and Mrs. William Mathews, 148 Harmar.
Nettie Mathews, 113 Church Alley.
Mrs. Rachel McNara, Country.
Minnie McNara, Country.
Carrie McNara, Country.
Lina Morton, 607 Knox.
Mr. and Mrs. George Mitchell, 822 Franklin.
Mary Mitchell, 305 Market.
Isabella Mitchell, 305 Market,
Nancy Mitchell, Country.
Mrs. Amanda Miller, Country.
Flora Moore, Moore's Junction.
Mrs. Fredrica Moore, 117 Franklin.
Clara Miller, Country.
Mrs. Lizzie McAtee, 900 Fort.
Mrs. M. Masters. Country.
Mr. and Mrs. James McCammon, Maple.
Mrs. Rebecca McDonald, City.
Mrs. Emma Mullin, 140 Front.
Mrs. Jane Price, 119 Franklin.            Page Top
Mr. and Mrs. John Price, 316 Harmar.
Fred Price, 316 Harmar.
Hattie Price, 316 Harmar.
Mrs. Maud Price, Harmar.
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Preston, 408 Lancaster.
Edward Preston, 405 Lancaster.
Mrs. Laura Preston, 318 Harmar.
Mrs. Belle Preston, Cor. Maple and Franklin.
Mrs. Mary Preston, 215 Gilman Ave.
Mrs. Mary Pugh, 405 Front.
Mrs. Louisa Pfieffer, 144 Franklin.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pfieffer, Stone.
Mrs. Elizabeth Parker, 134 Franklin.
Ida Parker, 134 Franklin.
Grace Parker, 134 Franklin.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pitts, Country.
Mrs. Louisa Prior, Country.
Mr. and Mrs. Rollo G. Putnam, 125 Front.
Mrs. M. A. Payne, 322 Franklin.
Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Payne, 212 Putnam Ave.
Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Pigott, 405 Fort.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Pfaff. 330 Franklin.
Mrs. Ella Parlin. 115 New.
Mr. and Mrs. George Racer, Lancaster.
Mrs. Lizzie Reed. Country.
Mattie Reppert, Country.
Mr. and Mrs. John Skipton. 145 Lancaster.
W. Skipton. 145 Lancaster.
Jessie Skipton, 104 New.
Mrs. Anna Smith. 406 Harmar.
Mrs. Lois Shawhan, Country.
Mrs. Lew Scott. Country.
Mrs. Sarah A. Scott, 131 Lancaster.
Sabra Scott. Lord.
John Scott, 101 Gilman Aye.
Marion Scott, Lord.
Nina Scott, 101 Gilman Aye.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stage, 117 Fort.
Hattie Stage 117 Fort.
Brasilia Stage, Knox.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Steadman. 1ll Church Alley.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sprague, Fourth.
Hattie Sprague, Fourth.
Mrs. Cloe Sprague, 316 Franklin.
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Sayre, 503 Front.
India Elbert.
Laura Sayre, 503 Front.
F. T. Stanwood, 125 Ohio.
Mrs. Sallie Stratton, 214 Putnam Ave.
Mrs. Cynthia Spaulding, 209 Knox.
Mrs. Emma Spaulding, 209 Knox.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Taylor, 118 Gilman Ave.
Mr. and Mrs. Teft, Harmar.
Byron Teft, Harmar.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Z. Taylor. Parkersburg, W. Va.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Toler, 404 Lord.
Mr. and Mrs. James 0. Teft, Harmar.
Byron Teft, Harmar.
Mrs. Agnes Underwood, 405 Fort.
Hanna Wilson, 120 Wood.
F. C. Wilson, Ohio.
Anna M. Wooster, 215 Gilman Ave.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Wyncoop, 415 Fort.
Katie Witikind, Country.
Lucy Witikind, Country.
Linnie Witikind, Country.
Katie C. Witikind, Country.
Belle White, 219 Franklin.
Mrs. Maggie Williams, 201 Franklin.
Mrs. Sylvania Zearing, 130 Gilman Ave.
Winifred Zearing, 130 Gilman Ave.

Mrs. Lucy M. Brabham.
Blanche Teft.

1840-1875 Harmar Congregational Church Data :Members
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** Resident Member
Zanas C. Berry
Daniel P. Bosworth
Frances Bosworth
Lepheniah Bosworth
Lucy Bosworth **
Laura Brooks
Christopher Burlingam
Susannah Burlingame
John B. Burlingame
Charlotte H. Burlingame
James A. De La Vergne
Mary De La Vergne
Joseph Druse
Eliza Fearing
Rhoda Gates
Clifton Hadley
Benjamin F. Hart
Seth Hart **
Mary W. Hart
Rotheus Hayward **
Mary Humphreys
Emeline T. Humphreys
Charity J. Humphreys
Ezekiel W. Hudnall
Sarah J. Hutchinson
Catharine Kinnamon
Rev. Joel H. Lindsley
Rebecca Marvell
Stephen Newton
Harriet Newton
Betsy Putnam
Elizabeth P. Putnam
David Putnam Jr. **
Hannah M. Putnam **
Douglas Putnam **
Mary Ann Putnam
Augustus Stone **
Charlotte L. Stone **
John O. Stone
Mary O. Stone
Joseph W. Stone
Elizabeth C. Stone
Joseph Tilson
Pamela Tilson
Sarah M. Thorniley

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Charles P. Bailey
Harriet S. Bailey
Charlotte Van Winkle

John C. Gilman
Elizabeth Gilman
Mary L. Gurley
William Steele
John Van Winkle
Susan Ludixen
Augustus I. Stone
Patience Davis
Mary A. Thompson
Sarah E. Fearing
Rebecca D. Stone
Augustus I. Stone
Rebecca L. Sharp
Mary Jane Hutchinson
Vesta C. Hart
Seabert W. Hutchinson
Alfred Finch
Sarah Skipton
Ann Eliza Finch
Nancy(Chamberlain) Gurley**
Anna De La Vergine
Darwin E. Gardner
Caroline W. Hayward **

Jane Finch
Maria Hall **
Susan C. Putnam
Mary Ann Gossett
Margaret Larzelere
Selina Bosworth
Mary Elizabeth Dodge
William W. Wilson
Albert Clark

Cordelia Tilson
William Slocomb
Sibu H. Slocomb
Sarah G. Fearing **
Julia C. Gardner
Henrietta Gardner
Eliza Putnam

George Putnam
J. Gardner Hall
William De La Vergne
Mary De La Vergne
Jemima Locker **
Louisa Locker
Eliza Whipple
Lucy Maria Whipple
Prudence Ann Smith**

Dean Briggs
Sally Briggs
Mary Ann A. Ainsworth
Mary Ann James
Artemus W. William
Sarah Jaquith
Hannah C. Dana
Henry Bates
Keziah Bates
Mary L. Gurley

George W. De La Vergne
John Newton
Rhoda De La Vergne
John Scott (Jr.)

** Resident Member
Sarah Berry **

Luther Temple
Hannah G. Temple
George W. Richards
Laura Richards
Whiting B. Hollister **
Catharine F. Dodge
Amelia D. Dodge
Harriett M. Sutton
Charlotte H. Bosworth
Mary W. Hart
Sarah J. Hutchinson
Elizabeth Gidley
Esther M. Hart
Ezra M. Cary
William S. Newton
Mary (Munson) Bosworth**
Frances A. Clark
Frances Ann Newton
Emos F. Webster
Romeyn B. Hart **
David W. Hart
Ann Eliza Whipple
Mary Ann (Gossett) Matthews **

William G. Fuller
Caroline L. Fearing
Susan Jewel
James M. Amlin
Georgiana M. Bliss
Eliza Amlin

A. Warner Shaw
L. Minerva
Silas Cook
Catharine F. Cook
Columbus Hart
Nancy Hart
Rev. David Gould
Maria Gould

Page Top
Martin D. Follett
John F. Follett
John Giles
Mary A. Giles
Harriet A. Lawton
James Campbell
Mary Ann Campbell
Maria Dye
George S. Bosworth **
George H. Howison
Benjamin P. Putnam
Douglas Putnam Jr.
Henry M. Amlin
John Mills Amlin
Eliza Gould
Charlotte P. Stone
Barber Turner
Benjamin Dana Shaw
Almira E. Newton
Martha M. Putnam **

Mary C. Lewis

Benjamin Hart
Rebecca Hart
Elizabeth Newton**
Abel Vinton
Mary Frances (Newton) Lord

Sally Ann Hart
Clara Wakefield
Henry Brogham
Alexander De La Vergne
Rev. William Wakefield

Daniel P. Bosworth
Catharine Ann Bosworth
Henry Lyman Hart
William W. McCoy **
Charles A. Hayward
William Turner
Mary H. Newton
Julia A. Barber **
Mary M. Gates
Maria Sutton
Eliza Dornan
Sarah W. Cordrey
Minerva Cordrey
Augusta E. Hart
William Givson
Elizabeth Gibson
Lydia N. Hart **
Mary G. Keyes

Charity A. Shepard
Malvina Hart
Lucy D. Browing
Martha E. Hart **

Alpheus Baker
Harriet M. Baker
Susan Reppert
Harriet M. Baker
Vallonia E. Reppert

John Norton
Mary Ann Norton

Louisa Barclay
Margaret Affleck
Hannah Huse
Mary Fearing **
Elizabeth McCoy **
Marietta Baker

Caroline Babcock **
Elizabeth Sugden
Martha Berry
Mary L. Wakefield
Addie E. Wheeler
Emily B. Putnam
Anna[?] T. Wood

Sally Wilson
Mary Elizabeth De La Mater
Maria Harrison **
Phoebe Berry
Lucy Fearing **
Anna H. Caywood **
John W. Caywood **
Ruth Young **

Page Top
Margaret I. Arnold
Marion A. Cox
Lizzie W. Putnam **
George W. Harrison **
Ann E. Pattin **

James F. Crane
Urania A. Crane
Martha F. Turner **
Maria Richardson

Benjamin P. Putnam
Lydia E. Putnam
Douglas Putnam, Jr.
Mary H. Putnam
Mary S. Payne**
Electa W. Barber
Albert T. Wakefield
Lucelia Wakefield
Margaret Caywood **
Ella Hayward **
Virginia Klotts

Electa M. Lyman **
Mary B. Dimond **
Abigail Putnam **
Sarah Fleming
Sarah C. D. Putnam **
John D. Dye
Sarah R. Dye **

John G. Stevens **
Joseph N. Higley **
Susan W. Higley **
Harriet A.(Higley)Allen**
Brainerd S. Higley **
Isabella R. Higley **
Harriet E. Steven **
Catharine Sayer **

Hannah Chapin**
Henry Chapin
George H. Lord**
William H. Lord**
Carrie W. Hayward
Albert J. Caywood
Elizabeth L. Caywood **
Jane P. Stratton **
George B. Stratton **
Carrie E. Brading
Fannie J. Regnier
Don A. Judd **
Edward M. Dawes
Rudolphus F. Berry
Aurelia R. Hollister **
Mary A. Caywood **
Samuel Harris **
Ann Harris **
Henry C. Dimond **
Phillip Keyes **
James Frank Jordan **
Eva L. Winchester
Caroline Euden
Samuel H. Putnam**
Laura B. Smith**
James H. McConnell **
Lizzie M. (Babcock) Hill
Helen P. Wakefield
Mary A. Stevens
Ann M. Stevens **
Samuel O. Laughridge
William Skipton
James Skipton **
Lydia Farr Tyler
Elizabeth Phillips
John P. Hovey

Thomas Phillips
Amanda S. Andrews
Rebecca Irvine
Anna Roderick
John P. Richardson
Susan Eva Chambers
James L. Todd
Jane Milligan
Toney Janet
Lucy M. Janet
Elizabeth S. Corner
Mary Elizabeth Devol
Erwin D. Hill **

Emily Regnier

James W. Babcock **
Timothy L. Barber **
Julia Hutchinson**
Frances Gill **

Bessie Barber
William D. Putnam **
Nancy Cole **
Mary Annie Cole **
Jennie A. Cole **
James McKee **
Josiah E. Jenkins **
Abby F(E)? Jenkins **
Cornelia M. Crawford **

Joseph Gill **
Levi Forney Lamott
Walter H. Scott **
Frank Winchester **
George C. Smith **
Henry S. Congdon
Jacob Carpenter **
Mary A. Carpenter **
Fannie Gerken **
Lucinda Pixley **
Ellen J. Pixley **
Henry Johnson **
Anna Johnson **
Hannah Johnson
Mary C. Baumgartner
Mary F. Babcock **
Caius M. Cole **
Nancy Hill **
Mary Sprague **
Harry Merriam **
Mary Ann Norman
Lucy Bosworth
E. Thomas McNutt**
Sarah O. J. McNutt **
Margaret J. McCormick **
Sarah J. Green
Albert J. Caywood **

William H. Crawford **
Anna Pixley
David Haney **
Ella M. Barlett
Anna M. Barlett **
Levi Barlett, Jr. **
Asa Barlett **
Alfred Hoff **
Millie R. Davis **
William L. Reckard **
Alice A. Fearing **
Henry C. Maxon**
Eliza Maxon **
Martha S. Reckard **
William Roney
Austin C. Mellor **
Maggie F. Mellor **
Naomi Gorley **
Lucy A. Adams **
Sardine S. Olney **
Martha Olney **
Frank Hart Olney **
Mattie M. Olney **
Ida J. Mellor **
Rickey F. (Shwartz) Mellor**
Margaret McCormick **
Mary J. Haney **
Selina Devol **
Phoebe Barlett **
Elisabeth D. Hart **

** Resident Member
Extracted by Debbie Noland Nitsche December 2004

1958 St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church Data: Members
Page Top

Glen Abbott
Mrs. Glen Abbott
Mrs. Louise Abbott
Robert Annasenz
Mrs. Robert Annasenz
Richard Arieda
Mrs. Richard Arieda
Harley Armstrong
Mrs. Harley Armstrong
Mrs. Clara Ayers
Chester Baker
Mrs. Chester Baker
Henry Baker
Bertha Barth
Carl Barth
Mrs. Carl Barth
Mrs. Florence Barth
Henry Barth
Mrs. Henry Barth
Laura Baum
Mrs. Kate Baumgard
Bertha Beach
Mary Beach
Mathilda Beach
Alma Becker
Mrs. C. J. Becker
Mrs. Clara Becker
Charles Becker
Mary Becker
Helen Becker
Mary K. Becker
Norman Becker
Mrs. Norman Becker
Otto Becker
Mrs. Otto Becker
Mrs. Rosena Becker
Chris Benson
Mrs. Chris Benson
Christine Benson
Richard L. Bergen
Mrs. Richard Bergen
Jeffrey Bergen
Jon Bergen
Dr. Harold Bernhardt
Walter Best
Mrs. Inez Biehl
Lillie Bierschwal
Marie Bierschwal
Edwin Block
Mrs. Freda Braun
Jean Braun
Mrs. Emma Brown
Aaron Burk
Mrs. Aaron Burk
Donna Burk
Mrs. Charlotte Burson
John Byer
Mrs. C. F. Chalfant
Mrs. Mary Chamberlain
Lillian Cisler
Wallace Cisler
Mrs. Wallace Cisler
Benjamin Clark
Mrs. Benjamin Clark
Mrs. Matilda Clark
Mrs. Meta Clark
Edward W. Cochran
Mrs. Edward W. Cochran
Emma Conrath
Mrs. Eufa Conrath
James E. Cooper
Mrs. James E. Cooper
John Copen
Mrs. John Copen
Holly D. Cox
Mrs. Holly D. Cox
Dr. Don L. Curtis
Mrs. Don L. Curtis
Mrs. Elsie Curtis
Henry Dauber
Mrs. Henry Dauber
Donald F. Davis
Mrs. Donald F. Davis
Dr. Lloyd E. Davis
Mrs. Lloyd E. Davis
David Davis
Sarah Davis
Mrs. Rose Day
Mrs. Hazel Deems
Bruce DeMoll
Mrs. Mary DeMoll
Donald D. Drumm
Mrs. Donald D. Drumm
Dorus Dunsmoor
Mrs. Dorus Dunsmoor
Mrs. Anna Dye
Alan Edwards
Mrs. Grant Edwards
Andrew Y. Elliott
Mrs. Andrew K. Elliott
Paul Elliott
James R. Ellison
Mrs. James R. Ellison
Mrs. Mary Fisher
Melvin R. Fleming
Mrs. Melvin R. Fleming
Mrs. Flora Fouss
Frank Fouss
Mrs. Catherine Gephart
Mrs. Pauline Gerber
Ernest F. Gerhart
Mrs. Ernest F. Gerhart
Melissa Gerhart
Stephen Gerhart
Lloyd E. Gerken
Mrs. Lloyd E. Gerken
Mrs. Lena Gilpin
Harold W. Gluff
Dorothy Gray
Elinor Gray
Mrs. John F. Greacen
Lee W. Green
Mrs. Mildred Green
Gladys Gruber
John A. Guckert
Homer Gugel
Mrs. Homer Gugel
Ronald Guinn
Mrs. Ronald Guinn
Mrs. Margaret Hamilton
James L. Hanger
Leonard C. Happ
Mrs. Leonard C. Happ
Mrs. Ernest B. Harper
Dr. 0. E. Harrison
W. W. Harsha
Eugene E. Hart
Mrs. Eugene E. Hart
Melvin R. Haug
Mrs. Melvin R. Haug
Mrs. Amelia Hay
Earl E. Hecker
Mrs. Earl E. Hecker
Mrs. Mildred Heldman
Mrs. Mollie Heldman
Mrs. Anna Hess
William C. Hill
Mrs. William C. Hill
Mrs. S. Durward Hoag
Mrs. Hilda Hockingberry
Mrs. Dorothy Hopkins
D. Bruce Hopp
Mrs. D. Bruce Hopp
Mrs. Winifred Hopp
W. R. Icenogle
Mrs. W. R. Icenogle           Page Top
Fred Jahn
Helene Jahn
Raymond Jahn
Wilbur E. Johnson
Mrs. Wilbur E. Johnson
Robert G. Johnston
Mrs. Robert G. Johnston
George Johnston
James Johnston
Edna Jones
Dr. Oliver C. Kackley
Mrs. Oliver C. Kackley
Herman Kehl
Mrs. Herman Kehl
Mrs. Wanda Kelly
Ellis S. Kigans
Mrs. Ellis S. Kigans
Richard C. Kigans
Mrs. Richard C. Kigans
Florence Klink
Mrs. Daniel Kohl
Mrs. Charlotte Kuhn
Arthur W. Lankford
Mrs. Arthur W. Lankford
Mrs. Mary Lankford
Florence Laub
William C. Laub
Mrs. William C. Laub
Mrs. Rose Leonhart
Mrs. Florence Light
George Lindamood
Mrs. Mildred Lindamood
Mrs. Erma Lorenz
Clarence C. Lowe
Mrs. Clarence C. Lowe
Jean W. Mabbott
Mrs. Jean W. Mabbott
Sara Magelssen
Margaret Mahnken
Eldon Mailing
Mrs. Eldon Mailing
Doak F. Markley
Mrs. Doak F. Markley
Mrs. Evelyn Martin
Robert McCain
Mrs. Robert McCain
Mrs. Winifred McCormick
William P. McCowan
Mrs. William P. McCowan
Mrs. Sally McKitrick
Oscar 0. McKnight
Mrs. Oscar 0. McKnight
Harold L. McMillen
Mrs. Harold L. McMillen
Martha McMillen
Stephen McMillen
Clarence R. Meagle
Mrs. Clarence R. Meagle
James A. Meagle
Mrs. James A. Meagle
Richard Meagle
Mrs. Richard Meagle
Mrs. Alice Meister
Mrs. Alma Meister
Mrs. Clara Meister
Laura Miller
Josephine Minch
Dr. Lorenz F. Molkau
Mrs. Lorenz F. Molkau
Peter Molkau
Edgar S. Morgan
Mrs. Edgar S. Morgan
Jean Morgan
Zeb V. Morgan
Mrs. Zeb V. Morgan
Brent Morgan
Carrie Morgenstern
Charles Morgenstern
Mrs. Charles Morgenstern
Edward C. Morgenstern
Mrs. Edward Morgenstern
Louis Morgenstern
Mrs. Louis Morgenstern
Oscar W. Morgenstern
Mrs. Oscar Morgenstern
Mrs. Minnie Myers
W. Eldon Ness
Mrs. W. Eldon Ness
Robert Ness
Amelia Otterbein
Garth E. Peterson
Mrs. Garth E. Peterson
Dr. John A. Pettit
Mrs. John A. Pettit
John A. Pettit, Jr.
Thomas Pettit
Edwin W. Pfaff
Harold J. Pfaff
Mrs. Kate B. Pfaff
Jacob W. Pfaff
Mrs. Jacob W. Pfaff
Edwin Pfaff
Mrs. William Pfaff
Mrs. Carol Phelps
Ruth Pipes
Mrs. Mildred Pugh
William H. Ray
Mrs. William H. Ray
Mrs. Margaret Reed
Edith M. Reiter
Mrs. Doris Reynolds
Donald E. Richter
Mrs. Donald E. Richter
Kenneth P. Rider
Mrs. Kenneth P. Rider
James R. Ridgway
Mrs. James R. Ridgway
Milton G. Rosenbusch
Mrs. Milton Rosenbusch
Caroline Rosenbusch
Herman Rosenbusch
Lowell Russell
Mrs. Lowell Russell
Harry S. Salzman
Mrs. Harry S. Salzman
Elmer B. Sanders
Mrs. Elmer B. Sanders
Edith C. Saner
Ralph B. Sawyer
Mrs. Ralph B. Sawyer
Judith Sawyer
Robert L. Schafer
Mrs. Robert L. Schafer            Page Top
Jon Schafer
Robert L. Schafer, Jr.
Mrs. Ludwig Schenkel
Gilbert D. Schenkel
Mrs. Gilbert D. Schenke
Gilbert Schenkel, Jr.
Gilda A. Schenkel
Anna K. Schletzer
John Schmucker
Arthur A. Schramm
Mrs. Arthur A. Schramm
Mrs. Louise Schramm
Alfred M. Schultheis
Mrs. Alfred Schultheis
Mrs. Lora Schultheis
Walter W. Schulz
Mrs. Walter W. Schulz
Mrs. Jack Scott
D. Robert Scheid
Mrs. D. Robert Scheid
Mrs. Bessie Semon
Hazel Semon
Mrs. Florence L. Shears
Herbert W. Shoop
Mrs. Herbert W. Shoop
Emerson W. Siddall
Mrs. Emerson W. Siddall
Alfred E. Siddall
J. Michael Siddall
Mrs. D. E. Smith
M. Leroy Smith
Mrs. M. Leroy Smith
Robert D. Smith
Mrs. Victor Smith
Mrs. Kathryn Smithberger
Herbert H. Sorensen
Mrs. Herbert H. Sorensen
James Sorensen
John Sorensen
Blanche Spindler
Earl R. Spindler
Mrs. Earl R. Spindler
Mrs. Jacob Spindler
James A. Sprague
Mrs. James A. Sprague
Charles Staley
Mrs. Charles Staley
Edward F. Starkey
Mrs. Edward F. Starkey
Mrs. Florence P. Starn
Alfred L. Steadman
Mrs. Alfred L. Steadman
Martha L. Steadman
Frances C. Steadman
Mrs. Katie Steadman
Mrs. Helen Stedman
Charles Stephan
Mrs. Charles Stephan
Charlene S. Stephan
Karl W. Stephan
Mrs. Louis Stephan
James L. Stephens
Mrs. James L. Stephens
Mrs. Anna Stoehr
Loretta Stoehr
Adolph Stossmeister
Mildred Stossmeister
Anna Suder
Garfield F. Suder
Mrs. Garfield F. Suder
Mrs. Hilda Suder
George C. Tagg
George S. Tagg
Albert A. Theis
Mrs. Albert A. Theis
Corinne L. Theis
Mrs. Herbert Theis
Ruth M. Theis
Jacob D. Theis
Mrs. Jacob D. Theis
Mrs. I. Irene Thomas
Mrs. William Thompson
Glen W. Thorne
Gustave C. Ullman
Mrs. Gustave C. Ullman
Corinne F. Urschel
Mrs. Lillian Urschel
Mrs. Lucille VanDuson
Richard VanDuson
Mrs. Richard VanDuson
Mrs. Lela Venus
Mrs. Julia Waggonner
Karl A. Wagner
Mrs. Karl A. Wagner
Earl F. Wagner
Mabel L. Wagner
Dean R. Wark
Mrs. Dean R. Wark
Robert M. Wark
Regis R. Waxier
William E. Waxier
Mrs. Ida Weber
Mrs. Allen Weinstock
Henry Weinstock
J. Edward Weinstock
Mrs. J. Edward Weinstock
Roy M. Weinstock
William T. Weinstock
Mrs. William Weinstock
Irene Weinstock
Zelma Weinstock
Albert G. Wendell
Alma M. Wenzel
Ella Wenzel
William Weppler
Arthur E. Wilking
Lillie L. Wilking
Mrs. Marjorie Willison
David E. Willison
David M. Wilson
Mrs. Betty Wires
Henry T. Wittlig
Mrs. Henry T. Wittlig
Norman T. Wittlig
Rev. Thomas E. Wolford
Mrs. Thomas E. Wolford
Clara W. Wulf
Henry E. Young
Mrs. Henry E. Young
J. Robert Young
Mrs. J. Robert Young
Jacob E. Young
Mrs. Jacob E. Young
Ralph E. Young
Paul E. Young
Mrs. Paul E. Young
Paul D. Young
Anna M. Zimmer

1995 St. Mary's Catholic Church Data: Parochial School Donors
Page Top

Mr Henry Albrecht
Mr N M Ancell
Mr John Bickert
Mr Killian Bickert
Mrs Catharine Bickert
Mrs M Brandt
Mr James Briody
Mrs M Broderick
Anthony Brown
Mr Joseph Burkhardt
Mr Fred Callanan
Mr Albert Cammel
Mr Frank Cane
Miss Jane Canfield
Mr Charles Carius
Mr Michael Carmody
Mr William Caulfield
Miss Maggie Cawley
Mr Fred Christie
Mr Thos Cleary
Miss Anna Cooper
Miss Mary Cooper
Mr Eugene Coste
Miss Celia Crane
Miss Alice Cunningham
Mrs Theresa Deibel
Mr Anthony Detamble
Mrs Frank Detzel
Mrs William Detzel
Mr Francis DeWitt
Mrs Henry Dice
Mr P J Donnelly
Mr James Donnovan
Dr A Dorr
Mr James Dyer
Mr William Ellerford
Mr Daniel Farrel
Mr Joseph Finkle
Dr George Gale
Mr William Gallagher
Mr Anthony Garry
Mr Henry Gerke
Mr Frank Goebel
Mr Jos Goebel
Mr Louis Goebel
Rev T A Goebel
Rev Wm Goebel
Mr John Gorman
Mrs J H Grafton
Mr Charles Haddox
Mr Frank Hahn
Mr O K Hamilton
Miss L Hannen
Miss K Hannen
Mr Michael Hannen
Mr John Heintz
Mr James Henderhan
Mr Valentine Herbert
Mr Michael Highland
Thomas Highland
Mrs Alice Hogan
Miss Mary Holden
Mr Mathew Jurden
Mr John Keegan
Mr Henry Kestermeier
Mr Farrel King
Mrs F Kraemer
Sister Theresa Kuehn
Mr C J La Vallee
Mr John Loftus
Mr Patrick Lowry
Mr Morris Luchs
Miss Maria Madden
Miss Mary Malloy
Michael Malloy
Peter Malloy
Mr Patrick McDonald
Mr Joseph McDonough
Miss Maggie McEvoy
Mr Daniel McEvoy
Miss Mary Meyers
Rev Wm Mulhane
Mr Charles Nelson
Mr James Nelson
Mr Lendelin Offenburger
Mr Frank O'Linn
Mr Hubert O'Neil
Mr Clemens Otterbein
Mr Frank Peterman
Mr P J Quinlan
Miss Catherine Quinn
Miss Sallie Quinn
Mr Edw Reynolds
Mr James Reynolds
Mr Cullom Rhyan
Mrs Cullom Rhyan
Mr James Roach
Mr Henry Roeser
Mr Charles Ruple
Miss Mary Schmidt
Mr August Schmidt
Mr Martin Schmidt
Mrs Catherine Schmidt
Mr Charles Schneider
Mr Martin Schneider
Mrs Elisabeth Schneider
Mr Charles Schnell
Mr Joseph Snakard
Miss Louisa Strauss
Mr Joseph Strauss
Mr John H Tornes
Mr William Tornes
Mr D B Torpy
Mr Phillip Trapp
Mr William Trapp
Mr Anthony Uhrhan
Mr Frank Uhrhan
Mr Andrew Uhrhane
Mr Joseph Van Metre
Mrs M Wagner
Miss Amelia Weber
Mr August Weber
Mr August Jr Weber
Mr Charles Weber
Mr George Weber
Miss Katie Weidner
Miss Mattie Weinheimer
Mr Charles Weinheimer
Mr Peter Weinheimer
Mr Frank Weisenthal
Mr Albert Wendelken
Mr Fred Wendelken
Mr Martin Wendelken
Mrs Martin Wendelken
Mr George Wieser
Mr John Wieser
Mr William Withum
Rev F M Woesman

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