Barlow Cemetery
SR 550, east of Barlow, Ohio

Acors, John (17 OCT 1880)-(16 JAN 1951): John Acors, West Virginia, Sgt. Trp. K. 8 Cavalry, Spanish American War

Adamson, John Paul (4 AUG 1924)-(27 OCT 1962): John Paul Adamson, Ohio, GM3 U.S.N.R. World War II

Addis, Mary Elma (X X 1843)-(X X 1932): No notes

Affleck, Margaret (29 SEP 1810)-(27 AUG 1875): Wife of William Affleck

Agin, Charlotte (26 MAY 1854)-(14 SEP 1884): Aged 30y 3m 18d

Agin, Fran Leon (12 SEP 1861)-(2 OCT 1941): No notes

Agin, Ida Elma (1 OCT 1859)-(24 DEC 1942): No notes

Agin, Lydia Ann (Vincent) (15 NOV 1834)-(11 MAR 1907): Wife of James Agin, On the same marker as Leora Maud Agin, Wife of William C. Grafton, Sept 3 1875 - Dec 19, 1907

Allebaugh, Margaret J (X X 1867)-(X X 1916): No notes

Allman, Sarah A C (X X X)-(6 APR 1870): Wife of Thomas W. Allman, Aged 30y 3d

Anderson, Agnes H  (X X 1895)-(X X X): No notes

Anderson, Clarence (X X 1885)-(X X 1954): No notes

Anderson, Edith F  (X X 1881)-(X X 1954): No notes

Anderson, James  H  (X X 1881)-(X X 1943): No notes

Anderson, Margaretta A (X X 1850)-(X X 1937): No notes

Anderson, Ralph C  (X X 1905)-(X X 1936): No notes

Baker, Cynthia A (X X 1853)-(X X 1905): His Wife [Ezra]

Baker, Darius (X X 1815)-(X X 1871): No notes

Baker, Ezra F  (X X 1850)-(X X 1933): No notes

Baker, Fan  (X X 1874)-(X X 1961): No notes

Baker, Fannie L  (X X 1893)-(X X 1955): No notes

Baker, Ivah F  (X X 1818)-(X X 1909): His Wife [Darius]

Baker, John H  (X X 1894)-(X X X): No notes

Baker, Lou (X X 1872)-(X X 1955): No notes

Baker, Maxine Orndoff (X X 1913)-(X X 1952): No notes

Baker, Rowie I  (X X 1886)-(X X 1962): No notes

Baker, Wilmington (X X 1884)-(X X 1928): No notes

Ball, Edward (9 JAN 1870)-(18 OCT 1899): Son of J. B. & S. J. Ball

Ball, James  W  (30 JUN 1854)-(4 SEP 1893): No notes

Ball, Jasper B  (X X X)-(14 APR 1871): In the 43rd year of his age

Ball, John (2 JUL 1864)-(20 MAY 1891): Son of J. B. & S. J. Ball

Ball, Martha Ann (16 MAR 1838)-(16 JUN 1899): Wife of J. E. Ball

Ball, Rachel (X X X)-(18 JAN 1875): Wife of William Ball, In the 71st year of her age

Ball, William (X X X)-(15 MAR 1841): In the 40th year of his age

Barnes, Dorothy (X X 1918)-(X X 1948): No notes

Barnes, Frances (X X 1888)-(X X 1925): No notes

Barth, Flora L  (7 MAY 1877)-(11 SEP 1937): No notes

Barth, Hugh H  (30 MAR 1872)-(9 SEP 1950): No notes

Bartlett, Lydia H  (5 JUN 1812)-(24 DEC 1886): Wife of Rev. J. Bartlett

Bartlett, Nora (X X X)-(X X X): Daughter of John and Harriet Bartlett, No dates

Basim, Charlotte (X X 1861)-(X X 1944): No notes

Beach, Alfred P  (X X 1842)-(X X 1921): CO F 36 REG. O.B.I., Flag Marker

Beach, Brian Benjamin (X X 1968)-(X X 1968): No notes

Beach, Cydnor T  (24 SEP 1844)-(3 JUL 1913): CO F O.V.I., Flag Marker 

Beach, Cynthia (X X 1855)-(X X 1913): His Wife [Leander C]

Beach, Emily R  (8 APR 1820)-(15 OCT 1889): Wife of Rufus Beach

Beach, Leander C  (X X 1847)-(X X 1908): No notes

Beach, Martha  M  (X X 1843)-(X X 1919): His Wife [Alfred P]

Beach, Rufus (27 SEP 1814)-(13 JAN 1902): No notes

Beardmore, Amy Diane (X X X)-(X X X): "Aug. 28, 1967", No indication as to birth or death

Beebe, Katie (X X X)-(23 JUN 1862): Daughter of Wm. & F. Beebe, Aged 7y 3m

Bell, Agnes A  (X X X)-(28 FEB 1942): His Wife [Charles W] Aged 74y 3m 8d

Bell, Agnes H  (X X 1882)-(X X 1952): No notes

Bell, Charles W  (X X 1869)-(X X 1947): No notes

Bell, Edgar T  (X X 1877)-(X X 1937): No notes

Bell, George W  (X X 1847)-(X X 1921): No notes

Bell, Hattie J (X X 1885)-(X X 1908): Their daughter [George W and Huldah J]

Bell, Huldah  J.  (X X 1849)-(X X 1911): No notes

Bell, Isaac W  (11 NOV 1847)-(1 APR 1920): No notes

Bell, John R  (X X 1843)-(X X 1920): No notes

Bell, Marcus G  (X X 1884)-(X X 1947): No notes

Bell, Mary E  (X X 1843)-(X X 1906): His Wife [John R]

Bell, May Orndoff (14 MAY 1856)-(27 JUL 1940): No notes

Bell, Wm F  (X X 1878)-(X X 1963): No notes

Benedict , A  H  (X X 1843)-(21 DEC 1902): No notes

Benedict, Clarence A  (24 APR 1868)-(X X 1952): No notes

Benedict, Jennie (X X 1872)-(X X 1936): His Wife [A. H.]

Benedict, L  Emily (X X 1847)-(23 JAN 1885): Only Daughter of A. H. & L. E. Benedict, Aged 4y 11m 13d

Benedict, Mary (X X X)-(14 NOV 1902): Son of C. A. & L. B. Benedict

Benedict, Raymond L  (2 MAR 1898)-(X X 1952): No notes

Benedict, Sumner (X X 1867)-(X X 1904): No notes

Benson, Elmer L  (X X 1884)-(X X 1943): No notes

Benson, Gertrude M  (X X 1886)-(X X 1967): No notes

Benson, Walter  E  (18 SEP 1908)-(11 JAN 1968): Ohio, PFC CO A 255 ENGR CBT? BN World War II

Benson, William D  (X X 1911)-(X X 1958): No notes

Biddison, Nancy (X X X)-(12 AUG 1858): Wife of Phillip Biddison, In her 82 year

Biddison, Phillip (X X X)-(30 OCT 1876): Aged 96y 9m 4d

Bishoff, John  A  (31 DEC 1844)-(18 APR 1926): CO A 6 REG W.VA. V.I.

Bishoff, Lena E  (19 AUG 1848)-(21 APR 1919): No notes

Bishop, Gilbert (X X X)-(X AUG 1837): In Memory of Gilbert Bishop, who died in the 69th year of his age

Blaker, Clara  L  (X X 1849)-(X X 1945): No notes

Blaker, D  Lester (X X 1898)-(X X X): No notes

Blaker, Danny Leon (X X 1948)-(X X 1949): No notes

Blaker, Della V  (9 JUN 1887)-(26 JUL 1920): Aged 33y

Blaker, Fannie  L  (X X 1893)-(X X 1955): No notes

Blaker, Henry (X X 1832)-(X X 1908): No notes

Blaker, John  H  (X X 1894)-(X X X): No notes

Blaker, Margaret C  (X X 1905)-(X X 1940): No notes

Blaker, Roy Edward (X X 1904)-(X X 1958): No notes

Blough, Sarah J  (15 APR 1833)-(13 SEP 1887): Wife of C. W. Blough

Bond, Roy (13 DEC 1895)-(X X 1963): No notes

Bond, Roy (X X 1895)-(19 MAY 1963): Ohio, PFC Co. F. 309 AMMO. TRAIN, WORLD WAR I

Bond, Ruby (X X 1902)-(X X 1969): No notes

Boord, Alonzo A   (X X 1873)-(X X 1956): No notes

Boord, Anna R  (X X 1879)-(X X 1961): No notes

Botkin, James  (X X X)-(14 JUN 1867): Son of ? & E Botkin, Aged 14y 15d

Bowman, Alfred D  (X X 1889)-(X X 1953): No notes

Bowman, Alice M  (X X 1920)-(X X X): No notes

Boyd, John (29 SEP 1822)-(3 NOV 1903): Flag Marker

Boyd, Sarah D  (3 FEB 1840)-(22 JAN 1929): His Wife [John]

Boyer, Esther M  (X X 1918)-(X X X): No notes

Boyer, Wilbert L  (X X 1904)-(X X 1965): No notes

Brackenridge , Catherine I  (X X 1835)-(X X 1920): His Wife [James H]

Brackenridge , Clarence (X X 1891)-(X X X): No notes

Brackenridge , Dean (X X 1916)-(X X X): No notes

Brackenridge , Edith (X X 1892)-(X X 1959): No notes

Brackenridge , James  H  (X X 1832)-(X X 1919): No notes

Breakckenridge, Isabella (X X X)-(21 MA 1865): Daughter of R. & C. Breckenridge, Aged 37y 8m 26d

Breakenridge, Catharine (X X X)-(25 DEC 1839): In Memory of Catharine Daughter of Robert and Catharine Breakenridge, Aged 18y 6m

Breckenridge, Catherine Harvey (X X X)-(23 MAY 1881): Wife of Robert Breckenridge, Aged 87y 1m 6d

Breckenridge, Charles R  (X X 1881)-(X X 1941): No notes

Breckenridge, David (X X 1822)-(X X 1915): No notes

Breckenridge, Harriett (X X 1830)-(X X 1893): His Wife [David]

Breckenridge, James  W  (X X 1877)-(X X 1926): No notes

Breckenridge, Jessie O  (X X 1882)-(X X X): No notes

Breckenridge, Mary M  (X X 1889)-(X X X): No notes

Breckenridge, Robert (X X X)-(2 OCT 1871): Aged 77y 7m 8d

Breckenridge, Wm H  (21 AUG 1840)-(2 JAN 1901): Aged 60y 4m 10d

Breckinridge, Nancy (28 FEB 1820)-(21 SEP 1893): Aged 73y 6m 21d

Broadhurst, Catharine A  (X X 1830)-(X X 1917): His Wife [John]

Broadhurst, John (X X 1825)-(X X 1901): No notes

Brookover, Joseph L  (X X 1902)-(X X X): No notes

Brookover, Lillie B  (X X 1903)-(X X 1970): No notes

Burchett, Arthur L  (X X 1896)-(X X X): No notes

Burchett, Douglas O  (X X 1868)-(X X 1946): No notes

Burchett, Emma (X X 1853)-(X X 1919): No notes

Burchett, Everett (X X 1883)-(X X 1952): No notes

Burchett, Flora A  (X X 1863)-(X X X): His Wife [Robert]

Burchett, Harrison (X X X)-(21 JUL 1883): Aged 45y 20d

Burchett, Jesse (X X 1849)-(X X 1930): No notes

Burchett, Margie E  (X X 1897)-(X X 1951): No notes

Burchett, Robert (X X 1859)-(X X 1932): No notes

Burchett, Willie L  (12 NOV 1873)-(21 AUG 1920): No notes

Burfield, Kate (X X X)-(13 AUG 1869): Daughter of H. & Ada Burfield

Burfield, Margaret A  (28 AUG 1842)-(8 JUL 1898): No notes

Busch, Grace  W  (X X 1893)-(X X X): No notes

Busch, John  F  (X X 1889)-(X X 1964): No notes

Callihan, Bruce E  (X X 1959)-(X X 1961): No notes

Campbell, Adella  P  (X X 1876)-(X X 1956): No notes

Campbell, Dallas B  (X X 1881)-(X X 1968): No notes

Canfield, Betsey Richards (X X 1871)-(X X 1889): No notes

Canfield, Charles  F  (X X 1861)-(X X 1906): No notes

Canfield, Daniel (X X 1828)-(X X 1899): No notes

Canfield, Ezekiel (X X X)-(26 NOV 1865): Aged 71y 25d

Canfield, Ezekiel (X X X)-(30 JAN 1887): Aged 45y 8m 14d

Canfield, Luella  Jane (X X 1858)-(X X 1889): No notes

Canfield, Mary Davis (X X 1837)-(X X 1889): No notes

Canfield, Mary Frances (X X 1869)-(X X 1919): His Wife [Daniel]

Canfield, Myrtle   H  (X X 1869)-(X X 1936): No notes

Canfield, Philena (X X X)-(26 JUL 1865): Wife of Ezekiel Canfield, Aged 67y 4d

Canfield, Samuel (X X 1864)-(X X X): No notes

Carlin, James  (26 JUN 1796)-(23 JUL 1874): Aged 78y 27d, Flag marker 

Carpenter, Basil W  (X X 1889)-(X X 1961): No notes

Carpenter, Lola Anna (X X 1893)-(X X 1965): No notes

Carpenter, Mabel N  (X X 1897)-(X X 1916): No notes

Carpenter, Margaret N  (X X 1893)-(X X 1911): No notes

Carpenter, Marilla M  (X X 1872)-(X X 1954): No notes

Carpenter, Thomas E (X X 1869)-(X X 1928): No notes

Carr, Pardon H  (X X 1792)-(X X 1869): No notes

Carroll, Edward H  (X X 1904)-(X X 1940): No notes

Caskey, Laura A  (X X 1881)-(X X 1915): No notes

Cassady, Albert (X X 1890)-(X X 1968): No notes

Cassady, Grace  M  (X X 1899)-(X X X): No notes

Chapman, Abigail (22 MAR 1830)-(22 DEC 1921): His Wife [Hiel]

Chapman, Hiel (10 MAY 1829)-(13 AUG 1911): No notes

Childres, Anna F  (X X 1856)-(X X 1937): No notes

Childres, Bruce B  (X X 1880)-(X X X): No notes

Childres, Gale  B  (X X 1889)-(X X 1904): Daughter of J. H. & A. F. Childers

Childres, Gladys (X X 1884)-(X X 1968): No notes

Childres, John H  (X X 1854)-(X X 1906): No notes

Christopher , Herman (X X 1917)-(1 OCT 1905): Daughter of Lonnie & Rosa Christopher

Christopher, Ida Leota (5 APR 1905)-(11 NOV 1951): No notes

Christopher, Leslie Ray (8 FEB 1942)-(X X X): No notes

Christopher, Majorie (X X 1921)-(X X 1940): His Wife [William H]

Christopher, Orilla E  (X X 1853)-(X X 1953): No notes

Christopher, Rosa Bell Simmons (X X 1886)-(X X 1961): No notes

Christopher, William  H  (X X 1845)-(X X 1906): CO D 77 REG O.V.I.

Christopher, William A  (X X 1876)-(X X X): No notes

Clark, Phebe (X X X)-(23 NOV 1880): Aged 80 years, 8 months and 11 days

Clutter, Floyd J  (X X 1879)-(X X 1958): No notes

Clutter, Josephine E  (X X 1883)-(X X 1954): No notes

Coe, Eugene (11 JAN 1948)-(27 FE 1948): No notes

Coe, Herman F  (X X 1912)-(X X 1959): No notes

Colvin, (X X X)-(30 MAR 1863): Daughter of James & Jane Colvin, Aged 1m 14d

Colvin, Hester A  (X X X)-(13 JAN 1871): Father, Aged 35y 3m 8d 

Colvin, James  (X X X)-(30 MAR 1890): Mother, Aged 52y 6m 16d, McKitrick has a question mark after the year of death 

Colvin, Sarah J  (X X X)-(15 APR 1870): Infant son of J. & J. Colvin, Aged 1 day

Congdom, Alfred F  (X X 1855)-(X X 1935): No notes

Congdom, Ellen Proctor (X X 1847)-(X X 1932): No notes

Conley, Harry Vincent (X X 1878)-(X X 1937): No notes

Conley, Linna E  (X X 1880)-(X X 1934): Wife of Harry V. Conley

Conrad, Edward (X X 1868)-(X X 1946): No notes

Conrad, Fidellia (X X 1870)-(X X 1951): No notes

Cooksey, Amanda Shields (X X 1837)-(X X 1913): His Wife [Townsend]

Cooksey, Townsend H  (X X 1833)-(X X 1908): CO B 9th REG O.V.I.

Cooper, Donna Jean (X X 1944)-(X X 1952): No notes

Cornes, Frank (X X 1892)-(X X 1965): No notes

Cornes, Sylvia (X X 1898)-(X X X): No notes

Craig, Benjamin (X X X)-(23 APR 1876): Aged 28y 6m 11d

Crewson, (X X X)-(13 MAR 1904): No notes

Crewson, Andrew J  (26 AUG 1827)-(19 DEC 1870): No notes

Crewson, Burres (16 NOV 1794)-(20 MAY 1888): Wife of Andrew J. Crewson, Aged 44y 23d

Crewson, Eliza J  (X X X)-(5 APR 1839): In Memory of Henry Augustine, Son of Burres & Lydia Crewson, Who died April 5 1839, in the 34th year of his age

Crewson, Henry Augustine (X X X)-(6 APR 1860): Wife of Edwin Crewson, In the 25th year of her age

Crewson, Jeannette (X X X)-(9 APR 1863): Wife of Burres Crewson, Aged 64y 7m 19d

Crewson, Lydia (X X X)-(30 MAR 1839): In Memory of Maria, Daughter of Burres & Lydia Crewson, Who died March 30, 1839, Aged 9 year & 9 days

Crewson, Maria (X X X)-(28 JUN 1852): Infant Son of Benj & J. Crewson, Aged 3 days

Cunningham, (X X 1914)-(15 SEP 1912): Father

Cunningham, (X X X)-(28 OCT 1897): No notes

Cunningham, (X X X)-(19 MAR 1922): No notes

Cunningham, Arlando W  (2 OCT 1854)-(7 JAN 1876): Wife of William H. Cunningham, Aged 27y 9m 28d

Cunningham, B  F  (27 FEB 1818)-(X X 1938): Father

Cunningham, Bengamin H  (26 OCT 1890)-(X X 1953): No notes

Cunningham, Caroline (X X X)-(X X 1903): No notes

Cunningham, Charles H  (X X 1869)-(X X 1951): Mother

Cunningham, Della  B  (X X 1884)-(29 APR 1882): Wife of John W. Cunningham, Aged 31y 2m 6d

Cunningham, Edward A  (X X 1886)-(18 FEB 1862): Son of B. F. & S. Cunningham, A Soldier In CO F 36 REG, O.V. , Aged 17y 11m 20d

Cunningham, Effie Lucy (X X 1876)-(22 JAN 1874): Son of Benjamin F. & Sabra Cunningham, Aged 21y 9m 21d

Cunningham, Emma E  (X X X)-(X X 1916): No notes

Cunningham, Francis M  (X X X)-(24 FEB 1906): Son of C. N. & Effie Cunningham

Cunningham, Leonodus G  (X X X)-(17 MAR 1909): No notes

Cunningham, Loring M  (X X 1856)-(21 JUN 1909): No notes

Cunningham, Lyle Cooke (2 MAY 1905)-(X X 1963): No notes

Cunningham, Malisa J  (23 OCT 1846)-(1 APR 1904): His Wife [B. F.]

Cunningham, Mary E  (10 JUL 1853)-(8 APR 1914): Wife of Paris M. Cunningham

Cunningham, Paris M  (X X 1877)-(X X 1927): Flag Marker

Cunningham, Sabra Harvey (11 JUN 1826)-(5 NOV 1884): Infant Son of L. M. & N. J. Cunningham

Cunningham, Vesta F  Smith (25 MAY 1880)-(X X 1914): Infant Daughter of R. M. & Vesta F. Cunningham

Cunningham, William  H  (X X 1842)-(11 SEP 1872): Infant Daughter of Arlando W. & Mary E. Cunningham, Aged 23d

Cunninghams, Ida (X X X)-(18 DEC 1877): Daughter of H & I. C. Cunningham, Aged 2y 10m 3d

Cunninghams, Nancy  J  (X X 1862)-(X X 1928): No notes

David, Elien (12 JUL 1900)-(28 APR 1959): No notes

Davis, Rev, Elias (X X X)-(24 FEB 1866): Aged 45y 7m 28d

Davis, Rhoda C Laflin (X X X)-(8 MAR 1863): Wife of Rev. Elias Davis and Daughter of I & ? Laflin, Aged 40y

Dean, J  Frank (X X 1926)-(X X 1942): No notes

Dean, Julius F  (X X 1866)-(X X 1941): No notes

Dearth, Annie (X X 1877)-(X X 1948): No notes

Dearth, Russel (X X 1874)-(X X 1967): No notes

Delp, Lewis (23 SEP 1878)-(29 OCT 1902): No notes

Deming, Frank (X X 1852)-(X X 1936): No notes

Deming, Jessie G  (X X 1882)-(X X 1957): No notes

Deming, John Treat (13 JUN 1810)-(2 APR 1899): No notes

Deming, Kate G  (X X 1851)-(X X 1926): No notes

Deming, Leslie G  (X X 1908)-(X X 1952): McKitrick notes "(Father of Lyle, Marie & Teddy)"

Deming, Loring  G  (X X 1888)-(X X 1968): No notes

Deming, Mary AnnRichards (7 JUN 1824)-(12 JUN 1909): His Wife [John Treat]

Denny, Mary A  (5 NOV 1858)-(14 NOV 1940): No notes

Denny, Walter  C  (23 JUN 1859)-(15 MAR 1944): No notes

Dingman, Jessie (X X 1882)-(X X 1964): No notes

Disbro, Phebe (1 FEB 1800)-(29 MAY 1882): In Memory of Phebe, Wife of I. R. Disbro, Born Feb 1, 1800, Died May 29, 1882, Aged 82y, 4m

Dunsmoor, Anna  E Milligan (31 OCT 1851)-(7 FEB 1913): Mother, His Wife [Daniel N.]

Dunsmoor, Daniel  N  (X X 1817)-(X X 1896): Father

Dunsmoor, Grace  B  (X X 1885)-(X X 1966): No notes

Dunsmoor, P Lawrence (X X 1886)-(X X 1954): No notes

Dustin, Eunice (27 JAN 1789)-(20 APR 1855): In Memory of Eunice Wife of Capt. Wm. Dustin, Born in Framingham, Mass. Jan 27, 1789, Died Apr. 20 1855

Eaton, Deana Joy (X X X)-(X X X): "Jan. 9, 1964" No indication if date was birth or death or both

Eaton, I May (X X 1876)-(X X 1941): No notes

Eaton, Orion (X X 1873)-(X X 1956): No notes

Eddy, Sr, Cyrus (X X X)-(22 OCT X): McKitrick notes "Rest of marker legend gone"

Eichhorn, Donald Lee (26 FEB 1935)-(15 SEP 1957): Ohio A 3c 1360 INSTL. SQ. AF F, Korea

Elder, Amos W  (X X 1877)-(X X 1936): Father

Elder, Haddie  L  (X X 1886)-(X X X): Mother

Elder, James  (23 MAR 1850)-(3 APR 1925): No notes

Elder, Margaret A Richards (22 MAR 1855)-(26 SEP 1915): His Wife [James]

Ellenwood, Elizabeth A Paulley (11 SEP 1823)-(20 JAN 1907): His Wife [Harvey B]

Ellenwood, Harvey B (7 AUG 1822)-(7 JAN 1887): No notes

Evans, C  E  (X X X)-(X X X): CO F 148th Ohio INF, Flag Marker

Evans, Cynthia (X X 1814)-(X X 1885): No notes

Evans, David E  (X X X)-(11 MAR 1864): Son of S. & N. Evans, A Member of CO F 36th REGT. O.V.I., Aged 28y 13d, HE GAVE HIS LIFE FOR THE FLAG OF HIS COUNTRY

Evans, Emma Jane (X X X)-(13 MAR 1877): Daughter of S. & C. Evans, Aged 22y 7m 12d

Evans, Harry C  (16 MAR 1872)-(29 APR 1904): No notes

Evans, Helen M  (X X 1874)-(X X 1925): No notes

Evans, L  Bert (X X 1877)-(X X 1949): No notes

Evans, Pearl G  (X X 1876)-(X X 1935): No notes

Evans, Sarah  A  (X X X)-(6 AUG 1852): Daughter of S. & C. Evans, Aged 6y 1m 19d

Evans, Sarah E  (X X 1853)-(X X 1921): No notes

Evans, Simeon (X X X)-(27 NOV 1872): Aged 59y 19d

Fader, Allie W  (X X 1896)-(X X 1942): No notes

Faris, (29 JUL 1842)-(29 JUL 1842): Infant daughter of Rev. J. M. & A. E. Faris, born and died July 29, 1842

Farlow, Lucille Anna (7 APR 1899)-(16 JAN 1903): Daughter of A. M. & Phebe Farlow

Felming, William (X X 1852)-(X X 1912): No notes

Finch, Bessie Phillips (X X 1906)-(X X 1961): No notes

Finch, C  E  (X X 1866)-(X X 1935): No notes

Finch, Charles C  (5 JUL 1898)-(24 DEC 1966): Ohio PVT STU ARMY TNG CORPS WORLD WAR 1

Finch, Eliza L  (10 SEP 1837)-(20 DEC 1909): Mother

Finch, Ernest E  (29 SEP 1889)-(10 JUL 1957): West Virginia PFC Base Hospital 214 World War I

Finch, G  Fergus (21 FEB 1902)-(21 MAY 1962): No notes

Finch, Harley W  (15 JAN 1896)-(18 NOV 1947): Ohio CPL 330 INF 83 DIV WORLD WAR 1

Finch, John  Carlyle (25 JUL 1894)-(13 JUN 1885): Brother

Finch, John C  (23 JAN 1863)-(23 JUN 1914): Son of C. E & Mary H. Finch

Finch, Luella   U  (X X 1899)-(X X X): No notes

Finch, Mary (X X 1870)-(X X 1955): No notes

Finch, W  E  (X X 1861)-(X X 1927): No notes

Finch, Wallace W  (1 JAN 1839)-(24 SEP 1907): Father

Fisher, Brooks O  (X X 1881)-(7 OCT 1886): Son of T. J. & Mattie P. Fisher

Fisher, Charles  E  (X X 1877)-(X X 1946): No notes

Fisher, Hattie P  (X X 1857)-(X X 1937): No notes

Fisher, Lester  A  (X X 1905)-(X X 1946): No notes

Fisher, M  Margaret (X X 1879)-(X X 1945): No notes

Fisher, Susan  J  (X X 1942)-(X X 1942): No notes

Fisher, Thomas J  (X X 1850)-(X X 1938): No notes

Fleming, Aaron (X X 1873)-(X X 1955): No notes

Fleming, Almira (X X 1851)-(X X 1926): No notes

Fleming, Annie McKay (X X 1867)-(X X 1952): His Wife [William]

Fleming, Charles E  (X X 1866)-(X X 1938): No notes

Fleming, Charles E  (X X 1866)-(X X 1938): No notes

Fleming, David  McKay (4 MAR 1903)-(16 SEP 1967): Born Fleming, Ohio, Died Marietta, Ohio

Fleming, Dora  Bell (X X 1875)-(X X 1961): No notes

Fleming, Dora  Belle (X X 1875)-(X X 1961): No notes

Fleming, Grace  Marie (27 FEB 1897)-(11 OCT 1898): Daughter of James H & Mercia A Fleming

Fleming, James  H  (X X 1863)-(X X 1931): No notes

Fleming, Margaret Breckenridge (11 DEC 1839)-(2 MAY 1902): His Wife [Thomas]

Fleming, Mercia A  (X X 1876)-(X X 1949): No notes

Fleming, Rebecca E  (X X 1861)-(X X 1945): No notes

Fleming, Thomas (15 MAR 1836)-(19 MAY 1916): No notes

Flesher, Laura L  (X X 1890)-(X X 1969): No notes

Flesher, Thomas  J  (X X 1888)-(X X 1967): No notes

Flowers, Fannie M  (X X 1869)-(X X 1960): No notes

Flowers, William A  (X X 1865)-(X X 1951): No notes

Ford, Alfred J  (X X X)-(17 AUG 1855): Aged 23d, Twin with Annie

Ford, Annie E  (X X X)-(22 AUG 1855): Aged 28d, Twin with Alfred

Ford, Chauncey Deming (X X X)-(13 FEB 1891): Aged 74y

Ford, Edna A  (X X 1869)-(X X 1950): Daughter of C. D. & Mercia A. Ford

Ford, Edna A North (X X X)-(10 JUL 1866): Wife of C. D. Ford, Born in Avon, Conn., Aged 48y 1m 29d

Ford, Edward North (X X X)-(2 JUN 1878): Graduated in Marietta College, Class of 1877, Aged 24y 7m 19d

Ford, Frederick D  (X X X)-(2 JAN 1869): Aged 1y 2m 10d Child of C. D. & M. A. Ford

Ford, Harry L  (X X X)-(9 NOV 1877): Aged 5y 9m 23d Child of C. D. & M. A. Ford

Ford, Lucy  Elizabeth (X X X)-(8 FEB 1859): Aged 1y 4m 2d

Ford, Mercia A  (20 FEB 1834)-(12 MAY 1922): Wife of C. D. Ford 

Ford, Rowena (X X X)-(1 DEC 1881): Wife of G. H. Ford, Aged 66y 11m 3d

Foreman, Alice Mary (X X 1905)-(X X X): No notes

Foreman, Carolyn H  (X X X)-(X X X): No notes

Foreman, Catherine I  (X X X)-(X X X): No notes

Foreman, Cena (X X 1879)-(X X X): No notes

Foreman, Clarence  E  (X X X)-(X X 1962): No notes

Foreman, Clarence W  (X X 1904)-(X X X): No notes

Foreman, Francis (X X 1875)-(X X X): No notes

Foreman, Francis A  (X X X)-(X X 1960): No notes

Foreman, Joey Jay (X X X)-(X X X): 1961, No indication as to whether date is birth, death, or both

Foreman, Lowell E  (X X X)-(X X X): No notes

Foreman, Nancy  E  (X X X)-(X X X): No notes

Forsyth, Mary (X X X)-(25 DEC 1865): Wife of Rev. H. Forsyth, Aged 46 years

Frost, Eunice (13 NOV 1817)-(2 DEC 1892): Born in New York

Fulcher, Elizabeth (X X X)-(22 JUN 1845): Wife of Joseph Fulcher, Aged 60y

Fuller, Austin C  (X X 1861)-(X X 1938): No notes

Fuller, C  Edna (X X 1863)-(X X 1961): His Wife [Austin C]

Fuller, Jennie M  (X X 1895)-(X X 1927): No notes

Fullerton, James  (X X X)-(21 SEP 1824): Aged 38y

Gage, Emily Sterigere (24 FEB 1868)-(22 OCT 1961): No notes

Gage, Myron Wentworth (23 AUG 1857)-(3 OCT 1939): No notes

Gallagher, Leonard H  (X X 1890)-(X X X): No notes

Gallagher, Nellie (X X 1893)-(X X 1966): No notes

Gardner, Emeline A Vincent (7 FEB 1833)-(9 NOV 1911): Wife of George Gardner

Gardner, George (14 AUG 1830)-(12 SEP 1889): Aged 59y

Gates, Susan  Renee (28 FEB X)-(9 MAY 1963): No notes

Gaughan, James  B  (X X 1898)-(X X 1960): No notes

Gooding, Sarah (X X X)-(10 OCT 1842): Wife of Benjamin Gooding, Aged 18y

Goots, Cornelia (X X X)-(30 NOV 1882): Aged 42y

Goots, Rebecca (X X X)-(10 APR 1875): Wife of David Goots, In the 78th year of her age

Gordon, Alexander (X X 1818)-(X X 1873): No notes

Gordon, Caroline (X X 1854)-(X X 1873): His Wife [John]

Gordon, Charles D  (X X 1882)-(X X 1918): No notes

Gordon, John (X X 1857)-(X X 1940): No notes

Gordon, Margaret (X X 1828)-(X X 1907): His Wife [Alexander]

Gorham, Charles E  (X X 1850)-(X X 1910): No notes

Gorham, Charles Hayes (X X 1918)-(X X 1969): No notes

Gorham, Don C  (X X 1878)-(X X 1951): No notes

Gorham, Donald (X X X)-(X X X): 1934, TWIN No indication whether this date is a birth, death or both

Gorham, Dorothy (X X X)-(X X X): 1934, TWIN No indication whether this date is a birth, death or both

Gorham, Duane H  (X X X)-(X X X): 1938, No indication whether this date is a birth, death or both

Gorham, Elizabeth P  (X X 1853)-(X X 1928): No notes

Gorham, John David (7 APR 1959)-(7 APR 1959): No notes

Gorham, Lydia M  (X X 1880)-(X X 1916): No notes

Gorham, Nellie Hayes (X X 1894)-(X X 1943): No notes

Gorham, Samuel Earl (X X 1880)-(X X 1967): No notes

Gould , Lucinda (X X X)-(16 MAY 1848): Son of S. L. & L. Gould, Aged 5y 7m 7d

Gould, Daniel  M  (X X X)-(X X 1943): No notes

Gould, Irena E  (X X 1849)-(27 JUL 1895): Wife of S L Gould

Gould, Louisa Dustin (25 AUG 1812)-(29 MAR 1839): Wife of S. L. Gould

Gould, Polly (X X X)-(5 MAR 1833): Son of S L & P Gould, McKitrick has "(7mo)?" for the age of this person

Gould, Simeon (X X X)-(18 APR X): Rest of marker gone

Gould, Stephen L  (X X X)-(22 AUG 1841): Daughter of S. L. & L. Gould, Aged 2y 5m

Gourley, Larry (27 AUG 1965)-(27 AUG 1965): No notes

Grafton, Leora Maude Agin (3 SEP 1875)-(19 DEC 1896): Wife of William C. Grafton

Graham, Anna M  (X X 1891)-(X X 1966): No notes

Graham, Betsey (X X X)-(18 FEB 1860): Daughter of T C & S Graham, Aged 5y 8m 6d

Graham, Florence Lulu (16 SEP 1865)-(11 JUL 1943): No notes

Graham, Laura M  (X X 1870)-(X X 1940): No notes

Graham, Mary Lamb (X X 1847)-(X X 1940): No notes

Graham, Robert (X X 1842)-(X X 1899): CO G 92 REG O.V.I.

Graham, Thomas F  (X X 1871)-(X X 1956): No notes

Graham, William  R  (X X 1889)-(X X X): No notes

Green, Caleb (X X X)-(6 JUN 1863): Aged 74y 8m 19d

Green, Ephraim F  (X X 1846)-(X X 1939): No notes

Green, George  W  (X X 1875)-(X X 1921): No notes

Green, Jerusha P Palmer (X X X)-(7 NOV 1855): Wife of Caleb Green and Daughter of Joseph & Hannah Palmer, In the 62 year of her age

Green, Marcus (X X X)-(20 JAN 1866): Aged 46y 10m 17d

Green, Mary J  (X X 1845)-(X X 1909): His Wife [Ephraim F]

Green, Olive (X X X)-(5 OCT 1823): Daughter of C & J Green, in the 8th year of her age

Green, Sally M (X X X)-(27 FEB 1833): In the 25th year of her age

Greenlees, Andrew (X X 1836)-(X X 1912): Flag Marker

Greenlees, Charles W  (X X 1871)-(X X 1954): Father

Greenlees, Ethel M  (X X 1901)-(X X 1922): Sister

Greenlees, Eva  S  (X X 1869)-(2 FEB 1881): Daughter of A. & M. Greenlees, Aged 2y 4m 25d

Greenlees, Eva  S  (X X X)-(X X 1881): No notes

Greenlees, Flora Esther (X X 1884)-(X X 1918): Wife of John H. Greenlees

Greenlees, Florence H  (X X 1918)-(X X 1919): Sister

Greenlees, Henrietta M  (X X 1874)-(X X 1956): Mother

Greenlees, Hugh (X X 1829)-(X X 1907): No notes

Greenlees, John H  (X X 1868)-(X X 1956): No notes

Greenlees, Lucy  E  (X X 1880)-(X X 1941): No notes

Greenlees, Margaret (X X 1848)-(X X 1923): His Wife [Andrew]

Greenlees, Margaret Porter (2 JAN 1890)-(X X X): No notes

Greenlees, Vesta   A  (X X 1839)-(X X 1918): No notes

Greenlees, Wallace  H  (X X 1866)-(X X 1931): No notes

Greenlees, William  Fleming (2 OCT 1878)-(X X 1927): No notes

Greenlees, William C  (X X 1875)-(26 OCT 1948): No notes

Haas, Sarah W  (1 JUL 1856)-(1 JAN 1898): Wife of Daniel Haas

Haddow, Alice  A  (X X 1859)-(X X 1898): No notes

Haddow, Capt, James  (19 DEC 1827)-(18 AUG 1914): No notes

Haddow, Christiana (6 JUL 1841)-(24 NOV 1888): Son of J. H. & Alice Haddow, Aged 4m 6d

Haddow, Dean  E  (X X X)-(X X 1944): No notes

Haddow, J  Frank (X X 1862)-(24 MAR 1906): No notes

Haddow, Jane  C  (X X X)-(30 JUL 1911): Wife of John Haddow, Aged 86y 7m 22ds

Haddow, John (X X X)-(17 APR 1882): A Native of Scotland, Aged 60y 3m 25d, Flag Marker

Haddow, Lucy  J Dustin (19 DEC 1834)-(21 MAY 1911): His wife [James]

Haddow, Luella  H  (X X X)-(21 AUG 1866): Daughter of J. & L. J. Haddow, Aged 1y 3m 21d

Haddow, M  Elvie (X X 1868)-(X X 1960): No notes

Haddow, Mary (X X X)-(24 NOV 1849): Wife of James Haddow, Aged 19y

Haddow, Ray H  (X X 1893)-(X X 1921): Flag Marker

Hagar, Carol ( JUN X)-(X X 1933): No notes

Hagar, M  Ray (X X 1948)-(X X 1963): No notes

Hagar, Nora S  (8 NOV 1905)-(11 APR 1958): No notes

Hancock, Cora M  (16 FEB 1881)-(16 NOV 1969): No notes

Harris, Joseph  (X X X)-(21 JUL 1870): Aged 72y 3m 9d

Hart, Roy  J  (10 FEB 1887)-(12 DEC 1960): Ohio CPL CO F 359 Infantry, World War I

Hartshorn, Sarah Jane (X X X)-(2 OCT 1873): Aged 25y 8m 9d

Hartson, Alonzo G  (X X 1858)-(X X 1863): No notes

Hartson, Augustus B  (12 NOV 1820)-(9 MAR 1899): No notes

Hartson, Dudley T  (X X 1837)-(X X X): No notes

Hartson, Julia W  (X X 1844)-(X X 1908): His Wife [Dudley]

Harvey, (X X X)-(7 DEC 1893): Grandfather - This is on a marker with Mary E Madden

Harvey, Basil (5 MAY 1801)-(X X 1965): No notes

Harvey, Bertha J  (X X 1882)-(X X 1935): No notes

Harvey, Charles B  (X X 1876)-(X X X): Infant son of B. B. & R. J. Harvey

Hayes, (X X 1923)-(30 APR 1907): No notes

Hayes, Adala R  (9 SEP 1851)-(X X 1952): No notes

Hayes, Caleb (11 MAY 1805)-(7 MAY 1887): Aged 81y 11m 26d

Hayes, Caleb C  (X X 1869)-(X X 1955): No notes

Hayes, David (18 APR 1824)-(15 DEC 1908): No notes

Hayes, David A  (X X 1897)-(X X 1950): No notes

Hayes, Everett E  (X X 1879)-(X X 1956): No notes

Hayes, Gertrude E  (X X 1878)-(X X 1920): No notes

Hayes, John G  (X X 1861)-(X X 1897): No notes

Hayes, Katie  M  (X X 1867)-(7 MAR 1904): No notes

Hayes, Lewis C  (23 APR 1848)-(2 SEP 1917): No notes

Hayes, Lydia A  (11 JUL 1868)-(5 NOV 1891): Wife of Caleb Hayes, Aged 83y 11m 16d

Hayes, Lydia Farguson (19 NOV 1807)-(2 JUN 1896): No notes

Hayes, Mary J  (16 FEB 1839)-(22 DEC 1901): His Wife [David]

Hayes, Nancy  (20 MAR 1825)-(X X 1942): No notes

Hayes, Robert (X X 1854)-(X X 1917): No notes

Hayes, Ruth Beach (X X 1854)-(X X 1909): No notes

Hayes, Samuel F  (X X 1836)-(X X 1906): Wife of Thomas F. Hayes

Hayes, Shirley (X X 1883)-(X X 1964): No notes

Hayes, Sylvia L  (X X 1892)-(X X 1934): No notes

Hayes, William (X X 1852)-(X X 1968): Flag Marker

Hayes, William  L  (X X 1890)-(X X 1923): Infant son of W. L. & Sylvia Hayes

Hays, Eddie (X X X)-(25 MAR 1871): Son of D. & N. Hays, Aged 11y 1m 19d

Hays, James  H  (X X X)-(16 OCT 1851): Son of D. & N. Hays

Hays, Mary E  (X X 1866)-(X X 1933): No notes

Henry, (X X X)-(9 FEB 1857): Son of N. P. & C. G. Henry, Aged 1y 3m 

Henry, Alfred Proctor (X X X)-(4 DEC 1851): Aged 61y

Henry, John (8 FEB 1821)-(12 NOV 1869): No notes

Henry, John (X X X)-(28 SEP 1868): Children of J. B. & Caroline Henry

Henry, John  D  (21 JUN 1861)-(20 SEP 1868): Children of J. B. & Caroline Henry

Henry, Lucian A  (1 MAR 1867)-(25 SEP 1878): Children of J. B. & Caroline Henry

Henry, Marg  A (16 JUL 1858)-(22 MAR 1844): In Memory of Mary Ann Henry Daughter of John and Phebe Henry, who died March 22, 1844 in the 26th year of her age

Henry, Mary Ann (X X X)-(8 JUN 1875): Aged 54y

Henry, Nathan P  (X X X)-(24 MAY 1849): Wife of John Henry, Aged 56y

Henry, Phebe (X X X)-(8 DEC 1861): In Memory of Royal L Son of Julius & Ann E. Henry, Aged 6y

Henry, Royal L  (X X X)-(2 SEP 1868): Children of J. B. & Caroline Henry

Henry, William P  (23 JUN 1864)-(13 DEC X): McKitrick as "Died 13 Dec. (1825)?" and "(Lewis)?"

Hess, Anna N  (X X 1880)-(X X X): No notes

Hess, Charles  A  (X X 1879)-(X X 1966): No notes

Hill, Dr, Harry  W  (4 NOV 1866)-(15 MAY 1961): No notes

Hill, Lucy  Jones (7 APR 1873)-(3 JUL 1961): No notes

Hoffman, David (6 AUG 1806)-(16 OCT 1872): No notes

Hoffman, Elizabeth (X X X)-(16 NOV 1851): Daughter of D. & S. A. Hoffman, Aged 9m 28d

Hoffman, Sarah White (1 NOV 1815)-(13 JUL 1893): No notes

Hollister, Mary Green (30 NOV 1836)-(21 APR 1915): Wife of J. L. Hollister

Hoon, Arminda P (X X 1857)-(X X 1924): No notes

Hoon, Grace  (X X 1887)-(X X 1887): No notes

Hoon, Sidney A (X X 1885)-(X X 1915): No notes

Hoon, Sylvester (X X 1857)-(X X 1924): No notes

Hopkins, Margaret N  (X X 1886)-(X X 1951): No notes

Hopkins, Ray (X X 1886)-(X X X): No notes

Hosom, Sarah E Leasure (20 AUG 1856)-(9 SEP 1881): Wife of A. J. M. Hosom

Hunter, Sarah J  (X X 1851)-(X X 1935): His Wife [William H]

Hunter, William  H  (X X 1846)-(X X 1912): No notes

Hupp, Abbie B  (X X 1869)-(X X 1954): No notes

Hupp, James  E  (X X 1867)-(X X 1947): No notes

Hutchins, Miss, Lucena (X X X)-(6 SEP 1868): IN the 59th year of her age

Jacoby, Bertha  M  (X X 1887)-(X X 1965): No notes

Jacoby, George W  (X X 1877)-(X X 1947): No notes

James, Sarah A  (X X 1846)-(X X 1933): No notes

Jameson, Harlan L  (X X 1883)-(X X X): No notes

Jameson, Ora P  (X X 1889)-(X X 1940): His Wife [Harlan L]

Johnson, Amy Hupp (X X 1889)-(X X X): Mother

Johnson, Arthur C  (X X 1887)-(X X 1957): Father

Johnson, Augustus G  (X X 1868)-(X X 1949): No notes

Johnson, Clayton F  (X X 1898)-(X X 1932): No notes

Johnson, Katie M  (X X 1877)-(X X 1964): No notes

Jones, Alice N  (20 AUG 1894)-(15 FEB 1920): No notes

Jones, Caroline (X X X)-(1 NOV 1851): Daughter of J. & S. Jones, Aged 13y 11m 7d

Jones, Ella Shaw (X X 1874)-(X X 1954): No notes

Jones, Emma (X X 1865)-(X X 1943): No notes

Jones, Herman L  (X X 1870)-(X X 1960): No notes

Jones, John (X X X)-(12 AUG 1881): Aged 77y 10m 8d

Jones, John (X X X)-(29 MAR 1863): Son of John & Sarah Jones, Wounded At The Battle Of Chancellorsville, and Died Mar. 29, 1863, Aged 30y 5m 11d, Flag marker

Jones, John  Leroy (X X X)-(17 AUG 1862): Son of Levi & Mary Jones, Aged 1y 11m 7d

Jones, Levi (24 OCT 1830)-(4 AUG 1896): No notes

Jones, Lucinda (X X X)-(31 JAN 1855): Daughter of J. & S. Jones, Aged 20y 9m 10d

Jones, Mary (2 OCT 1833)-(X X X): Wife of Levi Jones

Jones, Millie B  (X X 1874)-(X X 1929): No notes

Jones, Peter (X X X)-(X X X): 1960,

Jones, Ruthie Morris (X X X)-(10 FEB 1893): Wife of William Jones Aged 30y 11m

Jones, Samuel  L  (X X 1866)-(X X 1939): No notes

Jones, Sarah (X X X)-(X X 1942): No notes

Jones, Sarah J  (X X 1860)-(22 MAR 1875): Wife of John Jones, Aged 71y 5m 22d

Jones, Simeon (X X X)-(2 JAN 1888): Aged 41y 2m 14d

Jones, William  M  (X X 1864)-(X X 1932): No notes

Kelly, (X X X)-(X X 1928): No notes

Kelly, Claire (X X 1895)-(X X 1958): No notes

Kelly, Margaret  M  (X X 1874)-(X X 1925): No notes

Kelly, Waldine G  (X X 1902)-(X X 1918): Infant, In plot with other Kelly headstones

Kepler, Adam (X X X)-(X X X): CO F 19 OHIO INF, Flag marker

Kesterson, Anne  Elizabeth (20 AUG 1963)-(1 AUG 1969): No notes

Kidd, Edwin C  (X X 1877)-(X X 1965): No notes

Kidd, Ica V  (X X 1882)-(X X 1936): No notes

Kiehl, Louisa (X X X)-(17 AUG 1869): Wife of Henry Kiehl, Aged 46y 6m 28d

Knight, Olive M  (X X 1868)-(X X 1942): His Wife [Seth A]

Knight, Seth A  (X X 1859)-(X X 1937): No notes

Laflin, Ezra C  (X X X)-(15 SEP 1835): In Memory of Ezra C. Son of Layman and Ruth Laflin, Aged 4 months

Laflin, Greta Vincent (X X 1872)-(X X 1938): No notes

Laflin, James H  (X X 1864)-(X X 1951): No notes

Laflin, Layman (13 DEC 1799)-(26 JUN 1866): Born in Vermont

Laflin, Ruth (24 OCT 1800)-(20 APR 1876): Born in N.Y.

Lamb, Abigail (X X X)-(X X X): Wife of L G Lamb

Lamb, Angeline T  (X X 1889)-(X X 1960): No notes

Lamb, Elsworth (11 MAY 1867)-(9 AUG 1867): No notes

Lamb, Fidelia D  (X X 1855)-(X X 1929): No notes

Lamb, Irville R  (X X 1885)-(X X 1955): No notes

Lamb, J  E  (11 MAY 1867)-(2 JUL 1896): No notes

Lamb, James H  (X X X)-(31 OCT 1874): Son of Robert & Martha Lamb, Aged 6y 2m 20d

Lamb, L  G  (2 MAR 1842)-(X X X): Flag Marker

Lamb, Leander B  (X X 1870)-(X X 1960): No notes

Lamb, Martha Ann (X X X)-(9 JUL 1871): Wife of Robert Lamb, Aged 32y 7d

Lamb, Myrtle L  (X X 1873)-(X X 1966): No notes

Lamb, Robert (X X 1839)-(X X 1924): No notes

Landsittel, Doris L  (16 JAN 1895)-(19 NOV 1900): Daughter of Louis & Clara Landsittel

Lane, Frank (X X 1881)-(X X X): No notes

Lane, Hattie  M  (X X 1887)-(X X 1930): No notes

Lawrence, Henderson G  (X X X)-(16 APR 1862): In Memory of Henderson G. Lawrence, Aged 38y

Lawrence, Margaret (X X X)-(15 DEC 1864): In Memory of Margaret, Wife of H. G. Lawrence, Aged 42y 4d

Lawton, Florence E  (X X 1856)-(X X 1893): No notes

Lawton, Jerusha M  (X X 1853)-(X X 1934): No notes

Lawton, Jesse  P  (X X 1861)-(X X 1932): No notes

Lawton, Marcellus (X X 1851)-(X X 1913): No notes

Lawton, Mary (X X 1857)-(X X 1926): No notes

Lawton, Rowena (X X 1849)-(X X 1919): His Wife [Willis]

Lawton, Susan H  (X X 1858)-(X X 1923): No notes

Lawton, Willis E  (X X 1859)-(X X 1915): No notes

Leasure, Don C  (X X 1855)-(X X 1914): No notes

Leasure, Elizabeth R  (X X 1863)-(X X 1932): No notes

Leasure, James W (X X 1862)-(X X 1907): No notes

Leasure, Kathryn F  (X X 1901)-(X X 1923): No notes

Leasure, Marcus A  (X X 1903)-(X X 1968): No notes

Leasure, Mary  C  (X X 1860)-(X X 1963): No notes

Leasure, Mollie (X X 1860)-(X X 1963): No notes

Leasure, Will  (X X 1888)-(X X 1927): No notes

Lee, Michael Wayne (2 JUL 1961)-(12 AUG 1967): No notes

Leibrand, Elizabeth B  (X X 1847)-(X X 1908): No notes

Leibrand, Florence Hayes (18 JUN 1861)-(20 JUN 1911): Wife of Henry J. Leibrand

Leibrand, Gottfried F  (X X 1841)-(X X 1915): CO F 39 REG O.V.V.I.

Leibrand, Henry J  (X X 1868)-(X X 1956): No notes

Leibrand, Jesta  A  (X X 1873)-(X X 1959): No notes

Leibrand, Theodore L  (X X 1923)-(X X 1941): No notes

Linscott, Mary B  (X X 1894)-(X X 1966): No notes

Linscott, William  T  (X X 1890)-(X X 1958): No notes

Lorenz, Joseph J  (X X 1870)-(X X 1956): No notes

Lorenz, Maggie M  (X X 1868)-(X X 1955): No notes

Loynachan, Amanda J  (X X 1868)-(X X 1958): Mother

Loynachan, George  N  (X X 1864)-(X X 1862): No notes

Loynachan, George Hugh (X X 1850)-(X X 1945): Father

Loynachan, Margaret (X X 1823)-(X X 1911): No notes

Loynachan, Mary Isabella (X X 1856)-(X X 1870): No notes

Loynachan, Neil (X X 1820)-(X X 1874): No notes

Lynch, Alice J  (4 OCT 1860)-(4 APR 1904): Wife of E. C.  Lynch

Lynch, Anna McMains (X X 1862)-(X X 1941): No notes

Lynch, Arthur (5 OCT 1813)-(25 JUL 1884): No notes

Lynch, Charlie Leslie (X X X)-(27 NOV 1898): Son of E. C. & Alice Lynch, Aged 14y 11m 2d

Lynch, Della M  (X X 1871)-(X X 1946): No notes

Lynch, Eliza (26 JUN 1837)-(9 AUG 1886): No notes

Lynch, Ezekiel C  (2 OCT 1859)-(26 DEC 1937): No notes

Lynch, Floyd B  (X X 1887)-(X X 1966): No notes

Lynch, Hester M  (X X 1875)-(X X 1912): Daughter of S. & Sarah Lynch

Lynch, James (30 NOV 1816)-(X X 1953): No notes

Lynch, James  L  (X X X)-(16 JUN 1895): Aged 78y 4m 16d

Lynch, James F  (X X 1875)-(9 OCT 1854): Son of Arthur and Lucinda Lynch, Aged 11y 3m 22d

Lynch, Jessie  May (X X X)-(17 DEC 1886): Daughter of J. J. & Rose Lynch, Aged 6m 29d

Lynch, John  J  (14 FEB 1849)-(27 JUN 1934): No notes

Lynch, Lucinda (X X X)-(17 DEC 1887): Aged 65y

Lynch, Mary M  (X X 1891)-(X X X): No notes

Lynch, Maud (X X X)-(16 NOV 1882): Daughter of John J. & Rose Lynch, Aged 3m 28d

Lynch, Olive May (5 JUN 1901)-(19 SEP 1901): Daughter of J. F. & D. M. Lynch

Lynch, Phebe (X X X)-(2 FEB 1876): Wife of James Lynch, Aged 51y 20d

Lynch, Rebecca J  (X X X)-(23 AUG 1880): Wife of John J. Lynch, Aged 27y 8m 17d

Lynch, Rose  E  (1 DEC 1853)-(26 FEB 1933): No notes

Lynch, Sarah (X X X)-(7 JUL 1891): Wife of Stephen S. Lynch, Aged 47y 9m 

Lynch, Stephen  S  (X X 1845)-(X X 1915): No notes

Lynch, Thomas (27 JUL 1835)-(6 NOV 1900): Father

Lynn, Isaphene (X X 1878)-(X X 1950): No notes

Lynn, Jesse E  (X X 1872)-(X X 1958): No notes

Madden, Mary E  (5 OCT 1858)-(14 DEC 1840): McKitrick notes: "This is on a marker with Basil Harvey as a Grandfather

Mann, Maxine (X X 1906)-(X X 1953): Wife of Walter G. Mann

Marshall, Francis  R  (X X 1909)-(X X X): No notes

Marshall, Marguerite (X X 1909)-(X X X): No notes

Martin, Athelinda (X X 1857)-(X X 1936): His Wife [George W]

Martin, Chalmer L  (X X X)-(X X X): OHIO SGT U.S. MARINE CORPS.  July 16, 1930, No indication whether date is birth or death

Martin, George W  (X X 1851)-(X X 1922): No notes

Martin, Kenneth (X X 1918)-(X X 1926): No notes

Martin, Leroy E  (X X 1874)-(X X 1915): No notes

Martin, Lewis C  (X X 1880)-(X X 1967): No notes

Martin, Ruth Joan (X X 1930)-(X X 1940): No notes

Martin, Sadie A  (X X 1876)-(X X 1958): No notes

Maxwell, Bessie E  (X X 1874)-(X X 1935): No notes

Maxwell, L  Ford (X X 1902)-(X X X): No notes

Maxwell, Loren C  (X X 1868)-(X X 1940): No notes

Maxwell, Sybil Park (X X 1905)-(X X X): No notes

McCuaig, Daniel (X X X)-(16 FEB 1886): A Native of _____, In the 74th year of his age

McCuaig, Mary (X X X)-(18 JAN 1868): Daughter of ? & R. C. McCuaig, aged ??

McDonald, (X X 1907)-(X X 1943): No notes

McDonald, Charles M  (X X 1872)-(X X 1944): No notes

McDonald, Hattie  E  (X X 1870)-(X X 1907): Infant Son of C. M. & Hattie McDonald

McIntire, James H  (15 FEB 1901)-(25 JUL 1969): No notes

McIntire, Martin Allen (X X 1968)-(X X 1968): No notes

McIntire, Roda M  (30 OCT 1907)-(X X X): No notes

McKay, Frances Anita (X X 1918)-(X X 1920): No notes

McKay, Harry F  (X X 1887)-(X X 1920): No notes

McLaughlin, George (1 OCT 1856)-(29 MAY 1920): No notes

McLaughlin, Sarah R  (1 FEB 1865)-(26 FEB 1916): His Wife [George]

McMain, Caroline W  (X X 1852)-(X X 1930): His Wife [James I]

McMain, James I  (26 APR 1848)-(4 SEP 1905): CO I 36 REG O.V.I. , Flag Marker

McMains, Christa (X X 1886)-(X X X): No notes

McMains, Clarence C  (X X 1883)-(X X 1943): No notes

McMains, Elizabeth (X X 1824)-(X X 1894): No notes

McMains, George (X X 1885)-(X X 1964): No notes

McMains, Grace L  (X X 1891)-(X X X): No notes

McMains, John  R  (X X 1812)-(X X 1866): No notes

McVay, Charles G  (X X 1893)-(X X 1948): No notes

McVay, Lela M  (X X 1895)-(X X X): No notes

McVay, Mildred F  (X X 1919)-(X X 1966): No notes

McVicar, Emma E  (X X 1880)-(X X 1966): No notes

McVicar, Ethel J  (X X 1888)-(X X 1975): No notes

McVicar, Hugh P  (X X 1864)-(X X 1946): No notes

McVicar, Malcolm M  (X X 1880)-(X X 1966): No notes

Merill, George R  (X X X)-(8 MY 1849): Son of G. F. & S. E. Merrill, Aged 2y

Merrill, David H  (24 SEP 1836)-(12 AY 1904): No notes

Merrill, George E  (X X X)-(18 MAR 1847): Aged 39y , Flag Marker

Merrill, James W  (X X 1831)-(X X 1898): No notes

Merrill, Lucy  Edna (X X 1855)-(18 JAN 1856): No notes

Merrill, Rebecca C  (X X 1831)-(X X 1935): No notes

Merrill, Sarah  E  (X X X)-(27 AUG 1868): Aged 60y

Michaelis, Anna E McFarland (14 NOV 1858)-(25 MAR 1919): His Wife [Edward J] Mother

Michaelis, Edward J  (5 MAY 1858)-(24 FEB 1905): Father

Miller, Fred J  (X X 1874)-(X X 1958): No notes

Miller, Hazel  M  (18 SEP 1893)-(11 MAR 1895): McKitrick notes: This marker is broken with last name gone.  Probably that of Miller.

Miller, Leonard R  (X X 1892)-(X X 1895): Their Son 

Miller, Nellie M  (X X 1882)-(X X 1966): No notes

Miller, W  R  (X X 1857)-(X X 1926): No notes

Milligan, Janett (X X 1850)-(X X 1932): No notes

Milligan, John  (1 JAN 1821)-(18 MAY 1898): Aged 45y 4m 27d

Milligan, John  J  (X X X)-(11 NOV 1889): Born in Scotland, Aged 68y 10m 11d

Milligan, Maria Leet (X X X)-(19 MAR 1879): Wife of John Milligan, Aged 54y 6m 6d

Mindling, Dayton M  (X X 1892)-(X X 1967): No notes

Mindling, Fannie E  (X X 1888)-(X X 1959): No notes

Morkassel, Edith Fisher (X X 1915)-(X X 1967): No notes

Morris, Alice Haddow (X X 1851)-(X X 1917): His Wife [John W]

Morris, Angie L  (X X X)-(18 FEB 1863): Daughter of G. M. & R. P. Morris

Morris, Anna A  (X X 1869)-(X X 1934): His Wife [H. Wade]

Morris, Annie B Greenlees (18 JAN 1866)-(18 MAY 1928): No notes

Morris, Bertha E  (X X X)-(17 FEB 1874): Daughter of Wm H & C. J. Morris, Aged 4y 6m

Morris, Doris K  (X X 1914)-(X X 1929): No notes

Morris, Earl Dean (21 OCT 1926)-(27 APR 1928): No notes

Morris, Emmett (X X 1890)-(X X 1963): No notes

Morris, Ethel  B  (23 APR 1885)-(13 MAR 1886): Children of J. W. & I. A. Morris

Morris, F  Earl (X X 1895)-(X X 1961): No notes

Morris, Florence L  (X X 1906)-(X X 1969): No notes

Morris, Frank H  (X X 1881)-(X X 1914): No notes

Morris, G  Emerson (X X 1901)-(X X 1954): "Jack"

Morris, George M  (26 SEP 1827)-(7 JUL 1895): Aged 68y 11d

Morris, Golda (X X 1897)-(X X X): No notes

Morris, H  Wade (X X 1868)-(X X 1923): No notes

Morris, James (X X X)-(6 OCT 1926): No notes

Morris, James Robert (16 APR 1923)-(17 MAY 1874): Aged 78y 9m 2d

Morris, Jimmie R  (5 OCT 1872)-(21 SEP 1873): Children of J. W. & I. A. Morris

Morris, John  W  (X X 1843)-(X X 1901): CO D 77 REG O.V.I.

Morris, Josephine Beach (22 AUG 1840)-(24 JAN 1917): His Wife [Wm. H]

Morris, Lester A  (X X 1904)-(X X X): No notes

Morris, Lola W  (X X 1877)-(X X 1953): No notes

Morris, Lucy B Ferguson (7 MAR 1870)-(5 OCT 1891): In Remembrance of Lucy B Ferguson, Wife of A. W. Morris

Morris, Maggie (X X X)-(23 AUG 1869): Daughter of J Morris, Aged 8m 1d

Morris, Marion (X X 1894)-(X X 1937): No notes

Morris, Minnie K  (X X 1894)-(X X X): No notes

Morris, Orville L  (X X 1871)-(X X 1948): No notes

Morris, Rebecca Henry (1 AUG 1827)-(28 AUG 1891): Wife of George M. Morris, 

Morris, Rowland W (18 OCT 1929)-(30 SEP 1951): OHIO PVT 15 INF 3 INF DIV KOREA

Morris, Wm H  (20 JAN 1838)-(9 DEC 1874): 1st SERGT CO F 36 O.V.I.

Nellis, Joel Deming (X X X)-(14 FEB 1842): In Memory of Joel Deming, Son of Dr. O. and C. Nellis, Who died Feb 14, 1842, Aged 6 months

Nichols, David S  (X X 1874)-(X X 1959): No notes

Nichols, Gary A  (X X 1945)-(X X 1945): No notes

Nichols, Mary A  (X X 1873)-(X X 1964): No notes

Nichols, Mary E  (X X 1921)-(X X X): No notes

Nichols, Paul F  (X X 1917)-(X X 1960): Flag

Nichols, Roy D  (X X 1900)-(X X 1963): No notes

Ogg , Lillis U  (X X 1900)-(X X 1967): No notes

Ogg, Harold H  (X X 1900)-(X X X): No notes

Oliver, Claire (X X 1903)-(X X X): No notes

Oliver, Della Mae (X X 1904)-(X X 1965): No notes

Ormiston, (20 JUL 1905)-(18 OCT 1927): CO G 63 O.V.I. 1861-1865, Flag Marker

Ormiston, (X X X)-(X X 1953): No notes

Ormiston, Alex (22 AUG 1835)-(1 DEC 1912): Wife of A. F. Ormiston

Ormiston, Alexander F  (X X 1861)-(26 AUG 1899): Son of B. P. & M. E. Ormiston

Ormiston, Anna M Hunter (23 MAR 1875)-(X X X): No notes

Ormiston, Bernard I  (10 APR 1899)-(11 NOV 1929): No notes

Ormiston, Charles (22 JUL 1846)-(X X 1948): No notes

Ormiston, Charles Everett (X X 1883)-(X X 1901): Son of Paul & Emelia Ormiston

Ormiston, Clifford (X X 1897)-(X X 1936): No notes

Ormiston, Clyde (X X 1889)-(X X 1957): No notes

Ormiston, Elma G  (X X 1870)-(X X 1912): No notes

Ormiston, George H  (X X 1872)-(8 APR 1923): No notes

Ormiston, George L  (X X 1871)-(6 MAY 1916): Wife of John Ormiston

Ormiston, Harold Rollin (25 OCT 1922)-(27 DEC 1903): No notes

Ormiston, Harriet Vesta Disbro (17 FEB 1830)-(4 JAN 1909): No notes

Ormiston, III, James (X X 1822)-(25 JAN 1922): No notes

Ormiston, Isaac A  (1 SEP 1837)-(X X 1960): No notes

Ormiston, Isabella (7 APR 1846)-(4 SEP 1889): Born in Liberton, Parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland. his 84th year

Ormiston, Isabella Heslop (12 DEC 1833)-(X X 1912): No notes

Ormiston, James (10 FEB 1806)-(X X 1939): Their Daughter 

Ormiston, James W  (X X 1870)-(X X 1926): His Wife [George H]

Ormiston, Jane  (X X 1853)-(14 DEC 1957): No notes

Ormiston, Jennie A  (X X 1871)-(X X 1894): No notes

Ormiston, John (X X 1826)-(X X X): No notes

Ormiston, John B  (13 APR 1875)-(6 DEC 1901): Wife of James Ormiston

Ormiston, Lester (X X 1906)-(27 SEP 1926): Wife of R. F. Ormiston

Ormiston, Lucinda (31 AUG 1813)-(19 APR 1887): No notes

Ormiston, Majel L Brill (2 AUG 1902)-(11 SEP 1954): Their daughter [Thomas L and Mary C]

Ormiston, Mary (X X 1874)-(X X 1966): No notes

Ormiston, Mary C Reed (14 JUL 1860)-(X X 1948): No notes

Ormiston, Mary E  (5 MAR 1887)-(X X 1950): No notes

Ormiston, Mary Emma (X X 1885)-(X X 1937): No notes

Ormiston, Mernie (X X 1911)-(X X 1921): Son of James & Polly Ormiston

Ormiston, Mildred (X X 1893)-(X X 1904): His Wife [James III]

Ormiston, Paul (X X 1858)-(12 MAR 1867): Son of John & H. V. Ormiston, Aged 17y

Ormiston, Polly Conchrite (X X 1826)-(X X 1950): No notes

Ormiston, Robert (X X 1870)-(11 AUG 1943): No notes

Ormiston, Robert H  (X X X)-(6 JUN 1887): Wife of George Ormiston, Aged 30y 1m 1d

Ormiston, Sarah J  (26 MAR 1846)-(25 SEP 1939): No notes

Ormiston, Sue E  (X X X)-(5 APR 1865): Son of John & H. V. Ormiston, Aged 13y 5m 14d 

Ormiston, Thomas L  (14 JUL 1860)-(20 JUL 1905): Infant Daughter of A. F. & Anna M. Ormiston

Ormiston, William E  (X X X)-(X X X): Infant Daughter of William & Shirley Ormiston, May 21, 1962, No indication whether date is birth, death or both

Orndoff, Annie M Ullom (X X 1849)-(X X 1924): No notes

Orndoff, Daniel Thompson (11 JUL 1874)-(1 OCT 1953): No notes

Orndoff, Leo  G  (X X 1891)-(X X 1962): No notes

Orndoff, Lindsay G  (X X 1848)-(X X 1924): No notes

Orndoff, Sylvia C  (X X 1902)-(X X X): No notes

Otterbein, Flora  P  (X X 1872)-(X X 1947): No notes

Palmer, Adaline (X X 1840)-(X X 1907): His Wife [Isiah F]

Palmer, Annie E  (X X 1870)-(X X 1924): No notes

Palmer, Carroll R  (X X 1869)-(8 SEP 1907): CO F 36 O.V.I., Flag Marker

Palmer, Catharine (X X X)-(X X 1944): No notes

Palmer, Charles A  (X X 1865)-(18 MAY 1886): Daughter of E. H. & Lois Palmer, Aged 25y 1m 24d

Palmer, Charles Henry (X X 1916)-(X X 1940): No notes

Palmer, Elizabeth (X X 1859)-(X X 1916): No notes

Palmer, Ella Jane (X X 1911)-(X X 1940): No notes

Palmer, Elza H  (X X 1830)-(X X 1935): No notes

Palmer, Emma (X X 1876)-(X X 1915): No notes

Palmer, Fannie E  (X X 1859)-(X X 1944): No notes

Palmer, Frank Warren (X X 1908)-(X X 1942): Daughter of E. H. & L. Palmer

Palmer, Fred (X X 1870)-(X X 1908): No notes

Palmer, Harry Edward (28 MAY 1917)-(X X 1944): No notes

Palmer, Isiah F  (X X 1844)-(7 AUG 1958): Flag Marker

Palmer, James R  (X X 1877)-(X X 1912): No notes

Palmer, Jannett (4 JUL 1843)-(X X 1942): No notes

Palmer, Joseph (X X 1821)-(30 NOV 1919): His Wife [C Y]

Palmer, Lois Park (X X 1837)-(X X 1891): Flag Marker

Palmer, Margaret (X X X)-(X X 1914): His Wife [Elza H]

Palmer, Martha E  (X X 1874)-(17 AUG 1868): Wife of James Palmer, A Native of Hampshire Co VA, Aged 74y 4m 8d 

Palmer, Mary E  (X X X)-(X X X): Daughter of E. H. & L. Palmer

Palmer, Miranda C  (X X 1824)-(9 FEB 1890): Daughter of E. H. & Lois Palmer, Aged 17y 10m 7d

Palmer, Rev, C  Y  (27 MAY 1841)-(X X 1906): His Wife [Joseph 1821-1891]

Park, Frank C  (X X 1895)-(X X 1966): No notes

Park, Mary E  (X X 1896)-(X X X): No notes

Parsons, (X X X)-(14 AUG 1902): Aged 71y 1m 23d

Parsons, Erastus T  (X X X)-(X X 1914): No notes

Parsons, R  Frank (X X 1870)-(X X 1917): No notes

Parsons, Susannah (X X 1835)-(X X X): Infant Sons of R. F. & F. A. Parsons, 1897 & 1910

Payne, Gabriel (X X X)-(11 MAR 1839): In Memory of Gabriel Payne, Who Died March 11, 1839, Aged 69 Years, 11 Months, 14 Days.  "His Languished Head Is At Rest, It's Thinking And Aching Are Oer: This Quiet Immovable Breast, It's Heav'd By Affliction No More."

Payne, George  W  (X X 1879)-(X X 1947): Father

Payne, Margaret  A  (X X X)-(25 MAY 1864): Daughter of W. & M. Payne, Aged 12y 3m 

Payne, Minnie B  (X X 1876)-(X X 1961): Mother

Payne, Samuel  J  (X X X)-(22 SEP 1856): Son of W. & M. Payne, Aged 6y 3m 

Payne, Sarah  Ann (X X X)-(25 SEP 1865): Daughter of W. & S. Payne, Aged 8y 5m 5d

Payne, Sarah A  (X X X)-(16 OCT X): Wife of William Payne, Aged 25y 6m , McKitrick notes date of death could be 1841 or 1844

Payne, William (X X X)-(1 APR 1857): Aged 46y 1m 14d

Peckens, Gilbert R  (X X 1939)-(X X 1962): No notes

Peckens, Velma P  (X X 1943)-(X X X): No notes

Penney, Christiana (X X 1874)-(X X 1967): No notes

Penney, John Omer (X X 1868)-(X X 1942): No notes

Perdew, Lonnie (X X 1873)-(X X 1952): No notes

Perdew, Lucy (X X 1872)-(X X X): No notes

Perry, Ada  M  (X X 1899)-(X X 1940): No notes

Perry, Ernest E  (X X 1891)-(X X 1958): No notes

Perry, Polly Maria (X X X)-(27 DEC 1845): Wife of Rev. David C. Perry, Aged 30y

Perry, Sarah (X X X)-(16 OCT 1848): Wife of Rev. David C. Perry, Aged 33y

Pettit, J  Andrew (X X 1882)-(X X 1960): No notes

Phillips, Nellie (X X X)-(11 OCT 1866): Daughter of G. W. & S. A. Phillips, Aged 9m 5d

Phillips, Sarah (X X X)-(27 APR 1869): Wife of G. W. Phillips, Aged 36y 2m 3d 

Pollard, Porter Wilson (X X X)-(5 FEB 1854): Son of W. & H. Pollard, Aged 18y 10m 16d

Pollock, Joseph (X X X)-(6 DEC 1868): Aged 69y 1m 2d

Pond, Ada  May Beach (X X X)-(X X X): No notes

Pond, Alice Ann (X X 1852)-(X X 1928): No notes

Pond, Charles  O  (X X 1858)-(X X X): No notes

Pond, Sylvester  Pitt (X X X)-(X X X): No notes

Porter, Audrey B  (X X 1878)-(X X 1965): No notes

Porter, Bertha M  (X X 1902)-(X X 1925): Daughter of Audrey B & Charles A Porter

Porter, Caleb H  (X X 1871)-(X X 1953): No notes

Porter, Charles A  (X X 1873)-(X X 1965): No notes

Porter, Edna L  (X X 1882)-(X X 1964): No notes

Porter, Gladys Marie (X X 1902)-(X X 1934): McKitrick notes for the last name: "(Porter)?"

Porter, Jo Anne (X X 1930)-(X X 1948): No notes

Porter, Lucy Jane (X X 1853)-(X X 1929): His Wife [William J]

Porter, Neil (X X 1877)-(X X 1950): No notes

Porter, Pvt, R  Rex (X X 1912)-(X X 1946): Son of Audrey B and Charles A Porter, v

Porter, S  Eva (X X 1870)-(X X 1952): No notes

Porter, William  J (X X 1851)-(X X 1926): No notes

Powell, Norma J  (X X 1909)-(X X 1946): No notes

Powell, Thomas (X X X)-(3 DEC 1859): In the 59th year of his age

Powell, William T  (X X X)-(27 NOV 1853): Son of T. & A. Powell, Aged 27y

Preston, Dan'l L  (X X X)-(X X X): CO F 36 OHIO INF,

Preston, Emily Celestia (22 MAR 1837)-(5 JAN 1856): Daughter of E. & M. Preston

Preston, Enoch (X X X)-(20 MAR 1881): Aged 74y 3m 8d

Preston, Margery Lutton (X X X)-(29 APR 1888): Wife of Enoch Preston, Aged 75y 11m 13d

Proctor, (12 OCT 1905)-(19 JUL 1840): Consort of Nathan Proctor, In the 75th year of her age

Proctor, (X X X)-(X X 1954): No notes

Proctor, (X X X)-(X X 1966): No notes

Proctor, Abigail (X X X)-(19 OCT 1919): No notes

Proctor, Blanche R  (X X 1867)-(20 DEC 1929): No notes

Proctor, Charles G  (X X 1879)-(X X 1920): No notes

Proctor, Dwight I  (21 AUG 1918)-(19 DEC 1927): No notes

Proctor, Emma K  (2 DEC 1900)-(X X 1965): No notes

Proctor, Esq, Nathan (X X X)-(X X 1948): No notes

Proctor, Gladys W  (X X 1898)-(14 JUN 1845): Aged 37y

Proctor, Guy Ford (5 DEC 1922)-(X X 1937): No notes

Proctor, Harry  Ford (X X 1890)-(9 OCT 1875): Aged 36y 2m 26d, Flag Marker

Proctor, Harry M  (X X 1867)-(X X 1949): No notes

Proctor, J  M  (X X X)-(27 APR 1866): Daughter of John M. & Roena Proctor, IN the 25th year of her age

Proctor, James M  (X X 1871)-(10 DEC 1833): In Memory of Nathan Proctor, Esq., of Barlow, Who Died Dec. 10, 1833 In The 70th Year Of His Age.

Proctor, Joseph  H  (X X X)-(X X 1944): No notes

Proctor, Margaret (X X 1862)-(X X 1952): No notes

Proctor, Martha J  (X X X)-(X X 1957): No notes

Proctor, Phoebe L  (X X 1883)-(X X 1933): No notes

Proctor, Raymond  P  (X X 1884)-(X X 1935): No notes

Proctor, Rosa D  (X X 1867)-(6 DEC 1836): In Memory of an Infant Daughter of John M. and Rowena Proctor

Proctor, Verna Leggett (X X 1880)-(11 NOV 1905): Infant Daughter of W. S. & Rosa Proctor

Proctor, Walter S  (X X 1869)-(X X X): 1961  Son of Joe and Barbara Proctor, No indication if date is birth death or both

Pugh, (X X X)-(X X 1960): No notes

Pugh, Barbara J  (X X 1886)-(29 JUN 1915): No notes

Pugh, Charles S  (29 JUN 1848)-(X X 1966): No notes

Pugh, Dwight  M (X X 1893)-(12 FEB 1907): No notes

Pugh, Flora A Malster (22 MAY 1853)-(21 FEB 1886): Wife of Robert Pugh, Aged 77y 5m 4d

Pugh, Hannah (X X X)-(X X 1943): No notes

Pugh, John R  (X X 1884)-(X X 1966): No notes

Pugh, Leonard C  (X X 1881)-(X X 1941): No notes

Pugh, Mona Carol (X X 1939)-(X X 1954): No notes

Pugh, Rebecca (X X 1875)-(5 MAY 1870): In the 62nd year of his age

Pugh, Robert (26 JUN 1808)-(X X X): Infant Daughter Apr. 1, 1896

Radabaugh, Mary Ruth (X X 1924)-(X X 1947): No notes

Ray, Hattie  M  (X X 1898)-(X X 1944): No notes

Reed, Bertha (X X 1893)-(X X X): No notes

Reed, David J  (X X 1845)-(X X 1927): Father

Reed, Elbert (X X 1890)-(X X 1969): No notes

Reed, Joseph C  (X X 1864)-(X X 1934): No notes

Reed, Mary I  (X X 1856)-(X X 1931): Mother

Reed, Sadie E  (X X 1868)-(X X X): No notes

Reed, Sadie M  (X X 1884)-(X X X): No notes

Reed, Victoria Diann (X X 1949)-(X X 1960): No notes

Reed, W  Ermine (X X 1884)-(X X 1961): No notes

Rhoads, Edward K  (X X 1865)-(X X 1938): No notes

Rhoads, Gertrude B  (X X 1878)-(X X 1968): No notes

Richards, Henry  S  (X X 1841)-(X X 1920): SARGT CO D 77th REG O.V.I., Flag Marker

Richards, Mattie (X X X)-(13 SEP 1883): Daughter of Henry S. & Phebe H. Richards

Richards, Phebe H  (X X 1848)-(X X 1921): No notes

Rigg, Alice E  (X X 1861)-(X X 1947): No notes

Rigg, Elial (20 APR 1814)-(19 APR 1887): Born Near Fredericktown, PA, Came to Ohio in 1855, Died at Barlow, O, Aged 72y 11m 29d

Rigg, Isiah M  (X X 1856)-(X X 1942): No notes

Rigg, Malinda Hickman (6 MAR 1824)-(30 JAN 1908): His Wife [Elial]

Rigg, Tommy (X X X)-(30 APR 1870): No notes

Riley, Albert Lewis (X X 1911)-(X X X): No notes

Riley, Emma Mae (X X 1911)-(X X X): No notes

Roberts, Chas H (X X 1870)-(X X 1953): No notes

Roberts, Mary M  (X X 1880)-(X X 1943): No notes

Roberts, Thomas Ray (X X 1930)-(X X 1947): Flag Marker

Robinson, Lucy Smith (X X 1893)-(X X 1959): No notes

Root, Beatrice L  (X X 1889)-(X X 1968): No notes

Root, George Edwin (X X 1883)-(X X 1959): No notes

Rowland, Elizabeth Greenlees (29 SEP 1886)-(25 MAR 1920): No notes

Rowley, Jennie I  (X X 1899)-(X X 1964): No notes

Rowley, Sterling A  (X X 1897)-(X X X): No notes

Russell, Nancy J  (X X 1858)-(X X 1918): His Wife [Winfield S]

Russell, Winfield S  (X X 1852)-(X X 1945): No notes

Rutherford, John A  (X X X)-(X X X): Son of D. & C. Rutherford, Rest of stone gone

Schultz, Charles J (X X 1890)-(X X 1930): No notes

Schweikert, James T (19 MAY 1870)-(16 AUG 1915): No notes

Schweikert, Jessie F  (5 DEC 1897)-(4 DEC 1912): Daughter of James & Nettie Schweikert

Schweikert, Phoebe Janet (19 JUL 1870)-(9 AUG 1957): No notes

Scott, Linnie D  (X X 1864)-(X X 1934): No notes

Scott, Mary Ann (10 DEC 1833)-(25 NOV 1911): No notes

Seaman, Ethel J  (X X 1886)-(X X X): No notes

Seaman, William  F  (X X 1877)-(X X 1957): No notes

Seeley, William  (26 FEB 1889)-(21 SEP 1960): OHIO PFC CO B 6 INFANTRY WORLD WAR I PH

Seely, Anna J  (X X 1897)-(X X X): No notes

Seely, Charlie L  (X X X)-(8 AUG 1866): Son of J. & M. Seely, Aged 2y 8d

Seely, Clare  (X X X)-(8 OCT 1883): Daughter of George & Sarah SeelEy, Aged 10m 

Seely, Elfreda (X X 1861)-(X X 1930): No notes

Seely, George (X X 1855)-(X X 1936): No notes

Seely, Joseph (20 OCT 1823)-(X X 1941): No notes

Seely, Joseph G  (X X 1871)-(17 JUN 1902): No notes

Seely, Lona E  (X X 1872)-(X X 1910): No notes

Seely, Lucy May (X X 1863)-(X X 1938): No notes

Seely, Mary M  (9 OCT 1837)-(10 APR 1902): No notes

Seely, Sarah (X X 1851)-(X X 1922): No notes

Selby, Blaine M  (X X 1889)-(X X 1918): No notes

Selby, Carrie M  (X X 1848)-(X X 1910): No notes

Selby, Jeremiah J  (X X 1844)-(X X 1928): No notes

Shaw, Hattie  B  (23 DEC 1876)-(23 JUL 1940): No notes

Simmons, Grace L  (X X 1905)-(X X X): No notes

Simmons, Ray  R  (X X 1903)-(X X 1959): No notes

Skipton, Janette S  (X X 1864)-(X X 1910): No notes

Skipton, William  H  (X X 1862)-(X X 1930): No notes

Smith, Anna J  (X X 1854)-(X X 1896): No notes

Smith, Carmi (X X 1864)-(X X 1947): No notes

Smith, Charlie F  (X X 1886)-(X X 1931): No notes

Smith, Elizabeth (9 DEC 1820)-(18 APR 1906): No notes

Smith, Gilbert (20 AUG 1832)-(12 SEP 1901): No notes

Smith, Joe F  (19 AUG 1951)-(19 DEC 1919): No notes

Smith, John D  (X X 1851)-(X X 1922): No notes

Smith, Lucy (X X X)-(10 MAR 1858): Daughter of Carmi & Sarah Smith, Aged (19)?y 6m 10d

Smith, Malcolm (X X 1848)-(X X 1920): No notes

Smith, Martha P  (28 DEC 1863)-(7 AUG 1929): No notes

Smith, Mary J  (X X 1854)-(X X 1920): His Wife [John D]

Smith, Paul (X X X)-(1 JUN 1882): Aged 79y 5m

Smith, Robert C  (4 MAR 1876)-(13 FEB 1934): No notes

Smith, Rosalie (X X 1872)-(X X 1949): No notes

Smith, Rowena G  (27 MAR 1833)-(13 MAR 1907): No notes

Snider, Harmon W  (X X 1883)-(X X 1963): No notes

Snider, Ica M  (X X 1892)-(X X X): No notes

Snodgrass, D  Lawrence (X X 1878)-(X X 1945): No notes

Snodgrass, Stella M  (X X 1886)-(X X X): No notes

Sprague, Michael (19 MAR 1948)-(22 MAR 1948): No notes

Sprague, Nellie A  (X X 1849)-(X X 1924): Mother

Starlin , John T  (21 MAR 1856)-(21 NOV 1892): Son of James & Minnie Starlin, Aged 2m

Starlin, Lester (X X X)-(29 OCT 1903): His Wife [John T]

Starlin, Mary C  (2 AUG 1860)-(2 APR 1934): No notes

Starling, Flora E  (X X 1859)-(X X 1939): No notes

Starling, Willard D  (X X 1834)-(X X 1929): No notes

Steed, John (X X 1838)-(X X 1925): Flag Marker

Steed, L  Calista (X X 1844)-(X X 1906): His Wife [John]

Steed, Rena L  (X X 1872)-(X X X): No notes

Stephens, Belva Mae (X X 1917)-(X X 1937): No notes

Stephens, Dana Earl (X X 1928)-(X X 1928): No notes

Stephens, Esta Eliza  (X X 1893)-(X X 1942): No notes

Stephens, Hattie  J  (X X 1866)-(X X 1931): His Wife [William E]

Stephens, Laura S  (X X 1883)-(X X 1966): No notes

Stephens, Lawrence Earl (X X 1890)-(X X 1955): No notes

Stephens, Malcolm E  (X X 1872)-(X X 1958): No notes

Stephens, Roscoe C  (1 MAY 1859)-(21 AUG 1928): No notes

Stephens, William  E  (X X 1857)-(X X 1918): No notes

Stevens, Lulu Elizabeth (21 JUL 1881)-(19 AUG 1965): No notes

Stockdale, Joseph (X X X)-(X X X): In Memory of Jos Stockdale

Stockdale, Orlando (X X X)-(X X X): His Son [Joseph]

Stone , William  R  (26 MAR 1923)-(X X X): No notes


Stoneking, Joan Disbro (X X 1825)-(X X 1908): No notes

Stull, Blanche Beach (X X 1867)-(X X 1961): No notes

Sutherland, Flossie M  (X X 1901)-(X X 1966): No notes

Sutherland, Floyd (X X 1903)-(X X X): No notes

Sutton, Frank Carlin (25 SEP 1898)-(X X X): Our son, Frank Carlin Sutton, Born Sept. 25, 1898 at Rockland, O.,  His boyhood days were spent at the old Stephens homestead, S. W. of Vincent, O.  Moved to Columbus, O. in 1908.  Graduated from North High School 1917.  World War Veteran.  Served on Battleship Nevada, Appointed as Midshipman to Naval Academy in 1918.  Graduated in 1922.  Served as a regular line officer until 1926, when he was assigned to air service.  He is now Chief Flight Instructor, Primary Land Planes, Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Fla.  Present rank (1931), Lieut. U.S. Navy.  He was married to Miss Frances Alcott Richards, Of San Diego, California, April 16, 1928.

Sutton, Jennie Stephens (X X 1869)-(X X 1930): No notes

Sutton, Richard Elmer (X X 1866)-(X X 1940): No notes

Swain Jr, Wm  Joseph (20 APR 1958)-(23 APR 1958): No notes

Talbot, Alva T  (1 OCT 1871)-(21 MAR 1948): No notes

Talbot, Iris (4 FEB 1874)-(5 NOV 1966): No notes

Thompson, Angeline Smith (X X X)-(9 AUG 1856): Wife of William Thompson and daughter of C. & S. Smith, Aged 22y 3m 16d

Thompson, Bertha  A  (X X 1886)-(X X X): No notes

Thompson, Clarence R  (X X 1887)-(X X 1907): No notes

Thompson, David (X X X)-(X X 1926): No notes

Thompson, David Oscar (X X 1853)-(22 NOV 1885): Aged 81y 2m 7d

Thompson, Gilbert S  (X X 1881)-(X X 1962): No notes

Thompson, Ida Esther (X X 1860)-(X X 1935): No notes

Thompson, John  F  (23 JUN 1861)-(16 JAN 1904): No notes

Thompson, Laura A Ford (7 JUN 1834)-(11 NOV 1905): His Wife [William]

Thompson, Matilda (X X X)-(9 SEP 1887): No notes

Thompson, Orville  C  (X X X)-(20 JAN 1857): Son of W. & A. Thompson, Aged 1y 11m 

Thompson, Vesta C  (X X 1877)-(X X 1944): No notes

Thompson, Willard  E  (X X 1915)-(X X 1915): No notes

Thompson, Willard E  (X X 1864)-(X X X): No notes

Thompson, William (28 APR 1828)-(21 OCT 1897): No notes

Thompson, William  B  (X X 1918)-(22 SEP 1944): Killed in action in France

Thornberry, Florence E  (X X 1903)-(X X 1956): No notes

Thornberry, Levi G  (X X 1900)-(X X X): No notes

Tompkins, Blanche  M  (X X 1889)-(X X 1958): No notes

Tompkins, Dean H  (X X 1886)-(X X 1959): No notes

Totman, Mary A  (1 JAN 1874)-(3 NOV 1954): No notes

Totman, Sherman E  (26 FEB 1869)-(8 MAR 1944): No notes

Tracy, Alma (X X 1902)-(X X 1925): No notes

Tracy, Carl (X X 1900)-(X X 1923): No notes

Tracy, Charles  F  (X X 1856)-(X X 1924): No notes

Tracy, Edwin Ray (2 FEB 1923)-(15 SEP 1951): OHIO M. SGT. 9 INF. 2 INF DIV. WORLD WAR II (KOREA) PH

Tracy, Margaret A  (X X X)-(1 NOV 1892): Wife of O. A. Tracy, Aged 46y 8m 12d 

Tracy, Mary A  (X X 1859)-(X X 1929): His Wife [Charles F]

Tratchel, Henry F  (X X 1865)-(X X 1949): No notes

Tratchel, Mary B  (X X 1866)-(X X 1935): No notes

Tresch, Frederick (X X 1837)-(X X 1914): No notes

Tresch, Hiram J  (X X 1873)-(X X 1945): No notes

Tresch, Mary (X X 1844)-(X X 1919): No notes

Tresch, May  I  (X X 1879)-(X X X): No notes

Turner, (2 FEB 1909)-(X X 1953): No notes

Turner, Anna H  (X X 1892)-(X X X): No notes

Turner, Arthur F  (X X 1890)-(X X 1928): Wife of Harry Turner

Turner, Blanch  (X X 1882)-(X X 1875): His Wife [Daniel 1825-1907] Born in Scotland

Turner, Catharine (X X 1836)-(X X 1927): No notes

Turner, Charles (X X 1857)-(X X 1944): No notes

Turner, Daniel (X X 1825)-(X X 1907): Born in Scotland

Turner, Daniel Fremont (X X 1863)-(X X 1930): No notes

Turner, Ella Fleming (X X 1859)-(25 JUL 1888): Daughter of Charles & Elizabeth Turner, Aged 1y 5m 12d

Turner, Jennie G  (X X X)-(X X 1947): No notes

Turner, Louis Arthur (X X 1925)-(X X 1921): His Wife [Charles]

Turner, Marie Elizabeth (X X 1855)-(X X 1932): No notes

Turner, Mary Eloise (X X 1916)-(18 MAR 1903): No notes

Turner, Robbie (28 DEC 1863)-(X X 1931): No notes

Turner, Robert Roland (X X X)-(3 FEB 1909): Infant Daughter of Harry G. & Blanch Turner

Tuttle, Margaret A Preston (12 DEC 1833)-(17 DEC 1895): Wife of John W. Tuttle

Tuttle, Mary E  (X X X)-(6 SEP 1869): Daughter of John W. & M. A. Tuttle, Aged 3y 2m 26d

VanValey, Eleanor Hayes (27 FEB 1843)-(27 AUG 1903): No notes

VanValey, Joseph S  (11 JUN 1839)-(3 APR 1899): No notes

VanValey, Samuel  (X X X)-(27 NOV 1886): Son of J. S. & E. H. VanValey, Aged 13y 7m 7d

Vincent, (X X X)-(21 JUN 1888): No notes

Vincent, Adelaide E  (14 AUG 1831)-(X X 1876): No notes

Vincent, Albert Earl (X X 1829)-(9 SEP 1887): Born in Ouneida Co N.Y. Wife of John Vincent

Vincent, Elizabeth Dustin (17 AUG 1808)-(23 JUN 1873): Aged 71y

Vincent, Henry Earl (X X X)-(16 MAR 1887): Eldest Son of John C. & Rose Vincent

Vincent, Herman Lyle (29 JUL 1867)-(17 SEP 1882): No notes

Vincent, John (28 AUG 1809)-(X X 1956): No notes

Vincent, Mary  Ellen (X X 1914)-(26 MAR 1892): Wife of Henry Earl Vincent

Vincent, Rhoda E Clark (18 DEC 1806)-(15 JUL 1840): Daughter of H. E. & R. E. Vincent, Aged 3y 8m 

Vincent, Viola Vesta (X X X)-(8 AUG 1841): Infant Daughter of H. E. & R. E. Vincent Aged 21 days 

Waggoner, Anthony J  (X X 1891)-(X X 1963): No notes

Waggoner, Edgar D  (24 JUL 1914)-(5 MAR 1965): OHIO CM 2 U.S.N.R. World War II

Waggoner, Rona M  (X X 1894)-(X X X): No notes

Wagner, Sir, Frederick (5 DEC 1889)-(1 MAR 1963): Sir Frederick Wagner, West Virginia PFC CO K 46 Infantry World War I

Walker, Clara R  (X X 1913)-(X X X): No notes

Walker, Dean (X X X)-(25 NOV 1889): Son of E. C. & F. R. Walker, Aged 5y

Walker, Fannie R Leasure (X X X)-(24 APR 1877): Wife of Edward C. Walker, In the 27th year of her age

Walker, George E  (X X 1906)-(X X 1970): No notes

Walker, James R  (X X 1940)-(X X 1966): No notes

Walker, Roy (X X X)-(16 MAR 1883): Son of E. C. & F. R. Walker, Aged 1m 5d 

Walker, Theresa A  (X X X)-(X X X): "July 15, 1592', No indication whether date is birth, death or both

Wamsley, Cecil B  (X X 1886)-(X X 1952): No notes

Wamsley, Rena J  (X X 1896)-(X X X): No notes

Warren, Dr, James M  (12 JUL 1824)-(21 FEB 1900): Father

Warren, Martha E  (19 JAN 1824)-(9 JAN 1879): Mother

Watterson, Blanche E  (X X 1893)-(X X 1966): No notes

Watterson, Walter (X X 1889)-(X X X): "Verne"

Welch, Anna May (X X 1875)-(X X 1962): No notes

Welch, Elizabeth A  (3 JUL 1897)-(6 SEP 1898): Daughter of L. & A. M. Welch, Aged 14m 3d

Welch, Herman H  (X X 1880)-(X X 1956): No notes

Welch, Jessie E  (X X 1883)-(X X X): No notes

Welch, Lewis (X X 1865)-(X X 1943): No notes

Welch, Michael (X X X)-(X X X): 1953  Son of Mr. & Mrs. H. G. Welch, No indication whether date is birth, death or both

Welch, Rob't (X X X)-(X X X): CO B 1st W. VA. CAV., Flag Marker

Whipkey, Charles (X X X)-(X X X): No notes

Whipkey, Clayton (X X X)-(X X X): No notes

Whipkey, Eula F  (X X 1916)-(X X 1961): No notes

Whipkey, Henry (X X X)-(X X X): No notes

Whipkey, Henry A  (X X 1917)-(X X X): No notes

Whipkey, Jack (X X X)-(X X X): No notes

Whipkey, John (X X X)-(X X X): No notes

Whipkey, Mary  Jane  (X X X)-(X X X): No notes

White, Louise L  (X X 1934)-(X X X): No notes

White, Robert  M  (20 JAN 1923)-(14 DEC 1965): OHIO S.SGT. 466 ENGR. DEPOT Co, World War II

Wible, Joseph (X X 1853)-(X X 1938): No notes

Wible, Lottie (X X 1875)-(X X 1938): No notes

Wible, Mattie (X X 1858)-(X X 1946): No notes

Wible, Myron L  (X X 1878)-(X X 1956): No notes

Williams, Harry W  (X X 1928)-(X X X): No notes

Williams, Henry M  (X X 1876)-(X X 1955): No notes

Williams, Margie M  (X X 1890)-(X X 1941): No notes

Williams, Mildred P  (X X 1915)-(X X X): No notes

Williams, Talma Smith (7 FEB 1836)-(17 APR 1902): Wife of Sylvester Williams, Born at Joy O., Died at Belpre, O., aged 66y 2m 10d 

Willis, Edgar J  (X X 1860)-(X X 1911): No notes

Willis, William  W  (X X 1888)-(X X 1910): No notes

Wilson, Elsie E  (X X 1885)-(X X 1955): No notes

Wilson, Harvey J  (X X 1882)-(X X 1963): No notes

Witham, Harry (X X 1889)-(X X X): No notes

Witham, Irene (X X 1899)-(X X 1958): No notes

Wolfe, Leslie O  (X X 1906)-(X X 1935): No notes

Woodburn, Elizabeth Schramm (X X 1881)-(X X 1957): No notes

Woodburn, Henry Boyd (X X 1872)-(X X 1958): No notes

Woods, Aimee G  (X X 1885)-(X X 1941): Mother

Woods, William H  (X X 1884)-(X X 1941): Father

Yost, Charles  A  (X X 1881)-(X X 1951): No notes

Yost, Freda  P  (X X 1892)-(X X 1967): No notes

Yost, James (X X 1863)-(X X 1934): No notes

Yost, Robert E  (X X 1945)-(X X 1947): Son of Chester & Kathryn

Yost, Sarah  E  (X X 1860)-(X X 1933): No notes

Barnett Ridge Cemetery

1937 Barnett Ridge Rd, Belpre, OH
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Adams, Arley (X X 1894)-(X X X): No notes

Adams, Dysle Charles (12 FEB 1919)-(2 JUN 1945): OHIO CPL U.S. ARMY WW II

Adams, Floyd (X X 1888)-(X X 1959): No notes

Adams, J  W  (X X 1850)-(X X 1926): No notes

Adams, Leora May (X X X)-(X X X): No notes

Allender, Anna Lou (X X 1894)-(X X 1932): No notes

Allender, Barbara (X X X)-(X X X): No notes

Allender, Eloise G  (X X 1923)-(X X X): No notes

Allender, Onzie L  (X X 1917)-(29 AUG 1960): OHIO TEC 5 ENGINEERS WW II

Allender, Phoebe (X X 1867)-(X X 1962): No notes

Allender, William B  (X X 1919)-(X X 1943): No notes

Allender, William  W  (X X 1862)-(X X 1909): No notes

Baker, Leola (Waderker) (X X 1918)-(X X 1967): No notes

Barnett, Ambrose (X X 1862)-(X X 1952): No notes

Barnett, Arthur (X X 1891)-(X X X): No notes

Barnett, Carrie (X X 1866)-(X X 1925): His Wife [Charles H]

Barnett, Charles H  (X X 1851)-(X X 1926): No notes

Barnett, Delbert A  (9 APR 1911)-(25 JUL 1911): No notes

Barnett, Elender (X X X)-(23 APR 1867): Wife of Benjamin Barnett

Barnett, Emily (X X X)-(25 MAR 1877): Wife of Joseph F. Barnett, Aged 50y 9m 28d

Barnett, Esstella C  (26 JUL 1886)-(8 FEB 1887): Daughter of Joseph F. & Frances Barnett

Barnett, Frances (27 NOV 1860)-(30 MAR 1887): Wife of Joseph Barnett

Barnett, Harry (X X 1906)-(X X 1924): No notes

Barnett, Hilda S  (X X 1896)-(X X X): No notes

Barnett, James L  (X X 1884)-(X X 1966): Jim

Barnett, James (16 DEC 1934)-(20 MAR 1960): OHIO A. 3 C. 314 INSTL AP., KOREA

Barnett, Joseph F  (1 FEB 1828)-(8 MAR X): No notes

Barnett, Joseph (X X X)-(X X X): No notes

Barnett, Joshua (X X X)-(5 APR 1860): Son of Joseph F. & Emily Barnett, aged 6wks

Barnett, Lillie M  (X X X)-(20 NOV 1900): Aged 4y 5d

Barnett, Mary Irene (X X 1903)-(X X 1956): No notes

Barnett, Mary M  (X X 1888)-(X X 1964): Mayme

Barnett, Mary W  (7 JUN 1883)-(6 JAN 1887): Daughter of W. J. & Mary Barnett

Barnett, Orval R  (X X X)-(3 JUL 1890): Son of A. J. & A. J. Barnett, Aged 5m 5d

Barnett, Peter (15 JUN 1789)-(21 APR 1875): No notes

Barnett, Talmage (X X 1884)-(X X 1932): No notes

Barnett, W  J  (1 JAN 1853)-(10 NOV 1884): No notes

Barnett, Waldo F  (X X 1894)-(X X 1956): No notes

Barnett, William (X X X)-(X X X): Infant, Feb. 26, 1918

Barnett, (X X X)-(9 MAR 1864): Infant daughter of Joseph F. & Emily Barnett

Barnett, (13 JUN 1895)-(13 JUN 1895): Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Barnett

Dalton, Clara (25 AUG 1843)-(22 JUL 1900): No notes

Harvey, Emily L  (X X 1908)-(X X X): No notes

Harvey, Pearl (X X 1902)-(X X 1967): No notes

Holbert, Barnett (X X 1885)-(X X 1960): No notes

Holbert, David E  (11 JUN 1890)-(2 OCT 1906): Son of David W. & Caroline S. Holbert

Honesty, John S  (X X 1859)-(X X 1944): No notes

Honesty, Mary C  (X X 1866)-(X X 1950): No notes

Hulbert, Myrtle (X X X)-(18 NOV 1898): Daughter of David & Caroline Hulbert

Johnson, Edward (X X 1886)-(X X 1966): No notes

Johnson, W  F  (22 AUG 1880)-(8 JAN 1905): No notes

Kennedy, Warren (X X X)-(X X X): OHIO CORP 520 SERV. BN. ENGR. CORP. JULY 11, 1936

Kindle, Charles T  (X X 1880)-(X X 1956): No notes

Kindle, Flossie A  (X X 1878)-(X X 1958): No notes

Lyons, Tolton (X X 1906)-(X X 1956): No notes

Male, Eleby (5 MAR 1890)-(25 AUG 1904): Daughter of Henry & Mary L. Male

Male, Elmer D  (X X X)-(10 JUN 1873): Son of G. W. & L. J. Male, McKitrick has a question mark by this year of death.  Verify with other sources.

Male, Henry (X X 1860)-(X X 1936): No notes

Male, Lucretta J  (X X X)-(26 APR 1874): Wife of Geo. W. Male, McKitrick has a question mark by this year of death.  Verify with other sources.

Male, Mary L  (X X 1862)-(X X 1942): No notes

Marshall, Clayton L  (X X 1898)-(X X 1962): No notes

Marshall, Florence O  (X X 1905)-(X X X): No notes

Marshall, Kyle Harley (X X X)-(21 MAY 1963): Aged 57y

Martena, Albert (X X X)-(X X 1904): 40y

Mayle, Charles A  (X X 1887)-(X X 1962): No notes

Mayle, Chester A  (X X X)-(X X X): OHIO PVT 365 INF 92ND DIV SEP 9, 1939

Mayle, Edna (X X 1886)-(X X X): No notes

Mayle, Elsworth (25 MAY 1883)-(10 MAR 1952): No notes

Mayle, G  R  (X X 1845)-(X X 1923): No notes

Mayle, Harvey C  (18 OCT 1892)-(5 NOV 1902): son of W. H. & Ella Mayle

Mayle, Henrietta B  (X X 1890)-(X X X): No notes

Mayle, Joe (X X X)-(X X X): No notes

Mayle, Martha (X X 1871)-(X X 1906): No notes

Mayle, Mary F  (X X 1857)-(X X 1916): No notes

Mayle, Matilda (X X 1862)-(X X 1942): No notes

Mayle, Sylvia (X X 1916)-(X X 1937): No notes

Mayle, Walter (X X 1880)-(X X 1951): No notes

Mayle, Wilford E  (X X 1932)-(X X 1965): No notes

Mayle, William (X X 1865)-(X X 1939): No notes

Miller, Martha (X X X)-(22 SEP 1880): Wife of Zachariah Miller, Aged 43y 4m 29d

Norris, Addie N  (X X 1880)-(X X X): Wife [Elzie]

Norris, Elsie M  (X X X)-(10 MAY 1881): Daughter of I & J Norris, Aged 28y 7m 18d

Norris, Elzie (X X 1877)-(X X 1952): No notes

Norris, Myrtle (13 FEB 1883)-(26 FEB 1923): No notes

Peyton, Nettie (X X 1888)-(X X X): No notes

Peyton, William  H  (X X 1883)-(X X 1969): No notes

Robinson, Clara Ophelia (9 MAR 1864)-(13 SEP 1887): Born in Charleston, W. Va., Aged 23y 6m 4d

Scott, Delbert (X X 1903)-(X X 1946): No notes

Scott, Dolphus (X X 1909)-(X X X): No notes

Scott, Lucille (X X 1910)-(X X 1949): No notes

Scott, Marvin D  (X X 1934)-(X X 1956): No notes

Scott, Myrtle (X X 1899)-(X X X): No notes

Sellers, Eliza (X X 1860)-(X X 1944): No notes

Stiles, Thomas (X X 1834)-(X X 1865): 1ST LT. CO. D 70TH REG. OHIO INF.

Striblin, Alice (X X 1855)-(X X 1922): No notes

Striblin, Charles (X X 1844)-(X X 1914): Flag marker

Striblin, Everett G  (X X X)-(6 SEP 1882): Son of Charles & Alice Striblin

Striblin, Vernon (21 NOV 1874)-(6 OCT 1948): No notes

Uhl, George (X X 1865)-(X X 1936): No notes

Waderker, Agnes R  (X X 1888)-(X X 1967): No notes

Waderker, Barbara (X X X)-(X X X): No notes

Waderker, Bonnie (X X X)-(X X X): No notes

Waderker, Cora M  (X X 1889)-(X X 1945): No notes

Waderker, Ella (X X 1857)-(X X X): His wife [Robert]

Waderker, Emerson (X X X)-(X X X): No notes

Waderker, George O  (X X 1892)-(X X X): No notes

Waderker, Harry C  (24 APR 1887)-(16 APR 1903): Son of R. & E. Waderker

Waderker, Hazel B  (X X 1889)-(X X X): No notes

Waderker, Leola E  (X X 1919)-(X X 1967): No notes

Waderker, Jr, Randolph E  (X X X)-(X X 1937): No notes

Waderker, Robert (X X 1884)-(X X 1923): No notes

Wayne, Alander (X X X)-(X X X): No notes

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