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ABBREVIAT1ONS. In the following pages,
  • ab stands for above;
  • ave for avenue;
  • ay for alley;
  • b for boards;
  • bel for below;
  • bet for between;
  • (col.) for colored;
  • cor for corner;
  • h for residence;
  • о for office;
  • opp for opposite;
  • e s for east side;
  • w s for west side;
  • n s for north side;
  • s s for south side;
  • nr for near;
  • wid. for widow;
  • s and h for store or shop and house;
  • st for street;
  • r for rear.
It will be understood that the names and residences of members of firms following the names of each firm do not interfere with the regular insertion in their alphabetical order. The names appearing in CAPITAL LETTERS are subscribers.
[Note: The first surname for each letter of the alphabet is also capitalized.]

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IAMS. H. B, of Iams & Son, Fourth, nr Scammel.
Iams, R. P., of R. P.Iams, & Son, Hovey, Iams & Co., Fourth, nr Scammel.
IAMS, B. P. & SON, proprietors Crystal oil refinery, Second and Montgomery.
Iams, W. P., book-keeper, Fourth, nr Scammel.
Irwin, W., wheelwright, Second, nr Warren.

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JACK, William, carpenter, Seventh, nr Wagner.
Jackson, Mrs. A. J., hair-dresser, h and s 45 Front.
Jdavis, James, (Davis, James J.?), laborer, Sixth, nr Washington.
Jennings, Junia, shoemaker, h and s Fourth, nr Hart.
Jennings, Charles, shoemaker, Fifth, nr Ohio.
Jenvey, Charles W., clerk, Fourth, bet Scammel and Putnam.
JENVEY, GEORGE, book-seller, stationer and news-dealer, s 41 Front, h Fourth, bet. Scammel and Putnam.
Jenvey, George K., bookbinder, Fifth, bet Montgomery and Washington.

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Jett, Charles, farmer, Fourth and Montgomery.
Jrtt, Edward T., clerk, Fifth, bet Wooster and Washington.
Jett, Ephariam, carpenter, Fifth, nr Washington.
Jett. Frank, carpenter, Fourth and Montgomery.
Jett, G. Т., carpenter, Fourth, nr Wooster.
Jett, Joseph, carpenter. Fourth, nr Marion.
Jett, William, teamster, Fourth, nr Marion.
Jones. G. S , book-keeper, Second and Wooster.
JONES, J. H., carpenter, Front, nr Sacravia.
Jones, James, teamster, Fourth, nr Warren.
Jones, Joseph, gent, Fourth, nr Putnam.
Jones, T. F., brick maker, Front, nr Washington.
Johnson, E. A., machinist, b Sixth, nr Factory.
Johnson, J. W.. engineer, b Sixth nr Factory.
Johnson. K., pastor Unitarian church, Fourth, nr Scammel.
Johnson, Willis H , of Bohl & Johnson, Second, bet Putnam and Scammel.
JONES, CHARLES, auctioneer and dealer in queensware, glassware, boots and shoes, hats und caps, dry goods and notions, s Front, nr Post Office, h Sixth, bet Scammel & Wooster.
Jones, E. W., manuf.. baking powder, Second, nr Wooster.
Judd, L. P., carpenter, Front, nr Washington.

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KEEP, Anna, wid. of Barton, Church.
Kehl, Jacob, laborer, Montgomery, nr Fifth.
Keistermyer, Frederick, shoemaker, Fourth nr Scammel.
Keller, K., physician and surgeon, h and о Second, nr Wooster.
Kelly, Henry, toll collector. Second nrWooeter.
Kelly, Joseph, clerk, b Front and Wooster.
Kendrick, John, prof, of languages, b Wheeler's
Kennedy, Elisha, driver, Third, nr Greene.
Kennedy, G. W., clerk. Fourth, nr Washington.
Kennedy, William, gent.. Fourth, nr Greene.
Keong, Julia, wid. of Jacob, Sixth and Hart.
Kephart, Philip, gent., Sixth, nr Warren.
Kerns, S. F., peddler, Fifth, nr Montgomery.
KESTEL, GEO. M., brewer, s Second, nr Washington, h Washington nr Third.
Kestermier, Henry, shoemaker, Third, nr Scammel.
Ketter, С. С , merchant. Fifth, nr Wonster.
Kiger. T. C., physician, h and о Wooster, nr Front.
Killinger, Fred , tanner, h and s Sixth and Montgomery.
Killinger, Jacob, laborer, Marietta and Newport Pike.
Kingsbury, J. A., merchant, Front, nr Scammel.
Kline, Peter, blacksmith, h and s Second, nr Butler
Klintsworth, W.. painter, Fourth, nr Warren.
Knapp, С. A., turner, Third, nr Butler.
KNOWLES & ALBAN, attorneys at law and real estate agents, Putnam, nr Front. Knowles, Hon. S. S..of Knowles&Alban, Fifth, bet Putnam and Butler.
Koenig, Jacob, shoemaker. Fourth, nr Church.
Kremer, J. G., tailor, Fourth and Scamiuel.
Kropp, August, clerk. Front, bet Wooster and Washington.
Kueck, Frederick, grocery, s Putnam, nr Front, h Fifth, opp College.
Kunc (Kunz), Phebe, wid. of John, Second, nr Greene.
Kuntz, John, laborer, Fifth and Wnrren.
Kunz, P., dry goods, &c., h and s Front.

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LAMB, Abbie, wid. of Alexander, Fourth and Washington.
Lammott, Forney, roller, Greene, nr Second.
Lammott, L. A., hardware, queensware, stoves, Ac., 65 Front.
Lancaster, J. L., engineer. Fourth, nr Warren.
Lane, J., teamster, Ohio, nr Third.
Lane, Jule, painter, Wooster, nr Sixth.
Lane, William, shoemaker, Seventh, nr Greene.
Lapham, S. S., washboard-maker, Warren, nr Third.
Lasure, Joseph, blacksmith, Fourth, nr Greene.
Lattener, Ailam, laborer, Sixth and Warren.
Laub, Charles, butcher, Second, nr Ohio.
Lawrence, Charles, laborer, Sevinth, nr Warren.
Lee, Wash., (oil.), laborer, Sixth, nr Tupper.
Lehnhard, John, carpenter, Sixth, nr Washington.
Lehnhard, Louis, carpenter, Fifth, nr Wooster.
Lenn, John, shoemaker, Front, nr Sacravia.
LEONARD. CHARLES K., oil merchant, and producer, treas'r Gas Co., sec'y and treas'r Maris Box and Wheel Co., treas'r W. C. Agricu'l Society, &c., &с., о 64 Front, h Front, bet Putnam a d Scammel.
Leonhardt, Peter, bakery, s Warren, nr Fifth, h Warren and Sixth.
Leonhart, A., tailor, Front, ab Post Office.
Leonhart, John, cabinet-maker, Warren, nr Fifth.
Lewis, David H., of Lewis & Son, Washington, nr Fifth.
Lewis, Mrs. F., proprietor Mansion House, Post and Ohio.
Lewis, K. W., carpenter. Third and Church.
Lewis, Jas., of Lewis & Son, Front nr Wooster.
Lewis & Son, groceries,.Washington, nr Fourth.
Lister, Elizabeth, wid. of Jacob, Second and Warren.
Long, Adam, driver, Second nr Montgomery.
Loomis, W. В., Judge Common Pleas, Third, nr Putnam.
Loper, A. S., miner, Fifth and Ohio.
Loper, J. A., boatman, Fifth and Ohio.
Lgrd, Henry, clerk, Greene, nr Fourth.
Lorey, William, lawyer. Third & Montgomery.
Loup, Charles, laborer, Second, nr Butler.
Lower, Jacob, farmer, Third and Warren.
Lutz, С. H., laborer, Sixth and Wooster.
Lynch, Mart, mason, Greene, nr Second.

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MACGINNIS, Patrick, peddler, Greene, nr Third.
Mahnkin, Henry, molder, Sixth and Washington.
Mahnken, John, carpenter, Sixth and Putnam.
Maloy, Ann, wid. of В., Washington, nr Sixth.
Mansion House, Mrs. F. Lewis, proprietor, cor Post and Ohio.
MARIETTA CHAIR CO., manufacture all kinds of chairs, bedsteads, &c., cor Sixth and Putnam. John Mills, pres't, C. A. Cooper, ag't and sec'y.
MARIETTA IRONWORKS, W. H. Brown, pres't, R. R. Dawes, V. pres't and treas'r. Mile Run, nr Marietta.
MARIETTA NATIONAL BANK, I. R. Waters, pres't, F. E. Pearce, cash'r, 14 Front.
MARIETTA REGISTER, R. M. Stimson, editor and proprietor, 19 Front.
MARIETTA TIMES, Walter C. Hood, editor & proprietor, 21 Front.
MARIETTA ZEITUNG, Jacob Mueller, editor & proprietor, o Front, nr Post Office.
MARIS BOX AND WHEEL CO., manufacturers of Maris' patent wheel, and all kinds of wagon and carriage materials, Front & Sacravia. A. J. Warner, pres't, С. К, Leonard, sec'y.
Maris, T. С., dentist, Second, i r Scammel.
Marks, John, dry goods, notions. &c.. Front.
Marse, Jared, speculator, b Sixth and Wooster.
Marshall. В.. photographer, s and h 75 Front.
Mason, Wm. В., postmaster, о Front & Butler, h Third, nr Sacravia.
Marvin, William, carpenter, Third & Greene.
Mathews, D. G., teller, Marietta Nat'l Bank, Filth, bet Scammel and Wooster.
Matthews, John, county auditor, Fourth nr Montgomery.
Maxwell, May, Second, nr Putnam.
May, John, laborer, Second, nr Greene.
McArthur, James, civil engineer, о 2 Greene, h Butler, nr Fifth.
McCalaster, M. J., wid. of James, Church.
McCarty, W. M.,oil merchant, Fifth, nr Wooster.
McCormick, A. D., pastor Methodist church, .» Fifth, nr Washington.
McClaran, Ben, harness-maker, b A. R. Nye's.
McCormick, A. N.. Probate Judge, Fourth nr Greene.
McCoy, Del., (col.), shoemaker, h and s Third and Ohio.
McCue, Patrick, laborer, Church.
McDonnell, Patrick, laborer, Church.
McFarland, Mrs., Greene, nr Second.
McFarland, S. В., Fourth, nr Scammel.
McGamman, James, belt-maker, Washington and Seventh.
McGill, Jas., engineer, Second nr Washington.
McGirr, A. C.,city constable, Wooster& Front.
McGrath, Thomas, laborer, Sixth and Washington.
McGuire, J., laborer, Washington, nr Fourth.
McLaughlin, Neill, carpenter, Third and Church.
McMaster, Rev. J. W., Universalist, Fourth, nr Hart
McMurray, David, cabinet-maker, Fourth, nr Warren.
McFarland, Patrick, clerk, Third, nr Scammel.
Means, W. C.. carpenter, Third, nr Putnam.
Meisenhelder, John, mason, Fifth, nr W ashington.
Melony, Samuel, carpenter, Eighth and Washington.
Meloy, M., laborer, Seventh and Washington.
Meloy, Peter, teamster, Seventh, nr Warren.
Metiicott, Graydon.gent., Third and Washington.
Michaelis, Herman, stone-cutter, Butler and Post.
Miles, John, sexton, Fourth, nr Warren.
Miller, Benjamin, laborer, Sixth, nr Washington.
Miller, Conrad, carpenter, Fifih, nr Warren.
Miller, D., of J. & D. Miller, Fourth, nr Greene.
Miller, Frederick, laborer, Sixth, nr Washington.
Miller, .1., of J. & D. Miller, Ohio, nr Fourth.
Miller, II. J., plasterer, Fifth, n r Washington.
Miller, Miss J. A., Fifth, nr Putnam.
Miller, J. & Ü., confectionery, 68 Front.
Miller, John, laborer, Fourih, nr Greene.
Miller, Peter, laborer, Sixth and Warren.
Miller, T., laborer, Sixth, nr Warren.
Mills, J. L., professor Marietta college. Fourth and Butler.
Mills, John, president Marietta Chair Co., Fifth and Putnam.
Mills, John, Jr., manager Marietta Chair Co., Fifth and Putnam.
Minear, George, carpenter, Ohio, nr Fourth.
Miner. John, painter. Seventh, nr Butler.
Miner, John, engineer, Warren, nr Fifth.
Miner, Smith, sawyer, Sixth, nr Washington.
Minshall, F. W., oil agent, 64 Front, h Third and Sacravia.
Miner, Wesley, carpenter, Seventh, nr Washington.
Miser, L., tinner, h and s cor Fifth and Hart.
Miraben, B. V., printer, Fifth, nr Butler.
Miser, William, of Abendshan & Miser, Fourth nr Warren.
Mohnken (Mahnken). Frederick, laborer, Fifth, nr Warren.
Molter, L. H., confectioner, Greene, nr Second.
Montrose, Stephen, mason, Sixth and Hart.
Moor, F. E., railroad contractor, 2 Greene, h Butler and Fifth.
Moore, P. D., carpenter, Charles.
Moore, Wm., mason, Front, nr Montgomery.
Morgan, W. C. clerk, National House, Greene, nr Third.
Morken, Daniel, fanner, Second, nr Sacravia.
Morningstar, Frederick, barber, h and s Second and Ohio.
Morningstar, Jacob, barber, Second, nr Greene, h Greene, nr Third.
Morningstar, Michael, shoemaker, Second, nr Greene, h Fourth and Church

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Morningstar, Wal., shoemaker, Fourth and Church.
Могris. A. M., carpenter. Sixth, nr Wooster.
Morris. II. A., clerk, Front and St.. Clair.
Morris, W. P., carpenter, Third, nr Marion.
Morris, William laborer, Buckeye House.
Morse, J. P. D., butcher, Wooster, nr Second.
Morse, M., hats, caps, &c., 19 Front, h Wooster and Second.
Moree, M. J., gent., Second and Church.
Morse. Регsе, engineer, Fourth, nr Greene.
Moree, William, sawyer, Fifth, nr Cutler.
Moser, Casper, pastor Lutheran church, Third and Wooster.
Moser, Daniel, laborer, Seventh, nr Washington.
MUELLER, JACOB.. editor and proprietor Marietta Zeitung, Front, nr post office, h Front.
Mulhane, Dennis, shoemaker, Charles.

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