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ABBREVIAT1ONS. In the following pages,
  • ab stands for above;
  • ave for avenue;
  • ay for alley;
  • b for boards;
  • bel for below;
  • bet for between;
  • (col.) for colored;
  • cor for corner;
  • h for residence;
  • о for office;
  • opp for opposite;
  • e s for east side;
  • w s for west side;
  • n s for north side;
  • s s for south side;
  • nr for near;
  • wid. for widow;
  • s and h for store or shop and house;
  • st for street;
  • r for rear.
It will be understood that the names and residences of members of firms following the names of each firm do not interfere with the regular insertion in their alphabetical order. The names appearing in CAPITAL LETTERS are subscribers.
[Note: The first surname for each letter of the alphabet is also capitalized.]

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NATIONAL HOUSE, William Worden, proprietor, Second and Greene.
Naylor, A. W., shoemaker, Fifth, n. Washington.
Neas, Frederick, gardener, Fifth, nr Washington.
Neece, S. H.. clerk, Fourth, nr Washington.
Needham, M. H., carpenter and architect, Fourth, ur Butler.
Needham, Michael, carpenter, Greene, nr Fourth, h Fourth, nr Greene.
Nesperly, John, cabinet-maker, Second, nr Scammel.
Nether, Arnold, shoemaker, Fourth, nr Greene.
Neuberger, Anna, grocery, Second, nr Wooster.
Neuberger. Frederick, printer, Second, nr Wooster.
Newbeck, John W., tanner, h and s Greene's Road.
Newell, J. H., deputy sheriff Washington county, о cor Second and Putnam, h Cutler station.
Newland, Miss Lizzie, dress-maker, Front, ab post office.
Newton, Charles, book-keeper, b Mrs. Hall.
Newton, diaries II.. of S. Newton & Son, Sixth, nr Wooster.
Newton, John, of Newton & Curtis, pres't Bank of Marietta, Fourth, nr Wooster.
NEWTON, S. & SON, real estate, general insurance agents, and notaries, o cor Ohio and Front.
Newton, Stephen, of S. Newton & Son, Fourth
Nixon, C., engineer. Fifth,вг Washington.
Nixon, James, county recorder, о court house,
Noe, Lewis, shoemaker. Sixth, nr Tupper.
Nott.Purley, sawyer, Sixth, nr Warren.
Nye, A. R., gent., Third, nr Church.
Nye, А. Т., of Nye & Son, Putnam, nr Third.
Nye, A. T., Jr., of Nye & Son, cor Second and Washington
NYE, A. T., dealer in hardware, iron, nails, stoves, cutlery and agricultural implements, 10 Front, h Putnam, bet Second and Third.
NYE, A. T. & SON, manufacturer oí stoves and hollow-ware, cor Ohio and Muskingum. Nye, В. Т., oil merchant, Putnam, nr Third.
Nye, Dudley S., of Nye & Richardson, cor Sixth and Wooster.
Nye, E. W.,of Putnam Sons & Co., Washington, nr Front.
Nye, F., harness-maker, Greene, nr Second.
Nye, I. H., sup't gas works, Washington, nr Second.
Nye, J. N., saloon, h and t Greene, nr Front.
Nye, James W., of Conley, Hall & Co. Washington and Third.
Nye, R. L , attorney, Putnam, nr Front, h Washington, nr Second.
NYE & RICHARDSON, attorneys at law, Putnam, nr Second.

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O'LARY, Dennis, turner, Sixth, nr Cutler.
Oldham, W. H., of Oldham & Way, Second, bet Scammel and Wooster.
OLDHAM & WAY. attorneys at law. cor of Putnam and Second. Collections promptly at tended to.
Oliver, James, carpenter, Greene, nr Second.
Ollbright (Albright), John, laborer, Sixth, nr Montgomery.
Olney. W. С .carpenter, Third, nr Marion.
Opp, Henry, laborer, Second, nr Montgomery.
Orr, Julia, wid. of James, Seventh, nr Washington.
Otterbein, J. D., saloon, h and s Ohio, nr Second.
Otto, Joach, shoemaker, Sixth, nr Wayne.

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PAFF, Charles, painter, Fourth and Warren.
Painter, Thomas, blacksmith, s Third and Ohio, b Louis Науs'.
Paisley, W. H., molder, Second nr Butler.
Palmer, Jewett, Jr., clerk of court, о court house, h Second, nr Putnam.
PALMER, P. A., dentist, Greene and Front, First National Bank building.
Pattin, Richard, of Pattin & Wells, cor Washington and Third.
РАTTIN & WELLS, dealers in groceries, produce, provisions, &c. cor Front and Wooster
Patton, J. A., sawyer, Second nr Montgomery.
Paxton, J. C., auctioneer. Third, nr Warren
Payne, A. D. carpenter, Fourth, nr Wairen.
Payne, George, laborer, Fifth, nr Wooster
Payne, W. N., of W. F. Curtis & Co., Putnam, nr Harmаг.
Payne, William, farmer, Third, nr Warren.
Pearce. E. P., of Pearce& Triem, Putnam, bet Fifth and Sixth.
Реягсе, F. E., cashier Marietta National Bank, Fifth, bet Wooster and Washington. PEARCE & TRIEM, wholesale and retail dealers in drugs, chemical, paints, oils, dye-stuffs and fancy goods, Front, nr Post Office.

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Peddinghaus, M. T., jeweler, 81 Front, h Fourth, nr Putnam.
Peddinghaus. Mrs. M. T., jeweler, Fourth, nr Putnam.
PENN BRASS WORKS. A. F. Ward, sup't.
Penwell, Martin, teamster, Front, nr Washington.
Peters, David, tinner, Seventh, nr Washington.
Peters, Jacob, clerk,Wooster, nr Second.
Peters, John, tinner, Seventh, nr Washington.
PETERS, PHILLIP В., manufacturer and dealer in hardware, tin, copper and sheet-iron ware and oil-well casing, h and s Front.
Pfaff, George, laborer, Fourth, nr Montgomery.
Pfaff, John, laborer, Fourth, nr Montgomery.
Pfeiffer, J. M., tailor, also, nursery, Front, nr Sacra via.
Phillips, John, mason, Seventh, nr Butler,
Phillips, Lyman, mason. Seventh, nr Butler.
PHŒNIX MILLS, Conley, Hull & Co., prop's, Butler and Muskingum.
PILLSBURY BRO'S, agents for the improved Howe and Buckeye sewing machines, Front, opp Post Office.
Pillsbury, Geo. E., of Pillsbury Bro's, Second, ab Greene.
Pillsbury, J. P., of Pillsbury & Bro's, Hart, nr Fifth.
Pillsbury, James, shoemaker, Butler and Post.
Pillsbury, James W., of Pillsbury Bro's, Butler and Muskingum.
Pillsbury, Joshua, shoemaker, Hart, nr Fifth.
Pixley, B. F., farmer, Sacravia, nr Second.
Pixley, Frank, clerk, Washington, nr Fourth.
Pixley, W. W., carpenter, Washington, nr Fifth.
Porter, S. S., merchant tailor, 18 Front, nr Washington.
Porter, Thomas, tinner, Third, nr Greene.
Preston, J. J., gardener, Fifth and College.
Protsman, Le Roy, painter, Third and Butler.
Price, Logan, laborer, Fifth and College.

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QUIGLER, Mrs. M. A., milliner. Front, nr Post Office
Quigley, James, laborer, Fourth, nr Washington..

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RACER, W. P., contractor, Seventh and Greene.
Rampp, Joseph, shoemaker, Seventh and Putnam.
Rampp, Wm., shoemaker, h and s Second, nr Putnam.
Ramsey, J. V., gent., Second, nr Wooster.
Ranger, John, carpenter, Fourth, nr Marion.
Rarrick, Lewis, carpenter, Washington, nr Sixth.
Rathden, John, laborer, Washington, nr Sixth.
Raymer, Harman, tanner. Second, nr Greene.
Read, E. В., book-keeper, Front, nr Montgomery.
Rech, Jacob, machinist, Sixth, иг Hart.
Reckard, Alban, oil merchant, Fifth and Putnam.
Reckard, Delila, wid. of J. L., Third and Greene.
Reckard, J. L., livery and sale stable, h and в Third and Church.
Reece, J. E., plasterer. Fifth, nr Warren.
Reese, James, student, Second and Putnam.
Reese, Samuel, gent., Second, nr Butler.
Regnier, W. M.. clerk, Fourth, bet Putnam and Scammel.
Rehhm. Peter, laborer, Sixth, nr Washington.
REIBER, DANIEL, groceries, provisions, canned fruits, tobcacco, cigars,&c., 35 Front, h Fourth nr Warren.
Reiber, Amia, clerk, Fourth, nr Montgomery.
Reiber, Elizabeth, wid. John, Fourth, nr Warren.
Reid, T. J., wheelright. Second, nr Mont
Rein, A., of A. Rein & Son, Fourth, nr Putnam.
REIN, A., & SON, dealer in tin, copper and sheet iron ware, Green, nr Second.
Rein. В., of A. Rein & Son, Fourth, nr Putnam.
Reiter, Adam, plasterer, Sixth, nr \Vooster.
Reppert, Barber & Wells, produce, 3 Greene
Reppert, Louis, of Reppert, Barber & Wells, Fourth, nr Putnam.
Reynolds, A., gent., Fifth and Hart.
Rhodes, C. R., attorney, Second, nr Wooster.
Rice, A. J., carriage-maker, Fourth, nr Greene.
Richards. A. J., clerk, Sixth, nr Cutler.
RICHARDS, A. H., groceries, produce, provisions, tobacco and cigars, etc., Greene and Second, h Greene, bet Third and Fourth.
Richards, George, carpenter, Fourth, nr Warren.
Richards, Henton, clerk. Second, nr Greene.
Richards, John, grocery, h and s Second and Greene.
Richardson, Richard, machinist, b Front, nr Wooster.
Richardson, W. P., of Nye & Richardson, Second, nr Scammel.
Reidenor, Wm., merchant tailor, 23 Front, b Fourth, nr Scammel.
Rietz,, John, saloon, h and s Ohio, nr Second.
Robinson, R. T., molder, Second nr Putnam.
Rodick, Benjamin, of Smith & Rodick, b Front, nr Sacravia.
Rodick, H., of Smith & Rodick, Second, bet Scammel and Wooster.
Roemer, A., tanner, Second, nr Butler.
Roesser, Fred., cigar-maker, Front, bet two bridges.
Roesser, Win., Jr., shoemaker, Front bet two bridges.
ROESSER, WM., manufacturer and dealer in boots and shoes, h and s Front bet two bridges
Rogers, Samuel, engineer, Sixth, nr Wayne.
Rolston, W. L , gent., Fourth, nr Scammel.
Rood, R. H., carpenter, Sixth, nr Cutler.
Roschan (Roeschen), Dick, clerk, Buckeye House.
Roschan (Roeschen), Henry, clerk, b Buckeye House.
Ross, Andrew, dry goods, 33 Front, h Putnam, nr Second.

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Roseter, G. R.., professor Marietta College, Fourth and Putnam.
Ruckman, S.,oil merchant, Warren, nr Third.
Rumbold, I., farmer, Second, nr Butler.
Russell, Reuben, tailor, Ohio, nr Nott House.

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SABIN, A. D., of Shaver & Sabin, b Fourth, nr river.
SAYRE, A. S., merchant tailor and dealer in gents' furnishing goods, collars, neck-ties, handkerchiefs, etc., also, agent for Singer's Sewing Machines, 59 Front, h Scammel, bet Second and Third.
Sayre, D. F., boatman, Third, nr Washington.
Sayre. S. S., artist, Church, nr Fourth.
Scherrer, Geo., grocer, h and s 16 Ohio.
Schlabach, C., dealer in groceries, etc., h Greene, nr Second.
Schlicher, David, laborer. Third, nr Montgomery.
Schlicher, Frederick, cigar-maker, Third, nr Monigomery.
Schlicher, Jacob, laborer, Third, nr Montgomery.
Schlicher, Peter, shoemaker, Third, nr Montgomery.
Schmidt, Edwin, tobacco and cigars, h and s Ohio, nr Second.
Schmidt & Goebel, furniture, 10 Front.
Schmidt, J. J., tanner, Greene’s Road
Schmidt, Louis, grocer, Front, ab Post Office, h Second, nr Butler.
Schmidt, Martin, of Schmidt & Goebel, Warren, bet Fourth and Fifth.
Schminke, Conrad, cl«rk, Fifth and Warren.
Schminke, J. C., clerk, Fifth, and Warren,
Schminke, John, shoemaker, Fifth, nr Warren.
Schminke, Peter, painter, Fifth and Warren.
Schoen, John, blacksmith. Fifth and Montgomery.
Schramm, Charles, gent., Fifth, nr Warren.
Schramm. David, machinist.Wooster, nr Front.
SCHRAMM, JOHN, dealers in groceries, provisions, produce, tobacco, cigars and notions, Putnam and Front, h Second, bet Putnam and Scammel.
Schramm, Phillip, boots and shoes, h and s 26 Front.
Scott, Theodore, teacher, Second, nr Putnam.
Seamon, Martin, carpenter, Front, nr Montgomery
Searight, Edward, cigar-maker, h and s Fourth, opp Church .
Seebers, D., molder, foot of Cutler.
Seedman, Charles, carpenter, Second, nr Warren
Severance, Benjamin, teamster, Fourth, nr Montgomery.
Severance, Phillip, sawyer, Montgomery, nr Third.
Shaer, Peter, driver, Fifth, nr Montgomery.
Shaffer, A., of A. & L. Shaffer, Front & Greene.
Shaffer, A. & L., saddle and harness maker, 30 Front.
Shaffer, L., of A. & L. Shaffer, Front, nr Greene.
Shaffer, Jacob, laborer, Fifth, nr Warren.
Shaffer, John, laborer, Seventh, nr Warren.
Shaffer Rufu«, carpenter, Third and Scammel.
SHAVER, H. V., of Shaver & Sabin, b Fourth, nr River.
SHAVER & SABIN, general agent for Elias Howe sewing machine, 43 Front.
Shaw, E. D., student, Second, nr Putnam.
Shaw, N. H., painter, Fourth, nr Washington.
Shaw, R. K., of Ewart & Shaw, Fifth, nr Putnam.
Shaw, T. Z., painter, Fourth, nr Montgomery.
Shearer, J. K., farmer, Wayne and Eighth.
Shelb, Jacob, laborer, Second, nr Marion.
Sheppard, C. J., teacher. Fourth and Putnam.
Sheppard, L. G., artist, b Second nr Scammel.
Shimer, Jacob, shoemaker, Fourth, nr Washington.
SHIPMAN & BINGHAM, dealers in dry goods and notions, 2 Greene.
Shipman, H. В., of Bosworth, Wells & Co., Second, ab Putnam.
Shipman, Samuel, of Shipman & Brigham, Front, nr Scammel.
Sinclair, J. В., mechanic. Fifth & Washington.
Singleton, Richard, shoemaker, b Farmers House.
Skinner, D. C., gent.. Front, bet Putnam and Scammel.
Skinner, William, gent., Fifth and Cutler.
Slattery, J. A., clerk, Front and Montgomery.
Slocomb, George, carpenter, Sixth, nr Warren.
Slocomb, Silas, of Slocomb & Co., Fourth, opp College Square.
Smith, Adam, cooper, Third, nr Washington.
Smith, Henry, laborer, Second nr Scammel.
Smith, Allcock & Gettle, boot and shoe makers, Greene, nr Second.
Smith, Andrew, cooper, Third, nr Washington.
Smith, J. J., shoemaker, Mulberry.
Smith, J. L., teamster, Third, nr Church.
Smith, John, merchant, Front, nr Sacravia.
Smith, John, laborer, Third, nr Greene.
Smith, John, of Smith & Rodick, Front, nr Washington.
Smith, John, watchman. Fifth, nr Montgomery.
Smith, Moses, laborer, Mulberry.
Smith, Peter, heater, Third nr Greene.
Smith & Rodick, hardware, iron, &c., 20 Front.
Smith, Sarah, wid. of E., Greene, nr Second.
Snider, J., steam-bakery, h and s Ohio.nr Third.
Sniffen, D. R., carpenter, Fifth, nr Putman.
Sniffen, J. F., carpenter, Fourth and Washington.
Sniffen, J. W., groceries, &c., s 75 Front, h Fifth, nr Putnam.
Sniffen, James, carpenter, Fourth and Washington.
Snyder, P. В., molder. Church, nr Fourth.
Snyder, Zack, cabinet-maker, Fifth and Montgomery.
Soller (Zoller), Julia, wid. of Henry, Hart, nr Sixth.
Soller (Zoller), Samuel, mason, Hart, nr Sixth.
Speais, Louis, laborer, Sixth, nr Cutler.
SPENCER, A., NYE & CO., tanners & curriers, Montgomery and Second.

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SPRAGUE, J. S., dealer in groceries, provisions and manufacturer of cigars, e 83 Front, h Putnam, bet Third and Fourth.
Squier, Katie, Tupper, nr Sixth.
Stafan, Mana, wid. of Jacob, Third, nr Scammel.
Statfor, Spencer, attorney, Third, nr Warren.
STANLEY, J. W., dealer in furniture, carpets, looking-glasses, window shades, oil cloths, and house furnishing goods; also, agent for Florence sewing machine, s 56 Front, h Ohio, bet Third and Fourth.
Stanley, T. W., pastor Whitney chapel, (M. E. Church), Fourth, nr Greene.
Staples, J. C., book-keeper, Sixth, nr Wooster.
Starlin, William, blacksmith, b A. R. Nye's.
Stedman, Mies E. V., Fourth, nr Washington.
Steen, E. W., currier. Second, nr Wooster.
Steiger, Louis, butcher, Greene's road.
Stephens, J. L., gent., Fifth and Wooster.
Stevens, Daoiel, gent., Fourth, nr Hart.
Stevens, James, groceries, &c., s 81 Front, b National House.
Stevenson, E. W., agt tea company, Warren, nr Third.
Steward, Harley,clerk. Second,nr Washington
Steward, Joseph, engineer, College, nr Sixth.
Stewart, George, laborer, Second, nr Warren.
Stiffen, Louis, laborer. Fourth and Warren.
STIMSON, K. Hi, editor and proprie'r Marietta Register, Fifth, bet Woosier & Washington.
Stoehr, B. E., saloon, s Second, nr Greeoe, h Sixth.
Stone, B. F., Sen., gent., Sixth, nr Tupper.
Stone, M., pastor Baptist church, Fourth and Scammel.
Stone, S W., civil engineer, Fifth nr Putnam.
Stout, M., dentist, b Second, nr Scammel.
Straman, John, laborer, Scammel, nr Second.
Strawer, Daniel, barber, s Greene, nr Second, h Sixth, nr Hart.
Strauss, J. D., of Coleman & Strauss, Washington, bet Third and Fourth.
Strecker, Jacob, painter, Front, nr Sacravia.
Strecker, William, laborer, Fourth, nr Montgomery.
Striger, John, laborer, Allen.
Strieker, John, cooper, Front, nr Montgomery.
Strieker, Matthew, laborer, Second and Sacravia.
Stutzell, Catharine, wid. of Valentine, Fifth, nr Hart.
Styer, Ernest, gent., Fourth, nr Wooster.
Styer, William, gent., Sixth and Putnam.
Summers, Louis, gent., Fourth, nr Scammel.
Swift, Charles D., clerk, Third, bet Church and Butler.
Swift, John, blacksmith, s Greene, nr Second, h Third, nr Greene.
Switzer, Henry, wagon-maker, h and a Third, nr Warren. '

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