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Name: Baker, Manuel T.

Unit: 36th, Co. F Private

Death: Feb. 10, 1865 Danville

Cause/Notes: Captured at Winchester on July 24, 1864 and imprisoned at Danville, where he died.

Name: Baker, Francis

Unit: 36th, Co. F Private

Death: Mar 16, 1864 Chattanooga

Cause/Notes: Measles

Name: Bailey, Peter

Unit: 122nd, Co. I Private

Death: May 7, 1864

Cause/Notes: Wounded in the Battle of the Wilderness on May 7, 1864. Taken to Danville prison and supposed to be dead.

Addenda: BAILEY, Peter (Warren Twp.) Died as a prisoner on Nov. 26, 1864 in Andersonville, GA.

Name: Call, David

Unit: 92nd, Co. C & F

Death: Mar. 18, 1863 Nashville, Tennessee

Cause/Notes: Erysipelas

Name: Call, John

Unit: 36th, Co. C Private

Death: Aug. 1864

Cause/Notes: Measles

Name: Carpenter, Alfred

Unit: 36th, Co. F Private

Death: Oct. 29, 1863 Winchester

Cause/Notes: Killed

Name: Cole, Hiram H.

Unit: 36th, Co. F Corporal

Death: Sept. 18, 1863 Chickamauga

Cause/Notes: Killed. Middle Name is Harvey.

Name: Devore, James

Unit: 36th, Co. F Private

Death: June 19, 1864

Cause/Notes: Wounded at Chickamauga

Addenda: DAVORE, James (Warren Twp.) Williams History give this info: "Devore, James, age 17, volunteer, winter of 1861, 3 yrs, 36th regiment, Co. F., private, died June 19, 1864, wounded at Chickamauga." Civil War Database gives this info: James Devore enlisted as a Private on Sept. 30, 1861 at 18 yrs. old. He died on August 1, 1864 in Parkersburg, WV.

Name: Fish, Timothy

Unit: 2nd Heavy Artillary Private


Cause/Notes: Missing and supposed to be dead.

Name: Fish, William

Unit: 1st Cavalry, Co. I Private

Death: Jan. 1864

Cause/Notes: Measles

Addenda: FISH, William (Warren Twp.) Williams History states that he enlisted Dec. 1863. Civil War Database give the date as Jan. 18, 1864 at the age of 19 yrs. Died on February 28, 1864.

Name: Farley, William

Unit: 73rd, Co. F Private

Death: July 10, 1864 Chattanooga, Tennessee

Cause/Notes: Died

Name: Farly, Kins

Unit: 10 Cavalry, Co. L Private

Death: June 17, 1864 Kingston, Georgia


Name: Greenwood, Theodore E.

Unit: Captain

Death: Sept. 27, 1863 Jacinto, Mississippi

Cause/Notes: Died in hospital. On Sept. 19, 1863, during the Battle of Iuka, he was weakened by disease, but concealed his condition. He died one week after the battle was one. He was the Quartermaster on General Rosecrans' staff.

Name: Hawkins, James

Unit: 77th Co. H Private

Death: Jan. 14, 1864 Alton, Illinois

Cause/Notes: Smallpox

Name: Hohn, John

Unit: 92nd, Co G Private

Death: Oct. 1863

Cause/Notes: Wonunded in the heel at Chickamauga on Sept. 20, 1863. Died of lockjaw.

Addenda: HOHN, John (Warren Twp.) Died on November 21, 1863 in Chattanooga, TN. There is a Pvt. John Hohn (Infantry, Civil War) buried in Section A, Site 69 at the Chattanooga National Cemetery. No date of death information.

Name: Hutchinson, Joseph T.

Unit: 1st Virginia Light Artillary Private

Death: Sept. 12, 1863 Virginia

Cause/Notes: Camp Disease

Name: Malcom, John W.

Unit: 32nd, Co. F Private

Death: July 24, 1864 Winchester

Cause/Notes: Killed

Name: McGovern, Michael

Unit: 32nd, Co. F Private

Death: Sept. 29, 1865

Cause/Notes: Wounded twice and died of lockjaw from second wound.

Addenda: McGOVERN, Michael (Warren Twp.) Died of wounds on September 27, 1864 in Winchester, VA.

Name: Perdew, Henry

Unit: 77th, Co. H Private

Death: Jan. 14, 1863 Alton, Illinois

Cause/Notes: Smallpox

Name: Pryor, Jasper

Unit: 2nd Heavy Artillary, Co. K Private

Death: Dec. 12, 1863

Cause/Notes: Typhoid pneumonia

Addenda: Pryor, Jasper (Warren Twp.) Died on Dec. 12, in Munfordville, KY. Buried in Section C, Site 3335 at the Cave Hill National Cemetery in Louisville, KY.

Name: Rumbold, Joseph I.

Unit: 1st. Cavalry, Co. I Private

Death: Feb. 13, 1865

Cause/Notes: Camp disease & pneumonia

Addenda: Rumbold, Joseph (Warren Twp.) Died in Camp Dennison, OH

Name: Smith, Gilead

Unit: 63rd, Co. F Private

Death: Jan. 17, 1863

Cause/Notes: Wounded at Corinath, Oct. 4, 1862. Intermittent fever ensued and caused his death.

Addenda: Smith, Gilead (Warren Twp.) Died in Keokuk, IA.

Name: Stump, John

Unit: 7th Cavalry, Co. H Private

Death: Apr. 22, 1863 Nicholasville, Kentucky

Cause/Notes: Sick with inflammatory rheumatism 3 months.

Name: Welch, Edward

Unit: 73rd, Co. F Private

Death: Probably Jan. 1864

Cause/Notes: Wounded three times at Winchester.

Addenda: WELCH, Edward (Warren Twp.) Enlisted as Edward "WALSH". Reg. and Co. the same as Williams History. Died on Feb. 20, 1864 in Washington, DC.





Name: Wright, David

Unit: 92nd, Co. G Private

Death: July 17, 1864

Cause/Notes: From a sound recieved at the Battle of Kennesaw Mountian on June 23, 1864.

Addenda: WRIGHT, David (Warren Twp.) Wounded on June 15, 1864 at Kenesaw Mountain, GA. (Estimated day of wounding. Died of wounds on July 17, 1864 in Nashville, TN. There is a Pvt. David Wright whose DOD was July 22, 1864 buried in Section H, Site 9977 in the Nashville National Cemetery in South Madison, TN. This is NOT him. (SEE ADDENDA FOR WILLIAM WRIGHT)

Name: Wright, William

Unit: 7th Cavarly, Co. H Private

Death: 1864 Andersonville

Cause/Notes: Died from deprivation and hardship. Captured at Rogersville, Tennessee and was in various prisons.

Addenda: WRIGHT, William, David & Benjamin "Stokely" (Warren Twp)

According to the Union Soldier buried at Andersonville database William Wright died on Apr. 24, 1864 of Smallpox. Lists his grave # 34. Buried in Andersonville National Cemetery in Site 12915. Was taken POW on Nov. 6, 1863 at Rogerville, TN. Died of disease while a POW on April 24, 1864 in Andersonville, GA. Residence listed as Wesley Township, Washington County, Ohio.

UPDATE: Dec. 2008 - Info taken from a Parkersburg News Article (Sunday, May 14, 1964). Original article was supplied by Dale T. French. He is a descendant of William C. & Mariah (Patten) Wright. (NOTE: Article not copied exactly how it was written because of copyright.)

David WRIGHT of Warren Township, Washington County, Ohio was 21 years old when he enlisted for 3 years on October 6, 1862 as a Private of 92nd OVI, Company G when it was organized in Marietta, Ohio. Companies F, G, and H were formed from Washington County. DAVID was in the army for almost a year when the 92nd became heavily involved as part of Turchin’s Brigade Division. This division was commanded by Major William S. Rosencrans, known by his men as “Old Rosey.”

David’s older brother, Benjamin “Stokely” Wright enlisted as a Sergeant on August 1, 1861 at the age of 23 years with Company F of the 36th OVI. Companies A and F was formed from Washington County. Stokely had been in a veteran of several majors battles before his regiment also became a part of Turchin’s Brigade.

On Saturday, September 19, 1863 the 36th and 92nd OVI was in heavy fighting when they came under fire at Chickamauga. The regiments had just entered the battlefield after arriving by train to join Turchin’s Birgade. The men stood firm under repeated onslaughts by Longstreet’s Confederate Army. Colonel Benjamin Dana Fearing was wounded and carried from the field, and the command, so skillfully commanded by him, fell to Douglas Putnam, Jr., a Lieutenant Colonel from Marietta, Ohio, who then took command of the 92nd regiment.

Early on the morning of Sunday, the 20th, the regiment moved forward into the woods in front of their bivouac, and were placed behind a breastwork of logs and wood facing south, and kept up a brisk fire upon the enemy's line until noon, when firing almost ceased, and the regiment was drawn back and lay in double column unengaged till about 4 p. m. About this time the regiment moved with the brigade up the Chattanooga road, a short distance above Kelly's house, when line of battle was formed facing southwest. The line was then faced by the rear rank to the northeast and ordered to charge a line of the enemy drawn up in solid column across the road.

The 92nd regiment led the charge on the right, now become the left, and with the other regiments drove the rebels across the field and over the hill and came out at a battery stationed on the hill north of the woods, belonging to Granger's corps. After receiving a volley from the enemy, with bayonets fixed and a shout, the 92nd rushed forward and in utter confusion forced them to abandon a part of a battery and throw away their arms. A colonel and several officers were taken prisoners by my men.

After resting in line of battle for an hour and a half the regiment moved with the brigade down the road to a point about 2 miles from Rossville, where we bivouacked for the night. We lost in the charge 3 commissioned officers wounded, 12 men wounded, 15 men missing. We sent back a number of prisoners, who were taken to Chattanooga. The entire loss of the two days' fight was as follows: Killed, 6; wounded, 62; officers, 6; missing.

On October 27, 1863, the 92nd & 36th OVI was a participant in the capture of Browns Ferry before participating in the capture of Mission Ridge in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As many men from Washington County, Ohio was either wounded or killed, DAVID and STOKELY WRIGHT remained unharmed

The regiments remained in Chattanooga until February 22, 1864. The loss of the of the regiment severe. Within 20 minutes, 33% of the officers and 10% of the men engaged, though it took many prisoners and 2 guns. In latter part of February 1864, after the fight at Rocky Face Ridge the regiment lost many men, some of the wounded being burned in the blazing woods.

In the meantime, while this was all going on, WILLIAM WRIGHT, age 19, another brother was missing after being defeated at Rogersville, near Knoxville, Tennessee on November 26, 1863. WILLIAM WRIGHT was a resident of Wesley Township, Washington County, Ohio, when he enlisted at the age of 18 years old as a Private in Company H of the 7th Ohio Cavalry. No one knows if DAVID and/or STOKELY knew if their younger brother, WILLIAM died of disease while a POW at Andersonville prison in Georgia on April 24, 1864.

In the later part of March 1864, DAVID & STOKELY parted ways for the very last time. The 36th OVI returned to Washington County on a veterans furlough.

On May 14 & 15, 1864, the 92nd OVI was in battle at Resaca. It lost but 2 men killed and 2 wounded. Then the 92nd & 36th joined the Turchin’s Brigade Division near Dallas, Georgia. Before the move began, Benjamin Dana Fearing, commander of the 92nd OVI resumed his place in the regiment after a 6 month leave while he was recuperating from a severe leg wound he received during the battle at Chickamauga.

In the later part of March 1864, DAVID & STOKELY parted ways for the very last time. The 36th OVI returned to Washington County on a veterans furlough. Two months later, STOKELY returned to duty, but took ill and died on May 20, 1864 at an Army hospital in Gallipolis, Ohio. Then on Sunday, July 17, 1864, DAVID died at an army hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, after his foot was amputated from a sever wound. At the time of David’s death, he was 22 years, 10 months & 17 days old.

Private DAVID, Private WILLIAM and Sergeant BENJAMIN "STOKELY" WRIGHT are buried in the Wright family lot at Tunnel Cemetery, Warren Township, Washington County, Ohio. Their parents, William C. and Mariah (Patten) Wright, and brother, Jesse who died on in 1857 are also buried nearby in the family lot. David and Stokely have matching headstones as they were companions that fought together through two of the fiercest battles of the Civil War.

Name: Vaughn, James

Unit: 36th Co. F Private

Death: May 9, 1864 Coyd Mountian

Cause/Notes: Killed

Name: Zearing, Joseph

Unit: 36th, Co. F Fifer

Death: Nov. 12, 1863 Gallatin




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Name: Allen, Leonidas

Unit: 18th, Co. F Private

Death: June 30, 1863 Louisville, Kentucky

Cause/Notes: Typhoid Fever

Addenda: ALLEN, Leonidas (Waterford Twp.) Buried in Section B, Site 1108 in Cave Hill National Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky.

Name: Anderson, William R.

Unit: 9th Cavarly, Co. B


Cause/Notes: Fever

Name: Bigby, William (NOT IN WILLIAMS HISTORY)




Addenda: Bigby, William (Waterford, Ohio) Listed in the American CW Soldiers Database, a one William Bigby, a resident of Waterford, Ohio enlisted as a Private with the 4th OVI on Apr. 18, 1861 at the age of 22. Died of disease on Aug. 1, 1861 at Cincinnati, OH.

Name: Brown, Charles W.

Unit: 63rd, Co. D & G Orderly Sergeant

Death: 1862

Cause/Notes: Typhoid Fever

Name: Burris, Lorain

Unit: 77th, Co. H Private

Death: Apr. 6, 1862 Shiloh

Cause/Notes: Killed

Addenda: BURRIS, Lorain (Waterford Twp.) Several databases give his first Name as "Lorin"

Name: Cheatham, Richard B.

Unit: 36th, Co. D 1st Lieut.

Death: 1864 Memphis

Cause/Notes: Died in camp after two days illness. (From Williams History biography)

Name: Cheatham, Richard B.

Unit: 63rd, Co. D Lieut.

Death: July 18, 1863 Memphis, Tennessee

Cause/Notes: (From Williams History, Waterford CW section)

Addenda: Cheatham, Richard B. (Waterford Twp.) American CW Soldiers Database states he was a First Lieut. in the 63rd OVI, Co. D.

Name: Craig, Samuel S.

Unit: 63rd, Co. C


Cause/Notes: Also in Company D. First Marine

Addenda: CRAIG, Samuel S. (Waterford Twp.) The only thing that Williams History gives about him is he enlisted at age 20, 63rd Regiment, Co. D, died, transferred to company C. First marine. The only information that I could find on any Samuel Craig in the 63rd OVI is this: SAMUEL F. CRAIG, enlisted as a Private on Oct. 1, 1861 at the age of 19. Enlisted in Co. D, 63rd OVI on Dec. 8, 1861. Transferred (same Co. & Reg.) on March 2, 1863. Does not state where he was transferred. -- Most likely died after he was discharged or mustered out.

Name: Cross, John W.

Unit: 182nd Private

Death: Nashville, Tenn.


ADDENDA CROSS, John W. (Waterford Twp.) Co. C 182nd OVI. Was 23 yrs. old when he enlisted. Promoted to Full Corporal on Oct. 27, 1864, then to Full Sergeant on May 11, 1865. He died in a Nashville, TN hospital on June 19, 1865.

Name: Endicott, Peter (NOT IN WILLIAMS HISTORY)




Addenda: ENDICOTT, Peter (Beverly, Ohio) American CW Soliders Database states he was a resident of Beverly, Ohio. Enlisted as a Corporal on Oct. 1, 1861 at the age of 20. Enlisted in the 63rd OVI, Co. D on Dec. 8, 1861. Died of disease on Apr. 29, 1862 at Washington County, Ohio.

Name: Flag, Luther

Unit: 25th, Co. H Private


Cause/Notes: Fever

FLAG, Luthur (Waterford Twp.) Enlisted as Luther Flagg. Died on July 1, 1862 in Winchester, VA.

Name: Fleming, David

Unit: 77th, Co. D Private



Addenda: FLEMING, David (Waterford Twp) Listed in various Civil War Databases as David Flemming, and David Flemman. Died on April 27, 1862 in Roxbury, Washington County, OH

Name: Gittings, Metamoras

Unit: 24th, Co. B Private

Death: Jan. 1862 Murfreesborough

Cause/Notes: Mortally wounded

Addenda: GITTINGS, Metamoras (Waterford Twp.) Listed in various Civil War Databases as his first Name being M., Metamora and Metamore. Wounded on December 31, 1862 at Stones River, TN. Died of wounds on February 7, 1863. Buried in Section B. Site 6727 in Nashville National Cemetery in South Madison, TN.

Name: Gliddons, James L.

Unit: 36th, Co. A Private

Death: May 1862 Lewisburgh

Cause/Notes: Mortally wounded.

Name: Gooden, Solomon M.

Unit: 92nd, Co. H Private

Death: Jan. 6, 1864

Cause/Notes: Diarrhea

Addenda: GOODEN, Solomon (Beverly, Ohio). Died of disease on Sept. 13, 1864 at Beverly, OH.

Name: Gooden, Moses

Unit: 122nd, Co. C Private


Cause/Notes: Captured in the Battle of the Wilderness. Fate unknown.

Name: Hagerman, John B.

Unit: 63rd, Co. D & 182nd Lieut.



Addenda: HAGERMAN, John B. (Waterford Twp.) John was in Co. C of the 182nd OVI. Died on February 8, 1865 in a hospital in Nashville, TN. Buried in Section H, Site 9343 Nashville Cemetery, South Madison, TN.

Name: Hagerman, John H.

Unit: 4th Virginia Cavarly, Co. D Lieut.



Addenda: Hagerman, John H. (Waterford Twp.) According to the database "Headstones Provided for Deceased Union Civil War Veterans, 1879-1903" (pg. 38), it gives this information: "Hagerman, John H.; Pvt, Co. D, Reg. 4 WV Cavy.; [Buried in] Town: Beverly, Washington County, Ohio; DOD: Sept. 28, 1865; Headstone supplied by W Ha F S Gross, Lee?? Gross; contract dated Sept. 28, 1886 [or 1896].

Name: Henderson, Samuel

Unit: 77th, Co. K Private



Addenda: HENDERSON, Samuel (Waterford Twp.) Was promoted to Full Sergeant on Jan. 1, 1861. Mustered out with Co. K, 77th OVI on Jan. 3, 1865 in Little Rock, AR.

Name: Henderson, Charles

Unit: 63rd, Co. D Private

Death: June 17, 1864 Big Shanty, Georgia

Cause/Notes: Killed on skirmish line

Name: Hoon, Madison

Unit: 63rd, Co. D Captain

Death: 1865

Cause/Notes: Mustered out July 8, 1865. Went home and died of disease the same fall.

Name: James, Marion

Unit: 92nd, Co. H Private

Death: Sept. 1863

Cause/Notes: Died from wounds recieved at Chickamauga.

Addenda: JAMES, Marion (Waterford Twp.) Wounded on Nov. 25, 1863 in Missionary Ridge, TN. Died of wounds on Dec. 8, 1863 in Chattanooga, TN. Buried in Section D., Site 12637 in Chattanooga National Cemetery in Chattanooga, TN.

Name: Jumper, John J.

Unit: 18th, Co. F Captain

Death: Sept. 13, 1864

Cause/Notes: Compelled to resign on Oct. 4, 1863. Died of Chronic Diarrhea.

Name: Long, Morris, D.

Unit: 86th, Co. H Orderly Sergeant

Death: Nashville

Cause/Notes: Typhoid Fever

Addenda: LONG, MORRIS D. (Waterford Twp.) Died on Nov. 13, 1863 in a Nashville, TN. hospital. Buried in Section C, Site 7251 in Nashville National Cemetery in South Madison, TN.

Name: McCall, William

Unit: 17th, Co. H Private



Name: McGuigan, John G

Unit: 14th, Co. G 2nd Sergeant

Death: 1863

Cause/Notes: Fever

Name: Newton, Nathan

Unit: 2nd Virginia Cavarly, Co. F Private


Cause/Notes: Wounded at Fisher's Hill and died at Winchester.

Name: Nixon, B. F.

Unit: 11th Virginia, Co. A Private

Death: Aug. 1, 1865

Cause/Notes: Mustered out on June 17, 1865. Died from wound in leg.

Name: Palmer, Andrew B.

Unit: 126th, Co. I Private

Death: May 21, 1865

Cause/Notes: Measles

Addenda: PALMER, Andrew (Waterford Twp.) Died in Chattanooga, TN. on May 24, 1865.

Name: Perry Richard

Unit: 92nd, Co. H Private

Death: Jan 6, 1864

Cause/Notes: Diarrhea

Name: Pettibone, John

Unit: 1st Calvary, Co. L


Cause/Notes: Supposed to be dead.

Addenda: PETTIBONE, John W. (Waterford Twp.) John "H" Pettibone was transfered from Co. L to H on April 1, 1864. He was mustered out on Sept. 13, 1865 in Hilton Head, SC.

Name: Roberts, Elisha

Unit: 63rd, Co. D Private

Death: Mar. 24, 1862 Near New Madrid

Cause/Notes: Killed by an accident.

Addenda: Roberts, Elisha (Waterford Twp.) Died of disease on Mar. 25, 1862 at New Madrid, MO.

Name: Ross, Franklin

Unit: 63rd, Co. D Private

Death: June 17, 1864 Big Shanty, Georgia

Cause/Notes: Killed on the skirmish.

Name: Scott, Freeman

Unit: 2nd Virginia Cavalry, Co. F Private



Addenda: SCOTT, Freeman (Waterford Twp.) Williams History only states that he died. Civil War Database gives the information that he enlistded as a private at the age of 18yrs. old on Dec. 2, 1862. No information about his death..

Name: Skillington, Thomas

Unit: 4th Virginia Cavalry, Co. D Private


Cause/Notes: Died as a prisoner.

Addenda: SKILLINGTON, Thomas (Waterford Twp.) Thomas Skillington, a private, Co. D, WV Cavalry died on July 5, 1864. Buried Site 2931 in Andersonville National Historical Cemetery in Andersonville, GA.

Name: Stewart, Tartus L.

Unit: 92nd, Co. H Private

Death: Nov. 25, 1863 Mission Ridge

Cause/Notes: Killed

Addenda: STEWART, Tartus L. (Waterford Twp.) Enlisted as a Corporal on Aug. 6, 1862. Promoted to Full Sergeant (Date not given.) Died Nov. 25, 1863 in Missionary Ridge, TN. Buried in Section C, Site 1172 in Chattanooga National Cemetery in Chattanooga, TN.

Name: Swift, John

Unit: 77th, Co. F Private

Death: Aug. 10, 1863


Addenda: SWIFT, John (Waterford Twp.) Died in Corinth, Mississippi.

Name: Taylor, Theodore

Unit: 182nd, Co. C Private

Death: Mar. 23, 1865

Cause/Notes: Measles

Addenda: TAYLOR, Theodore (Waterford Twp.) Died in a Nashville, TN. hospital. Buried in Section J, Site 14493 in Nashville National Cemetery in South Madison, TN.

Name: Thornbury, William H.

Unit: 36th, Co. A Private

Death: June 1864 Lynchburgh

Cause/Notes: Killed

Name: Voschel, Ebenezer

Unit: 63rd, Co. H Private



Addenda: VOSCHEL, Ebenezer (Waterford Twp.) Enlisted with the last Name as "VOSHEL". Was in Co. G. (not H as stated in Williams Hisotry). Recieved a disability discharge on April 2, 1862 in Saint Louis, MO.

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