Ancestors: Lists of Residents
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1790 Residents
1800 Residents

1858 Lorey map of Washington County, Ohio Library of Congress link (Enlarge to see property owners.)

1871-72 City Directory:

1928 Marietta Voters: By Name, By Street

1834 Bank Crisis Petition Signers

Ads & Personal Notices 1801-1840

Cemeteries of Washinton County
Cemetery Readings: by name, by townships Washington County, Ohio, Cemeteries

Children's Home 1860-1930, Washington County

Civil War Deaths by township
Civil War: Lists of soldiers killed in or as a result of the war

Church Membership Lists

Epidemics 1807, 1822,1823

Family Surname Information (External links)

Washington County Infirmary Deaths 1837-1953: by year, by name

Lodges and Social Groups

Marietta High School Graduates 1853-1904: by year by name

Newspaper Death Notices 1875-1882

Newspaper Obituary Index 1956,1957, & 1987-1999

Ohio Company Purchasers and Donation Lands Buyers Lists

"Washington" Newsletter Indexes published by WCCOGS from 1983 to Present

Washington County Heritage Groups

Ohio Emigration and Immigration

African Heritage

Canadian Heritage

French Heritage

German Heritage

Indigenous Heritage

Irish & Scottish Heritage

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