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ABBREVIAT1ONS. In the following pages,
  • ab stands for above;
  • ave for avenue;
  • ay for alley;
  • b for boards;
  • bel for below;
  • bet for between;
  • (col.) for colored;
  • cor for corner;
  • h for residence;
  • о for office;
  • opp for opposite;
  • e s for east side;
  • w s for west side;
  • n s for north side;
  • s s for south side;
  • nr for near;
  • wid. for widow;
  • s and h for store or shop and house;
  • st for street;
  • r for rear.
It will be understood that the names and residences of members of firms following the names of each firm do not interfere with the regular insertion
in their alphabetical order. The names appearing in CAPITAL LETTERS are subscribers.
[Note: The first surname for each letter of the alphabet is also capitalized.]


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ABBOTT. Charles, engineer.Ohio.bet Fourth and Fifth.
Abbot, Wm., teamster, Seventh and Wayne.
АВЕNDSHAN & MEUSER, tanners and curriers, Montgomery and Second.
Abendshan, Jacob, of Abendshan & Miser, Fourth, nr Montgomery.
Ackinson, George, laborer, Front, nr Sacravia.
Ackinson, James, teamster, Second, nr Montgomery.
Adams, D. P., machinist, Putnam, nr Sixth.
Adams, Dennis, carpenter, Putnam, nr Sixth.
Adams. J. Q., printer, Fourth, nr Greene.
ADDY, WILLIAM, pastor Fourth street Presbyterian church, Fifth, nr Wooster.
Adkins, E., minister. Fifth, nr Wooster.
Akerson, Ephraim, laborer, Second, nr Greene.
Alban, D., of Knowles & Alban, b National House.
Albright, Bolsar, tanner, Sixth, nr Warren.
Alderman, E. R , gen'l ag't Charter Oak Life Ins. Co., о 77 Front, h Fifth, bet Putnam and Butler.
Allcock, Chas., shoemaker, Fourth, nr Greene.
Allen, A., machinist, Third, nr Scammel.
Ammann, Kasper, laborer, Church, nr Third.
Anderson Brothers, watches, &c., 65 Front.
ANDERSON, JULIUS L., assistant treasurer, and student at law, Washington, bet Third and Fourth.
ANDERSON, LEWIS, county treasurer, о Court House, h Washington, bet Third and Fourth.
Andrews, I. W., president Marietta College, Fourth and Putnam.
Angert, H., tobacconist, s 68 1/2 Front, h Fifth, nr Wooster.
Armstrong, Henry, butcher, Fifth, nr Putnam.
Armstrong, John, butcher. Church nr Fourth.
Arnott, Isabella, wid. of John, Third, nr Green.
Arnold, Albert, carpenter. Third, nr Green.
Atkinson, Dunlap, plasterer. Second, nr Sacravia.
Atkinson, Isaac, farmer, Fifth and Montgomery.
Averbeck, Sophia, Third, nr Ohio.
Atkinson, Martin, cooper, Front, nr Montgomery.


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BACHMAN, George, feed store, h and s Second nr Ohio.
Backer, Jacob, tailor, Putnam, bel Sixth.
Backer, Nathan, molder, Seventh and Putnam.
Backes, William, coal merchant, Third, nr Warren.
Backs, P., teamster, Church.
Bachman, Henry, chair maker, Wooster , nr Front.
BAHRENBURG, Dr. C. H., Homoeopathic pharmacy and dealer in drugs, books,
stationery, &c , s Front, ab Post Office, h Third nr Wooster .
Bailey, B. P., carpenter, Third, nr Marion.
Bailey, J. P., harness-maker, b Nott House.
Baldwin, J. W., watches, jewelry, &c., s 25 Front, h Fifth, nr Wooster.
Baldwin, Silas, cooper, Third, nr Marion.
Barclay, L. M., wid. of James, Fourth, nr Scammel.
Barker, Miss C. C., Sixth and Wooster.
Barker, J. D., dry goods and groceries, h and s Third, nr Warren.
Barnhardt, Jacob, laborer, Washington, nr Sixth.
Barrett, Lemon, cooper, Front, nr Montgomery
Bartlett, C. P., clerk, Second, nr Wooster.
Bartlett, J. C., physician and surgeon, h and о Front, nr Putnam.
Bartmess, Miss S I,., dresE-maker, Third, nr Scammel.
Battelle, А. В., gent., Fourth nr Putnam.
Battelle, R. В., clerk, Fourth, nr Putnam.
Bauman, Jacob, cigar-maker. Sixth, nr Wooster
Baumgarttier, Anna, wid. of Frederick, Fourth, nr Montgomery
Bean, T. H., physician and surgeon, h and о Washington, nr Fourth.
Beach, A. P.. grocer, h and s Green, nr Fourth.
Beaumeister, Fred., clerk, Third and Montgomery.
Bechtold, Philip, tailor, Meigs.
Beck, Charles, shoemaker, Washington, nr Sixth.
Beck, Dan'l, Sr., clerk, Washington, nr Seventh
Beck, Daniel, Jr., laborer, Washington, nr Seventh.
Becker, Daniel, tailor, Fifth, nr Wooster .
Becker, Theo., carpenter, Front, nr Wooster.
Benedict, George, dealer, in dry goods, groceries, &c., s 07 Front, h Fourth, nr Putnam. Benedict, Irena, wid. of E., Fourth, nr Wooster.
Bennet, W. P., of Bennet & McLaren, Third, nr Washington.
Bennet, William, gent., Third, nr Washington.
Bennett & McClarren, photographers, Front, opp Post Office.
BERKLEY & DUTTON, dealers in dry goods, notions, &c., 55 Front

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Berkley, Austin, merchant, Fourth and Ohio.
Berkley, James E , clerk, Ohio and Fourth.
Berkley, S. L., of Berkley & Button, Third, nr Washington.
Bernhardt, George, laborer, Third nr Putnam.
Beschamann, Jacob, laborer, Seventh, nr Warren.
Best & Bro., grocery and boot store, 10 Ohio.
Best, Henry, laborer, Washington, nr Sixth.
Best, Henry, carpenter, Washington, nr Fifth.
Best, J. H., of Hall & Beet, Second, nr Green.
Best, Jacob, laborer, Second, nr Wooster .
Best, Т. С , of Best & Bro., Greene and Third.
Bickert, John, of Slocom & Co., Fourth, nr Greene.
Bigelow, Charles A., clerk, Fifth, bet Wooster and Washington.
B1GELOW, JOHN, manufacturer and dealer in boots and shoes, s 28 Front, h Fifth, bet Wooster and Washington.
Bishop, N. F., blacksmith, h and s Fourth and Hart.
Bishop, Nathan, lumber-dealer, о Fourth and Hart, h Fifth and Hart.
Biszantz, Conrad, gent., Front and Washington
Biszantz, (4. F., proprietor Biszantz House, Butler, bet Front and Post.
BISZANZ, PHILIP, saloon, Front, ab Post Office.
Bitton, William, laborer.
Bizantz. George, proprietor Buckeye House, Second, nr Greene.
Baker, Alpheus, Jr., gun-smith, Putnam, nr Second.
Blauvelt, J. C., oil-merchant, Fifth, nr Wooster.
Block, John, laborer, Mulberry.
Bloomfield, W. G., of A. Spencer, Nye & Co., Front, bet Scammel and Wooster .
Blume, Fred., ins. agt., Second, nr Butler.
Blume, Fred., tailor, Second, nr Butler.
Boeshar, Christian, carpenter, Sixth, nr Wooster .
Boeschar, Jacob, carpenter, Front, nr Wooster.
Bohl, Henry, of Bohl & Johnson, Third, bet Scammel and Wooster.
BOHL & JOHNSON, notaries public, real estate and general Fire,
Life and Accident Insurance agents, Front, opp Post Office.
Boldwin, S., cooper, Third, nr Washington.
Boomer, Hamilton, painter, Fourth, nr Washington.
Boomer, Louis, laborer, Sixth, nr chair-factory.
Booth, E. M., assistant cashier First Nat. Bank, Fourth, nr Putnam.
Booth, Frank, pilot, b Second, nr Putnam.
Booth, Henry J., book-keeper, Fourth, bet Butler and Putnam.
Booth, Robert, carpenter, Fifth, nr Wooster.
Booth, Maria, wid. of W. M., Sixth, nr Warren.
Borm, Antone, laborer, Sixth, nr Putnam.
Boring, Absalom, mason. Second, nr Greene.
Bosworth, D., P., of Bosworth, Wells & Co., cor Third and Putnam.
Bosworth, Wells & Co., dealers in dry goods, groceries and hardware, Front & Monroe.
Bowman, William S., general insurance agent, 77 Front, b Greene, nr Fourth.
Boyd, John, pastor Episcopal church, Second nr the church.
Brabham, Walter, attorney,o Putnam nr Front, h country.
Braddock, Michael; gent., Washington nr Third.
Bratton, John, shoemaker, Fifth and Ohio.
Brenan, Frank, clerk, Hart, nr Fifth.
Brenan.J.J., dealer in groceries and provisions, Greene, nr Front, h Hart, nr Fifth. Brennan, Margaret, wid. of Hugh, Greene, nr Third.
Brice, Jane, wid. of Daniel, Third, nr Greene.
Brigham, A. P., of Hovey, Iams & Co., Third and Sacra Via.
Brigham, E. G., of Shipman & Brigham, Third nr Washington.
Brigham, Louisa, Front, nr Wooster.
Brigham, Lucus, gent., Front, nr Wooster.
Brinehardt, Philip, laborer, Fifth, nr Hart. (Rinehardt, Reinhardt, Reinhart)
Brockmyer, Frederick, shoemaker. Sixth, nr Warren.
Brookover, Thomas, engineer. Fifth, nr Greene.
Brown, A., carpenter, Sixth, nr Washington.
Brown, Anthony, mason, Wayne, nr Seventh.
Brown, August, laborer, Third, nr Warren.
BROWN, J. W. L.. merchant tailor, and dealer in ready-made clothing, hats, caps and gents' furnishing goods, 02 Front, h Fifth, nr Putnam.
Brown, John, laborer, Second, n Warren.
BROWN, L. S., dealer in ready-made clothing, hats, caps, &c., 39 Front, h Second n Scammel.
Brown, W. H., pres't Marietta iron works, Fourth and Wooster.
Brown, Dr. W. H., gent, Fourth and Wooster .
Brace, Aimer, livery and sale stable, h and a Second, nr Greene .
Brush, Alice S., wid. of Edmund, Washington, nr Third.
Brush, Edmund, clerk, Second and Washington.
Buck, William, clerk, Third nr Washington.
BUELL & BRO., wholesale druggists and dealers in paints, oils, glass, &c., 22 Front.
Buell, Charles, lawyer, Greene, nr Third.
Buell, B. W., of Buell & Bro., Fourth, nr Putnam.
Buell, William H., of Buell & Bro., Fifth, nr Scammel.
Bukey, A. H., finisher, Fourth, nr Church.
Bukey, J. S., clerk, Fourth, nr Church.
Bunch, Robert, engineer, Greene, nr Third.
Burch, Hiram, gent., Fourth, nr Scammel.
BURLINGAME, MRS. S., dealer in millinery goods, 29 Front, h Harmar
Burns, Mrs. A., wid of J., Washington nr Sixth.
Butler, C. T., of Bosworth, Wells & Co., Second nr Butler.

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CADE, E. J., wid. of John, Second, nr Montgomery.
Cadwallader, J. D., photographer, 14 Front, h Putnam, nr Front.
Cammel, Ellis, plasterer, Fourth, nr Butler.
Camp, G. L., machinist, Sixth, nr Tupper.
Carius, John, driver, Fifth, nr Warren.
Carm, Carrie, wid. of Jacob, Third, nr Putnam.
Carpenter, Мarу, wid. of Moses, dress-maker, Fourth and Greene.
Carr, G., collar-maker, Scammel, nr Fourth.
Carter, Diana, (col.) wid.of Dennis, Second, nr Washington.
Cather, Oliver, proprietor Farmers' Home, Third and Ohio.
Ceiger, Joseph, tailor, Second and Butler.
Chadwick, Susan, wid. of John, Third, nr Scammel.
Chamberlin, G. L., machinist, Front, n. Marion.
Chamberlain, L. W., lawyer, Sixth, nr Wooster
Chambers, Joseph, carpenter, Second and Putnam.
Chambers, S. L., teamster, Washington, nr Front.
Cheney, O. A., clerk, Sixth and Putnam.
Cherry, Mrs. E., wid. of Henry, Seventh, nr Wooster.
Cherry, William, mason, Sixth, nr Wayne.
Chesebro. Silas, mechanic, Fourth, nr Putnam.
City Library Building, Front, nr Putnam.
Clark, Miss E. A., Fifth, nr Wooster.
Clark, Mrs. F., wid. of Edward, Fifth and Wooster.
Clark, W. J., clerk National House.
Clintworth, John, painter, Warren, nr Third.
Clogston, C. W., clerk, Fifth, nr Greene.
Clogston, John, teamster, Front, nr Sacra Via.
Clogston, Luther, watchman, Sixth and Charles.
Clogston, Weston, teamster. Seventh, nr Hart.
Clous, Henry, molder, Sixth, nr Putnam.
Cole, R. D., carpenter, Greene, nr Fourth.
Coleman, Frederick, of Coleman & Strauss, Front, nr Washington
COLEMAN & STRAUSS, manufacturers of star family, extra family, extra flour, &c.,cor Knox and Front.
Compton, A. E., of Harris & Compton, Post, nr Ohio.
Congdon, J. W., broom-maker, Putnam nr Front, h Sixth and Washington.
CONLEY, HILL & CO., prop's Phoenix mills, Butler and Muskingum.
Conley, John W., of Conley, Hall & Co., Second, bet Putnam and Scammel.
Conrad, C., saloon, h and s Greene nr Second.
Conrath, Frederick, proprietor German House, Second and Ohio.
Conrath, Jacob, barrel-maker, h and s Marietta
Contner, Sarah, wid. of Alexander, Montgomery, nr Fourth and Newport Pike
Continer, William, laborer, Front.
Conway, F., dealer in millinery and fancy goods, s front, ab post office, h Second, nr Putnam
Cook, Charles, laborer, Fifth and Hart.
Cook, Miss L., milliner, s and h 7(i Front.
Cook, Pardon, gent., Front, nr Washington.
Cook, Sophia, wid. of Conrad, Second and Sacra via.
Cook. Susan, wid. of J. R., Second, nr Scammel.
Coonts, Lucretia, wid. of John, Scammel, nr Third.
Coontz, Mrs. Maria, wid. of Philip, Seventh, nr Wooster.
COOPER, S. A., agent and secretary Marietta Chair Company. Second and Greene. Cotton, J. D., physician, Fifth and Tupper.
Coulter, J., saddles, harness and trunks, s 61 Front, h Fourth, nr Greene.
Crandall, J. M , policeman, Scammel, nr Third.
Crickard, William, laborer, Sixth, nr Washington.
Cripps, John, painter, Montgomery, nr Second.
Curps, Andrew, butcher, Front, nr Sacravia.
Curtis. R. L., druggist, s 9 Front, h Greene, nr Fourth.
Curtis, W. F., of W. F. Curtis & Co., also, cashier of Bank of Marietta, h one half mile from town.
CURTIS, W. F. & CO., dealers in dry goods, groceries, produce, Wool &c., 11 Front

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