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Name:  Butler, Charles W.

Unit & Rank:  5th Colored, Co. I. 


Cause/Notes:  Killed

Addenda - Butler, Charles W. (Barlow Twp.)  Scott Britton Research - BUTLER, Charles W; 30; 27th USCI; A; PVT; Killed on 27 Oct 1864 at Southside Railroad, First Battle of Hatcher's Run, VA accidentally by one of his own men; Enlisted on 2 Aug 1864 in Barlow Twp; ; Petersburg, VA within enemy lines; He was killed accidentally by Union troops while on the skirmish line & was buried within the enemy's line at Petersburg, VA. His wife remarried Delaware McCoy after his death.; 10/27/64; ; BUTLER; Israel; Catherine; Jones; Martha Elizabeth; Abt. 1832; VA Unknown Resting Places of US Colored Civil War Soldiers.

Researched by Jerry Devol, reviewed by Henry Burke, Marietta, Ohio: Charles W. Butler Co. A, 27th Regt., USCI Born: No Record Residence: Barlow, Washington county, Ohio Married: Martha E. Jones  Died: Oct. 27, 1864

Excerpt from Letter to Martha Butler:
         "Before Petersburg, Oct. 29, 1864 - I am under the painful necessity of informing you of the Death of your husband, Charles W. Butler. He was killed while on skirmish line accidentally by our own men. -- We buried him as best we could under the circumstances. He now sleeps within the the enemy's line." Yours in haste, Lieut. G. T. Gilbert Co. A, 27th USCI


Name:  Calvert, John P.  

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. K   Minister & 1st. Sergeant

Death:  April 7, 1862   Shiloh, Tenn.

Cause/Notes:  Mortally wounded at the Battle of Shiloh on April 6, 1862.

Addenda - Calvert, John P. (Barlow Twp.) - Captain Mason's letter: Battle of Shiloh


Name:  Coop, Benjamin F. 

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. D.   Private

Death:   Sept. 7, 1863

Cause/Notes:  From a wound recieved at the Battle of Shiloh

Addenda - Captain Mason's letter: Battle of Shiloh


Name:  Cunningham, Francis M.

Unit & Rank:  36th, Co. F. 

Death:  Feb. 24, 1862 



Name:  Dunbar, Warren K.

Unit & Rank:  53rd, Co. H   Private 

Death:  October, 11, 1862   Memphis 



Name:  Danley, Joel M.

Unit & Rank:  92nd, Co. G.   Private 

Death:  May 20, 1863   Carthage, Tenn 

Cause/Notes:  Pneumonia


Name:  Evans, David E.

Unit & Rank:  36th, Co. F.   Private 


Cause/Notes:  Honorably discharged for disability Sept. 1863.  Died three weeks after reaching home.


Name:  Fleming, James 

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. D.    Orderly Sergeant 

Death:  April 6, 1862   Shiloh, Tenn. 

Cause/Notes:  Killed

Addenda - FLEMING, James (Barlow Twp.)  Sergeant J. V. Fleming of the 77th Ohio Infantry, Co. D. is buried in the Shiloh National Cemetery.  Section and Grave number are unknown.
Captain Mason's letter: Battle of Shiloh

Name:  Harvey, David  

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. D.   1st Sergeant 

Death:   Apr. 24, 1863   Barlow, Ohio

Cause/Notes:  Discharged Jan. 28, 1863 for disability.


Name:  Harvey, Robert

Unit & Rank:  36th, Co. F.   1st. Sergeant 

Death:  May 29, 1864  Coyds Mountain, Virginia 

Cause/Notes:  Killed.  Buried near the field by his comrades.


Name:  Hoffman, John W.

Unit & Rank:  18th, Co. K   1st Sergeant



Addenda - HOFFMAN, John W.  (Barlow Twp.)  NOT ON ONGINIAL TRANSCRIBED LIST BY D. NITSCHE.  18th OVI, Co. K  1st Sergeant. Reenlisted, was sick but joined before he fully recovered.  Died April 27, 1863 in Nashville, TN of typhoid fever.


Name:  Hovvman, William W.  

Unit & Rank:  148th, Co. F.   Sergeant 

Death:  Aug. 16, 1864 


Addenda - HOVVMAN, William W.  (Barlow Twp)  Last Name should read HOFFMAN.(my error) Died Aug. 11, 1864 in Portsmouth, VA


Name:  Jones, John Jr. 

Unit & Rank:  1st. Light Artillery, Co H.  

Death:  May 29, 1863 

Cause/Notes:  Struck by three balls at Chancellorsville May 2, 1863.  Taken by rebels and excanged.  Died of amputation of his leg.


Name:  Kinkhead, David

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. D.   Private 

Death:  Nov. 1864  Arkansas 

Cause/Notes:  Taken prisoner at Marks Mills, but escaped.  Reported killed on a forging expedition in Arkansas.

Addenda - KINKHEAD, David N. (Barlow Twp.) Last Name is mispelled in Williams History- D. Nitsche

      "Kinkead. David N., aged 24. volunteer. February. 1864. Seventy-seventh regiment, company D, private. served nine months, died November. 1864, taken prisoner at Mark's Mills but escaped, reported killed on a foraging expedition is Arkansas. " - Quoted from page 263 of "History of Washington County, Ohio"

      David Newell Kinkead was my great grandfather. Contrary to the above entry, he was not killed after his escape. Unable to locate his unit after his escape from Camp Ford, a Confederate POW camp located near present day Tyler Texas, great grandfather Kinkead walked home to Barlow Twp. At the time of he 1880 census, he resided with his mother and sister Maria Jane in Renlow Twp., Washington County, Ohio. David did not marry until 1890 at the age of 52. He was 56 years old when his last child (Tillie; my grandmother) was born. Transcript of Obituary from a Parkersburgh, WV. paper:


      David N. Kinkead, one of the oldest and most highly respected residents of the county, after an illness of some duration, due to the infimities  incident to old age, passed away this morning at the residence of his son, D M. Kinkead at 1919 Nineteenth Street. (J.C. Davis Note: This is incorrect; the son's Name was Bernie Newell (B.N.) Kinkead).

      Mr. Kinkead, who was 81 years of age was born in Pennsville, Ohio, and removed to Harris Ferry, Wood County, twenty years ago where the family resided until four years ago when Mr. and Mrs. Kinkead made their home with their son, D.M. Kinkead. (J.C. Davis Note: See note above). The deceased is survived by his wife, one son, mentioned above, and two daughters, Mrs. J.H. Packard of Huntington and Mrs. Scott Davis of East Liverpool, Ohio. (J.C. Davis Note: This is incorrect; the second daughter was married to Robert Davis.) Mr. Kinkead was a member of the Universalist Church and also Coolville Lodge No. 337 F.and A.M.----Submitted by Jeff Davis


Name:  Lawton, Ezra J.

Unit & Rank:  36th, Co. F.   1st. Sergeant 

Death:  April 17, 1862   Summerville 

Cause/Notes:   Pneumonia.  Was promised a commission as Lietuenant, but died.


Name:  Lewis, Charles D.  [Not listed in Williams History]

Unit & Rank:   



Addenda:  Lewis, Charles D. (Barlow Twp.) - SCOTT BRITTON RESEARCH:  Lewis, Charles D;  25;  27th United States Colored Infantry;  D;  Pvt;  Wounded at Point of Rocks, VA on Picket duty & Died on 13 Dec 1864 at Point of Rocks, VA from lockjaw as a result of these wounds;  Enlisted in ROH as a  ?? was in the action at Hatchers Run & was killed in an engagement at Point of Rocks, VA.;  12/13/65;  LEWIS;  William;  Lemaster;  Clarissa;;;1838;  GA or AL


Name:  Lockmiller, James 

Unit & Rank:  1st. Light Artillery, Co. H   

Death:  1864 

Cause/Notes:  Camp fever

Addenda - LOCKMILLER, James  (Barlow Twp.)  Died of disease on Mar. 15, 1862 in Cumberland, MD.


Name:  Male, Aaron 

Unit & Rank:  5th, Co. F.  Private

Death: 1865   Columbus, Ohio


Addenda:  5th Colored Troops  SCOTT BRITTON RESEARCH: Male, Aaron;  25;  5th United States Colored Infantry;  C;  Pvt;  Died in 1865 at Carolina City, NC with company;  Litsted in ROH as Was in Hospital at Deep Bottom, VA in Oct 1864 & afterwards at Fortress Monroe.  Took part in some skirmishes during his service.  Listed in Ben Bain's Multiracial series at mulatto, in hospital at Deep Bottom, VA in Oct 1864 & at Ft. Morgan.  Listed in ORS as Aron Males, Age 19, mustered out.  Listed in the ORS as discharged, but may have been too ill to return home & died in a hospital at Columbus?;  0/0/65;  MALE; George;  Elizabeth;;;1839;  Barbour Co. WV


Name:  Miller, Isaac 

Unit & Rank:  1st. Artillery 

Death:  Sept. 1, 1863 


Addenda - MILLER, Isaac  (Barlow Twp.)  Williams History of Wash. Co. Ohio states that he enlisted in Nov. 1861.  The only Isaac Miller that I could find in the American Civil War Database that enlisted on that date is the one who enlisted on 11/8/1861 with the 1st Light Artillery Ohio Reg.  He recieved a disability discharge on July 31, 1862 in Washington, DC.


Name:  Morris, John W.

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. D   Private 

Death:  July 1, 1864 

Cause/Notes:   Wounded at Shiloh.  Discharged Mar. 12, 1863 for disability.


Name:  McCarty, Thomas  

Unit & Rank:  92nd, Co. G.   Private 

Death: June 1, 1863  



Name:  Robinson, Joseph

Unit & Rank:  36th, Co. F   Private 

Death:  July 20, 1863   

Cause/Notes:  Chronic Diarrhea


Name:  Smith, David

Unit & Rank:  7th, Co. H   Private 

Death:  July 8, 1864   Andersonville Prison 

Cause/Notes:  Captured at Chickamauga on Sept. 10, 1863.  Taken to Andersonville Prison where he died.

Addenda - SMITH, David  (Barlow Twp.)  Died July 13th of Scorbutus.  Grave #3288


Name:  Scott, Henry 

Unit & Rank:  5th Cavalry, Co. I 

Death:  Apr. 7, 1876   Hospital in North Carolina 


Addenda - Scott, Henry (Barlow Twp.)  SCOTT BRITTON RESEARCH:  Scott, Henry;  22;  5th US Colored Infantry;  G;  CPL;  Wounded on 22, Feb. 1865 at Wilmington, NC & Died on 7 Apr 1865 at New Bern, NC in hospital from sickness;  Enlisted on 14 Jul 1863 in Barlow Twp.;  Discharged on 8 Sep 1865 at Carolina City, NC on Surgeon's Certificate of disability;  Listed in ROH as Was appointed Corporal.  Was in the chief service of the Regiment & was slightly wounded in one of their engagements.  Went, sick, unto one of the Hospitals in NC and died there.  Listed in the ORS as Hiram Scott, Age 28.  Listed in the ORS as dischared but may have been too injured to return home and died in a hospitla there?;  4/7/65;  SCOTT, Austin;  Mary;;; 1842; VA


Name:  Vincent, Cyrus E.

Unit & Rank:  129th, Co. A.   Private 

Death:  Oct. 29, 1863   Cumberland Gap, Maryland 

Cause/Notes:   Lung fever


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Name:  Barlkey, Samuel W.

Unit & Rank:  73rd, Co. F 

Death:  May 22, 1864   Recaca 

Cause/Notes:  Mortally wounded on May 15, 1864


Name:  Armstrong, Alexander

Unit & Rank:  183rd, Co. D   2nd Lieut. 

Death:  May 8, 1865 

Cause/Notes:  Exposure while in camp.


Name:  Bellows, Orrin M.

Unit & Rank:  92nd, Co. G  

Death:  Feb. 26, 1863 

Cause/Notes:  Brain Fever

Addenda - Bellows, Orrin M. (Belpre Twp.)  First Name also spelled "Orin",  Private.  Died in Nashville, Tenn.


Name:  Bodkins, Charles

Unit & Rank:  7th Cavalry, Co. I   Private 

Death:  Apr. 7, 1864   Richmond, Virginia 

Cause/Notes:  Captured at Rogersville, Tenn.  Taken to Belle Isle. Removed sick to hospital at Richmond where he died.


Name:  Blough, Rufus

Unit & Rank:  148th, Co. H   Private

Death:  July 7, 1864  

Cause/Notes:  Camp disease and measles.

Addenda - BLOUGH, Rufus  (Belpre Twp.)  Died at Hampton, VA on July 6, 1864.


Name:  Clark, John

Unit & Rank:  73rd, Co. F.   Private 

Death:  Aug. 1862 

Cause/Notes:   From gunshot wound recieved at the Battle of Bull Run


Name:  Clark, Jacob

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. F 

Death:  Cross Keys 

Cause/Notes:  Killed in action


Name:  Dustin Charles E.

Unit & Rank:  73rd, Co. D 

Death:  1862   Bull Run   

Cause/Notes:   Killed three weeks after enlistment.


Name:  Eskey, Samuel S.

Unit & Rank:  148th, co. H 

Death:  Sept. 1864 



Name:  Forbes, Leander  (NOT IN WILLIAMS HISTORY)

Unit & Rank: 



Addenda - Forbes, Leander (Belpre, Ohio)  Listed in the American CW Soldiers Database, a one  Leander Forbes, a resident of Belpre, Ohio enlisted as a Private with the Union Army on Sept. 2, 1862 at the age of 21.  Enlisted with the 7th Ohio Cavalry, Co. H on Oct. 27, 1862.  Died of disease on Mar 5, 1863 at Belpre, Ohio.  The 1860 Federal census has a Leander Forbs in Belpre, Ohio, b. abt. 1841 in Pennsylvania, age 19 yrs.


Name:  Hall, John 

Unit & Rank:  148th, Co. H   Private 

Death:  1864 

Cause/Notes:  Taken with measles and died a few weeks after enlistment.


Name:  Hall, James

Unit & Rank:  :  148th, Co. H   Private  

Death:   1864   In hospital at Bermuda Hundred



Name:  Hall, Jeremiah

Unit & Rank:  148th, Co. H     

Death:  1864   In hospital at Point of Rocks 

Cause/Notes:  Measles


Name:  Haze, Truman [Truman, Hayes]

Unit & Rank:  148th, Co. H 

Death:  1864  Washington 

Cause/Notes:  Taken sick at City Point.  Died in hospital after discharged from regiment.

Addenda -  TRUMAN, Haze (Hayes Truman) - Belpre Twp.  His Name should be HAYES TRUMAN. He is often mistakenly listed as Truman Haze because of an error by C. E. Dickinson in his "History of Belpre, Ohio," 1920. He transposed the first and last Names and changed the spelling.  Hayes Truman was the first husband of my great grandmother's sister, Catherine Sanders "Kit" Clark Truman of Belpre Township.  Hayes contracted tuberculosis during the war and died in 1864 in Washington D. C. and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. The Trumans' three-year-old son, Frank, also died in 1864 of scarlet fever, and another son, William Austin Truman, died at the age of 24 in 1884. Aunt Kit remarried, moved to Illinois and had a second family. Jacob Clark of Belpre Township, killed at Cross Keys, Virginia, was Kit's brother. A lot of tragedy for one woman to bear. Happily, her two daughters from the second marriage lived to ripe old ages, including one who passed the 100-year mark. -- Submitted by Shelby Ruch


Name:  Hitchock, Myson K.

Unit & Rank:  116th, Co. B.   Corporal & Chief of Orderly

Death:  May 22, 1865   Petersburg [Petersburgh]

Cause/Notes:  Mortally wounded.


Name:  Hunter, George 

Unit & Rank:  148th, Co. H   Private

Death:  July 1, 1864

Cause/Notes:  Taken sick and left in hospital, partially recovering.  Rejoined his regiment.  Again, taken sick and died.


Name:  Henderson, Warren

Unit & Rank:  148th, Co H   Private

Death:  Aug. 27, 1864   In hospital at Fortress Monroe

Cause/Notes:  Taken sick at City Point


Name:  Kirkpatrick, Henry

Unit & Rank:  73rd, Co. F   Corporal

Death:  Aug. 27, 1863



Name:  Kirkpatrick, T. M.

Unit & Rank:  73rd, Co. F.

Death:  Sept. 5, 1862

Cause/Notes:  Died of wounds recieved at Alexandrea, Virginia


Name:  Loring, Corwin, H.

Unit & Rank:  75th Iowa   Private

Death:  1863   Helena, Arkansas



Name:  Newport, J. Ross

Unit & Rank:  17th Cavalry, Co. H   Sergeant

Death:  Dec. 11, 1863   Morristown

Cause/Notes:  Mortally wounded on Dec. 10, 1863


Name:  Plumley, William

Unit & Rank:


Cause/Notes:  Drafted.  Died before he got placed in a regiment.


Name:  Shipe, John A.

Unit & Rank:  73rd, Co. F.


Cause/Notes:  Wounded at Bull Run.  Fell back and never since sean or heard from.

Addenda - SHIPE, John A.  (Belpre Twp.)  According the the American Civil War Database, he enlisted as a Private and mustered out on July 20, 1865 in Louisville, KY.


Name:  Stone, Bolivar S.

Unit & Rank:  148th, Co. H   Private

Death:  July 17, 1864



Name:  Stoneman, Philip

Unit & Rank:  39th, Co. K   Private

Death:  July 22, 1864   Atlanta

Cause/Notes:  Killed


Name:  Shram, Henry

Unit & Rank:  ? Artillery

Death:  July 4, 1863



Name: Stoneman, William

Unit & Rank:  39th, Co. K   Private

Death:   Sticker's Gap

Cause/Notes: Killed


Name:  Truman, Hayes [ Not listed in Williams History]  See Haze, Truman


Name:  Winans, Francis

Unit & Rank:  36th, Co. F

Death:  Sept. 1862

Cause/Notes: Diphtheria


Name:  White, William

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. D

Death:  May 17, 1864

Cause/Notes: Captured at Gettsburgh.  Exchanged.  Died of intermittent fever.

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