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2017 First Family Inductee
Mary Jo Hutchinson presents her sister, one of the 2017 First Families inductees

First Families Banquet  2016

First Families Inductees 2016
Richard Ward, Roberta L. Schneider Ward and Susan A. Donegan

First Families of Washington County, Ohio held their annual banquet at noon on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at the Marietta Township Recreation Center in Reno. The tables were decorated in red, white and blue. President Barbara Handschumacher welcomed the group and led them in saying the Pledge of Allegiance. The invocation was given by Lila Hill.

Following the luncheon buffet, Shirley Harmon introduced the speaker, Ernie Thode. The title of his talk was “Two Swiss Pioneers in Southeastern Ohio in 1819, Jacob Tisher and Baron Rudolph de Steiguer.” Each of these two men led groups of Swiss immigrants who settled in Ohio: Jacob Tisher, in Monroe and Belmont Counties, Ohio; and Rudolph de Steiguer, in Athens County, Ohio. Both groups intended to settle further west but the flat boats they were riding on hit sand bars in the Ohio River which prevented their travel to continue. Both groups were from Canton Bern, Switzerland. Ernie answered several questions following his presentation.

Eight candidates were presented certificates by Shirley Harmon and inducted into First Families of Washington County, Ohio. Each of these candidates had proved they descended from individuals who resided in Washington County before 1830. The new members of First Families are:

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Photo 2015 Induction
Marleen McCauley Dyar accepts her First Families certificate from First Families' Chair, Shirley Harmon

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