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Name: Biggins, James H.

Unit: 92nd Co. G Private

Death: Dec. 1863

Cause/Notes: Measles. Age 15 when enlisted.

Name: Biggins, Thomas W.

Unit: 63rd, Co. H Private

Death: Dec. 1864

Cause/Notes: Fever

Name: Brown, Andrews

Unit: 77th, Co. B Private

Death: Apr. 6, 1862 Shiloh

Cause/Notes: Killed in battle

Addenda: Brown, Andrews (Palmer Twp.) First Name is Andrew. According to the OHR, Andrew Brown enlised as a Private on Nov. 18, 1861 at the age of 58. He was killed Apr. 8 in the battle of Falling Timber, Tennessee. American Civil War Soldiers Datatbase states the same.

Name: Danley, Joseph

Unit: 148th, Co. I

Death: June 1864

Cause/Notes: Measles

Addenda: DANLEY, Joseph (Palmer Twp.) Middle intial "W". Died on June 28, 1864 in Bermuda Hundred, VA.

Name: Danley, Joel

Unit: 92nd, Co. D Corporal

Death: Mar 20, 2863 Carthage

Cause/Notes: Measles

Name: Morris, Jonathan G.

Unit: 63rd, Co. G Private

Death: Jan. 23, 1862

Cause/Notes: Measles

Addenda: MORRIS, Jonathan (Palmer Twp.) Listed in the American CW database as being in Company D (not G as stated in Williams History). The database also states he was a resident of Marietta, Ohio. Died of disease on Jan. 24, 1862 in Marietta, Ohio.

Name: Murdough, Charles J.

Unit: 92nd, Co. G Private

Death: Apr. 29, 1864


Addenda: MURDOUGH, Charles J. (Palmer Twp.) Died in Windsor, Ohio.

Name: Palmer, James D.

Unit: 63rd, Co. F Private

Death: Mar. 18 1864

Cause/Notes: Measles

Addenda: PALMER, James D. (Palmer Twp.) He died on Mar. 19, 1864 in Decatur, Ga. Buried in Section A, Site 1992 in Corinth National Cemetery in Corinth, MS.

Name: Sheets, Hiram




Addenda: Sheets, Hiram (Palmer Twp.) The only thing that Williams History gives is the Name and that he died. Did not find any Hiram Sheets in the CW Soldiers & Sailors System datatbase or the American CW Soliders Database. There is a Harrison Sheets listed in Wesley Twp. I wonder if this could be him?? (See Harrison Sheets, Wesley Twp.)



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Name: Clark, Melvin

Unit: 36th Colonel

Death: Sept 17, 1862 Antietam

Cause/Notes: Killed in battle. His remains were brought back to Marietta. Buried in Mound Cemetery.

Addenda: Clark, Melvin (Salem Twp.) He enlisted as a Lieutenant Colonel on July 30, 1861 at the age of 42. Commissioned in the 36th OVI, Co. S on Aug. 27, 1861. Promoted to Full Colonel on Sept. 7, 1862. Killed on Sept. 17, 1862 at Antietam, Maryland while in Co. S, 36th, OVI

Name: Chandler, Isaac

Unit: 174th, Co. D Private

Death: June 30, 1865 Charlotte, NC

Cause/Notes: Intermittent Fever

Name: Chapman, Sidney D.

Unit: 92nd, Co. H Private

Death: Nov. 19, 1863

Cause/Notes: Mortally wounded at Chickmauga on Sept. 19, 1863

Addenda: CHAPMAN, Sidney D. (Salem Twp.) Died of wounds on Oct. 11, 1863 in hospital in Nashville, TN. Wounded date is the same as in Williams History.

Name: Dillon, William H

Unit: 77th, Co. A & G

Death: May 8, 1862

Cause/Notes: Homesickness. Middle Name is Henry

Name: Gibson, Henry J.

Unit: 36th, Co. G Private

Death: Sept. 12, 1862

Cause/Notes: From wounds received at the battle of South Mountain.

Name: Goodwill, Jeremiah A.




Addenda: GOODWILL, Jeremiah A. (Salem Twp.) The only information that Williams History gives is his Name, regiment, company, and died. -- Jeremiah A. Goodwill enlisted on Aug. 4, 1862. Killed on November 25, 1863 in Missionary Ridge, TN.

Name: Gould, Luther W.

Unit: 36th, Co. G Private

Death: Jan 21, 1862

Cause/Notes: Measles & Pneumonia

Addenda: GOULD, Luther (Salem Twp.) Williams History states that he died on Jan. 21, 1863. Civil War Database states he died on January 1, 1862 in Cumberland, MD

Name: Gray, John

Unit: 77th, Co. A



Name: Gray, Thomas

Unit: 12th, Co. D Private

Death: Andersonville

Cause/Notes: Died in prison

Addenda: Gray, Thomas (Salem Twp.) Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System database givs his alternate Name as Thomas "GREY" His Name is NOT listed in the records of Ohioan's buried at the rebel prison of Andersonville, Ga.

According to the American Civil War Database, Thomas was a POW on May 9, 1864 at Cloyd's Mountain, VA (Exchanged) Died Company D, 12th Infantry Regiment Ohio on December 28, 1864 in Camp Parole, Annapolis, MD. Thomas Grey is buried in Section B, Site 521 in the Annapolis National Cemetery in Annapolis, MD.

Name: Hoit, Nicholas G.

Unit: 36th, Co. G Private

Death: Apr 1865


Name: Lenhardt, Henry

Unit: 39th, Co. F Private

Death: Dec. 1, 1862 Louisville, Missouri

Cause/Notes: Chronic Diarrhea

Name: McCoy, Joshua

Unit: 63rd, Co. G

Death: 1863 Memphis, Tennessee

Cause/Notes: Chronic Diarrhea

Name: Morgan, James W.

Unit: 36th, Co. G Private

Death: Nov. 5, 1861 Gallipolis

Cause/Notes: Measles. Middle Name is Wheeler

Name: Morse, William W.

Unit: 12th, Co. D Private

Death: June 1864 Lynchburgh

Cause/Notes: Killed in battle.

Name: Munnel, George

Unit: 36th, Co. G Private

Death: Sept. 20, 1863 Chattanooga

Cause/Notes: Chronic Diarrhea

Name: Palmer, John A.

Unit: 36th 1st Lieut.

Death: Mar. 23, 1863 Washington County, Ohio

Cause/Notes: Resigned January 18th, dure to poor health. He died from the effects of exposure.

Name: Spears, John




Addenda: SPEARS, John (Salem Twp.) Williams History states that he died on Oct. 14, 1863. According to the Civil War Database, John died on November 15, 1863 while in a hospital in Chattanooga, TN.

Name: Stanley, Thomas

Unit: 36th, Co. G Sergeant

Death: May 8, 1864 Coyd Mountian, West Virginia

Cause/Notes: Killed

Name: Stewart, Thomas

Unit: 36th, Co. G Private

Death: Oct. 21, 1862

Cause/Notes: Typhoid pneumonia.

Addenda: STEWART, Thomas R. (Salem Twp.) Died on October 20, 1861 in Summerville, WV.

Name: Wilson, Riley

Unit: Artillery Co. A.



Name: Wilson, John

Unit: 36th, Co. A Private

Death: Sept. 24, 1864


Name: Young, William

Unit: 92nd, Co. H Private

Death: Carthage Tennessee

Cause/Notes: Chronic diarrhea

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