Very few males graduated from Marietta High School until well after the Civil War. Class size shrank dramatically in that era. More boys started attending in the 1890s. This list notes those graduates who had died by 1904 and, for a few, it lists to where the graduate moved.

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First Marietta High School,
301 Scammel Street
Built 1850, Torn down 1900 to make way for new building.Photo 1st Marietta High School 1850
Source: Old Ohio - Aaron Turner

Class of 1853

Sophia (Browning) Clarke, deceased
Caroline E. Brighton, deceased
Maria R. Booth, deceased
Jane E. (Butler) Shipman, deceased
Mary P. (Gilbert) Porter, New Hampton, Iowa
Julia Holden, deceased
Maria M. Morse, deceased
Virginia N. Nye, deceased
Harriet L. (Shipman) Follett, deceased
Rhoda M. (Shipman) Cutler, Essex, Massachusetts
Mary C. (Slocomb) Cotton, Portsmouth, Ohio
Elizabeth T. (Soyez) Stockman, Lawrenceburg, Indiana
Mary G. Tolford, Toledo, Ohio
Vesta M. (Westgate) Glines, deceased 1901
William B. Loomis, deceased 1898
John W. Morse, deceased
Justus Morse, Jr., deceased

Class of 1854

no graduates

Class of 1855

Caroline E. Divine
Ann M. (Leonard) Muse
Mary B. (Morse) Reckard, deceased
Ann M. (Phillips) Vincent, deceased
Eunice M. (Rice)
Kate C. Turner, deceased
Malvina D. (Weld) Tichenor

Class of 1856

Margaret M. (Edgerton) Flanagan, deceased
Mary D. (Ewart) Pearce, deceased
Frances M. (Harte) Ramsey
Sarah Hartwell
Henrietta L. (Medlicott) Field
Arali G. (Otis) Stoddard
Okey Johnson
Corydon Judd
George B(utler) Turner, deceased

Class of 1857

Lucy C. Benedict, deceased
Frances M. (Bosworth) Dawes, deceased
Abby C. (Brown) Lott
Emily K. Brown, deceased
Aleda E. (Harshberger) Upton
Virginia W. (Harte) McCreery
Hanna J. (Love) Browning
Virginia (Leonard) Beach
Sarah E. (Shipman) Kingsbury
Sarah A. (Talbutt) Stevens, deceased
Felicia H. Winchester
Abby Wheeler, deceased
Arius N. Nye, deceased
George L. Slocomb, deceased
William T. Westgate, deceased

Class of 1858

Nancy J. Booth
Georgiana M. Fisher
Lorinda (Gracey) James, Wheeling, West Virginia
Kate H. Medlicott

Class of 1859

Eunice E. (Anderson) (Regnier) Gastnor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Kate R. Booth, South Dakota
Sarah A. (Booth) Holden
Frances (Dabole) Rice
Harriet Dye, deceased
Lizzie A. McCarty
Harriet E. Pixley
Eliza F. Racer, deceased
Bell (Storrs) Moore
N. J. (Porterfield) Armstrong
W. W. Fuller, deceased
William L. Porterfield, deceased

Class of 1860
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Isabella (Arnot) Tripp
Lizzie (Burke) Lucas
Mary F. Cram, deceased
Sarah (Eells) Brigham
Fannie M. (Kendrick) Dyar
Mary (Needham) Caywood
Therza Pearce
Caroline (Pixley) Monroe
Mary (Racer) Dana
Mary (Slocomb) Lord
Amanda (Wells) Patten
Frances (Wheeler) Loomis, deceased
Henry J. Booth, Toledo, Ohio
Wm. M. Morse, Marietta, Ohio
Jacob T. Talbott, deceased

Class of 1861

Mary Elizabeth (Coomes) Elston
Mary Jane Eells, Marietta, Ohio
Alice Dana (Ewart) Adkins, deceased
Margaret (Hoffman) Morris
Edward M. Booth
Jonas M. Fuller
William Jenvey
John Tenny

Class of 1862

Ada Ione (Hill) Brown
Selina Pearce
Susan E. (Racer) Allen

Class of 1863

Elizabeth S. Anderson
Sarah (Andrews) Holden, deceased
Julia D. Curtis
Abbie (Edgerton) Wilson
Rebecca D. Nye, deceased
Naomi (Tenny) Newkirk
Mary Torpy, deceased
Maria P. Woodbridge

Class of 1864

Lizzie R. Andrews, deceased
Anne G. Fuller, deceased
Lucy A. Medlicutt, deceased
Lucy A. (Woodbridge) Summers
Lizzie D. (Woodbridge) Wickes
Nettie Breckenridge
Eliza (McLoriman) Childs, deceased
Lucilia (Wakefield) Dye

Class of 1866

Mary Berkley
Mary (Boyd) Hale
Anna E. (Eells) Adams
Henrietta Geren
Lizzie (Putnam) McCandlish
Hattie Thomas
Emily (Whittlesey) Mitchell

Class of 1867

Maggie (Cabele) Kast
Maria (Harte) Beebe
Frances (Toothacher) Roe

Class of 1868

Ella (Cotton) Conrad
Lizzie (Dutton) Johnson
Laura (Franks) Wheeler, deceased
Pauline (Fuller) Doan
Edna Hibbard, deceased
Mary (Means) Hathaway
Mary Paxton, deceased

Class of 1869

Kate Iams
Mary A. Seaman, deceased

Class of 1870

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Annie (Booth) Fox

Class of 1871

Emma J. Arnold, deceased
Addie (Selby) Reed

Class of 1872

Sarah (Delong) Linthwaite
Laura (McMaster) Couch
Emma Martin
Sarah (Skinner) Morton, deceased
Sabra (Thompson) Finch

Class of 1873

Maria Battelle
Alice Benedict
Nellie Boyd
Mariam (Curtis) Lucas
Georgia Dabele
Nellie (Greene) Curtis
Carrie Jewell

Class of 1874

Lillie Atkinson
Eva Eells
Virginia Hall
Julia E. Hickok
Addie Irish
Ruth Jett, deceased
Jennie (Loper) Lynn
Mary Mason
Nettie (Morse) Hathaway

Class of 1875

Bertha Hall
Ida Porter
Mary (Slattery) Ross
Mary Unger
Mary (Whiffing) Johnson, deceased
Nellie (Woodbridge) Follett

Class of 1876

Lucy Beebe, deceased
Louisa (Best) Childs
Alice (Buell) Creelman
Hattie Eells
Mary (Garry) Heath
Addie Geren, deceased
Lucy (Hutchins) Glines
Ella Lewis
Lide E. (McGirr) Brown
Mary (Stephens) Goodloe
Bessie (Thomas) McCormick

Class of 1877

Fannie (Booth) Moore
Rowena (Cooke) Cherrington
Nellie (Creighbaum) Weinstock
Emma (Curtis) Nye
Sadie (Gerken ) Hart
Ollie (Hart) Reese
Lucy E. McGirr, deceased
Emma Petrie, deceased

Class of 1878

Ida (Arnold) Kraft
Rose (Burlingame) Lord
Carrie Gaines
Nellie (Ball) Bosanquet
Nora Mulhane
Hattie Nixon
Mary (Protsman) Reynolds

Class of 1879

Frances M. Barbour, deceased
Fannie (Coulter) Davis, deceased
Carrie (Flagg) Wyatt
Helen (Hall) Rinehart
Lucy (McMaster) Dyar
Lillian (Miller) Williams
Mary L. Oldham
Emma Sniffen, deceased
Alice B. (Waters) Curtis
Kittie (Warner) Hodges

Class of 1880

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Lizzie Beebe
Mary Puth
Jennie (Shaw) Rech
Addie Snyder, deceased
Amelia Weber
Mary Dabele
Addie Sprague, deceased
Hatie (Sprague) Newton
Frank Hill

Class of 1881

Nellie (Barbour) Nickerson
Flora (Buell) Grimes
Mattie Creighbaum
Carrie Dabele
Miriam (Fell) Hart
Mary (Hart) Pattin
Nellie (Hutchins) McDonald
Ellen Richards
Alice (Ruckman) Stewart
Mary (Stevenson)
Hattie Jett

Class of 1882

Lizzie Cunningham, deceased
Abbie Dutton
Annie Garry
Florence Harris
Anna (Merriam) Villers
Myrta (Morse) Stone
Kate (Mulhane) Dumm
Nettie (Severance) Seeley
Ella Stossmeister
Edith (Wommer) Meisenhelder
Kate Cisler, deceased
Abbie (Shepard) Calvert

Class of 1883

Emma Best
Sadie (Caywood) Craft
Alice Hagan
Helen (Oesterle) Agee, deceased
Maggie (Reckard) Smith
Ida (Schad) Hagan
Stella Sprague
Mart Stanley (Gammon)
Flora Zimmer

Class of 1884
Adelaide (Armstrong) Kortrecht
Celeste Averbeck
Fannie Curtis
Addie Curtis
Emeline (Devol) Thorniley
Helen (Devol) Chamberlain
Gertrude Grosvenor
Lizzie (Hinkle) Haggaman
Columbia (McClaskey) Thorniley Ada
L. Morse, deceased
Ruth W. (Robinson) Albee

Class of 1885

Clara (Brooker) Davidson
Alice (Brown) Martin
Addie (Chapman) Stevens
Florence (Curtis) Hawks
Clara (Dye) Gard Mary A. (Gates) Boyd
Florence Gettle
Anna (Klostermeier) Price
Salie Knox Eloise Wills, deceased
Lizzie (Strecker) Penwell

Class of 1886

Florence Boyd
Willia Cotton
Lulu (Frayzer) Watson
Alice (Garry) Haley
Kittie (Glines) Fankhauser
Theora (Grosvenor) Dyar
Flora McLaren
Edith Mills
Mary Pearce
Eleanor (Rhodes) (Harris) Charles
Kate (Smith) Seilley
Gertrude (Sprague) Knox, deceased
Lizzie (Zimmer) Everly
Lizzie Mitchell

Class of 1887

Flora (Bennett) Mueller
Harrie (Caywood) Roy
Mary (Champ) Campbell
Blanche Gerken
Adele Hogan
Emma Kennedy
Anna (McCoy) Smith
Alice (Morningstar) Devol
Lucy (Small) Gaitree
Harriette C. (Wagner) Hoffer
Lillie (Weis) Cisler, deceased
Mary Wittlig
Lizzie Wommer

Class of 1888
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Rowena Buell
Ella (Dircks) Riggs
Martha Fiedler
Flora Gerhart
Lolo (Hodgkinson) Cooke
Lizzie (Holden)
Mary (Humes) Brown
Ethel Johnson
Mahala (McAllister) Olds
Minnie (McMillin) Williams
Carol S. (Nye) Cisler
Rebekah Nye
Julia (Pearce) Riley
Nellie Shepard
Nora (Thornton) Perkins

Lafayette Day, Oct. 19th, 1898.

Marietta daily leader. (Marietta, Ohio), October 20, 1898, Page 2

Wednesday afternoon was devoted to the exercises in commemoration of Lafayette, the great French hero of the American war for independence. Every school, every department participated in exercises appropriate and beautiful. To say that these were interesting an instructive but faintly express the truth. It surely was a patriotic lesson inculcated in such a fitting manner that the pupils of Marietta’s schools will long remember the day and cause.

The pupils responded very liberally to the contribution for a monument to General LaFayette which is to be unveiled at the Paris Exposition in 1900.

The pupils of the High School had handsomely decorated the room in which the exercises were held and rendered the following program perfectly to the large and appreciative audience.

Music-Marselliaise - High School
Governor’s Proclamation - Chas. Lenz
Music, Piano Duet - Ethel and Anna Winsor
Essay – Early History of Lafayette - Helen Dye
Declamation- Lafayette’s Welcome - Hella Rummer
Music, Violin Solo - Lloyd Strecker
Essay – Lafayette in the Army - Alex Unger
Declamation- Tribute to Lafayette - Geo. Sturgiss
Essay – Lafayette and the Reign of Terror - Arebella Johnston
Music – Schools of Ohio - High School
Declamation – Washington and Lafayette - Aurella Hoover
Music, Piano Solo - Ruth Hamilton
Declamation – Tribute to Lafayette - Fred Reed
Essay- Lafayette’s Visit to America - Estell Bloomingdale
Gen. Taylor’s Address at Yorktow - Edwin Strecker

Class of 1889
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Nellie (Best) Speary
Carrie (Brigham) McKinley
Blanche (Bruce) Sheets
Winifred (Curtis) White
Martha A. Gerken
Helen Hart
Anne Hill
Minnie Johnson
Nellie Kidwell
Louella (Lancaster) Simpson
Louise Lorey
Minnie McConnell, deceased
Laura Moras
Waldine Rathbone
Willia (Ward) Flanders
Cornelia (Wehrs) Scharlott
Emma (Wendelken) Schad
Maud Wilhelm

Class of 1890

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Helen (Chamberlain) Hasting
Cora (Coleman) Simpson
Margaret (Gates) Bird
Hattie (Gettle)
Blanche (Goldsmith) Knowles
Mary (Grosvenor) Cooper
Cora Hogan
Augusta (Klostermeier) Bedillion
Bertha (Riley) Gear
Vena (Riley) Dye
Laura (Rodick) Bettis
Nellie (Sprague) Mulliken
Gay (Stacy) Moore
Emma Styer
Florence (Theis) Reese
Myrtie (Wilhelm) Shaw

Class of 1891
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Florence (Allen) Evans
Helen (Barkley) Kirk
Laura Best, deceased
Laura Haag
Mary (Hancock) McCoy
Lillie Harrison, deceased
Katie Highland
Minnie (Leeper) Alexander
Ella McClure
Helen McKinney
Kate (Mueller) Freeman
May (Riley) Moore
Dora (Seyler) Reese
Laura Theis, deceased

Class of 1892

Fannie (Barker) Stacy
Helen (Dyar) Wittlig
Etta (Dye) Collins
Grace (Gard) Plumer
Katie Gettle
Stella Leonard
Blanche (Lord) Misner
Blanche Marshall
Ida McLaren
Blanche (McVay) Riley
Saie (Miner) Epler, deceased
Daisie (Petrie) Hawkins
Clara Schmidt
Kittie (Schmidt) Hovey
Lisette (Seyler) Finn
Myrtie Sibley
Laura Tracy
Hattie (Weber) Primm, deceased
Clara (Weyrich) Jones
Bessie (Harper) Booth
Sabra Scott
Ora White
Alice (Eells) Brown

Class of 1893
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Fannie (Bestow) Hanley
Fannie Bohl
Etta (Davis) Marthina
Anna M. (Dix) Strosnider
Nellie A. (Hasty) Fox
Flora (Henneger) Wieth
Stella Hill
Frances (Kinney) Dickeyson
Lucy Leonard
Stella McKinny
Mattie Monroe
Jessie Morgan
Carrie Mosner
Mary (Penrose) McKinney
Myra E. (Sloan) Plumer
Anne B. Stephenson
Carrie M. WIlhelm
Grace (Wilson)
Selma M. (Wolff) Elliott

Class of 1894
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Anna May ---
Maggie (Bergen) Bourguard
Lestie (Davis) Cisler
Clara (Ebinger) Scott
W. S. Hancock
Blanche (Hayes) Kehl
Jennie Hutchison
Frank McKinney
Florence Mueller
Estelle Nixon
May (Nizon) Fouts
Mary (Olds) Thorniley
Etta (Reader) Peavy
Florence (Richards) Sniffen
Anne (Roeser) Hall
Flora (Richardson) Davenport
Maggie Seyler
Mary M. Spies
Winifred (Theis) Erdman
Serena (Watson) Carleton
Helen Weber
Tillie Wittlig
Florence (Young) Volkwein

Class of 1895
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Delle Augusta Bahlman
Lillie Clara (Baker) Wittlig
Lucy Mabel Combs
Lulu Wells (Cutter) Gibson
Florence Julie (Fisher) Strecker
Elizabeth Henderson (Hall) Fulton
Bertha M. (Hayes) Campbell
Carrie Bell (Henning) Pickering
Ethel M. Kimball
Wilhelmina C. Klostermeier
Lillie Blanche Lancaster
Blanche Leoto Ogle
Ada Lenore Pattin
Walter Clifford Peters
Grace Y. Pfaff
Margaret Frances Pixley
Anna Ridge
Ethelyn Grant (Simpson) Hancock
May Penrose (Simpson) Donaldson
Gertrude Strahl

Class of 1896
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Herman C. Angert
Amelia Louise Bickert
Helen Lillian (Birnie) Hubner
Carl Lyle Brenan
Winifred C. (Browne) Kellner
William Thornily Buell
Grace H. Clogston
Daisy K. (Goldsmith) Kiefer
Katie Gertie (Grub) Schafer
Elizabeth Louise (Kaiser) Reuter
Lottie Maybell (Lancaster) Blume
Hattie K. (Loffland) Nicholas
Nellie W. (McVay) Zimmer
Ella (Pedan) Godman
Mary Adelia (Posey) Thompson
Blanche A. (Schafer)
Lucinda R. (Schimmel)
Amelia (Schultheis) Gays
Katie F. Skipton
Minnie M. Theis
Alma E. C. (Wagner) Bengel

Class of 1897
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Edwin Charles Angert
Ruth Etta (Armstrong) Stevens
Anne Mabel Bahlman
Sophia Catharine Brand
Minnie Julia (Carter) Fletcher
Luther Thomas Cisler
Alice Gertrude (Cutter) Harper
Nell Edith (Davis) Armour
Gertrude Virginia L. Dow
Florence B. (Dye) Hanna
Mary Louella Gitchell
John Francis Hamilton
Anne E. Hiebel
Mabel Erma Jordan
Mary Wells Justice
Bessie Grace (McKenna) Allen
Florence (Mckinney) Sloan
Emma Marion Scott
Mae Latchaw Stamm
Lilliam C. Stoehr
Nanette Elena Williamson
Dora Alice Wilson
W. Walter Wood

Class of 1898
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Mary E. (Angert) Walker
Freda Caroline Bachmeyer
Nellie Blanche (Bloomingdale) Stevens
Mattie B. Blue
Bayard Brenan
Florence Eunice Buck
Clara Louise (Cisler) Goodhur
Grace Rolston (Dale) Penrose
Rose Adelle Gitchell
Ada Helen Gregory
Elta Imo HIll
Estella Holdren
Flora D. (Knapp) Schilling, deceased
Louise M. (Lang) Schramm
Howard W. McCloskey
Viola S. (McGirr)
Blanche M. (McLaren) Houseman

Class of 1898

Harry Bernard Peters
Frances W. Plumer
Esky May Powell
Helen Knox Pugh
Gurlie May (Reed) Sloan, deceased
Oscar H. Schultheis
Clara E. Smith
Flora A. (Strauss) Cisler
Freda S. (Strauss) Brinkman
Blanche Gale (Thorniley) Griffin
Bessie Cox Tompkins
Jennie Lusk (Tompkins) Hartlinger
Walter C. Wagner
Mamie White

Class of 1899
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James Harrry Birnie
Ralph Andeson Buell
Royal Emmitt Craig)
Anna Brenan (Cutter) Knox
Carroll Howard Davis, deceased
Florence Frances Highland
Zenas Brown Hildreth
Edith Elizabeth Kennedy
Flora Edith Lander
Pearl Wanita Mason
May Luella (Johnson) McConnell
May Lee (McKinney) Harness
Mary Louise Scott
Tillie Lelia Smith
Katharine (Small) Wendelken
Rosamond B. Steadman
Frank Reinhard Stehle
Bertha Mae (Strecker)
Edwin Blaine Strecker
Dora Ann (Wagner) Albricht, deceased
Jennie Louise Watson, deceased
Harry Andreae Wendelken

2nd Marietta High School
301 Scammel Street
Built 1900, Still in use today as Ely Chapman Center
photp 2nd Marietta High School 1900 Source: Old Ohio - Aaron Turner

Class of 1900
(see also Class of 1900 Three Year Course)
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Dorus E. Becker
Anna Blanche (Beynon) Schuff
John E. Brigham
Lillian Kathryn (Drumm) Waxler
Helen (Goodloe) Starr, deceased
Lucie Strecker (Holbrook) Eddy
Helen Grace (Huff) Kunz
May Lynnore (Kennedy) Bigger
Pearl Augusta Lancaster
Arthur W. Peters
Bessie B. (Pfaff) Weber
Fred Moore Reed
Laura Estelle Richardson
Hana Marie Rummer
Bertha Irene (Ryan) Cawley
Anna Emma (Schultheis) Marsch
Clara Agnes Scott
Loyal Phillips Shawe
Sarah Helen Sniffen
George Gilmour Stirgiss
Burt W. Sugden, deceased
Harold H. Theis
Georgiana Uhl
Margaret Mae Uhl
Charles M. Weeks

Class of 1900 (Three Year Course)

John W. Gorrel
Ruth Hamilton
Robert R. Johnston, deceased
Otto Rosencranz
Mabel Gustavia (Torner) Dye

Class of 1901
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Mamie (Bachmeyer) Pattin
Laura Brenan
Blanche (Greenway) Hayes
Sophia Heller
May Hill
Oscar H. Hovis
Arabelle (Johnston) Powell
Anna King
Frank McCallister
Merle McGee
Hervie Miner
Lou H. Morgan
Celia (Palmer) Sebaugh
Grover C. Pierpoint
Ida Reader
Katherine (Richardson) Dewey
Myrtle (Ryan) Peters
Errett H. Smith
Sylvia Spritz
Edwin Stacy
Florence (Strecker) Drain
Lloyd Strecker
Ada E. Torner
Alex Unger
Agnes Weber
Helen Wendelken
Katherine (Wendelken) Kinsey
Ella Wenzel
Hope Wilhelm Shiek

Class of 1902
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Margaret Battin
Anna Bierschwal
Ethel Chesney
Henrietta Davis
Jessie Day
Wilson F. Dye
Alda V. (Gorrell) Clymer
Louise M. Haas
Floyd Houseman
Rosetta Klintworth, deceased
Leona (Knight) Beiser
Beatrice Kremer
Myrl L. Jacobs
Albert Langsdale
Samuel Lebeau
Ella McCue
Louise McKinney
Grace Miner
Lillian Morton
Howard Palmer
Blanche (Parker) Miller
Edmond Rech
Edith Saner
Laura (Titley) Mergler
Ella G. (Trotter) Torner
Kathryn Webster, deceased
Carl Wilhelm, deceased
Ella N. (Willis) Sprague
Ethel (Winsor) Watson

Class of 1903

Edith Chapman
Lucy (Death) Bushield
Ada L. Dye
Earl A. Franklin
Lillian Gantz
Gertrude Griffen
James E. Harlan
Hazel (Heston) Pease
Spence Krigbaum
Gladys F. Mason
Myrtle (Miner) Abicht
Mary J. (Reed) Masse
Carrie I. (Schuff) Langsdale
Blanche (Skipton) Kidd
Anna G. Smith
Harry P. Sparling
Helen Stage
Dudley Strecker
Edith Titley
Edith M. Villers
Anna (Winsor) Stehle

Class of 1904

Rose Barman
Lauretta Becker
Leona M. Booth
James C. Crawford
Michael J. Donnelly
Walter W. Donnelly
John Dougherty
Bessie M. Drain
Ella H. Dye
Leon H. Fleming
Gertie W. Fritz
C. Edgar Hill
Raymond Rech
F. Exley Rickley
Edna M. (Hyde) Rose

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