Layman Cemetery

Addis, J R  , (2 NOV 1844)-(14 APR 1907: No notes

Addis , Sabina M  , (15 MAR 1856)-(27 DEC 1901: No notes

Addis , Charles  M  Campbell, (3 AUG 1850)-(3 OCT 1925: No notes

Addis , Florence , (30 APR 1854)-(20 MAY 1900: His wife [Charles]

Addis , Jason S  , (X X X)-(12 OCT 1866: Son of W. & M. B. Addis, Aged 24y 2m 17d

Addis , Marshall , (X X X)-(6 FEB 1867: Son of Wm. & M. B. Addis

Addis , Martha  B  , (X X X)-(28 NOV 1874: Wife of Wm. Addis, Aged 67y 28d

Addis , William , (X X X)-(10 SEP 1884: Aged 76y 9m 24d

Addis , B  F , (4 SEP 1838)-(23 MAY 1879: Flag

Addis , Jonathan , (2 NOV 1805)-(10 AUG 1897: Aged 91y 9m 8d

Addis , Margaret  M , (X X X)-(3 FEB 1890: Wife of Jonathan Addis, Aged 71y 3m 23d 

Addis , John , (X X X)-( JAN 1863: Aged 81y 2m 1d McKitrick has "(26)?" As date of death for John Addis

Addis , Wilson Jasper , (X X X)-(X 15 1865: Son of Jonathan & M. Addis

Angle, Peter R  , (X X 1854)-(X X 1925: No notes

Angle, Sarah E  , (X X 1862)-(X X 1925: His wife [Peter]

Alaxender, Elizabeth Horner, (10 NOV 1797)-(26 JAN 1879: Wife of Robert Alaxender

Brown, J  Harvey , (28 JAN 1848)-(8 MAY 1930: No notes

Brown, Mary A  Dunbar, (1 APR 1848)-(27 MAY 1917: His Wife [J. Harvey]

Bennett, Martha  , (X X 1831)-(X X 1907: Wife of Wm. Bennett

Bennett, Wm , (X X 1840)-(X X X: No notes

Burfield, Roena , (X X 1913)-(X X 1914: No notes

Burfield, Ethel M  , (X X 1893)-(X X 1926: Their daughter [Leslie and Roena]

Burfield, Roy L  , (11 FEB 1887)-(30 JUN 1888: Son of L. & R. H. Burfield

Burfield, Eliza  J  , (28 OCT 1868)-(9 NOV 1936: No notes

Burfield, Ella  B  , (3 MAY 1874)-(X X X: No notes

Burfield, Eva , (X X 1867)-(X X 1944: No notes

Burfield, Isabell , (5 MAY 1840)-(19 DEC 1900: No notes

Burfield, Frances , (X X 1825)-(X X 1903: No notes

Burfield, Isabelle , (X X 1840)-(X X 1900: His wife [Frances]

Berfield, Mary A  , (X X X)-(1 AUG 1863: Wife of Frances Berfield, In the 31st year of her age

Berfield, Leroy , (X X X)-(19 SEP 1865: Son of F. & M. Berfield, Aged 11y 3m 22d 

Berfield, , (X X X)-(14 MAR 1835: Infant, Children of John & Jane Berfield

Berfield, , (X X X)-( NOV 1836: Infant, Daughter of John & Jane Berfield

Berfield, John , (X X X)-(26 AUG 1871: Aged 72y 5m 11d

Berfield, Jane , (X X X)-(18 AUG 1869: Wife of John Berfield, Aged 61y

Basin, Iva Dunbar, (X X X)-(5 MAR 1866: Daughter of Thomas & Hester Dunbar & Wife of Jacob Baswin, Aged ?y 2m 25d

Burk, Henry , (X X 1871)-(X X 1915: There is also a Eva Burk Dobbins on this marker marked as "Mother" no dates

Browning, Nathan , (X X 1816)-(X X 1881: No notes

Browning, Jane , (X X 1820)-(X X 1894: His Wife [Nathan]

Basin, Eliza , (X X 1852)-(X X 1867: No notes

Barnes, Lean , (19 JAN 1819)-(5 DEC 1901: Wife of Abram Barnes

Barnes, Agustus Cook , (X X X)-(7 MAY 1861: Aged 26y 11m 16d

Beckett, Hannah J  , (X X X)-(12 MAY 1877: Wife of George Beckett, Aged 41y 8m 24d

Bryan, Elva M  , (3 MAY 1853)-(24 DEC 1936: No notes

Bowman, Joseph , (X X 1842)-(X X 1905: No notes

Bowman, Elta , (X X 1840)-(X X 1909: His Wife [Joseph]

Bowman, Josephine , (X X 1884)-(X X 1944: No notes

Bowman, Alfred , (X X 1889)-(X X X: No notes

Bowman, Mary , (X X 1891)-(X X 1929: No notes

Bowman, Cora L  , (27 APR 1902)-(16 DEC 1904: Daughter of David & Fannie Bowman

Campbell, Mary , (X X X)-(27 MAR 1837: In Memory of Mary Wife of James Campbell who died march 27 1837 in the 27th year of her age

Campbell, Edna , (15 JUL 1859)-(29 SEP 1901: No notes

Campbell, William , (5 MAR 1830)-(7 FEB 1900: Flag marker

Campbell, Sarah A  , (30 MAR 1825)-(26 MAR 1898: Wife of William Campbell

Campbell, Mary Stockdale, (X X X)-(18 JAN 1872: Daughter of T. & N. Stockdale and Wife of C. W. Campbell, Aged 26y 7m 12d 

Corliss, Elma Addis, (X X 1857)-(X X 1900: No notes

Caskey, Roscoe , (X X 1879)-(X X 1947: No notes

Caskey, Katie , (X X 1879)-(X X X: No notes

Caskey, Samuel F  , (7 FEB 1842)-(28 OCT 1900: Flag marker

Caskey, Eliza A  , (18 MAY 1843)-(16 JAN 1931: No notes

Caskey, Mina O  , (X X X)-(16 SEP 1876: Daughter of Samuel and Eliza Caskey, Aged 1y 11m 4d

Chamberlain, Emanuel R  , (X X X)-(14 JUN 1880: Son of Henry & Emily Chamberlain, Aged 17y 11m 5d 

Dunbar, Shelton , (5 FEB 1820)-(30 FEB 1897: No notes

Dunbar, Sarah A  , (2 OCT 1827)-(17 JUL 1903: Wife of Shelton Dunbar

Dunbar, Eliza  A  , (16 FEB 1850)-(16 SEP 1924: Daughter of Shelton and Sarah Dunbar

Dunbar, William , (X X X)-(20 FEB 1852: A Soldier In The American Revolution died April 20, 1852 in the 112th year of his age

Dunbar, Thomas , (X X 1790)-(X X 1874: War of 1812

Dunbar, Hester Owen, (X X 1798)-(X X 1870: No notes

Dunbar, John , (X X X)-(13 OCT 1846: Son of T. & H. Dunbar, Aged 28y 8m 27d

Basin, Iva Dunbar, (X X X)-(5 MAR 1866: Daughter of Thomas & Hester Dunbar, Wife of Jacob Basin, Aged ?y 2m 25d

Dunbar, Etta Ellen , (X X X)-(5 MAR 1867: Daughter of D. & M. Dunbar, Aged 17d

Dunbar, Lizzie  May , (X X X)-(X X 1866: Daughter of D. & M. A. Dunbar, Died (Mar)? (15)? 1866

Dunbar, Ida A  , (X X X)-( FEB 1869: Infant daughter of  D. & M. A. Dunbar

Davis, , (22 1860)-(22 AUG 1860: Infant Son of A. W. & M. H. Davis

Davis, William , (15 FEB 1856)-(27 MAR 1877: No notes

Denny, Emily M  , (12 OCT 1889)-(2 FEB 1890: No notes

Dobbins, Eva , (X X 1871)-(X X 1952: Mother

Engle, Eliza , (X X X)-(12 NOV 1855: Wife of Richard Engle, Aged 21y 22d, McKitrick's reading notes date of death could be 1865

Engle, Miranda J  , (X X X)-(22 NOV 1855: Daughter of R. & E. Engle

Ferguson, Clarence H  , (X X 1874)-(X X 1960: No notes

Ferguson, William J  , (X X 1861)-(X X 1920: No notes

Ferguson, Katie C  , (X X 1863)-(X X 1929: No notes

Ferguson, John B  , (X X X)-(25 NOV 1883: In the 35th year of his age

Ferguson , Maud Ethal , (X X X)-(7 JUL 1880: Daughter of J. B. & M. J. Ferguson, Aged 1y 20d 

Ferguson, Mollie J Beckett, (X X X)-(8 NOV 1879: Wife of J. B. Ferguson, Aged 22y 7m 16d

Fleming, Ollie , (X X X)-(2 DEC 1893: Wife of Charles E. Fleming, Aged 23y 5m 8d

Frame, Cora E  , (X X 1883)-(X X 1923: No notes

Godard, Earl C  , (8 MAY 1877)-(20 JUL 1903: Son of W. H. & Maggie Goddard, Aged 16y 2m 12d

Harrington, Josephus , (X X 1837)-(X X 1918: No notes

Harrington, Nancy J  , (X X 1836)-(X X 1908: Wife of Josephus Harrington

Harrington, William , (X X 1868)-(X X 1939: No notes

Harrington, Effie M  , (X X 1872)-(X X 1935: No notes

Hall, Joseph , (X X X)-(5 FEB 1865: Aged 24y 2m 25d 

Hall, Fidelia A  , (X X X)-(10 MAR 1865: Daughter of J. & M. E. Hall

Howard, Mary E  , (3 SEP 1841)-(4 DEC 1912: No notes

Hampton, Charlotte H  , (X X 1849)-(X X 1924: No notes

Hart, William R  , (X X 1839)-(X X 1904: Flag marker

Hart, Charlotte A  , (X X 1844)-(X X 1911: His Wife [William]

Heart, Anna Vesta , (X X X)-(9 AUG 1860: Daughter of Wm. B. & Sharlott Heart

Johnson, James A  , (X X 1896)-(X X 1941: No notes

Johnson, Rachel , (X X X)-(12 OCT 1902: Wife of James Johnson, Aged 40y 4m 7d

Kidwell, John W  , (X X X)-(20 FEB 1903: Aged 56y 1m 20d

Kidwell, Nancy J  , (X X 1851)-(X X 1926: No notes

Kidwell, Daniel , (X X X)-(13 JUL 1833: In memory of Daniel Son of Walter & Catherine Kidwell, who died July 13 1833 age (26)? Years

Kidwell, James , (X X X)-(18 JUL 1842: In memory of James Kidwell who died July 18, 1842 in the 31st year of his age

Kidwell, John , (X X X)-(7 JUL 1883: Aged 76y 10m 7d

Kidwell, Walter , (X X X)-(8 AUG 1871: Aged 95y 2m 5d 

Kidwell, Catherine , (X X X)-(18 FEB 1871: Wife of Walter Kidwell, Aged 85y 5m 8d

Kidwell, Hannah , (X X X)-(6 JUL 1870: Daughter of W. & C. Kidwell, Aged 38y 7m 8d

Kidwell, Rebecca , (X X X)-(7 SEP 1863: Wife of Walter Kidwell, Aged 33y 5m 7d

Kidwell, Catherine , (X X X)-(24 SEP 1849: Daughter of Walter & Catherine Kidwell, Aged 26y 5m 20d 

Lukens, Margaret Moore, (4 JUL 1824)-(9 AUG 1913: No notes

Lake, Dewitt C  , (X X 1852)-(X X 1935: No notes

Lake, Luzerna , (X X 1859)-(X X X: His wife [Dewitt], No date cut

Lamb, Ellsworth , (X X X)-(9 AUG 1862: Son of L. C. & A. Lamb, Aged 9m 29d

Lorinor, Elizabeth Kidwell, (X X X)-(16 DEC 1852: Wife of Milton Lorinor and Daughter of W. & C. Kidwell, in the 27th year of her age

McKain, Emily J  , (25 DEC 1845)-(15 JUN 1903: Wife of Mottley McKain

McKain, Clarence D  , (22 APR 1871)-(24 JAN 1885: Son of Mottley & Emily McKain, Aged 13y 9m 2d 

McLaughlin, Simon , (X X 1858)-(X X 1927: No notes

McLaughlin, Isaac , (X X X)-(26 JAN 1875: In the 65th year of his age

McLaughlin, Nancy , (X X X)-(X X 1882: Wife of Isaac McLaughlin

McLaughlin, Louisa , (X X X)-(7 FEB 1857: Daughter of I & N. McLaughlin, Aged 6y 10m 27d 

McVay, Harriet A  , (X X X)-(23 AUG 1853: Daughter of F. & P. McVay, Aged 1y 7m 4d

Moore, Brooks B  , (X X 1877)-(X X 1947: No notes

Moore, Ruth M  , (X X 1878)-(X X 1963: No notes

Moore, L  W  , (X X 1868)-(X X 1921: No notes

Moore, , (X X X)-(X X X: Infant son of L. W. Moore

Moore, Missouri  C  , (X X X)-(1 MAR 1860: Daughter of Philip A. & Margaret Moore, There is a flag at this marker

Moore, Phillip , (5 OCT 1814)-(26 NOV 1893: No notes

Moore, Margaret , (6 JAN 1821)-(4 FEB 1869: No notes

Moore, Joanna , (X X X)-(25 NOV 1893: Aged 69y

Marple, Thomas , (X X X)-(25 NOV 1870: Aged 78y 2m 10d 

Marshall, Benjamin , (X X X)-(15 JUL 1890: Benjamin Marshall a member of CO D 85 Rgt PA Vol. Inf. Died July 15 1890 aged 55y 4m 7d 

Marshall , Mary A  , (23 SEP 1873)-(14 NOV 1894: No notes

Place, Earl F  , (X X 1905)-(X X 1961: No notes

Place, Bernice M , (X X 1918)-(X X X: No notes

Place, Charles  F  , (X X 1868)-(X X 1953: No notes

Place, Hattie A  , (X X 1873)-(X X 1958: No notes

Perry, Chancy F  , (6 JUL 1857)-(X X X: No notes

Perry, Minnie L  , (18 JUN 1872)-(14 OCT 1898: No notes

Perry, Dayton , (14 OCT 1893)-(14 AUG 1898: No notes

Perry, Lewis A  , (X X 1862)-(X X 1947: No notes

Perry, Mary G  , (X X 1857)-(X X 1943: No notes

Perry, David D  , (X X 1888)-(X X 1909: No notes

Perry, Lawrence J  , (X X 1888)-(X X 1918: No notes

Perry, Pheobe , (X X 1846)-(X X 1920: No notes

Perine, Wm  L  , (X X 1851)-(X X 1921: No notes

Pope, William , (X X X)-(7 JUN 1838: In memory of William son of Frederic & Mary Pope, who died June 7, 1838 in the 20th year of his age

Pennock, Jasper J  , (1 NOV 1864)-(13 SEP 1908: No notes

Pennock, Anna , (X X 1864)-(X X 1947: No notes

Pennock, Elon , (23 APR 1830)-(15 FEB 1896: No notes

Pennock, Margaret M  Kidwell, (16 JAN 1835)-(5 OCT 1908: His Wife [Elon]

Pennock, William H  , (X X X)-(5 SEP 1865: Son of E. & R. S. Pennock

Payne, Samuel , (X X X)-(6 FEB 1848: Son of Isaac Payne, Aged 1y 8m 21d

Quinn, Bruce , (X X X)-(11 OCT 1844: In the 27th year of his age

Quinn, , (X X X)-(15 MAY 1851: Infant son of J. & S. Quinn, aged 12 hours

Quinn, , (X X X)-(15 JAN 1852: Infant son of J. & S. Quinn, aged 12 hours

Quinn, George , (X X 1805)-(26 JAN 1899: Born Columbiana Co. OH, Aged 83y 3m

Quinn, Jane , (29 FEB 1816)-(27 FEB 1895: Born in Beaver Co. PA, Wife of George Quinn, Aged 79y 1m 27d 

Quinn, Elizabeth  Ellen , (4 APR 1887)-(29 MAR 1909: Daughter of George & Jane Bruce Quinn, 

Rowland, Donald , (X X 1927)-(X X X: No notes

Rowland, Dale E  , (X X 1927)-(X X 1934: No notes

Rowland, Finley B  , (X X 1871)-(X X 1944: No notes

Rowland, Emma J  , (X X 1871)-(X X 1959: No notes

Reed, James , (20 MAY 1858)-(8 DEC 1907: No notes

Reed, Sarah J  , (X X X)-(17 DEC 1889: Wife of James Reed, Aged 62y 8m 5d

Reed, Andrew , (X X X)-(20 JUL 1888: Aged 32y

Reed, Hugh J  , (X X X)-(26 MAR 1882: Aged 24y 2m 24d

Reed, John , (X X X)-(16 NOV 1862: Son of Hugh & Catherine Reed, Aged 32y 6m 19d

Reed, Hugh , (7 APR 1798)-(3 SEP 1879: Born in Scotland, Aged 81y 4m 26d

Reed, Catherine , (X X X)-(8 AUG 1881: Aged 83y 10m 25d

Rea, Dora Blanche , (18 NOV 1886)-(30 NOV 1911: No notes

Swesey, Jorden , (X X 1882)-(X X 1905: No notes

Swesey, Nancy , (X X 1827)-(X X 1904: His Wife [Jorden]

Swesey, , (X X X)-(7 MAR 1841: In memory of infant son of Samuel & Mary Swesey

Stockdale, Thomas , (X X X)-(12 JUN 1869: Aged 53y 11m 4d

Stockdale, Nancy , (X X X)-(11 JUL 1895: Aged 81y 5m 24d

Stockdale, John , (X X X)-(X X X: No notes

Smoot, Samuel , (X X X)-(18 MAR 1863: Aged 43y

Stephens, Walter R  , (X X 1883)-(X X 1956: No notes

Stephens, Cora G  , (X X 1891)-(X X 1951: No notes

Stephens, Everett , (X X 1918)-(X X 1934: No notes

Sweet, W  Raymond , (X X 1904)-(X X 1916: Son of Mr. & Mrs. B. N. Sweet

Smith, Jacob , (18 JUN 1834)-(29 FEB 1904: No notes

Smith, Agness , (X X X)-(9 MAY 1888: Wife of Jacob Smith, Aged 52y 11m 21d

Smith, Lewis  W  , (X X X)-(24 OCT 1899: Aged 72y

Smith, Matilda , (X X X)-(5 OCT 1899: Aged 67y

Smith, Lora J  , (X X X)-(19 DEC 1865: Daughter of L. W. & M. J. Smith

Smith, Mary B  , (17 OCT 1872)-(18 NOV 1898: Daughter of M. L. & J. Smith, Aged 26y 1m 1d

Smith,  John W  , (X X X)-(X X X: No notes

Smith, Laura A  , (X X X)-(X X X: No notes

Smith, Adaline , (X X X)-(19 AUG 1870: Wife of Samuel Smith, in the 37th year

Smith, Michael L  , (8 FEB 1825)-(13 JAN 1900: Aged 74y 11m 5d

Smith, Jane , (13 JAN 1834)-(7 JAN 1897: Aged 62y 11m 25d 

Smith, Emma V  , (X X 1876)-(X X 1961: No notes

Seaman, John , (X X 1847)-(X X 1923: No notes

Seaman, Sarah M , (X X 1853)-(X X 1922: No notes

Trotter, Richard , (X X 1825)-(X X 1901: Father

Trotter, Caroline B  , (X X 1822)-(X X 1891: Mother

Trotter, Edward  G  , (X X 1854)-(X X 1940: No notes

Trotter, Margery , (X X 1857)-(X X 1951: No notes

Trotter, Orlando , (24 SEP 1850)-(10 SEP 1901: No notes

Trotter, Annie H  , (X X 1851)-(X X 1942: No notes

Trotter, Adrian A  , (2 SEP 1893)-(18 FEB 1848: Iowa Cpl. 351 Infantry 88 Div. World War I

Trotter, Alsinas F  , (31 JAN 1859)-(3 MAR 1859: No notes

Trotter, Olive J  Varner, (21 JUL 1864)-(28 FEB 1925: No notes

Trotter, Robert , (X X X)-(18 MAY 1872: In the 90th year of his age

Trotter, Nancy , (X X X)-(13 DEC 1877: Wife of Robert Trotter, In the 80th year of her age

Trotter, Freddie , (X X X)-(12 JUL 1874: Son of James & Elizabeth M. Aged 2y

Todd, Alfred , (X X X)-(7 MAR 1871: Aged 69y 23d, Flag marker 

Trickett, Sus???? , (X X X)-(17 JAN 1889: Wife of Abraham Trickett, Aged 22y 8m 13d

Varner, George W  , (28 NOV 1846)-(7 FEB 1923: Our father

Varner, Anna Addis, (24 OCT 1849)-(31 JAN 1925: Our mother

Varner, Bertha , (X X X)-(X X X: No notes

Varner, Leon Harvey , (X X 1879)-(X X 1953: Brother

Varner, Nettie Luella , (X X 1882)-(X X 1968: Sister

Varner , Dennis , (X X 1875)-(X X 1951: No notes

Varner, E  Ellen , (X X 1867)-(X X 1943: No notes

Varner, David , (3 FEB 1840)-(16 SEP 1917: No notes

Varner, Caroline , (11 JUN 1842)-(10 AUG 1906: No notes

Waggoner, James M  , (X X 1856)-(X X 1943: No notes

Waggoner, Sarah  E  , (X X 1855)-(X X 1932: No notes

Welch, Henry , (X X X)-(9 MAY 1882: In the 77th year of his age

Welch, Barbara , (X X X)-(14 NOV 1884: Wife of Henry Welch, in the 78th year

Wible, John , (3 SEP 1824)-(7 MAR 1900: Father

Wible, Lydia A  , (12 JUL 1830)-(29 DEC 1924: Mother

Wible, , (X X X)-(11 JAN 1873: Infant son of J. & L A Wible

Wible, M L , (X X X)-(9 NOV 1881: Daughter of J. & L A Wible, Aged 26y 1m 5d

Wible, Bruce Brooks , (X X X)-(3 SEP 1883: Son of Cary M. & Alpha Wible, Aged 1y10m 25d

White, Mary F  , (X X X)-(7 JAN 1894: Wife of Robert White, Aged 37y 11m 15d

Tick Ridge Cemetery

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Root, Thaddeus, (X X 1843)-(X X 1901): No notes

Root, Jane, (X X 1846)-(X XX 1919): No notes

Root, Belva, (X X 1889)-(X X 1919): No notes

Robinson, Alva Ray, (24 JUL 1907)-(12 MAY 1924): No notes

Sims, Debra Sue, (X X 1965)-(X X 1965): No notes

Union Cemetery

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Barr, Elias , (X X 1820)-(X X 1901): No notes

Barr, Sabina , (X X 1829)-(X X 1901): Wife of Elias Barr,

Barr, Hannah , (X X 1829)-(X X 1861): Wife of Elias Barr,

Bucey, Isabel H  , (X X 1823)-(X X 1898): No notes

Chamberlain, John D , (10 SEP 1789)-(10 FEB 1880): No notes

Chamberlain, Thriza Crow, (1 MAR 1796)-(27 DEC 1835): Wife of J D Chamberlain,

Campbell, James , (X X 1829)-(X X 1910): No notes

Campbell, Rebecca J  , (X X 1833)-(X X 1911): His Wife [James],

Campbell, William W  , (X X 1874)-(X X 1946): No notes

Campbell, Bessie J  , (X X 1887)-(X X X): No notes

Campbell, Everett G  , (X X 1865)-(X X 1954): No notes

Campbell, Mary A  , (X X 1873)-(X X 1941): No notes

Campbell, Arthur A  , (X X 1862)-(X X 1931): No notes

Campbell, Estella , (X X 1870)-(X X 1958): No notes

Campbell, Amos R  , (X X 1838)-(X X 1898): No notes

Campbell, Thirza , (X X 1837)-(X X 1923): His Wife [Amos R],

Campbell, Annie Laurie , (X X 1860)-(X X 1912): No notes

Campbell, Emma J  , (X X 1862)-(X X X): No notes

Campbell, Ella , (X X 1865)-(X X 1937): No notes

Campbell, Margaret , (X X X)-(9 OCT 1832): In her 30th year Wife of Moses Campbell,

Campbell, Elenor , (X X X)-(4 OCT 1864): In her 58th year Wife of Moses Campbell,

Campbell, Lucy , (X X X)-(22 AUG X): , McKitrick notes for the year of death: "(1870)?"

Coulter, Louisa E  , (X X X)-(3 FEB 1869): Wife of Wm Coulter, Aged 39y 7m ,

Coulter, Clarence  A  , (X X X)-(21 AUG X): Son of W. E. & L. E. Coulter, McKitrick notes for the year of death: "(1864)?"

Coulter, , (4 JUL 1864)-(7 JUL 1864): Infant son of W. E. & L. E. Coulter,

Clutter, George W  , (X X 1854)-(X X 1928): No notes

Clutter, Hulda J  Crow, (X X 1857)-(X X X): His Wife [George W],

Chute, Elizabeth Ann , (X X X)-(X X X): Daughter of William & Anna Chute Who died, McKitrick notes: Rest of marker gone

Chute, William  B  , (19 JAN 1801)-(26 MAY 1887): Born in the State of Maine, Aged 86y 4m 7d,

Chute, Samuel S  , (X X X)-(11 AUG 1858): Son of W. B. & A Chute, Aged 28y 5m 21d ,

Coras, Mary E  , (X X X)-(19 OCT 1865): Daughter of Martin & A Coras,

Columbus, Lucy J  , (X X 1874)-(X X 1953): No notes

Dunbar, Daniel , (20 AUG 1800)-(10 MAY 1882): Born in Fairfax Co VA, In the 82nd year of his age,

Dunbar, Mary C  , (X X X)-(23 DEC 1845): Wife of Daniel Dunbar, in the 42nd year,

Dunbar, Edwin , (X X X)-(21 JUN 1833): Son of Daniel & Mary Dunbar, age 3y,

Dunbar, August L  , (X X X)-(26 OCT 1840): Son of Daniel & Mary Dunbar, in the 13th year of his age,

Dunsmoor, Horrace , (11 OCT 1799)-(29 MAR 1879): No notes

Dunsmoor, Jane Bishop, (18 AUG 1807)-(16 DEC 1877): Wife of Horrace Dunsmoor,

Dunsmoor, Phinehas , (X X X)-(6 MAY 1823): Aged 50y 4m 7d,

Dunsmoor, Polly , (X X X)-(20 MAR 1857): Wife of Phinehas Dunsmoor, Aged 74y 8m 4d,

Dunsmoor, Susan G  , (X X X)-(16 SEP 1839): In Memory of Susan G. Daughter of Horace & Jane Dunsmoor, In the 5th year of her age,

Dunsmoor, , (X X X)-(21 FEB 1839): Infant Son of Daniel & Julia P. Dunsmoor,

Dunsmoor, , (X X X)-(14 NOV 1873): Infant Son of George & ? Dunsmoor,

Dunsmore, Lucius P  , (25 JAN 1810)-(14 DEC 1896): No notes

Dunsmore, Mahala , (X X X)-(21 MAY 1876): Wife of Lucius Dunsmore, Aged 63y 9m 10d,

Dunsmore, Lucius  J  , (X X X)-(21 JUL 1868): Son of L. P. & M. Dunsmore, A member of Co D 148th Reg. O.N.G. Age 22y 7m 13d,

Dickson, Julia Coulter, (X X 1856)-(X X 1898): Wife of Wm Dickson,

Faires, Henry , (X X X)-(9 JUL 1874): Aged 48y 9m 16d,

Gage, George R  , (X X 1854)-(X X 1923): McKitrick notes: On the same marker with Emily Y. Selby, born 1856, Died 1951,

Gage, Joseph , (16 FEB 1815)-(25 NOV 1895): No notes

Gage, Mary A  , (2 MAR 1814)-(12 JAN 1898): No notes

Gage, John A , (X X X)-(6 SEP 1904): Aged 59y 2m 1d,

Gage, Lucien C  , (20 APR 1841)-(11 NOV 1841): No notes

Gage, Caroline E  , (3 SEP 1839)-(31 AUG 1845): No notes

Gage, Polly J  , (24 SEP 1851)-(26 AUG 1852): No notes

Gage, Lucien C  , (X X X)-(11 NOV 1841): Son of J. H. & M. A. Gage, Aged 6m 22d,

Gage, Caroline , (X X X)-(31 AUG 1845): Daughter of J. H. & M. A. Gage, Aged 5y 11m 28d,

Gage, Joseph H  , (X X 1881)-(X X 1960): No notes

Gage, Bessie M  , (X X 1883)-(X X 1961): No notes

Gage, Jay , (X X 1872)-(X X 1956): No notes

Gage, Mildred C  , (X X 1872)-(X X 1946): No notes

Goddard, Abram Wood , (11 MAR 1817)-(22 OCT 1871): Aged 64y 7m 5d,

Goddard, Maria Jane , (25 FEB 1826)-(30 JAN 1902): Aged 75y 11m 5d,

Goddard, Alva C  , (X X X)-(23 JAN 1859): Son of A. W. & M. J. Goddard, Aged 1y 1m 19d,

Goddard, Hapgood , (X X X)-(17 SEP 1852): Son of G. H. & M. E. Goddard, Aged 17m 7d,

Goddard, Rebecca , (X X X)-(27 FEB 1875): Aged 87y 6m 26d, Their Children:
Frances Amanda, (17 FEB 1810)
Edward Hapgood, (20 MAY 1811)
Eliza Alvira, (23 JAN 1813)
William Pith Putnam, (24 DEC 1815)
Abraham Wood, (11 MAR 1817)
Julia Putnam, (30 SEP 1819)
Sarah Loring, (19 FEB 1822)
Charles Howe, (4 DEC 1824)
George Rodney, (7 APR 1827)
Lucy Eaton, (1 SEP 1829)

Goddard, , (X X X)-(X X X): Infant Daughter of G. H. & M. E. Goddard, July 19, 1858,

Goddard, Hapgood , (X X X)-(31 JAN 1865): Aged 81y 9m 18d Their Children:
Frances Amanda, (17 FEB 1810)
Edward Hapgood, (20 MAY 1811)
Eliza Alvira, (23 JAN 1813)
William Pith Putnam, (24 DEC 1815)
Abraham Wood, (11 MAR 1817)
Julia Putnam, (30 SEP 1819)
Sarah Loring, (19 FEB 1822)
Charles Howe, (4 DEC 1824)
George Rodney, (7 APR 1827)
Lucy Eaton, (1 SEP 1829)

Goddard, Charles H  , (4 DEC 1824)-(26 JUN 1904): No notes

Goddard, Emeline Chamberlain, (22 OCT 1826)-(28 JUN 1904): His Wife [Charles H],

Goddard, Rowena , (28 SEP 1848)-(18 FEB 1906): No notes

Hart, David , (6 AUG 1816)-(18 NOV 1858): No notes

Hart, Amanda , (7 MAR 1819)-(6 SEP 1890): No notes

Hueston, William , (X X X)-(4 JAN 1875): Aged 80y 7m 26d,

Hueston, Margaret , (X X X)-(13 DEC 1866): Wife of William Hueston, Aged 70y 4m 24d,

Hueston, J R  , (X X X)-(20 JUL 1869): Aged 30y 20d,

Hickman, Marion F  , (X X 1852)-(X X 1922): No notes

Hickman, Sarah L  , (X X 1860)-(X X 1946): No notes

Hickman, Susan S  , ( MAY 1811)-(15 JUL 1884): Aged 73y,

Haines, John T  , (X X X)-(X X X): No notes

Haines, Rachel Dunsmore, (X X X)-(10 JUN 1879): Wife of J. T. Haines, Aged 56y 5m 20d,

Hildebrand, George W  , (X X 1842)-(X X 1923): No notes

Hildebrand, Ruth E  , (X X 1847)-(X X 1939): No notes

Hildebrand, , (X X X)-(X X 1880): Infant son,

Hildebrand, , (9 SEP 1870)-(9 SEP 1870): Infant Daughter of George W. & R. E. Hildebrand,

Hildebrand, Bernard L  , (X X 1882)-(X X 1961): No notes

Hildebrand, Leon A  , (X X 1878)-(X X 1954): No notes

Hildebrand, George , (X X X)-(25 JUL 1874): Aged 68y 7m 10d,

Hildebrand, Albina , (X X 1839)-(X X 1921): No notes

Hines, Clara O  , (25 APR 1863)-(23 DEC 1864): Daughter of J. T. & R. G. Hines,

Kenney, Nathan E  , (X X 1873)-(X X 1959): No notes

Kenney, Lakie B  , (X X 1877)-(X X 1961): No notes

Kenney, John , (X X 1870)-(X X 1939): No notes

Kenney, Ola , (X X 1872)-(X X X): His Wife [John],

Kenney, N  J  , (13 OCT 1821)-(11 OCT 1896): No notes

Kenney, Elizabeth , (29 MAY 1839)-(X X X): His Wife [N J],

Kenney, John , (X X X)-(29 MAR 1872): Aged 81y 7m 23d,

Kenney, Mary , (X X X)-(X X X): Wife of John Kenney,

Kenney, John , (X X X)-(26 SEP 1877): Aged 40y 6m 6d,

Kenney, James , (X X X)-(4 JUL 1874): Aged 71y 1m ,

Kenney, Susannah , (X X X)-(8 SEP 1870): Wife of James Kenney,

Kenney, James , (X X 1872)-(X X 1908): No notes

Kenney, Jasper J  , (5 1875)-(14 JAN 1904): Son of N. J. & Elizabeth Kenney,

Kenney, Mable , (15 MAY 1903)-(22 MAR 1904): Daughter of J. M. & B. A. Kenney,

Kenney, Elial , (9 DEC 1894)-(24 DEC 1894): Daughter of J. M. & B. A. Kenney,

Lake, Thomas , (X X X)-(29 AUG 1854): A Native of New York, Died Aug 29, 1854 in the 94th year of his age, Revolutionary War Veteran

Lake, Thomas , (X X X)-(X X 1817): , Rest of marker gone

Lake, Caroline , (X X X)-(1 AUG 1858): In Memory of Caroline Wife of Peter B. Lake Who departed This Life August 1 A.D. 1858, Aged 25years,

Lake, Rachel , (X X X)-(28 APR 1838): In Memory of Rachel, Wife of Peter Lake, Who died April 28, 1838, Aged 28 years& 25 days,

Lake, Emeline , (X X X)-(21 AUG 1845): Daughter of Peter B. & Caroline Lake, Age 19y,

Lake, Lydia B  , (X X X)-(13 JUL 1848): Daughter of P. B. & R. Lake, Aged 15y 1m 10d,

Lake, Caroline , (X X X)-(17 JUL 1848): Daughter of P. B. & C. Lake, aged 20y ,

Lake, Peter B  , (X X X)-(29 AUG 1874): Aged 77y 2m 23d,

Lake, Catharine , (X X X)-(18 MAY 1895): Wife of Peter B. Lake, Aged 94y 10m 2d,

Moore, John , (X X 1792)-(7 APR 1894): Born in the Co. Tyrone Ireland, Emigrated to the United States in 1827, Has Flag Marker

Moore, Jane Boyd, (17 SEP 1805)-(15 MAR 1881): Wife of John Moore, Born in The Co Tyrone, Ireland,

Moore, William , (X X 1828)-(X X 1901): No notes

Moore, Louisa , (X X 1837)-(X X 1899): No notes

Morris, William  W  , (12 AUG 1831)-(21 DEC 1888): No notes

Morris, Agenss N  , (6 APR 1828)-(25 SEP 1901): His Wife [William W],

Morris, Richard Field , (X X X)-(4 MAR 1844): Aged 44y 10m ,

Morris, Richard Field , (X X X)-(19 X 1839): In Memory of Richard Field Morris, Son of Richard & Martha Morris, Who died ???? 19, 1839,

Morris, George W  , (X X X)-(10 MAR 1853): Son of Richard & Martha Morris, Aged 19y 2m 24d,

Morris, Mary  E.  , (X X X)-(30 AUG X): Daughter of W. W. & A. N. Morris, Aged 2y 8m ?d, McKitrick note: year of death could be 1850 or 1859

Miller, Oliver , (X X X)-(5 JAN 1840): Aged 33y,

Miller, Mary , (X X X)-(2 FEB 1873): Aged 60y 24d,

McLaughlin, Earnest , (X X 1889)-(X X 1955): No notes

McLaughlin, Lindore D  , (X X 1880)-(X X 1945): No notes

McLaughlin, Josephine D  , (3 APR 1907)-(13 SEP 1858): No notes

Nichol, Robert , (21 DEC 1797)-(13 JUL 1894): Aged 96y 6m 22d,

Nichol, Margaret , (4 MAR 1806)-(10 DEC 1893): Aged 87y 9m 6d,

Nichol, Robert G  , (X X X)-(25 SEP 1870): Son of Robert & Margaret Nichol, Aged 25y 20d,

Newman, , (X X X)-(X X X): Infant child of John and Nancy Newman (4 graves total),

Newman, , (X X X)-(X X X): Infant child of John and Nancy Newman (4 graves total),

Newman, , (X X X)-(X X X): Infant child of John and Nancy Newman (4 graves total),

Newman, , (X X X)-(X X X): Infant child of John and Nancy Newman (4 graves total),

Perry, Thomas , (X X X)-(20 JUL 1839): No notes

Perry, Catherine , (X X X)-(15 JUL 1842): Wife of Thomas Perry, Aged 85y 6m 10d,

Perry, John , (X X X)-(8 MAY 1837): Aged 47y 7m 2d,

Perry, Abigail , (X X X)-(18 SEP 1875): Wife of John Perry, Aged 74y 1m 20d,

Perry, Thomas , (X X X)-(6 MAY 1861): Aged 41y,

Perry, Maria I  , (X X X)-(9 FEB 1859): Wife of Thomas Perry, In the 39th year of her age,

Perry, Mary , (X X X)-(24 JUL 1858): Daughter of John & A. Perry, in the 31st year of her age,

Perry, Isaac , (X X X)-(24 MAR 1868): Aged 72y 9m 28d,

Perry, Mary , (X X X)-(7 JUL 1881): Wife of Isaac Perry, Aged 82y 4m 14d,

Perry, Lewis , (X X X)-( JUL 1832): In Memory of Lewis, son of Isaac and Mary Perry Who died July ? 1832, in the 3rd year of his age,

Perry, Mary  Ann , (19 MAR 1827)-(25 OCT 1912): No notes

Perry, Lydia A  , (X X X)-(10 OCT 1882): Wife of Charles B. Perry, Aged 24y 4m,

Perry, Esther Huston, (X X X)-(27 JUN 1879): Wife of James B. Perry, Aged 58y 15d,

Perry, , (X X X)-(15 FEB 1846): Infant Daughter of James B & Hester W. Perry,

Perry, , (X X X)-(18 MAY 1856): Infant Son of James B. & Hester W. Perry,

Payne, Mary Heuston, (7 AUG 1818)-(11 APR 1902): Wife of Wm. Payne, Aged 83y 8m 4d,

Paine, Deborah , (X X X)-(12 APR 1856): Wife of John Paine, Aged 47y 11m 26d,

Parkins, Mary E  Pugh, (15 OCT 1859)-(18 NOV 1884): Wife of Albert B. Parkins, Aged 25y 1m 2d,

Quinn, William  F  , (28 APR 1851)-(5 AUG 1896): No notes

Quinn, Melissa  E  Goddard, (30 MAR 1847)-(1 MAR 1928): His Wife [William F],

Remely, David , (3 JAN 1837)-(23 MAR 1911): No notes

Remely, Mary A  Morris, (6 APR 1841)-(7 FEB 1919): His Wife [David],

Remeley, Mary A  Wible, (11 JUN 1836)-(13 OCT 1927): No notes

Race, Letisha , (X X X)-(16 JUN 1869): Aged 69y 9m 21d,

Randolph, Hattar , (X X X)-(8 JUL 1870): Daughter of John & Vesta? Randolph, Aged 1m 16d,

Randolph, S  M  , (X X X)-(18 DEC 1915): Aged 84y 2m 9d,

Randolph, Prudence  Marcissa , (X X X)-(20 JUL 1888): Wife of S. M. Randolph, Aged 57y 2m 12d,

Rider, Olive  , (X X X)-(14 AUG 1839): In Memory of Olive, Daughter of Phineas S. & Almira Rider, Who Died Aug 14, 1839 aged 11months & 12 days,

Runnels, Fay P  , (X X 1880)-(X X 1951): No notes

Runnels, Edna F  Angle, (X X 1885)-(X X 1929): His Wife [Fay],

Runnels, Robert  F  , (X X 1851)-(X X 1935): No notes

Runnels, Lodema A  , (X X 1852)-(X X 1924): No notes

Runnels, , (X X X)-(X X X): Infant daughter of R. F. & L. A. Runnells, March 13, 1876,

Rea, James , (X X X)-(14 OCT 1860): In his 77th year,

Rea, Anna , (X X X)-(13 JAN 1848): Wife of J. Rea, Aged 53y 2m 16d,

Rea, William , (X X X)-(X MAY X): Son of James & Anna Rea, McKitrick notes for year of death: "(1836)?"

Rea, George W  , (X X X)-(21 OCT 1860): Aged 34y 10m 20d,

Swayne, Mary H  , (X X 1854)-(X X 1926): No notes

Selby, Emily  Y  , (X X 1856)-(X X 1951): , Citric notes: This s on the same marker with George R. Gage, Born 1854, Died 1923, And is Probably his Wife

Smith, Mary , (X X X)-(X X X): Daughter of E. F. & D. A. Smith,

Share, Delia Campbell, (X X 1867)-(X X 1932): No notes

Swesey, James , (X X X)-(29 AUG 1865): Aged 78y,

Swesey, Elizabeth , (X X X)-(8 JUN 1862): Wife of James Swesey,

Thomas, Caroline H  , (2 NOV 1853)-(30 JUN 1897): No notes

Thomas, Lucy E  , (X X X)-(30 DEC 1882): Daughter of J. & C. H. Thomas, Aged 3y 11m 14d,

Tinker, Laura A  Dunsmore, (X X X)-(21 SEP 1872): Wife of Dr. E. W. Tinker and Daughter of L. P. & M. Dunsmore, Aged 23y 9m 14d,

Ullom, Lucy Morris, (X X 1868)-(X X 1935): No notes

Ullom, Carrie D  Haines, (25 DEC 1865)-(28 AUG 1907): No notes

Varner, John D  , (X X 1836)-(X X 1909): No notes

Varner, Charlotte H  , (X X 1841)-(X X 1906): No notes

Varner, , (X X X)-(4 OCT 1881): Infant son of John D. & Charlotte Varner, Aged 2m 19d,

Varner, , (X X X)-(7 JAN 1862): Infant Daughter of J. D. & C. Varner,

Varner, Martha , (25 OCT 1802)-(25 JUL 1896): Wife of Joseph Varner, Aged 94y 6m ,

Varner, Joseph  , (X X X)-(9 NOV X): No notes

Varner, Elmer E  , (X X X)-(20 AUG 1874): Son of David & Caroline Varner, Aged 1y 11d,

Varner, Eliza  , (X X X)-(9 DEC 1842): Daughter of J. & M. Varner, Aged 5y 10m ,

Woodruff, Calvin , (X X X)-(5 MAR 1861): Aged 29y 8m 21d,

Woodruff, Tamer , (X X X)-(2 OCT 1865): Wife of Calvin Woodruff, Aged 30y 9m 25d,

Woodruff, Marietta , (X X X)-(18 FEB 1858): Daughter of Calvin and &Tamer Woodruff, Aged 4m ,

Woodruff, Calvena I  , (X X X)-(5 JUN 1863): Daughter of C & T. Woodruff, Aged 1y 10m ,

Woodruff, Milbry A  , (X X X)-(26 OCT 1865): Son of C. & T. Woodruff, Aged 6y 9m 10d,

Wilson, Nelson , (X X X)-(10 APR 1878): Aged 55y 2m 23d,

Wilson, Hannah E  , (X X X)-(7 JUL 1870): Wife of Nelson Wilson, Aged 41y 1m 25d,

Wilson, Mary E  , (X X X)-(31 MAR 1853): Daughter of N. & H. Wilson, Aged 1y 9m 28d,

Wilson, James , (28 FEB 1858)-(10 AUG 1892): No notes

Wilson, Jane Ormiston, (21 OCT 1853)-(X X X): His Wife [James],

Wilson, Mary , (X X X)-(20 NOV 1885): Wife of Cyrus Wilson, Aged 67y 3m 20d,

Wilson, Lydia J  , (X X X)-(20 MAR 1864): Daughter of Cyrus & Mary Wilson, Aged 16y 11m 21d,

Wilmarth, Martha , (X X X)-(15 JUL 1836): Martha, Consort of Rufus W. Wilmarth, Who Died July 15, 1836, in the 59th year of her age,

Watkins, Thomas W.  , (X X 1829)-(X X 1895): No notes

Watkins, Tobitha , (X X 1847)-(X X 1917): No notes

Watkins, Frank W  , (X X 1872)-(X X 1954): No notes

Watkins, Albert Q  , (X X 1876)-(X X 1960): No notes

Wyer, George , (X X X)-(6 MAR 1842): Aged 78y

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