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Map: Rufus Putnam's 1802 Plan of Town of Marietta

Marietta College Legacy Library Digital Collections:

Manuscripts and Document of the Ohio Company of Associates
  • Series I: Business Records
  • Series II: Correspondence
  • Series III: Surveyors' Field Notes
  • Series IV: Maps, Platts, and Drawings

Marietta College Legacy Library Digital Collections:

Illinois History and Lincoln CollectionsRichard Clough Anderson Papers (1784-1904) dealing with Virginia Military District lands: (mentions of Nahum Ward, Levi Barber, Benjamin Putnam, Willcox, Stimson, Marietta College,

For actual patents of first owners of land in eastern Washington County, Ohio, in the Seven Ranges, see: US Bureau of Land Management General Land Office records
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Image of a Land Patten
Map of Ohio Company Lands