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Name:   Allison, C. M.

Unit & Rank:    9th Cal., Co. B    Private       

Death:   May 1865   Decatur, Alabama  

Cause/Notes:  Diarrhea


Name:   Armstrong, Isaac

Unit & Rank:    36th, Co. K   Private

Death:    Dec. 9, 1861   Somerville, Virginia

Cause/Notes:  ---


Name:   Brown, George W.

Unit & Rank:    77th, Co. K

Death:    Dec. 25, 1864   Little Rock, Arkansas


Addenda:  BROWN, George W.  (Adams Twp.)  Williams states that he was enlisted in Co. K.  He was transferred to Co. A.


Name:   Buell, Frank

Unit & Rank:    Battery C, VA Light Artillery (aka Buell's Pierpont Battery)   Captain

Death:    Aug. 22, 1862 

Cause/Notes: While on horseback. A shell passed through his horse, killing it instantly, and causing his own death a few hours later


Name:   Brown, Davis A.

Unit & Rank:    77th Co. A. 

Death:    Apr. 8, 1862   Fallen Timber



Name:   Dobbin, John

Unit & Rank:    77th, Co. K

Death:    Apr. 13, 1862   Fallen Timber, near Shiloh Tenn.

Cause/Notes: Mortally wounded on Apr. 8, 1862. (Buried: Jefferson Barracks Nat. Cem.) 

Addenda -  In the American CW Soldiers Database, John DOBBINS was in the 77th OVI, Co. I (not K as stated in Williams History).  A resident of Lowell, Ohio, enlisted as a Musician on Nov. 23, 1861 at the age of 40.  Died from wounds on April. 13, 1842 at Saint Louis, MO.  This is probably the same person as John DOBBIN.


Name:   Fouraker, Levi J.

Unit & Rank:    77th, Co., H   Lieut.

Death:    March 5, 1875   At father's home

Cause/Notes:  From wounds at the Battle of Fallen Timbers


Name:   Grant, Daniel L.

Unit & Rank:   77th, Co. K

Death:   July 1862 

Cause/Notes:  Fever

Addenda - GRANT, Daniel L.  (Adams Twp.) Died on July 13, 1862 in Corinth, MS.


Name:   Griggs, Wallace

Unit & Rank:    92nd, Co. F.   Corporal

Death:  April 29, 1864   Carthage, Tenn 

Cause/Notes:  Typhoid Fever


Name:   Henager, Charles

Unit & Rank:    174th, Co. F.  

Death:    Sept. 1, 1873 

Cause/Notes:  Discharged 1865, Died of wounds recieved in battle.


Name:   Humiston, Jason

Unit & Rank:    77th

Death:    (date not stated)  Alton, Illinois

Cause/Notes:  Died in service at Alton, Illinois   Drafted


Name:   Hutchenson, Edward

Unit & Rank:   77th, Co. K 

Death:  (date of death not stated)  In hospital, Alton, Illinois  



Name:   Keith, Peter B.

Unit & Rank:    77th, Co., K 

Death:    Nov. 1862   In hospital, Washington D. C.

Cause/Notes:  Hardships while a prisoner.  Captured at Fallen Timber, parolled.


Name:   Kimberly, Benjamin

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. K   (rank not stated)  

Death:   April, 6, 1862   Shiloh


Addenda - Captain Mason's letter: Battle of Shiloh


Name:   Living, John

Unit & Rank:   36th, Co. A   Private

Death:   Jan. 18, 1864   Cedar Creek

Cause/Notes:  At battle


Name:   Lucas, Isaac

Unit & Rank:    36th, Co. G.

Death:   April 1862

Cause/Notes:   Mortally wounded


Name:   Mason, William W.

Unit & Rank:   36th, Co. D.

Death:  May 30, 1862   Corinth, Mississippi 



Name:   Mason, Richard D.

Unit & Rank:  69th, Co. B.  1st Lieut.

Death:   June 24, 1864   Pulaski, Tenn.

Cause/Notes:  Chronic Diarrhea. - His biography in Williams History states that he was in 9th Ohio Cal., Co. B.


Name:   McCurdy, Joshua

Unit & Rank:  92nd, Co. E.   Private  

Death:  Apr. 23, 1863   Carthage, Tenn.  



Name:   Moore, Zedick J.

Unit & Rank:   178th, Co., F.

Death:  Mar. 7, 1865   Arlington Heights  

Cause/Notes:  ---


Name:   Morris, William

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co., H 

Death:  1863 

Cause/Notes:  Small Pox


Name:   Nott, Percival  

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. H   Private 

Death:  Apr. 8, 1862   Pittsburgh Landing

Cause/Notes:  Mortally wounded


Name:   Owen, W. D.

Unit & Rank:  9th Cal.   Private 

Death:  April 1864   Pulaski, Tenn. 

Cause/Notes:  Diarrhea


Name:  Ripley, Hiram

Unit & Rank:  36th, Co. A.   Private 

Death:  Nov. 28, 1862   Mission Ridge 

Cause/Notes:  Died four days later


Name:   Ross, Russell

Unit & Rank:  36th, Co. A   Private 

Death:   Dec. 1861   Somersville, W. VA

Cause/Notes:  Typhoid Fever  [in 1861, Somersville was still a part of Virginia]


Name:   Sayles, Burgess

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. K  (rank not stated) 

Death:   Oct. 2, 1862  [probably in Little Rock, Arkansas]

Cause/Notes:  Fever   Buried at National Cemetery in Little Rock, Arkansas


Name:   Selby, James C.

Unit & Rank:  36th, Co. K   Captain 

Death:   Sept. 13, 1864   Annapolis, Maryland

Cause/Notes:  In hospital ten days after he was shot at the Battle of Berryville, VA.


Name:   Shinn, Alfred C.

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. K 

Death:   Jan 5, 1862   Corinth, Mississippi

Cause/Notes:  Typhoid Fever [Buried at Corinth National Cemetery]


Name:   Shinn, Samuel D.

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. K 

Death:  June 1, 1862   Huntsville, Alabama 

Cause/Notes:  Wounded & taken prisoner for two months at Fallen Timber


Name:  Shockley, N. D.

Unit & Rank:  77th Co. K   Private 

Death:  Aug. 9, 1862  Fallen Timbers 

Cause/Notes:  Captured at Fallen Timbers on April 8, 1862.  Died while a prisoner.


Name:   Shockley, William

Unit & Rank:  92nd, Co. F   Private 

Death:  Feb. 4, 1863  Home 

Cause/Notes:  Taken sick in service.  Was brought home where he died.


Name:   Spears, Ivan

Unit & Rank:  36th, Co. D 

Death:  (date not stated]   Chickamauga  

Cause/Notes:  Killed   


Name:  Sprague, H. O.

Unit & Rank:  92nd, Co. H.   Sergeant 

Death:  Apr. 16, 1863  Carthage, Tenn.



Name:  Stackhouse, Franklin 

Unit & Rank:  92nd, Co. D. 

Death:  [date not stated]   Chatanooga

Cause/Notes:   Chills & Fever.  wounded at Buzzards Roost.  In hospital for one year.


Name:  Stackhouse, John 

Unit & Rank:  92nd, Co. H   Private 


Cause/Notes:   Served two years.  Died

Addenda - STACKHOUSE, John  (Adams Twp.) Wounded on Nov. 25, 1863 at Mission Ridge, TN.  Died July 15, 1864 in hospital at Nashville, TN.


Name:   Waller, Thomas

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. K 

Death:  Apr. 8, 1862   Fallen Timber  

Cause/Notes:   Mortally wounded.



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Name:  Alban, William

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. G   Private 

Death:  April 1864 

Cause/Notes:  Chronic Diarrhea


Name:  Copeland, John

Unit & Rank:  92nd, Co. D.  Sergeant


Cause/Notes:   Wounds recieved at Chickamauga.

Addenda - COPELAND, John  (Aruelius Twp.) Wounded on 1/19/1863 at Chickamauga, Ga.  Died of wounds on Oct. 22, 1863 in Nashville, TN.


Name:  Davidson, William 

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. G & E.   Private 

Death:  Mar. 23, 1865 


Addenda - DAVIDSON, William (Aruelius Twp.) 92nd OVI, Co. G. Transferred to Co. E 1/17/1865. Died on Mar. 24, 1865 in Fish River, AL.


Name:  Dilley, Clinton

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. B.  Private

Death:  1862 

Cause/Notes:  From effects of a wound in the head and shoulders.

Addenda - DILLEY, Clinton (Aruelius Twp.) Died of wounds on Dec. 31, 1862 in Camp Dennison, OH.


Name:  Grant, John H.  

Unit & Rank:  42nd  Co. V   Private 

Death:  Sept.  1863   

Cause/Notes:  Thphoid Fever

Addenda - GRANT, John H.  (Aruelius Twp.)  42nd OVI, Co. D.  Died on July 23, 1863 in Black River, MS.


Name:  Hall, Justus W. 

Unit & Rank:  148th, Co. F. 

Death:  Aug. 29, 1864 

Cause/Notes:   Chronic diarrhea.  Interred at home.


Name:  Hilton, James W. 

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. B 

Death:  1864   Tyler, Texas 

Cause/Notes:  Died in prison

Addenda - HILTON, James W.  (Aruelius Twp.) Enlisted on Feb. 20, 1864 as a Private for 3 yrs. at the age of 19 yrs. old.  POW on Apr. 25, 1864 at Mark's Mills, AR.  died as a prisoner in a rebel prison on Aug. 4, 1864 in Tyler, TX


Name:  Longfellow, Samuel

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. H & E   Private 

Death:  Feb. 1865 


Addenda - LONGFELLOW, Samuel  (Aruelius Twp.)  Transfered 1/17/1865 from Co. G to Co. E.  Died on June 16, 1865 in Little Rock, AR.


Name:  Masters, Zephaniah 

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. B   Private 

Death:  Feb 1, 1863 

Cause/Notes:   Chronic Diarrhea

Addenda - Masters, Zephaniah (Aruelius Twp.)  Enlisted as a Private for 3 yrs. on Nov. 15, 1861 at the age of 18 yrs.  Died Feb 1, 1863 at Rochester, Illinois.


Name:  Littlefield, William

Unit & Rank:  10th 

Death:    [Williams History does not give any other information]



Name:  Meridith, New

Unit & Rank:  92nd, Co. H   Private 

Death:  Apr. 4, 1865   Nashville, Tenn. 

Cause/Notes:  Scurvy


Name:  Miller, John

Unit & Rank:  77th Co. B.   Private 

Death:  Oct. 26, 1864   Tyler, Texas   

Cause/Notes:   Died while in Tyler prison.

Addenda - John Miller (Aruelius Twp.) Enlised on Feb. 11, 1864 for 3 yrs. at the age of 25.  Captured on April 25, 1864 at the Battle of Marks Mills, Arkansas.  Died Oct. 25, 1864 in a Rebel prison at Tyler, Texas.


Name:  Morris, James  

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. B.   Private 

Death:   July 2, 1864   


Addenda - James Morris (Aruelius Twp.)  Middle intial is "M"  Enlisted on Feb. 5, 1864 for 3 yrs. at the age of 20.  Captured on april 25, 1864 at the Battle of Marks Mills, Arkansas.  Died July 21, 1864 in a Rebel Prision at Tyler, Texas.


Name:  Nesselroad, Perley J.

Unit & Rank:  36th, Co. A.   Private  

Death:  Nov. 25, 1863   Mission Ridge 



Name:  Perkins, William Burris 

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. B.   Private 

Death:  Apr. 3, 1862 

Cause/Notes:   Killed

Addenda - PERKINS, William (Aruelius Twp.) Enlisted on Nov. 25, 1861 for 3 yrs. at the age of 18.  Killed on Apr. 8, 1862 in Falling Timber, TN.


Name:  Smithson, N. H. 

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. B. 

Death:   1863   


Addenda - SMITHSON, N. H. (Aruelius Twp.)  Also see Horatio Nelson SMITH. Enlisted as a Private on Nov. 14, 1861 for 3 yrs. at the age of 18.  Died on Oct. 7, 1862 in Little Rock, AR.


Name:  Smith, Horatio Nelson

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. B.   Private 

Death:  Oct. 7, 1863 


Addenda - SMITH, Horatio Nelson  (Aurelius Twp.) See N. H. Smithson.


Name:  Vaughn, Ira 

Unit & Rank:  148th, Co. F   Private 

Death:  Aug. 7, 1864 

Cause/Notes:   Buried under another man's Name.


Name:  Walter, Seth Eugene   

Unit & Rank:  92nd, Co. H   Private 

Death:   Nov. 13, 1864   


Addenda - WALTER, Seth  (Aruelius Twp.)  Died Nov. 12, 1864 at hospital in Nashville, TN.


Name:  Walford, John   [Wolford, John Jr.]

Unit & Rank:  77th, Co. B   Private 

Death:  Apr. 6, 1862   Shiloh, Tenn   

Cause/Notes:  Killed at the Battle of Shiloh

Addenda - Wolford, John (Aruelius Twp.)  Name is John WOLFORD, Jr.  Elisted on Dec. 2, 1861 at the age of 22 yrs.  Captain Mason's letter: Battle of Shilo

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