Buell Cemetery
Tower Hill Road, Lowell, OH : on private property

Buell, Perez Barnum (23 JUN 1796)-(8 DEC 1862): Our Father, Perez Barnum Buell, Born in Ithica, N.Y.
Buell, Elizabeth (15 DEC 1799)-(27 JUN 1863): Our Mother, Elizabeth, Wife of P. B. Buell, Born in Fauquier County, VA
Buell, Salmon D  (X X X)-(2 AUG 1823): A Native of New York, Consort of Eliza Buell, In the 30th year of his age
Buell, Capt., Frank (24 APR 1827)-(22 AUG 1862): Killed at Freemans Ford, Faquier Co VA
Buell, Mindwell R  (X X X)-(11 AUG 1856): Daughter of P. B. & Elizabeth Buell
Buell, George P  (27 APR 1827)-(17 FB 1862): Son of P. B. & Elizabeth Buell
Buell, Thomas Rector (X X X)-(13 AUG 1823): Infant son of P. B. & Elizabeth Buell, Age 1y 1m 21d
Buell, Thomas  Rector (X X X)-(15 MAR 1826): Infant son of P. B. & Elizabeth Buell, Age 7m 21d
Buell, Sally Almeria (X X X)-(8 AUG 1823): Daughter of P. B. & Elizabeth Buell Aged 2y 4m 6d
Fitzhugh, Aunt, Fanny (X X X)-(18 MAR 1853): Aunt Fanny Fitzhugh, A Colored Woman, Native of Prince William County VA. Lived in The County During Three Generaltions and Died at the Residence of P. B. Buell, Aged 91 years
Lewis, Laura Armstrong (25 MAY 1850)-(10 NOV 1913): Wife of William S. Lewis, Born at Pittsburg, PA, Died at Lowell, O
Lewis, William S  (7 JAN 1847)-(14 MAR 1915): Born Cumberland, O, Died at Lowell, O
Lewis, Samuel (1 JAN 1816)-(21 AUG 1902): Our Father, Born in Stark Co. O, Died in Washington Co O
Lewis, Mary Ann. Buell (3 AUG 1822)-(25 DEC 1885): Our Mother, Daughter of P. B. & Elizabeth Buell, And wife of Samuel Lewis, Born in Washington Co O
Lewis, Adam Clark (X X X)-(24 JUN 1880): Son of Sammy R & Mary A. Lewis, Died in Hunt County Texas, Aged 28y
Lewis, Elizabeth E  (X X X)-(17 JAN 1867): Daughter of Samuel & Mary Lewis, Aged 21y 7m 
Lewis, George P  (X X X)-(19 AUG 1955): Son of Samuel & M. A. Lewis, Aged 1y 4m 27d
Lewis, Franklin (X X X)-(31 AUG 1861): Son of Samuel and Mary I Lewis
Lewis, Edward S  (X X X)-(13 MAR 1858): Son of Samuel & Mary I Lewis, Aged 4m 15d

Devol Cemetery
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Coffee, Marty, L  ( )-(15 1852): Son of M. & E. Coffee, Aged 2y 15d
Devol, Rhoda, (X X 1819)-( 1865): No notes
Devol, Ruby, (X X X)-(24 NOV 1864): Wife of Simeon Devol, in the 70th year of her age
Devol, Silas, (X X X)-(X X 1826): Drowned
Devol, Simeon, M  (X X X)-(10 AUG 1876): Aged 76y 8m 26d
Devol, Simeon, (X X 1826)-( 1834): No notes
Dodge, Experience, (X X X)-(18 NOV 1842): Age 78y 
Gorrell, Mark, W  (4 MAY 1871)-(21 OCT 1887): Son of Ruth B. Gorrell, Killed
Gorrell, Mark, (X X 1871)-( 1887):No notes
Jaquett, John, E  (X X X)-(20 JUL 1865): Son of P. & R. B. Jaquett, Aged 10y 9m 10d
Jaquett, Konina, E  (5 FEB 1853)-(19 OCT 1854): Daughter of P. & R. Jaquett
Jaquett, Pierson, (X X X)-(10 AUG 1865): Aged 46y
Jaquett, Richard, H  (11 FEB 1850)-(13 OCT 1852): Son of P. & R. Jaquett
Jaquett, Ruby, G  (X X X)-(5 JUN 1862): Daughter of P. & R. Jaquett, Age 11m 21d
Jaquett, William , P  (6 JUN 1851)-(8 SEP 1852): Son of P. & R. Jaquett
Roach, Amelia, (X X X)-(23 MAR 1816): In the 65 year of her age
Roach, William , (X X X)-(7 MAR 1818): In the 87 year of his age
Roach, William , (X X X)-(11 MAY 1847): Aged 52y 5m 17d
Roach, William , (X X 1795)-(X X 1847): No notes
Roach, William , (X X 1731)-(X X 1818): No notes
Somers, Milton, (X X X)-(22 MAR 1813): Age 18y
Sprague, Ann, (X X X)-(X X 1819): No notes
Sprague, Gertrude, (X X X)-(26 APR 1855): Wife of Wilbur Sprague, Age 77y 15d
Sprague, Gilbert, (X X 1807)-(X X 1807): No notes
Sprague, Lucinda, (X X 1796)-(X X 1854): No notes
Sprague, Nehemiah, (X X X)-(2 FEB 1811): In Memory of Nehemiah Sprague who departed this life in the 42nd year of his age.  Behold I come as a Thief, Watch Therefore.
Sprague, Nehemiah, (X X 1811)-(X X 1842): No notes
Sprague, Rosannah, (X X 1803)-(X X 1826): No notes
Sprague, Sophia, (X X X)-(26 MAY 1810): 22y 
Sprague, Sophia, (X X 1788)-(X X 1810): No notes
Sprague, Warden, (X X 1810)-(X X 1810): No notes
Sprague, Wilbur, (X X X)-(28 MAY 1824): In the 48th year of his age
Sprague, William , (X X X)-(1 SEP 1826): In the 70th year of his age
Sprague, Jr., William , (X X X)-(X X 1803): No notes
Sprague, Jr., William , (X X 1803)-(X X 1816): No notes
Sprague, Wilson, (X X 1850)-(X X 1858): No notes
Taylor, Willard, (X X X)-(6 NOV 1849): Son of J. & R. Taylor, Age 4y 2m 18d
Thomas, Charles, (X X X)-(28 AUG 1820): Age 34y 1m 12d
Thomas, Sophia, (X X X)-(X MAR 1815): Daughter of Charles & Sarah Thomas, Aged 11y 
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