Beckett Cemetery

Andrews, Harriett W  (X X X)-(30 JUL 1865) : Wife of Samuel Andrews, Aged 34y 4m 11d

Beckett, William (13 MAR 1807)-(3 DEC 1884) : No notes

Beckett, Clarinda (11 DEC 1810)-(21 JAN 1885) : Wife of Wm Beckett

Beckett, Henrietta (X X X)-(8 SEP 1836) : Wife of wm Beckett, Aged 27y 7m 2d

Beckett, Rowena (X X X)-(3 JUN 1831) : Daughter of Wm & C Beckett, Aged 4y 10m 25d

Beckett, John (X X X)-(7 APR 1876) : Aged 70y 10m 23d

Beckett, Mary Watson (11 NOV 1808)-(4 FEB 1895) : No notes

Beckett, George S  (1 NOV 1834)-(15 MAR 1903) : No notes

Beckett, Jacob (X X X)-(12 AUG 1839) : Son of John & Mary Beckett, aged 6y

Beckett, J  P  (26 JUL 1833)-(18 JUL 1903) : No notes

Beckett, Ann S  (4 AUG 1830)-(28 DEC 1902) : Wife of J. P. Beckett

Beckett, Myrtle (X X X)-(20 DEC 1868) : No notes

Baker, Phebe (X X X)-(7 AUG 1828) : Sacred to the Memory of Phebe Baker Consort of Maj'r Seth Baker who departed this life Aug 17th AS 1828 in the 36th year of her age

Bacon, Martin (25 JAN 1803)-(17 MAR 1885) : Son of John & Sarah Bacon, Aged 82y 1m 20d

Bacon, Mary M  (X X X)-(20 SEP 1866) : Wife of Martin Bacon, Aged 57y, 7m 1d

Bacon , Maranda (X X X)-(11 JAN 1863) : Daughter of Martin & Mary M. Bacon, Aged 21y 3m 22d

Bacon, Emily (X X X)-(13 JUL 1859) : Daughter of Martin & Mary M. Bacon Aged 20y 2m 3d

Baldwin, Mary (7 JUL 1860)-(30 SEP 1861) : Infant Daughter of I. & B. Baldwin

Bolen, Sarah C  Bacon (X X X)-(1 JUN 1859) : Wife of Daniel Bolen and Daughter of Martin & Mary M. Bacon, aged 24y 7m 26d

Coburn, Nicholas (X X X)-(18 APR 1848) : In the 77th year of his age

Coburn, Elizabeth (X X X)-(30 NOV 1877) : Wife of Nicholas Coburn, Aged 69y 7m 7d

Coburn, Nicholas (X X X)-(18 AUG 1867) : Aged 63y 4m 24d

Coburn, Rosamond (X X X)-(25 NOV 1828) : Consort of Nicholas Coburn….in the 54th year of her age

Coburn, Louisa (X X X)-(31 JUL 1828) : Sacred to the memory of Louisa Coburn daughter of Nicholas Coburn and Roasmond his wife, who departed this life July 31 1828 in the 19th year of her age

Coburn, Nicholas (X X X)-(6 OCT 1821) : Son of Barzilla and Anny Coburn

Coburn, Mary (X X X)-(22 SEP 1827) : Daughter of Barzilla & Anny Coburn, Aged 7y 9m

Coburn, Horatio (X X X)-(27 JUN 1843) : Son of N. & E. Coburn, Aged 19d

Cory, Thomas (X X X)-(13 SEP 1822) : Sacred to the memory of Thomas Cory, a native of Rhode Island and an active aider in the Revolution, patiently endured the toils and hazards of war, a pioneer of the western wilds, underwent many privations and hardships and he died Sept. 13 1822 in the 59th year of his age.

Cory, Nancy (X X X)-(17 FEB 1849) : Wife of Tho. Cory, Aged 80y 1m 17d

Cory, Charlotte (X X X)-(16 OCT 1817) : In the 26th year of her age

Cory, Julia V  (X X X)-(X JUL 1817) : In the 3rd year of her age

Cory, Vesta (X X X)-(X X X) : No notes

Cory, Martha W  (X X X)-(21 MAY 1854) : 37y 13d

Cory, Asa (X X X)-(24 AUG 1884) : Aged 60y 8m 23d

Cory, William (X X X)-(10 SEP 1828) : No notes

Cory, Charles S  (X X X)-(17 JUN 1869) : Aged 77y 6m 20s

Cory, Anna (X X X)-(16 JAN 1879) : Wife of Charles S. Cory, Aged 86y 3m 25d

Cory, Maria W  (X X X)-(17 SEP 1882) : Aged 68y 7m 10d

Cory, Bethsheba (X X X)-(9 FEB 1859) : Aged 54y 3m 24d

Curry, Hannah (X X X)-(14 JUL 1868) : Aged 64y

Chadwick, Simon (X X 1832)-(X X 1869) : No notes

Chadwick, Lucinda Rowland (X X 1837)-(X X 1903) : No notes

Chadwick, Daniel (X X 1859)-(X X 1870) : No notes

Clark, M  James (X X X)-(10 MAR 1826) : In the 69th year of his age

Davis, Nancy J  (X X X)-(2 MAR 1839) : Daughter of Cyrus & Mary C. Davis

Emerson, Enoch (X X X)-(15 JUL 1818) : Son of Asa Emerson & Wife

Emerson, John (X X X)-(1 SEP 1813) : Son of Asa & Wife, In the 4th year of his age

Elliott, Ann A  (X X X)-(7 MAR 1838) : Daughter of D. A. & P. E. Elliott, Aged 2y 11m 23d

Godfrey, Louisa B  (X X X)-(X JAN 1835) : In her 21st year of her age

Godfrey, Esther (X X X)-(30 MAR 1844) : Daughter of S. & H. Godfrey, Aged 3y 6m

Godfrey, Margaret I  (X X X)-(27 FEB 1849) : Daughter of S. & H. Godfrey, Aged 2y 4m

Harward, Henry (X X 1733)-(X X 1818) : No notes

Harward, Mary (X X X)-(8 AUG 1848) : Wife of Hanry Harward, in the 73rd year of her age

Harward, Catharine (X X X)-(16 MAR 1841) : In the 66th year of her age

Harward, Mary (X X X)-(15 SEP 1826) : Daughter of George and Elinor Harward, In the 4th year of her age

Lawrence, Dan  G  (X X X)-(3 APR 1870) : Aged 70y 6m 18d

Lawrence, Martha (X X X)-(25 NOV 1849) : Wife of Dan G. Lawrence, Aged 47y 5m 5d

Lawrence, Washington M  (X X X)-(6 APR 1852) : Son of L. & B. A. Lawrence, Aged 1y 11m 8d

Lawrence, Isabella (X X X)-(21 NOV 1879) : aged 30y 8m 14d

Lyon, Jewlala (X X X)-(4 FEB 1856) : Wife of John Lyon, Aged 64y 3m 22d

Lyon, Randolph (X X X)-(27 MAY 1840) : In Memory of Randolph Lyon who was drowned May 27th 1840 aged 25y 11m 6d

Lapham, S  S  (30 AUG 1817)-(31 MAY 1908) : No notes

Lapham, Mary C  Jett (2 MAY 1823)-(14 MAY 1897) : Wife of S. S. Lapham

Lapham, Mary E  (27 AUG 1856)-(8 APR 1913) : Daughter of S. S. & Mary C. Lapham

Morris, Bethany L  (21 AUG 1811)-(26 APR 1901) : Wife of Jerimiah Morris

Murry, Edgar L  (X X X)-(X SEP 1876) : Infant son of J. S. & A. Murry

McClure, John (X X X)-(6 AUG 1826) : In his 67th year

McClure, Elizabeth (X X X)-(20 MAR 1810) : No notes

McClure, David (X X X)-(20 FEB 1825) : In his 22nd year

McCollum, James (X X X)-(4 APR 1815) : In the 17th year of his age

McCollum, Lucy (X X X)-(4 SEP 1812) : In Memory of Mrs. Lucy McCollum, Wife of John McCollum, who died Sept. 4th 1812 in the 43rd year of her age

Oleny, Lucinda (X X 1775)-(X X 1821) : No notes

Oliver, James (X X X)-(6 APR 1855) : Aged 29y 3m 24d

Olney, Lucinda (X X X)-(X NOV 1828) : Daughter of Mr. Sylvanus Olney, 2nd, died in the 3rd year of her age

Olney, Lucena (X X X)-(18 MAR 1805) : In the 8th year of her age

Pomeroy, Moses (X X X)-(30 JUL 1854) : Aged 11y 2m 5d

Pomeroy, Francis M  (X X X)-(24 JUN 1860) : Aged 3y 2m 25d

Pomeroy, Mary W  (X X X)-(1 DEC 1840) : Aged 18d

Pomeroy, George (X X X)-(8 AUG 1851) : Aged 4y 11m 4d

Pomeroy, Sybyl (X X X)-(4 JUL 1854) : Aged 15y 11m 23d

Ramsey, Lawrence A  (12 MAR 1883)-(16 JUL 1894) : No notes

Ramsey, Clarence L  (1 SEP 1888)-(17 JUL 1894) : No notes

Ross, Isaac (X X X)-(8 AUG 1877) : Aged 53y

Ross, Rhoda (X X X)-(26 OCT 1860) : Daughter of Isaac & Elizabeth Ross, Aged 1y 1m 11d

Ross, Jesse (X X X)-(15 NOV 1865) : Son of I. & E. Ross, Aged 4y

Swift, Lyman (X X X)-(16 FEB 1864) : Aged 48y 2m 3d

Vincent, Rachel Olney (X X X)-(11 DEC 1828) : In memory of Rachel Vincent consort of John Vincent daughter of Asa & eddy Olney who died Dec 11 AD 1828 in the 36th year of her age

Vincent, (X X X)-(25 APR 1847) : Infant Daughter of G. & R. Vincent

Vincent, Narcissa L  (X X X)-(19 JUL 1854) : Age 20y

Vincent, James L G R  (X X X)-(21 OCT 1862) : Aged 3y 9m 11d

Vincent, Asa O  (X X X)-(28 SEP 1868) : Aged 11y 1m 11d

Vincent, Thriza E  (X X X)-(13 MAR 1858) : Daughter of John & Mary Ann Vincent, ….aged 5y 7m 9d

Vaughn, Robert (X X X)-(21 APR 1862) : Aged 57y 6d

Vaughn, Eliza  H  (X X X)-(8 OCT 1868) : Wife of Robert Vaughn, Aged 56y 8m 24d

Vaughn, Mary E  (X X X)-(31 AUG 1864) : Daughter of R. & E. H. Vaughn, Aged 23y 5m 19d

Webster, Adelphi (X X X)-(3 MAR 1842) : Aged 53y 9m 8d

Cedar Hill Cemetery
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Campbell, Harvey A  (30 JAN 1883)-(19 JUN 1910) : No notes

Campbell, Elizabeth (29 MAR 1820)-(10 FEB 1902) : Wife of H. A. Campbell

Farrell, Susan C  (X X 1841)-(X X 1907) : No notes

Grubb, Alsinda (X X X)-(2 NOV 1868) : Wife of John Grubb, Aged 39y 

Grubb, G H  Woodruff (X X X)-(20 JAN 1861) : Son of Alsinda Grubb, Aged 8y 3m 2d

Hagerman, Daniel B  (X X X)-(4 AUG 1851) : Son of J. B. & F. B. Hagerman, Aged 6y 10m 10d

Hagerman, J  H  (X X X)-(X X X) : CO D 4TH W VA CAVALRY

Hagerman, Hannah Hagerman (X X X)-(28 FEB 1819) : In Memory of Hannah, Wife of William Hagerman, Daughter of Peter and Mary Hagerman, who departed this life Feb 28, 1819, aged 25y

Hagerman, Mary (X X X)-(12 AUG 1823) : In Memory of Mary Hagerman, Wife of Peter Hagerman, Who departed this life August 12, 1823, in the 56th year of her age

Hagerman, Peter (X X X)-(6 MAR 1859) : Aged 87y 3d

Perry, Constance S  Hill (X X X)-(7 APR 1897) : Daughter of Alex & Patty Hill, And Wife of Zenas A. Perry, Died April 7, 1897, Aged 45y, 11m 17d

Hill, Patty B C  (8 SEP 1827)-(19 FEB 1908) : Wife of Alexander Hill

Hill, Alexander (6 FEB 1818)-(21 DEC 1892) : No notes

Hill, Mary A  (X X X)-(28 JAN 1862) : Aged 2y 1m 27d

Hill, William (X X X)-(10 FEB 1855) : IN Memory of William, Son of Alexander and Patty Hill, Who Died February 10, 1855, Aged 5m 10d

Hill, Rozina (X X X)-(9 JUN 1855) : Wife of John Hill, Aged 35y 5m 4d

Johnson, James (X X 1881)-(X X X) : No notes

Johnson, Lavina (X X 1850)-(X X 1919) : His Wife [James]

Kuntz, John (X X 1840)-(X X 1902) : No notes

Kuntz, Catherine (X X 1848)-(X X 1914) : No notes

Longerbeeam, Martha (X X X)-(15 OCT 1852) : Wife of William H. Longerbeeam, Aged 38y

Lewis, Mary W  (22 OCT 1819)-(8 DEC 1844) : In Memory of Mary W. Lewis, Daughter of Solomon & Sally Lewis, Born Oct 22, 1819, Died Dec 8, 1844, Aged 25y

Malster, Martha White (X X X)-(25 SEP 1859) : in Memory of Martha Malster, Wife of M. A. Malster, And Daughter of Thos. H. & Joanna White, Who departed this life, Sept 25 ad 1859, In the 31st year of her life

Preston, Patience V  (X X X)-(27 AUG 1858) : Wife of Rev. O. S. Preston, Aged 49y 11m 19d

Preston, Violetta (X X X)-(4 MAR 1862) : Daughter of O. S. & M. L Preston, Aged 1y 10m 3d

Reed, William (X X X)-(3 SEP 1851) : In the 36th year of his life

Simon, Noah (X X 1844)-(X X 1911) : No notes

Simon, Adaline (X X 1868)-(X X 1913) : No notes

Smith, Leahvina (X X X)-(23 MAY 1865) : Wife of Samuel Smith

Smith, Samuel (X X X)-(15 SEP 1855) : Son of S & L Smith, Aged 8y 4m 3d

Springer, Peieg (X X X)-(X X X) : A native of Rhode Island, A pioneer of the western Forest. Endured many privations and encountered many Hazards and hardships during 5 years Indian blockade in the first settlement of Marietta Ohio. Rest of marker gone.

Starlin, Walter Cone (X X X)-(X X X) : In Memory of Walter Cone Starlin, Son of Marvel Starlin & Polly, Rest of marker gone 

White, Pelatiah (X X X)-(17 FEB 1832) : In Memory of Pelatiah White, Who emigrated from Wenham Massachusetts in 1788, to the northwest territory, blockade at Marietta who died Feb 17 1832, in the 63rd year of his age

White, Susanna (X X X)-(12 SEP 1823) : In Memory of Susanna, Wife of Pelatiah White, Who Emigrated from Rhode Island in 1789 and died Sept 12, 1823, in the 52nd year of her age

White Major, Haffield (5 JAN 1759)-(X X X) : In Memory of Major Haffield White, One of those Revolutionary Patriots who continued in his country's service from the commencement to the end of the perilous her also was one of the ____ of Ohio, Born at ______ Massachusetts, Jan 5, ad 1759

White, Josiah (X X X)-(25 MAY 1842) : In Memory of Josiah, Son of Thos. H. and Joannah White, Who died May 25, 1842, In the 20th year of his age.

White, Joanna (X X X)-(17 JUN 1852) : Wife of Thomas H. White, In the 55th year of his age

White, Thomas  H  (X X X)-(26 AUG 1856) : Thomas H. White, Descendant of Major Haffield White, of the Revolution, died Aug 26, 1856, In the 62nd year of his age

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