Main Source: The History of Washington Co., Ohio 1778-1881 by H. Z. Williams
(Includes research notes, additions & corrections Collected & Compiled by Debbie Noland,, January 2005. Edited & Updated December Emery Parker, 2008 Civil War Fallen from Washington County, Ohio.)


More than 4000 men from Washington County, Ohio served in the Civil War.  Some men came home to their families, but many did not.  Listed in this database, are 640+ fallen soldiers, of the many brave men, from Washington County that died during the Civil War.  

This is only a partial list.  There are more men from Washington County. who died during the war thatn are listed here.  These are the ones that I have found in the book, History of Washington County, Ohio 1781-1888, by H. Z. Williams unless otherwise stated.  I chose to extract only the names that was stated in the book and listed as "died", "killed", "mortally wounded" or "missing". 

NAMES ARE SPELLED AS THEY APPEAR IN THE BOOK.  The complete list of men who died can be seen at the Recorders Office in Washington County, Ohio, and on microfilm at the Washington Co. Historical & Genealogy Library.  

Many men did not die on the battlefield.  Some died days, weeks, months, or years later from complications while in the service, such as insanity, suicide, wounds, diseases, infections, etc. The severe infections that accompanied most battle wounds were due to poor sanitation, lack of medical knowledge and antibiotics. Typhoid was known as "the killer" because treatments were scarce. If the cause of death is unknown for your ancestor, you might want to look at other men in that regiment/company and compare dates and places. It could provide a clue into how one might of died, either on the battlefield or by other causes.

Many soldiers were not brought home for burial.  Some were laid to rest on the battlefield, in cemeteries of the town they died in, or in National Cemeteries.  After doing an internet search of where some of these men could be buried, I found their names and burial places in various National Cemeteries. I only listed a few, just enough to give the reader of this extraction a general idea in where to look for burial records. Also, look at the history of each regiment.  It may give an idea as to where a soldier died, if it was not listed in Williams' History.

You will find my notes in brackets [  ]. You can also do a "search" at the website of the National Cemetery Administration at:  

If information was left blank, it indicates that this info was not given by H. Z. Williams. The book sometimes gives other information about some of these men, such as age at time of enlistment, if they were volunteers, reenlistments, or drafted, and other duties.

My intent for extracting these names is to give the reader some general information about these men, and the Washington County, Ohio townships they were living in at the time of their service. This database also includes my personal research (and some research of others).  This research comes under the heading of ADDENDA. 

The ADDENDA includes information of ADDITIONS AND CORRECTIONS that the book, History of Washington Co., Ohio 1788-1881, by H. Z. Williams did not give any information or was incorrect.  It also gives internet resources of where I got the additional information.  Some entries contain my research notes.   

Williams' History and/or the Addenda is NOT intended to be taken as a true record of a soldier's death.  Use it as a "guide to assist the family historian as a beginning" on where to find a fallen soldier.   


Please keep in mind, that the information that I extracted about these soldiers pertain only to their deaths.  William's History, and the online databases that I used to do my research sometimes give much more detailed information about these men, such as the date they enlisted, age at time of enlistment, etc..  

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Links & Sources
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The list of SOURCES that I used to compile the ADDENDA are listed below:  

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