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  First Familiesof Washington County

Proven Ancestors


Ancestors: Lists of Residents

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1790 Residents
1800 Residents
Library of Congress.gov: 1858 Lorey map of Washington County, Ohio(Enlarge to see property owners.)

1871-72 City Directory:

1928 Marietta Voters: By Name, By Street
1834 Bank Crisis Petition Signers
Ads & Personal Notices 1801-1840
Cemeteries of Washinton County
Cemetery Readings: by name, by townships
Children's Home 1860-1930, Washington County
Church Membership Lists
Civil War: Lists of soldiers killed in or as a result of the war
Donation Lands Buyers Lists
Family Surname Information (External links)
Infirmary Deaths 1837-1953: by year, by name
Local Lodges
Marietta High School Graduates 1853-1904: by year by name
Newspaper Death Notices 1875-1882
Newspaper Obituary Index 1956,1957, & 1987-1999
Ohio Company Purchasers

Immigrant Groups

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Ohio Emigration and Immigration

African Americans
French Americans
German Americans
Indigenous Americans
Melzer Nye's Memoir


Local History

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Ads & Personal Notices 1801-1840
Bank Crisis 1834
Barlow, Bartlett, Vincent, & Watertown 1882
Donation Lands
Children's Home, Washington County
Civil War
Clothing on the Frontier
County & Township Origins
Early Settlements and Fortifications
Epidemics 1807, 1822,1823
Find a Township/Range/Section for a current address
Floods 1762-Present Day
Geography & Maps
Infirmary, Washington County County Home
Marietta High School Graduates
Mary Reed
Newspaper Death Notices 1875-1882
Ohio Company of Associates Land
Religion in Northwest Territory and Ohio
Schools - Then & Now: by township, by name
Timeline of Events

More Resource Links

Data Sources
Funeral Homes of Washington County
Local Genealogy Sources
Local Libraries
Newspapers - and their time periods
Post Office Locations
Resources by Location: US, County, Local, & Military
Societies: Genealogical, Historical, Patriotic
Find a Township/Range/Section for a current address. Use the "Search Places" search box.

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