First Families Inductee for 2024 honored on May 18, 2024

       Richard P. Skipton
, Warren Township: John W. Skipton & Annis (Ann Kainner) Skipton, 1810.

President James Reed welcomes attendees



Secretary Barb Handschumacher introduces our First Families Speaker Scott Britton, Executive Director of the Castle Musem


Speaker: Scott Britton
Executive Director
The Castle Museum

Rick Skipton 2024 First Families Certificate


Presentation "Five Remarkable Lowell, Ohio Area Veterans"

First Families Inductees for 2022 and 2023 were honored on May 20, 2023.

Relaxing before lunch.

President Jim Reed welcomes attendees

Member Lila Hill leads the invocation.

Speaker John Murray presents:
The Daily Life of the Civil War Soldier.

President Jim Reed's wife, Rose, and John Murray
find that they have a common ancestor!

Jayne Stehle presents certificates to sister honorees
Sandy Briggs and Denese White.


Sandy Briggs and Denese White accept their certificates.

New honorees Stephen Halovic, Vermillion, Ohio and Richard Skipton, North Las Vegas , Nevada were unable to attend.


First Families Inductees for both 2020 and 2021 were honored on May 19, 2022.

Members Gather. MemberFrances Parlin waves.

Lunch is served

Secretary: Barb Handshumacher and member Lila Hill

President Jim Reed calls the First Families Luncheon to Order

Vice-President Sharon Cory Gardner introduces the program.

Deb Root Shell's program on how to prepare for a genealogy research trip

Honoree Judy Coil

Honoree Jim Reed

Honoree Mary Gifford

Honoree and Guest Speaker, Deb Root Shell

First Families Chair Jayne Stehle with 2nd cousins, Judy Coil and Jim Reed
Honoree Damian Stanziano was unable to attend.

First Familes 2020 - The May 2020 First Families of Washington County Induction Luncheon to honor new memebers was cancelled due to the Corona Virus Pandemic

First Familes 2019 - Deb Root Shell (existing member, newly proven ancestors), Jolene Chesley (Florida), and Donald J Smith (South Carolina)

2019 Inductee Deb Root Shell

The May 18, 2019 Washington County Chapter OGS Pot Luck Luncheon honored three First Families inductees. New member are:

Deb Root Shell became a First Families member in 2013. She nominated and proved seven additional early residents of Washington County to whom she is directly related. New members Ms. Chesley and Mr. Smith were unable to attended.

The program centered around the 2003 PBS Shelburn Films documentary "Opening the Door West" presented by Jayne Stehle. The documentary (DVD), a web site and teaching materials (CD) were distributited to all 4th and/or 8th school buildings in 18 southeastern Ohio counties then serviced by WOUB and ETSEO (Educational Technology for Southeastern Ohio). Jayne worked on the educational materials.

Special guests attending where Ellen Shelburn - Producer and Bill Reynolds - Technical Advisor They generoulsy answered questions about the making of the documentary and shared many of their experiences during filming.

Many thanks to Dan Shell for serving as impromtu IT guru and making the presentation possible!

First Families 2018 - no inductees

First Famiies 2017 - 2 inductees:

2017 First Family Inductee
Mary Jo Hutchinson presents her sister, Jancie D Hutchinson Uhl, one of the 2017 First Families inductees

First Families Banquet  2016

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First Families Inductees 2016
Richard Ward, Roberta L. Schneider Ward and Susan A. Donegan

First Families of Washington County, Ohio held their annual banquet at noon on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at the Marietta Township Recreation Center in Reno. The tables were decorated in red, white and blue. President Barbara Handschumacher welcomed the group and led them in saying the Pledge of Allegiance. The invocation was given by Lila Hill.

Following the luncheon buffet, Shirley Harmon introduced the speaker, Ernie Thode. The title of his talk was “Two Swiss Pioneers in Southeastern Ohio in 1819, Jacob Tisher and Baron Rudolph de Steiguer.” Each of these two men led groups of Swiss immigrants who settled in Ohio: Jacob Tisher, in Monroe and Belmont Counties, Ohio; and Rudolph de Steiguer, in Athens County, Ohio. Both groups intended to settle further west but the flat boats they were riding on hit sand bars in the Ohio River which prevented their travel to continue. Both groups were from Canton Bern, Switzerland. Ernie answered several questions following his presentation.

Eight candidates were presented certificates by Shirley Harmon and inducted into First Families of Washington County, Ohio. Each of these candidates had proved they descended from individuals who resided in Washington County before 1830. The new members of First Families are:

First Families 2015

Photo 2015 Induction
Marleen McCauley Dyar accepts her First Families certificate from First Families' Chair, Shirley Harmon

Families 2014

2014 First Families Inductees

First Families 2013

2013 First Families Inductees

Membership Roster First Families of Washington County, Ohio
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Barnes, Teddy - Year Inducted: 1994
Brosius, Gloria Ross - Year Inducted: 1990* 
Barnhart, Lawrence - Year Inducted: 2014
Barnhart, William C - Year Inducted: 2014
Bennett, Norma Ruth - Year Inducted: 2000
Briggs, Sandra Bush - Year Inducted: 2022

Caplinger, Georgia E - Year Inducted: 2014
Chesley, Jolene - Year Inducted: 2019
Clark, Judy Allard - Year Inducted: 1994
Clarke, Chrisine Fry - Year Inducted: 2001
Clarke, Kyle James - Year Inducted: 2001
Clarke, Madison Ashlee - Year Inducted: 2001
Clarke, Morgan Macie - Year Inducted: 2001
Clayton, Angela Nicole - Year Inducted: 2016
Coil, Judith, - Year Inducted 2021
Cornwell, Ronald Eugene - Year Inducted: 2013
Culver, Tabitha E - Year Inducted: 1990

Dazell, Robert - Year Inducted: 2014
Devol, Jery Barker - Year Inducted: 1991
Dollings, Mary - Year Inducted: 1990* 
Donegan, Susan A - Year Inducted: 2016
Dyar, AnnMarlene - Year Inducted: 2015
Dyar, Michele Christine - Year Inducted: 2016

Englehart, Mildrec C - Year Inducted: 1990* 

Flick, Alice L Miller - Year Inducted: 1991
Fry, Mildred Covey - Year Inducted: 2001

Gannon, Tamara Lee - Year Inducted: 2016
Gardner, Sharon Cory - Year Inducted: 1990* 
Gifford, Mary Margaret - Year Inducted 2001

Hale, Sally E - Year Inducted: 2014
Haley, Karen Sue - Year Inducted: 2014
Hall, Mary J Trommetter - Year Inducted: 1994
Hamblin, Edward Lewi - Year Inducted: 1999
Havlovic, Stephen Joseph - Year Inducted: 2022
Hendricks, Rachel Noreen - Year Inducted: 2010
Hill, Dennis - Year Inducted: 2009
Hill, Lila E Doan - Year Inducted: 1996
Hill , Stephen R - Year Inducted: 2014
Hobensack, Susan S - Year Inducted: 2014
Hockenberry, Georgaleen - Year Inducted: 1991
Hoelzel, Babara Will - Year Inducted: 1990* 
Horton, Marilyn Handell - Year Inducted: 2009
Hutchins, B Louine Willey - Year Inducted: 1990
Hutchinson, Mary Jo - Year Inducted: 2013

Jackman, Shirley Anne - Year Inducted: 2013
Jacks, Olive-Jean Rouse - Year Inducted: 1999
Johnson, Gregory Robert - Year Inducted: 1994

Kinsey, Walter Elbur - Year Inducted: 2001
Koonce, Judy Bacon - Year Inducted: 2015

Latimer, Carolyn Cripp - Year Inducted: 2005
Limbert, Dale J - Year Inducted: 2005
Lothes, Dale J - Year Inducted: 1990* 
Lowe, Juanita June Ball - Year Inducted: 1999

Marshall, Bethel L - Year Inducted: 1990*   
McAllister, Richrd Louis - Year Inducted: 2007
Mendenhall, Claire Elaine - Year Inducted: 1995
Mendenhall, Louise Hall - Year Inducted: 1995
Miller, Peggy Jo King - Year Inducted: 1990*   

Nelson, Shirley Hitchcock - Year Inducted: 1994
Newkirk, Dale K - Year Inducted: 2013
Nutter, Marie Arlene - Year Inducted: 2007

O'Brien, Susan Mincks - Year Inducted: 1990*   

Parlin, Frances Mackey - Year Inducted: 1990*   
Perdue, Larry R - Year Inducted: 2011

Quinn, Charles - Year Inducted: 2020

Ransaw, Elnora June Hall - Year Inducted: 1995
Reed, James R - Year Inducted: 2020
Riley, Jeanne Hill - Year Inducted: 1990*   
Riley, Nancy M - Year Inducted: 1990*   
Ronshausen, Elbert J - Year Inducted: 1995
Ronshausen, Nina Lorraine - Year Inducted: 1994
Root Jr, Robert Edwin - Year Inducted: 2013

Shell, Deborah Root - Year Inducted: 2013, 2019, 2020
Shick, Doris Dewberry - Year Inducted: 2002
Skipton, Richard P. - Year Inducted: 2023 , 2024
Smith, Donald Jay - Year Inducted: 2019
Smith, Frank B - Year Inducted: 1994
Snyder, Caol Ann Means - Year Inducted: 2006
Spear, Dorothy Ball - Year Inducted: 1990
Stanziano, Kathryn S - Year Inducted: 2016
Stehle, Jayne A - Year Inducted: 2014
Stimmel, Paul C - Year Inducted: 2000
Storer, Patricia J Leonard - Year Inducted: 1995
Sumner , Dorothy Lebrick - Year Inducted: 2002

Taylor, Virgina B - Year Inducted: 1990*   
Thomas, Ann Wakefield - Year Inducted: 2006
Thomas, David A - Year Inducted: 1996
Trautman, Frank Stone - Year Inducted: 1998
Trautman, Frederick - Year Inducted: 2003

Uhl, Jancie D Hutchinson - Year Inducted: 2017
Ulrich, Judith lee - Year Inducted: 2015
Urban, Phylilis Wolf - Year Inducted: 1991

Vinent, Rosalyn Whiting - Year Inducted: 1994

Ward, Marilyn Joan - Year Inducted: 2000
Ward, Richard - Year Inducted: 2016
Ward, Roberta L Schneider - Year Inducted: 2016
Wells IV, Emmett Rouse Wells - Year Inducted: 1990* 
Wetz, Dorothy Suzette - Year Inducted: 2006
White, Denese Bush - Year Inducter: 2022
Wickert, Jacob - Year Inducted: 2007
Wickert, Richard William - Year Inducted: 2007
Wickert III, James Nelson - Year Inducted: 2007
Williams, James C - Year Inducted: 1993

Young, Jane Ellen - Year Inducted: 2016
Young, Roger O - Year Inducted: 1990*

*Charter First Families Members

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