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Name:   Ballard, Philip

Unit:   4th Virginia Cavalry



Addenda: BALLARD, Philip A. (Decatur Twp.) 4th VA. Cal., Private.  Served 6 mos, discharged Mar. 1864, wounded once, captured in 1863 at Winchester & imprisoned at Belle Isle for 23 days. Renlisted in May 1864 with 148th OVI, Co. D.  Discharged Sept. 1864.  Died Dec. 26, 1864 of Chronic diarrhea.


Name:   Broadhead, Francis M.

Unit:   2st. Virginia Cavalry, Co. E.   Quartermaster & Sergeant

Death:   July 1, 1863

Cause/Notes:   Killed while scouting just after the Battle of Gettysburg.


Name:   Basim, John

Unit:   11th Indiana Artillery

Death:   Oct 1, 1864

Cause/Notes: Pneumonia


Name:   Blair, Thomas

Unit:   36th, Co. F   Private

Death:   Jan 29, 1862


Addenda: BLAIR, Thomas (Decatur Twp.) Died in Summerville, WV.


Name:   Blair, Alvin

Unit:   39th, Co. K   Private

Death:   1862   Mowsa

Cause/Notes: Measles

Addenda:   BLAIR, Alvin  (Decatur Twp.)  Williams History states that he died in "Mowsa."  Acutally he died in Macon City, MO. on Nov. 28, 1861.


Name:   Bennett, William

Unit:   36th, Co. F   Private

Death:   Feb 1862   Summerville, WV

Cause/Notes:    Measles

Addenda: In 1862, Summerville was still apart of Virginia.  West Virginia wasn't formed unil 1863.


Name:   Chambers, Martin V.

Unit:   39th, Co. K   Private

Death:   July 5, 1864   Kennesaw Mountian

Cause/Notes:   Mortally wounded on July 4, 1864    


Name:   Cutlip, Henry

Unit:   176th, Co I   Private

Death:   June 12, 1865   Chickamauga, Tenn.



Name:   Ellis, John W.

Unit:   92nd, Co. G   Private

Death:   Mar 8, 1863   Camp Gallatin

Cause/Notes:   Cause unkown


Name:   Evans, David

Unit:   4th Colored Infantry, Co. D   Private

Death:   Summer of 1864   Hospital in Fortress Monroe

Cause/Notes:    Buried in Fortress Monroe National Cemetery

Addenda: EVANS, David  (Decatur Twp.) " SCOTT BRITTON'S RESEARCH:  EVANS, David;  17  5th US Colored Infantry;  C;  Died on 22 Apr 1864 at Fortress Monroe, Hampton, VA in General Hospital of Pneumonia;  Enlisted on 22 Jun 1863 in Decatur Twp.;  Fortress Monroe National Cemtery, VA, Plot 1604;  Listed in the ROH as Enlisted in the 4th OH Colored Infantry, Co D at its formation, Died in the summer of 1864, and was buried near the Hospital at Fortress Monroe.  Listed in ORS as Daniel Evans, 5th, USCI, Co. C, Pvt, Age 18;  4/22/1864;  Pneumonia;  EVANS: Gray;  Jones;  Jane;  Single;  1846; (Georgetown, Harrison Co?) OH


Name:   France, John W.

Unit:   73rd, Co. F   Private

Death:   May 25, 1864   Dallas, Georgia

Cause/Notes:   Mortally wounded same day


Name:   Frye, George N.

Unit:   18th, Co. C   Private

Death:   Feb. 3, 1862   In hospital at Louisville



Name:   Gauhan, Anthony

Unit:   39th, Co. K   Private

Death:   Louisville

Cause/Notes:   While waiting discharge as a veteran, went to Louisville on a pass and supposed to have died by foul means.


Name:   Hayes, Ausitn, I.        

Unit:   73rd, Co. F.   Private

Death:   May 14, 1862

Cause/Notes:   Measles


Name:   Johnson, Samuel

Unit:   176th, Co. I & 65th, Co. G   Private

Death:   1865

Cause/Notes:   Captured and supposed to have died in the hands of rebels.


Name:   King, Nathan P.

Unit:   39th, Co. K   Private

Death:   June 19, 1864   Kennesaw Mountian

Cause/Notes:   Died from wound recieved at battle on June 18, 1865.


Name:   Meek, Jacob

Unit:   18th, Co. A   Private

Death:   1863   Chickamaugh



Name:   McDaniel, Frederick P.

Unit:   1st Virginia Cavalry, Co. E   Private

Death:   June 18, 1862

Cause/Notes:   Fever


Name:   Mead, Charles K.

Unit:   39th, Co. K   Private

Death:   Jan. 6, 1862

Cause/Notes:   Camp Disease

Addenda: MEAD, Charles K.  (Decatur Twp.)  William's History gives his middle intial as K.  Actually it is "R".  Died Feb. 7, 1862 in Quincy, IL.


Name:   Newl, Erastus R.

Unit:   53rd, Co E   Private

Death:   June 6, 1863



Name:   Nolan, Enoch

Unit:   176 or 186th, Co I   Private

Death:   Apr. 1865

Cause/Notes:   Measles

Addenda: NOLAN, Enoch  (Decatur Twp.)  Last name is "NOLAND".  186th OVI, Co. I  Died Mar. 30, 1865 in Cleveland, TN.  Buried in Section H, Site 10528 in the Chattanooga National Cemetery in TN.  Enoch was the s/o of William Noland, b. 1789 in Prince William County, VA and Sarah Perry, b. abt. 1805.


Name:   Parsons, Josiah W.

Unit:   73rd, Co F   Private

Death:   Near Dallas, Georgia



Name:   Ritenour, Joseph S.

Unit:   73rd, Co D   Private

Death:   April 23, 1865

Cause/Notes: Wounded at Atlanta and died of fever.


Name:   Ridenour, J. R.

Unit:   72nd, Co. F   Private

Death:   Mary 1, 1865

Cause/Notes: Chronic Disease


Name:   Smith, James F.

Unit:   148th, Co. D   Private

Death:   City Point

Cause/Notes: Killed in an explosion.


Name:   Starling, George

Unit:   92nd, Co. G



Addenda: STARLING, George (Decatur Twp.)  Listed as George H. Starlin.  Died on Mar. 23, 1863 in Nashville, TN.


Name:   Weakly, Thomas

Unit:   148th Co. D & 36th, Co. ?

Death:   1865

Cause/Notes: Discharged from the 148th OVI.  Renlisted May 1865 with the 36th.



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Name:   Beach, Hiram

Unit:   36th, Co. F   Private

Death:   July 1862

Cause/Notes: Thphoid Fever

Addenda: BEACH, Hiram  (Dunham Twp.) Williams History states the he died in July 1862.  He died Jan. 5, 1862 in Summerville, WV.  In 1862, Summerville was still apart of Virginia.  West Virginia wasn't formed until 1863.


Name:   Baker, Manuel

Unit:   36th, Co. F   Private

Death:   Mar 1864   Andersonville Prison

Cause/Notes:   Starvation in prison pen.


Name:   Canmel, M. M.

Unit:   92nd, Co. F.   Sargeant

Death:   July 16, ___

Cause/Notes: Typhoid Fever


Name:   Fish, David

Unit:   73rd, Co. F   Private

Death:   Oct. 1862

Cause/Notes: Measles

Addenda: FISH, David  (Dunham Twp.) " 73rd OVI, Co. F.  Died on March 11 1862 in Clarksburg, WV.  In 1862, Clarksburg was still apart of Virginia.  West Virginia wasn't formed until 1863.  Williams' History of Washington Co. states he died in Oct. 1862.

Also found some information about him and his military history in a handwritten manuscript titled, "The Roll of Honor of Dunham Twp." Written by the Rev. David C. Perry in late 1865. It states: David Fish, son of Wm & Polly (Rardin) Fish, was born in Wash. Co. in 1843.  Enlisted at the formation of Co. F. 73 O.V.I..  He was taken with measles, after about nine months of service; and died after two weeks sickness.  His body was brought home & buried in the cemetery near the Cong. church in Belpre."


Name:   Gorham, Samuel Earl

Unit:   148th, Co. C   Corporal

Death:   Aug. 9, 1864   City Point

Cause/Notes: Killed in an explosion.


Name:   Hall, John  [see Belpre Township]





Name:   Hall, James  [see Belpre Township]





Name: McClure, Dyer G.

Unit:   36th, Co. A   Private

Death:   June 19, 1862   Lewisburg, Virginia

Cause/Notes:   Mortally wounded


Name:   McGill, John               

Unit:   Battery H  Private

Death: June 19, 1862  Port Republic

Cause/Notes:   Killed


Name:   Rodgers, Charles

Unit:   148th, Co. I

Death:   April 9, 1865   Cleveland, Tenn.



Name:   Rardin, Alonzo

Unit:   36th, Co. F

Death:   Nov. 25, 1863   Mission Ridge

Cause/Notes:   Killed in battle.


Name:   Sayers, James

Unit:   85th, Co. F. & 88th, Co B   Private

Death:   Aug. 5, 1865

Cause/Notes:   Renlisted with the 88th on Sept. 24, 1862.  Died from hemorrage of the lungs.

Addenda: SAYERS, James  (Dunham Twp.)  "Recieved a disability discharge on Aug. 14, 1863. (American Civil War Database)  William's History states that he died, but did not give the place of death. ---- Also found some information about him and his military history in a handwritten manuscript titled,

"The Roll of Honor of Dunham Twp." Written by the Rev. David C. Perry in late 1865.  It states:  "James M. Sayers, son of John & Jane Sayers, was born in Guernsey Co. Dec. 15, 1839.  Mustered in Co. B. 88 O.V.I.  Was with the regiment in it's raides into Va. & Ma.  Was taken with hemorrage of the lungs at Columbus;  came home & soon after his dischare by surgeons certificate; but gradually failed & died Aug. 5, 1865.  He was also in the "three months service" in Co. F. 85 O.V.I.  Married & had one child."


Name:   Tilton, Douglas

Unit:   36th Co. F   Private

Death:   Oct. 20, 1861   Sumerville, Virginia


Addenda: TILTON, Douglas  (Dunham Twp.)  Buried Section C, site 423 in Grafton National Cemetery, Grafton, WV.  His date of death matches Williams History, (10/1/1862) but the date of interment was not until July 30, 1867.

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