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Name:  Bracken, Craig

Unit & Rank:  87th & 1st Cavalry, Co H   Private

Death:  June 25, 1865   Atlanta

Cause/Notes:  Consumption


Name:  Cottle, Thorton F.

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. D   Private

Death:  Apr. 4, 1862   Shiloh, Tenn.

Cause/Notes:  Killed

Addenda - Captain Mason's letter: Battle of Shiloh


Name:  Dewees, Caleb

Unit & Rank:  73rd, Co. F   Corporal

Death:  Gettysburg

Cause/Notes:  Killed


Name:  Dunsmore, Lucius

Unit & Rank:  148th, Co. D

Death:  July 21, 1865  City Point

Cause/Notes:  Died of injuries recieved at City Point


Name:  Faries, Cyreneus B.

Unit & Rank:  2nd Virginia Cavalry, Co. H   Private

Death:  Apr. 1863

Cause/Notes:  Typhoid Fever

Addenda - FARIES, Cyreneus B.  (Fairfield Twp.)  First Name should be spelled "Cyrenius".  Died on April 6, 1863 in Camp Piatt, WV of disease.  Camp Piatt was still apart of Virginia at the time of his death. West Virginia wasn't formed until 1863.


Name:  Goddard, Peter F.

Unit & Rank:  2nd Virginia Cavalry, Co. H   Private

Death:  Oct. 1, 1862

Cause/Notes:  Typhoid Fever

Addenda - GODDARD, Peter F.  (Fairfield Twp.)  Died in Gallipolis, Ohio


Name:  Goddard, Harvey H.

Unit & Rank:  92nd, Co. G   Private


Cause/Notes: Died in a hospital

Addenda - GODDARD, Harvey  (Fairfield Twp.)  Williams History states he was a Private. He was appointed full Corporal on 8/15/1862.  Died March 6, 1863 in Nashville, TN.


Name:  Hull, Daniel

Unit & Rank:  148th, Co. G   Private

Death:  Oct. 26, 1864

Cause/Notes: Measles

Addenda - HULL, Daniel  (Fairfield Twp.)  He was mustered out of Co. D. 148th OVI on Sept. 14, 1864 in Camp Marietta, OH. He died about 1 mo. 1 week after he was mustered out.


Name:  Hull, Samuel

Unit & Rank:  92nd Co. G   Private

Death:  Mar. 12, 1863  Nashville

Cause/Notes: Measles


Name:  Hunter, Charles

Unit & Rank:  73rd, Co. F   Private

Death:  May 19, 1865

Cause/Notes: Consumption

Addenda - HUNTER, Charles (Fairfield Twp.)  Middle intial is "H".  Died in Cutler, Washington Co., Ohio.


Name:  Marple, Wesley

Unit & Rank:  63rd, Co. G   Private

Death:  June 20, 1862  Corinth, Mississippi

Cause/Notes: Typhoid Fever


Name:  Murphy, William

Unit & Rank:  6th Kentucky Cavalry   Private

Death:  1863

Cause/Notes:  Shot through the head

Addenda - MURPHY, William  (Fairfield Twp.)  This Name was very hard to do research on in trying to determine WHERE he died. According to Williams' History of Wash. Co., Ohio, he enlisted in 1861 as a Private, and was with the 6th Kentucky Cavalry, died 1863, shot through the head.  According to the information provided by the National Park Service, Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System, there were 2 William Murphy's that was in 2 different 6th Kentucky Calvaries.  One was Union, the other Confederate.  When doing a search on him in the American Civil War Database, the only William Murphy that inlisted in 1861, and killed in 1863 gives this info: William Murphy:  Enlistment Date July 27, 1861;  Side Served: Union;  Service Record: Promoted to Full Corporal (Acting Color Corporal). Enlisted as a Corporal on July 27, 1861.  Enlisted in Co. I, 5th Infantry Reg. Kentucky on Sept. 9, 1861.  Killed on Nov. 25, 1863 in Missionary Ridge, TN.  There were no William Murphy's in 6th Kentucky Cavalry on the Confederate side that was killed in the Civil War. This same William Murphy is buried Section C, Site 1153 at the Chattanooga National Cem. in Chattanooga, TN.  The date of death and rank matches the one in the Civil War Database, but is listed as "Infantry" not Cavalry. (Dept. of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration)  I am not sure that this is the same one from Fairfield Twp., but this is the closest match to the William Murphy from Wash. Co., Ohio that I could find.


Name:  Pennock, Jacob

Unit & Rank:  196th, Co. F   Private

Death:  Apr. 27, 1865


Addenda - PENNOCK, Jacob  (Fairfield Twp.)  According to Williams History of Wash. Co. Ohio, he died on Apr 27, 1865 of Typhoid fever, but did not give the place of death.  Died on June 26,1865 in Cumberland, MD.  I believe that this date is an error.  Jacob Pennock of Co. F. 196 OVI is buried at Site 1143 in Antietam National Battlefield Site in Sharpsburg, MD.  His date of death is listed as April 26, 1864.  Date of Interment is unknown.


Name:  Tait, Michael

Unit & Rank:  73rd, Co. F   Private

Death:  1863  In a hospital.


Addenda - TAIT, Michael  (Fairfield Twp.)  Last Name actually spelled "TUITE" (Williams' History of  Wash. Co. error). He died on December 30, 1861 in Baltimore, MD.


Name:  Walker, James

Unit & Rank:  77th Co. D

Death:  April 21, 1862

Cause/Notes: In consequence of a wound recieved at Shiloh.

Addenda - WALKER, James  (Fairfield Twp.)  Williams History states that he died on Apr.  21, 1862 from wounds recieved in the Battle of Shiloh.  According to the American Civil War Database, he enlisted with Co. D. 77th OVI on Nov. 11, 1861.  Wounded on April 6, 1862 at Shiloh, TN.  Died of wounds on May 17, 1862 in Evansville, IN. 
Captain Mason's letter: Battle of Shiloh


Name:  Wible, Levi

Unit & Rank:  63rd, Co. G   Sergeant


Cause/Notes: Died onboard the "Sultana" when it exploded on the Mississippi River

Addenda - WIBLE, Levi  (Fairfield Twp.)  POW on July 22, 1864 (Williams History states he was in prison at Andersonville 8 mos., parolled.)  Died on April 27, 1865 near Memphis, TN.


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Name:  Flanders, Henry

Unit & Rank:  36th Co., I   Private

Death:  Mar 17, 1862   Summersville, Virginia

Cause/Notes:   Typhus [typhoid] Fever


Name:  Guitteau, Benjamin F. [Fulton]

Unit & Rank:  1st. Cavalry, Co. I   Private

Death:  Jan. 2, 1863   Stone River

Cause/Notes:   Killed in battle


Name:  Nicol, Robert Elder

Unit & Rank:  148th Co., B   Private

Death:  Oct. 3, 1864

Cause/Notes:   Mustered out on Sept. 14, 1864


Name:  Robinson, Joseph

Unit & Rank:  63rd, Co. H

Death:  July 20, 1863   Covington, Kentucky

Cause/Notes:   Chronic Diarrhea


Name:  Rodgers, Frederick

Unit & Rank:  1st Virginia Artillery, Co. C

Death:  Dec. 24, 1862   Cross Keys

Cause/Notes:  Mortally wounded in battle


Name:  Sinclair, William

Unit & Rank:  39th, Co. P   Private

Death:  Aug. 10, 1862   Corinth, Mississippi

Cause/Notes:  Fever


Name:  Taylor, Reuben

Unit & Rank:  77th Co. B

Death:  June 25, 1864  Tyler, Texas

Cause/Notes:   In rebel prison


Name:  Whitney, Simon H.

Unit & Rank:  7th Cavalry, Co. H   Private

Death:  May 10, 1863

Cause/Notes:   Typhoid Fever

Addenda - WHITNEY, Simon H.  (Fearing Twp.)  Died in Stanford, KY.


Name:  Zimmer, Lewis

Unit & Rank:  63rd, Co. G

Death:  Oct. 3, 1862   Corinth
Cause/Notes:  Shot in battle

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