Rainbow Cemetery

Barth, Alma L  (X X 1898)-(X X X) : No Notes

Barth, Carl W  (X X 1895)-(X X 1964) : World War I 

Barth, Carl  William  (15 MAR 1895)-(30 SEP 1964) : OHIO PVT BRTY C 33 FIELD ARTY WORLD WAR I

Beebe, Richard (X X X)-(15 APR 1885) : Aged 65y 10m 17d Father

Beebe, Vilaty S  (X X X)-(20 JAN 1883) : Wife of Richard Beebe, Aged 67y 5m 20d Mother

Bell, Aaron Cloyde (24 NOV 1878)-(27 NOV 1885) : Son of Wilson & Susanna Bell, Aged 7y 3d

Bell, Charles G  (X X X)-(12 DEC 1875) : Son of Wilson & Susanna Bell, Aged 2y 3m 5d

Bell, Elisha (27 FEB 1891)-(20 MAY 1872) : Aged 81y 2m 23d

Bell, Louisa Tucker (22 MAR 1800)-(28 JUL 1894) : Louisa Tucker Bell Wife of Elisha Bell Born at Frederickstown MD

Bell, Susan (X X 1844)-(X X 1924) : No Notes

Bell, Wilsin (12 FEB 1833)-(21 AUG 1896) : Aged 63y 6m 9d

Bingham, Hannibal (X X X)-(X X 1823) : In memory of Hannibal Bingham, Who died in the year 1823 Aged 9years

Brodie, Mary  A  (X X X)-(15 SEP 1884) : Aged 42y

Brooks, Elizabeth (X X X)-(6 OCT 1823) : Sacred to the Memory of Elizabeth Brooks Consort of Samuel Brooks Who departed this life Oct 6 1823 in the 58 year of her age.  "Here lies beyond the Reach of Woe, A Friend For Whom Our Tears Still Flow; But Yet In Peace Her Body Lies, While Her Just Soul Ascends The Skies."

Brooks, Samuel (X X X)-(7 APR 1823) : Sacred to the Memory of Samuel Brooks Who Departed this Life April 7, 1823 in the 70th year of his age

Brown, Silas (X X 1784)-(X X 1867) : No Notes

Brown, Zelpha (X X 1799)-(X X 1874) : No Notes

Burch, Grace (X X X)-(8 DEC 1834) : Sacred to the Memory of Grace Burch who died Dec 8 AD 1834, In the 63 (69?) year of her age

Burk, W  H  (X X X)-(8 JAN 1891) : Aged 46 years

Burke, Joseph H  (X X 1888)-(X X X) : No Notes

Burke, Mildred (5 JAN 1902)-(22 FEB 1902) : Daughter of Marion & Jennie Burke

Burke, Sylvesta  V  (X X 1898)-(X X 1963) : No Notes

Chandler, Josephine W  (X X 1875)-(X X 1965) : No Notes

Chandler, Joshua (12 MAR 1820)-(21 JUN 1890) : No Notes

Chandler, Malissa Gibbs (1 APR 1833)-(17 FEB 1911) : Wife of Joshua Chandler

Chandler, Wilbert Alva (6 JAN 1894)-(27 APR 1907) : Son of Wilbert H. & Josie Chandler

Chandler, Wilbert H  (6 DEC 1874)-(5 NOV 1910) : No Notes

Combs, Alice (18 JUL 1850)-(28 JUN 1851) : No Notes

Combs, Clark (25 NOV 1847)-(3 DEC 1847) : No Notes

Combs, Ford (16 DEC 1848)-(14 FEB 1866) : No Notes

Cook, George H  (X X X)-(23 OCT 1864) : Son of E. & J. F. Cook, Aged 5y 5d

Cowell, Catharine D  (X X X)-(8 OCT 1865) : Daughter of B. & L. Cowell, Aged 15y 6m 14d

Cowell, Mary  J  (X X X)-(5 OCT 1865) : Daughter of B. & L. Cowell, Aged 9y 6m 5d

Dalton, Bernice (X X 1894)-(X X 1918) : Their Son [Laura & Isaac], CO I 813 PIONEER INF

Dalton, Bessie A  (X X 1893)-(X X 1906) : No Notes

Dalton, Cora (X X 1880)-(X X 1955) : No Notes

Dalton, Eva A  (X X 1896)-(X X 1956) : No Notes

Dalton, Grover C  (X X X)-(X X X) : OHIO PVT 812 PIONEER INF OCTOBER 27, 1928

Dalton, Isaac  A  (X X 1910)-(X X 1910) : No Notes

Dalton, Jacob  B  (X X 1874)-(X X 1947) : No Notes

Dalton, John L  (X X 1883)-(X X 1959) : No Notes

Dalton, John (X X 1843)-(X X 1917) : No Notes

Dalton, Laura M  (X X 1872)-(X X 1926) : No Notes

Dalton, Monzellma A  (X X 1888)-(X X X) : No Notes

Dalton, Otto (X X 1881)-(X X 1965) : No Notes

Dalton, Ralph  L  (29 OCT 1924)-(15 AUG 1967) : INDIANA TEC 5 3587 QM TRUCK CO WORLD WAR II

Dalton, Sarah (X X 1850)-(X X 1925) : No Notes

Danner, N  Anna Delancey (X X 1855)-(X X 1907) : Wife of N. V. Danner

Danner, William  (23 MAY 1823)-(26 JAN 1902) : Flag Marker

Davis, Freeman L  (X X X)-(X X X) : CO  L 1 OHIO CAV

Davis, Henry E  (X X X)-(X X X) : CO H 7 OHIO CAV

Davis, Perrin H  (14 APR 1863)-(2 APR 1866) : Son of H. E. & S. E. Davis

Davis , Herman E  (X X X)-(X X X) : CO A 36 OHIO INF

Decker, Caroline (X X 1865)-(X X 1946) : No Notes

Decker, Charlie (X X 1884)-(X X 1950) : No Notes

Decker, Helen  M  (X X X)-(X X X) : Daughter of W. J. & M. E. Decker - 1914

Decker, Lillian (X X 1891)-(X X 1954) : No Notes

Decker, Louis  (X X 1861)-(X X 1943) : No Notes

Decker, Wilhelm Conrad (25 SEP 1886)-(6 MAR 1888) : Sohn Von Ludwig & Caroline Decker Geb 25 Sept 1886 - Gest 6 Marz 1888

Deist, Charles (X X 1867)-(X X 1938) : No Notes

Deist, Flora A  (X X 1878)-(X X 1967) : No Notes

Devol, Ada A  Dyar (X X X)-(10 JUL 1860) : Wife of H. F. Devol & Daughter of J. B. & Amanda Dyar Aged 23y 

Doan, Charles P  (X X X)-(26 DEC 1855) : A Bereaved Mother Consecrates This Stone to the Memory of Charles P. Doan, Aged 21y 1m

Dolton , Dewey T  (4 MAY 1899)-(29 AUG 1900) : Son of I& L. M. Dolton

Dyar, Abigail Proctor (X X 1802)-(X X 1896) : Wife of J. B. Dyar

Dyar, Albert (X X X)-(21 APR 1842) : IN Memory of Albert Dyar who died April 21st 1842 in the 21st year of his age

Dyar, Benjamin Franklin (1 JUL 1817)-(21 OCT 1896) : No Notes

Dyar, Carrie S  (X X 1879)-(X X 1942) : Daughter of John W. & Charlotte B. Dyar

Dyar, Charles C  (X X X)-(24 JAN 1857) : Aged 26y 

Dyar, Charlotte Beebe (29 FEB 1844)-(15 MAY 1915) : Mother

Dyar, Edwin K  (11 FEB 1866)-(4 APR 1917) : Son of Joseph & Frances K. Dyar, Born, Rainbow, Feb 11 1866 died Mobile Ala. April 4, 1917

Dyar, Edwin (X X X)-(20 JAN 1852) : Aged 23y 

Dyar, Eva A  (16 FEB 1853)-(14 JAN 1906) : No Notes

Dyar, Ida L  Ormiston (X X 1866)-(X X 1934) : His Wife [Matthew H]

Dyar, J  B  (2 OCT 1800)-(24 OCT 1890) : Born in Nova Scotia

Dyar, James (X X X)-(X X X) : Son of J. B. & Amanda Dyar, Aged 1y

Dyar, John (X X X)-(1 NOV 1835) : Sacred, the Bereaved Wife Consecrates This Stone To the Memory of John Dyar, A Native of Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Who Departed This Life Nov. 1, 1835, In The 31 Year of His Age, Someone has noted that his death is Nov. 20, 1832 

Dyar, John  W  (12 AUG 1835)-(7 APR 1919) : Father

Dyar, Joseph (21 FEB 1836)-(13 FEB 1912) : Son of Joseph D. & Amanda Dyar

Dyar, Matthew H  (X X 1863)-(X X 1958) : No Notes

Dyar, Polly P  (24 NOV 1821)-(22 JAN 1908) : No Notes

Dyar, Sarah (X X X)-(17 MAY 1863) : Wife of John Dyar In the 87th year of her age

Dyar, Winchester B  (15 OCT 1882)-(1 APR 1952) : Son of John W. & Charlotte B. Dyar

Dyar, (X X X)-(X X X) : Infant Son of J. B. & Abigail Dyar

Dyar , Amanda (X X X)-(25 JUN 1837) : Wife of J. B. Dyar, Aged 35y 

Felter, Vesta Anna Olney (23 APR 1850)-(26 NOV 1902) : Daughter of Percival James Olney and Ann P. Henry Olney

Gebhart, Fred J  (X X 1887)-(X X 1968) : No Notes

Gebhart, Pearl (X X 1891)-(X X X) : No Notes

Gilmore, Jane (X X 1810)-(X X 1895) : No Notes

Hall, Mary  (X X X)-(21 SEP 1824) : Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. Mary Consort of Mr. James Hall who departed this life Sept 21 1824 in the 51 year of her age

Harlow, Alice Shuster (X X 1848)-(X X 1920) : No Notes

Harlow, Fanny L  (X X 1881)-(X X 1936) : No Notes

Harlow, Fred (3 SEP 1885)-(14 MAR 1946) : No Notes

Harlow, Jesse J  (16 SEP 1871)-(9 MAY 1902) : Son of W. J. & A. Harlow

Harlow, William  James (X X 1848)-(X X 1920) : No Notes

Harlow, William  Shelton (X X 1869)-(X X 1912) : No Notes

Harlow, (X X X)-(15 MAR 1888) : Infant son of W. J. & Alice Harlow

Harris, Andrew J  (X X 1875)-(X X 1949) : No Notes

Harris, Mansvill (X X 1874)-(X X X) : No Notes

Henderson, Grace H  (X X 1901)-(X X 1947) : No Notes

Howard, Mary  Bell (X X X)-(27 AUG 1882) : Daughter of Robert & Rebecca J. Howard aged 15y 2m 5d

Hurst, David Eugene (13 OCT 1949)-(27 JAN 1950) : No Notes

Jahn, David Thomas (17 OCT 1971)-(9 JUN 2016 ) : Son of Edward William (Bill) Jahn and Jerri D Stehle Jahn.

Keerps, Clifford N  (23 MAR 1904)-(15 MAY 1904) : Son of Daniel J. & Ethel M. Keerps

Kelch, John A  (X X X)-(13 SEP 1870) : Aged ?8y 5m 4d McKitrick notes the age could be either 18 years or 48 years

Ladd, Damaris (1 MAY 1810)-(29 OCT 1888) : Wife of M. T. Ladd

Ladd, Johnny E  (X X X)-(24 APR 1877) : Son of Salathiel & Nancy Ladd, Aged 9y 2m 25d

Ladd, Merrill T  (1 MAY 1803)-(3 DEC 1874) : In the 72nd year

Lake, Andrew (X X X)-(5 JAN 1849) : Andrew Lake son of Archibald and Mary Bird Lake 

Lake, Archibald (X X 1720)-(X X 1798) : Archibald Lake 1720-1798 Born in England and died in Rainbow Ohio Served as deputy commissary of general army hospitals Fishkill and New Winsor

Lake, Elizabeth Gross (X X 1778)-(X X 1845) : Married Andrew Lake 1797

Lake, Mary  Bird  (X X X)-(27 APR 1796) : Mrs. Mary Lake born at Bristol Eng. Died at Rainbow O., aged 68y.  Mrs. Lake taught Sunday School in the Block House at Marietta, from 1791 to 1795 the first school in Ohio, one of the first in the US.  Matron of Army hospitals, Fishkill & New Winsor N.Y.   Personally thanked by Gen. Washington for her "tender vigilant & unremitting care of the sick soldiers." Archibald & Mary Bird Lake and eight children came to Marietta O in 1789 - lived in Campus Martius during the Indian War, removed to Rainbow O 1795. Placed by Marietta Chapter N. S. D. A. R - 1930s

Lieving, Cora Francis (27 NOV 1862)-(2 DEC 1862) : Daughter of C. & M. Lieving

Lieving, Melinda (X X X)-(7 DEC 1862) : Wife of Chas. Lieving, in her 21st year of her age

Marion, Albert E  (X X 1896)-(X X X) : No Notes

Marion, Lela M  (X X 1902)-(X X X) : No Notes

Marshall, Frances (X X X)-(16 JAN 1860) : Wife of B. T. Marshall, In the 53 year of her age

Martenia, Hannah (X X 1835)-(X X 1920) : No Notes

Martenia, Harvey (X X 1824)-(X X 1910) : No Notes

Martenia, William  F  (26 MAY 1877)-(13 MAR 1907) : Their Son [Harvey and Hannah]

Martin, Delphia E  (X X 1910)-(X X 1951) : No Notes

Matthew Capt, Abel (X X X)-(31 MAY 1822) : In Memory of Capt. Abel Matthew A Native of New Haven, Conn, In the 75th year of his age.

Mercer, Vera M  (X X 1919)-(X X 1960) : No Notes

Miller, Ella S  (X X 1876)-(X X 1954) : No Notes

Miller, G  W  (21 JAN 1838)-(15 APR 1906) : No Notes

Miller, Sarah  E  (19 MAR 1831)-(7 JUL 1922) : His Wife [G W]

Miller, Winona T  (X X 1875)-(X X 1961) : No Notes

Miller  , Lucie (28 NOV 1872)-(8 FEB 1879) : Daughter of G. W. & E. Miller

Neal, Harmon E  (17 NOV 1919)-(7 FEB 1920) : Son of J. L. & F. L. Neal

Newlon, Roberta (X X 1871)-(X X 1961) : No Notes

Newlon, William  P  (X X 1864)-(X X 1949) : No Notes

Newlon, Wilmer Payton (13 NOV 1920)-(28 FEB 1945) : Ohio PFC 26 Marines 5 Marine Div World War II

Norman, Aquila (11 JUL 1797)-(12 JAN 1852) : No Notes

Nye, Desire Sawyer (X X X)-( OCT 1800) : In Memory of Desire Nye, the Wife of Ebenezer Nye

Nye, Ebenezer (X X 1750)-(X X 1829) : Revolutionary Flag Marker

Olney, Ann (X X 1828)-(X X 1901) : No Notes

Olney, Dudley Ford (X X X)-(18 JUL 1869) : Aged 17m 

Olney, Harriet A  (X X X)-(16 MAR 1862) : Daughter of P. J. & P. A. Olney, Aged 2y 8m 6d

Olney, Jesse J  (X X X)-(2 APR 1863) : Son of P. J. & P. A. Olney Aged 1y 6m 5d

Olney, Matilda P Smith (12 DEC 1794)-(17 DEC 1878) : Married Cogswell Olney Nov 3 1816

Olney, Nathaniel (X X X)-(27 FEB 1818) : Sacred to the Memory of Nathaniel Olney who departed this life in the 32 year of his age

Olney, Percival  J  (X X X)-(23 APR 1882) : Aged 64y 

Olney, Prussia A  (X X X)-(17 JAN 1901) : Aged 74y

Parsons, Russell Dean Scarbro (15 JUL 1943)-(22 JUN 1950) : No Notes

Perrin, Lyman S D  (X X X)-(18 MAY 1864) : In memory of Lyman S D Perrin, a member of Company A, 36th regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, killed May 18, 1863 in West Virginia in the 24th year of his age.

Pfaff, Charles W  (X X X)-(15 MAY 1891) : Infant son of Conrad & Elizabeth Pfaff

Pfaff, Conrad (X X 1843)-(X X 1894) : CO C 1ST W. VA. LT. ARTY.

Pfaff, Elizabeth Seyler (X X 1845)-(X X 1904) : His Wife [Conrad]

Phillips, Isabelle (X X X)-(X X X) : Jan. 21, 1947

Phillips, Terry (X X X)-(X X X) : Dec. 15, 1848

Pitt, Cora M  (4 MAR 1904)-(10 MAY 1904) : Daughter of L. M. & S. E. Pitt

Pryor, Iva M  (X X 1897)-(X X 1917) : No Notes

Rayley, Caroline M  (X X 1840)-(X X 1916) : No Notes

Rayley, Clara M  (X X 1883)-(X X 1942) : No Notes

Rayley, Franklin W  (X X 1839)-(X X 1897) : No Notes

Rayley, Mabel E  (X X 1880)-(X X 1940) : No Notes

Rayley, Maynard (X X 1878)-(X X 1927) : No Notes

Rice, Jemima (X X 1770)-(X X 1850) : No Notes

Rice, Nathaniel (X X 1763)-(X X 1841) : Revolutionary War

Ridgeway, Caroline L  (X X X)-(1 SEP 1853) : Daughter of T. & S. A. Ridgeway, Aged 13y

Ridgeway, Esther Ann (X X X)-(X APR 1837) : The Bereaved Husband consecrates this to the memory of Esther Ann Ridgeway, In the 31st year of her age

Ridgeway, Frances Ann  (X X X)-(29 FEB 1852) : Daughter of T. & S. A. Ridgeway, Aged 16y

Ridgeway, George  W  (X X X)-(18 MAY 1861) : Died in Country's Service, Aged 28y

Ridgeway, Isaac  F  (X X X)-(10 SEP 1853) : Son of T. & S. A. Ridgeway, Aged 5y 

Ridgeway, Sidney (X X 1850)-(X X 1916) : No Notes

Ridgeway, Thomas G  (X X X)-(17 SEP 1853) : Son of T. & S. A. Ridgeway, Aged 9y 

Ridgway, Caroline (X X X)-(30 NOV 1871) : Wife of Thomas Ridgeway 

Ridgway, Sarah A  (X X X)-(17 MAY 1863) : Wife of Thomas Ridgeway, In the 56th year of her age

Ridgway, Thomas (X X X)-(23 APR 1883) : Aged 87y

Ross, Daniel (X X X)-(9 DEC 1862) : In the 80th year of his age

Ross, Nathaniel (X X X)-(16 APR 1891) : Son of D. & E. Ross, in the 21st year of his age

Rush, Carl E  (X X X)-(28 MAY X) : No Notes

Scarbro, Betty  Lou (X X X)-(X X 1845) : No Notes

Scarbro, George L  (X X 1874)-(X X 1953) : No Notes

Scarbro, Minerva  (X X 1879)-(X X 1947) : No Notes

Scarbro, Randall Dean    (5 JUN 1842)-(8 DEC 1842) : No Notes

Selby, Capt James C  (3 DEC 1838)-(X X X) : Born Dec 3 1838 Entered the service of his country in the 36th Regt. O.V.I. July 1861, Lost his right arm at the Storming of Mission Ridge, Tennessee, November 25, 1863.  Wounded again at Berryville, Maryland, September 14, 1864

Selby, Jeremiah J  (X X X)-(27 FEB 1812) : In Memory of Jeremiah J. Selby who departed this life aged 30y

Selby, Rosanna Devol (23 DEC 1810)-(2 DEC 1905) : No Notes

Sesher, James W  (X X 1909)-(X X 1935) : McKitrick notes: Grandson of J. F. & L. J. VIA

Shepard Jr, Courtland (3 AUG 1842)-(14 SEP 1862) : Sacred to the memory of Courtland Shepard Jr a member of CO A 36th O.V.I. Killed at South Mountain, Aged 20y 

Shepard, Courtland (15 MAR 1801)-(9 NOV 1883) : Flag Marker

Shepard, Hannah Lake (6 FEB 1806)-(2 AUG 1883) : Sacred to the Memory of Hannah Lake Wife  of Courtland Shepard

Sinnett, Frances W  (2 JUN 1872)-(17 FEB 1828) : No Notes

Spratt, Jane Heslop (3 DEC 1826)-(7 OCT 1891) : Wife of Thomas Spratt, Born in England, Aged 64y 10m 4d

Spratt, Thomas (7 MAY 1827)-(2 JUL 1897) : Born in England, Aged 70y 1m 25d

Stacy, A  R  (30 JUN 1820)-(16 JUN 1904) : No Notes

Stacy, Arthur (X X 1884)-(X X 1919) : No Notes

Stacy, Clarence Frost (X X X)-(26 FEB 1881) : Son of John J. & Maggie Stacy

Stacy, Cleryna P  (X X X)-(6 JUL 1872) : Wife of John Stacy, Aged 66y

Stacy, Cyrenius F  (X X 1861)-(X X 1939) : No Notes

Stacy, Cyrenius F  (X X 1817)-(X X 1883) : No Notes

Stacy, Daniel E  (X X X)-(25 AUG 1843) : In Memory of Daniel E. Son of Aurelius R. & Sally Stacy, Age 14m 19d

Stacy, Diana (X X X)-(27 SEP 1873) : Wife of Aurelius R. Stacy, In the 45th year of her age

Stacy, Elizabeth Finch (X X 1862)-(X X 1935) : No Notes

Stacy, Erastus W  (X X X)-(9 JUN 1847) : Son of J. & L. Stacy, Aged 38y 1m 20d

Stacy, Eva V  (X X 1887)-(X X X) : His Wife [Arthur]

Stacy, Frances M  (X X X)-(18 OCT 1852) : Daughter of J. & C. P. Stacy, Aged 6y 8m 8d

Stacy, Frances (X X 1847)-(X X 1932) : McKitrick notes: (Frances Stacy Buchanan

Stacy, Ira V  (X X X)-(21 MAY 1872) : Son of J. P. & Ann Stacy, Age 2y 3m 15d

Stacy, James P  (X X X)-(16 JUN 1871) : In the 30th year of his age

Stacy, Joel E  (X X 1840)-(X X 1925) : 1861 - CO A 36 O.V.I. - 1865

Stacy, Joel (30 JUN 1784)-(7 DEC 1868) : No Notes

Stacy, John (X X X)-(3 DEC 1876) : In the 80th year of his age

Stacy, Lorielle (X X X)-(17 OCT 1855) : Wife of Joel Stacy, Aged 65y 8m 11d

Stacy, Lucy  A  Witham (X X 1827)-(X X 1895) : His Wife [Cyrenius F, born 1817]

Stacy, Lucy A  (X X 1887)-(X X 1959) : No Notes

Stacy, Martha Breckenridge (X X 1854)-(X X 1937) : His Wife [Joel E]

Stacy, Mary  R  (X X X)-(5 NOV 1852) : Daughter of J. & C. P. Stacy, Aged 8y 11m 22d

Stacy, Maud (X X 1859)-(X X 1860) : No Notes

Stacy, Maud (X X X)-(12 APR 1860) : Daughter of C. F. & L. A. Stacy, Aged 9m 15d

Stacy, Mehitable (X X X)-(9 JUL 1841) : In Memory of Mehitable Stacy who departed this life in the 89th year of her age

Stacy, Ruth Demoss (X X 1893)-(X X 1967) : No Notes

Stacy, Sally  M  (X X X)-(11 OCT 1864) : Wife of Aurelius R. Stacy, In the 45th year of her age

Stacy, Samuel (X X X)-(12 APR 1859) : Aged 76y 9m 2d

Stacy, Stephen  F  (X X X)-(19 OCT 1852) : Son of J. & C. P. Stacy, Aged 11y 8m 13d

Stacy, Valaty (X X X)-(20 DEC 1862) : Wife of William Stacy, Aged 78y 6m 27d

Stacy, William  (3 SEP 1870)-(2 JAN 1871) : No Notes

Stacy Jr, William  (X X 1755)-(X X 1824) : Revolutionary War Marker

Stacy, William  (X X X)-(7 OCT 1824) : In Memory of William Stacy, who died in the 13th year of his age

Stacy, (X X X)-(7 JUL 1837) : Consort of John Stacy, Departed this life in the 30th year of her age

Stacy, (X X X)-(13 APR 1848) : Son of A. R. & S. Stacy, Aged 2d

Stevens, Elmer E  (X X 1863)-(X X 1953) : No Notes

Stevens, Ernest H  (X X X)-(X X X) : OHIO PVT MED DET MAY 10, 1921

Stevens, Ernest  H  (X X 1893)-(X X 1921) : MED CO US ARMY, CAMP SHERMAN, O

Stevens, Leslie A  (20 SEP 1890)-(5 DEC 1902) : Son of E. E. & L. A. Stevens

Stevens, Lucy A  (X X 1869)-(X X 1923) : His Wife [Elmer E]

Stone, Lydia Barrett (24 MAY 1751)-(30 OCT 1792) : In Farmers Castle Belpre, O. Feb 9 1794  Married Stephen Smith of Conn., Oct 18 1768 - March 19 1833 Erected by Lucretia M. Olney, Hill.  NOTE: there must be an error in the dates somewhere.  Her date of death is before her date of marriage.

Stone, Mary  (X X X)-(1 OCT 1852) : Wife of Sardine Stone, Aged 80y 3m 

Stone, Matilda (2 AUG 1772)-(17 AUG 1833) : In Memory of Matilda Stone From Mass. Aug. 2, 1772 - Aug. 17 1833, Daughter of Israel Stone, Revolutionary Soldier, April 15, 1749 - July 3, 1808

Stone, Polly L  (X X X)-(27 OCT 1829) : The Bereaved Husband Consecrates This Stone to the Memory of Polly L. Stone, a Native of Massachusetts, Daughter of Benjamin Converse and the Wife of Jasper Stone, Who departed this life in the 46th year of her age

Stone, Sardine (X X X)-(14 NOV 1834) : Sacred to the Memory of Sardine Stone Esq. who died Nov 14 AD 1834 in the 66th year of his age

Stow, Carl W  (X X X)-(14 APR 1877) : Son of D. D. & S. A. Stow, Aged 1m 4d

Stow, Mindwell B  (X X X)-(6 DEC 1859) : Daughter of J. S. & E. Stow, Aged 6y 7m 9d

Stow , Charles  R  (X X X)-(14 JUL 1866) : Son of James S. & Eliza Stow Aged 22y 2m after serving his country three years

Stowe, James Smith (X X 1826)-(21 AUG 1895) : Son of Erastus Stowe, Of Cooperstown, NY and Jane Smith of Bedford, NH. Born in Meigs Co [Ohio] 

Stull, Ellen Alden (X X 1867)-(X X 1937) : Married 1898

Tilton, Mary  Josephine (16 OCT 1862)-(15 JUN 1950) : Daughter of Charlotte Beebe & Leroy D. Tilton

Via, Clarence (15 MAR 1899)-(15 MAR 1899) : Infant son of J. F. & L. J. Via

Via, James F  (X X 1863)-(X X 1954) : No Notes

Via, James W  (X X 1886)-(X X 1962) : No Notes

Via, Louisa J  (X X 1866)-(X X 1947) : No Notes

Via, Mariam (X X 1894)-(X X X) : No Notes

Via, Rolla J  (1 NOV 1888)-(15 NOV 1890) : Son of J. F. & L. J. Via

Wagner, Elizabeth (1 MAR 1837)-(25 MAR 1899) : Ehefrau Von Wm Wagner

Wagner, William  (15 APR 1831)-(28 MAY 1902) : No Notes

Warner, John (X X X)-(20 OCT 1892) : Aged 72years, came from Tennessee with Capt. James C. Selby in 1863, A former Slave

Whittlig, Karl W  (6 FEB 1900)-(3 JUN 1965) : OHIO PVT 4 CASUAL CO I BN WORLD WAR I

Wood, Agnes (23 JUN 1799)-(30 DEC 1889) : Daughter of Joseph & Margaret Wood

Wood, Anne T  (20 JUN 1817)-(14 SEP 1864) : Wife of Joseph Wood, Born in Wendell Mass

Wood, Cornelia M  (X JUL 1845)-( JAN 1915) : No Notes

Wood, Gustavus A  (X X X)-(X X X) : COMPANY A 36TH O.V.I.

Wood, James (X X X)-(X X X) : No Notes

Wood, Joseph  (X X X)-(15 NOV 1851) : A native of NJ Aged 92y 10m 6d

Wood, Lilian Tidd (19 SEP 1855)-(29 AUG 1903) : Wife of G. A. Wood

Wood, Mary  E  Stacy (X X 1844)-(X X 1901) : Wife of O. J. Wood

Wood, Orville (X X X)-(X X X) : No Notes

Wood, Osmar (X X X)-(X X X) : No Notes

Wood Lt, Osmer J  (X X X)-(X X X) : CO B 36 OHIO INF

Wood, Sophia Hall (20 NOV 1800)-(2 MAR 1886) : Wife of C. M. Wood

Wooten, Edna (X X X)-(X X X) : No Notes

Wooten, Emmett (X X X)-(X X X) : No Notes

Wooten, John (X X X)-(X X X) : No Notes

Wooten, Mary  (X X X)-(X X X) : No Notes

Wooten, Maunda (X X X)-(X X X) : No Notes

Wright, Ruth (X X 1775)-(X X 1796) : Wife of Simeon Wright, the donor of Rainbow cemetery

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